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Locker Room Walkthrough

Locker Room

Locker Room is another new point and click escape the room game from Gamershood. In this game you try to search around to find some useful things and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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yay...brand new

hope I'm not alone for long...I can never solve these by myself.

Hi Becks... woo hoo a new game. :D

hi everyone, glad to play alive game with you!!!! let's go!

Hahaha... use the Tab button :P


Hi Roxi...got an apple...stuck

Hey Leithian :D

now I've got an apple and a blue wire

got a wire... can only see one screen

Oh! Duhhh didn't see the arrow

got a wire and a key!

hi roxi! ;)

got the key :)

got a remote

yeah and now stuck... hm, there are only two screens is that right?

got tweezers, but can't find the apple... The bats are funny

stupid me, didn't try key! haha

I can't find the key

Hi everybody-starting now...

I got a file and used it to open a locker

Power of posting... got apple. Key is in locker w/ the star.

Hi Maggie77 :D

Found red key, yellow key, part of iron, apple. Saw the box with code. Where is the remote?

thanks roxi

he leithian-nice to see you here...again it is so late-and we both are again here...;-)

used iron piece (not tweezer) and used wire. Got color code

hi maggie!
trying to post now but it only gives me massage that there are to many people trying to do so hehe

oh worked... where's red key?

:D got red key

true maggie, I say we're addicted, definitely! ;)

red key in star locker after you use the wire...

Uh oh a numbered box Yipe!

ok-wire?have no wire..where is it?

hi roxi:-)

*sigh* I see, again, I'm not the brightest this evening...
roxi, where exactly do I use wire, on star, on lock.... ;)

end of bench, under it.

Hi everyone! wow, a live game. been a while for me. I'll try to catch up.

leithian in the locker you open with the iron piece ;)

thanks roxi.found it..

thanks roxi, am I missing an arrow, I used iron part and wire on the locker, but don't see a key...

hi Dejavu...long time, no see

hi everyone. sori im late! il try catch up

phhhh sorry, roxi, got it now, should read your posts properly!

no... the red key is in the star locker, but you have to do the wire first ;) Trying to pitch the apple at the bats LOL

does anyone else think we have to find a blue key? so far we have a yellow and red key...and the locker has yellow, red, and blue squares.

lol did anyone press tab yet?! there onto us!!!

yeah thanks again roxi, really am slow tonight! ;)
a propos: where's remote??? and file...

hi all,just starting.

oh by file you mean iron part maybe remo?

and also, I think we need the sock...the lightbulb says it's too hot

stuck... can't find remote either.

Guess bats don't want the apple :(

hi trev! ;)

haha roxi, been trying to throw apples on bats too! how strange they don't want it... ;)

roxi...the remote is on top of the right side lockers

hi leithian.

found a green key on top of lockers on left side

sorry, found half a green key

thanks Beck :D I swear I clicked every pixel!

thanks becks, didn't see that although tried to click on top of every locker...

trev, maybe today gonna need your help!!

Someone found tweezers??? or was that the iron bar?


ok sori guys for being really slow but all i have is wire cant find where to use it. cant find anything else! any hints??

sorry Waiporiti... it was the iron bar. I'm a little slow ;)

been trying that colour code on locker number 3 but no luck...

alright...do you think the box with the code has got to do sth with the clock??

Lol - no probs Roxi.

I'm sure the apple and the bat have gotta go together somehow ...

gritlet try the star locker.

trying to catch up

ok nvm!!

i very much doubt that,i'm stuck already lol.

I tried putting in Hour minute second... but no go :(

I hate number codes!

the locker code is o b r r b o r b

so am I trev :)

@Nur, thought that too, but there are too many numbers on the lock for that!

no way treeld, tried that a thousand times!!!!!!! aaaaargh! thanks!

got purple key, used..got whole green key..and now have a bunch of numbers but don't know what order they go in to open the code box??

Haaaaahaha borat and pamela.... funny game!

cheers for that roxi :) now oretty much in same spot as everyone except cant find apple :(

anybody get any hints to tell which order the numbers go in for the box??

Ok... I'm lost now, treeld where did you put that code at?? I have the numbered box only

lol nvm found it! wow im really asleep tonyt!

gritlet, me too, don't get half of the stuff in the game!
treeld, where did you find bunch of numbers??? only found the box!

i´m lost too.what code...?need one with numbers...

well if these vids should be a hint I'm the last person to get it...

the numbers i got from using the romote on those tv's in the locker are coloured anyone figure see an order of colours or anything i'm sooo stuck! lol

ah, that's the problem, still don't have the remote! ;)

eek!! How'd you get into a locker with TV's treeld?? Wow.. looks like at least one of us ate our wheaties today ;D

ok officially stuck now if eberyone else is stuck too!

ah...i´m a little bit slowly today night...have green key...

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 4:49 PM  

wats is the number box code?? i tried the clock but nuthin.. im stuck....

please, treeld, where's remote?

leithian...the remote is on top of lockers on the right side

@leithian.the remote is on the right locker

you have to use the colour code from the box on the door with the three coloured squares...it's easy

i think i got a purple key from the locker with the colour coded lock..i posted that code above...the purple key opens the locker with the purple scribbling on it...as far as i can remember

thanks becks and maggie, I'm soooo slow tonight.... and I thougt I clicked everywhere on top of the lockers! ;)

green 5
light blue 9
yellow 3
blue 2
red 0
pink 4
purple 1/7


got key out of number lock!!!!

Hey guys! just starting. hope this one is a good one!

Got the number code!

Read TVs left to right ...

code is


man i was doing so well lol...i'm really stuck with the order of these numbers..and i am NOT going through all the possibilities LOL

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 4:53 PM  

im bored....

i think that is for the codebox...only find out witch order...

locker code is

thanks leithian !! how did you get the order???please tell

treeld, that was the order of the numbers on the vids top row from left to right and then lower row from left to right... now stuck with white key...

Ha! Odd ending!!!

ok...thanks leithian...

and out...weird ending

sorry, but where did you find the apple???

waiporiti, where do I use white key?

Happiness is giving a blue blob your only apple for a key.

@ Lethian ... not on a locker ....

ok have brown key...

out! thanks for all your help all!!!

waiporiti, been trying on the clock, the signs, the lamp and the bats.... what else???

strange ending lol

oh and on the apple too! ;)

out.thanks for all your help.it was fun.

Out! Finally :D hahaha

And I got a Super Job Star sticker... just like in grade school ;D

tried on a locker

guys, are you leaving me in the dark?? please a hint!!

Thanks for all the help... I'm going to go take some Ginko to get ready for the next game.;)

tried on the locker on the right

oooh god, how stupid am I! ;)
thanks for all your help!! waiporiti, you almost got me there, was trying everything except the lockers haha

*hands leithian some Ginko* Hahaha

thanks maggie, I'm really not at my top the last days, but with your help made it through!

haha roxi, thanks! ;)

5209341 get another key then open another locker let a blue guy loose. Give him the apple and he has a key. OUT!

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:05 PM  

havin trouble wit number code...

it is always a pleasure to play with you;-)

thanks, enjoy playing with you too, I'm sure we're still going to have LOTS of opportunities to do so! ;)

hey! just starting and i can see everybody is already out.

This comment has been removed by the author.

i think so;-) see you in the next night-game;-)good night.

Great job guys! See you all in the next game. Always a pleasure!

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:10 PM  

ive tried everythin and it doesnt work..=(

This comment has been removed by the author.

natty, I think the code is posted already although I think there are two (or more??) possibilities!

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:11 PM  

im gunna quit..dis game is hard....

5209341,not working for me:-(

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

natty!!! stay, after escaping your gonna feel better! ;)

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:13 PM  


@maggie: very nice! well, don't want to pump any more information out of you, so see you next time maggie!

how comes that you know that?

thats not working either leithian,maybe i need to do something else first?

This comment has been removed by the author.

oh it´s ok-but i don´t think that is the right place for that...

where you stuck now trev? how many keys do you have?

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:16 PM  

imm gunna keep tryin then...

no maggie I know, but gonna stay here anyway if someone needs help, so that's why I said see you next time, was nice playing with you! ;)

yeah natty, say, where are you stuck, already got the number box?

two and half.lol

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:18 PM  

ohh i got it !! im out yay!!

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:20 PM  

good game and its my second game...=) thx ppl

see natty!!! ;)

ah ok trev, so you got half of the green key! the second part is in locker number 3! have you got the colour code?

the one behind the yellow disk?

hey first time commenting!! out yipee

if not it's:
y b r
r b y
r b

(y=yellow, b=blue, r=red)

then keep try to click on the right cup!

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:24 PM  

the code isn't working for me either and I have 4 keys yellow, green, pink and red ... stuck :(

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:24 PM  

Help! Where is the apple?!?!?!

no, I mean locker no. 3 from the left! there's actually a number 3 on it and three colours from left to right: red blue yellow

mandi, apple is in fifth locker from the left!

nothing happens when i press the colours.

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:27 PM  

how did you get numbers from those tv screens?

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:30 PM  

Trev are you pressing the colors on the outside of the locker w/ the 3 on it?

strange trev! are you clicking the locker no 3?

@EvlWmn: look at my post from 01:56! ;)

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:30 PM  


sorry leithian i was clicking on squares in locker,not on locker door,got it.

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:32 PM  

leithian I saw that post Im just not seeing any numbers

mandi, no prob, but didn't do much! ;) did you get out?

ah EvlWmn you need to get the remote above the right lockers!

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:35 PM  

oh I get it lol I didn't use the remote ... I'm slow sometimes

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:36 PM  

the numbers wont work until you see them on the tvs

me too EvlWmn... for example mandi wrote I'm out and ask her: are you out! ;) hahahaha

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:40 PM  

thanks for the help leithian I finally made it out :)

congrats EvlWmn!
hope to see you on the next game!?!

so has anybody made it out? gonna go to bed then! night!

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:44 PM  

I usually come in after there are around 80 or so posts so I tend to stay quiet unless I'm stuck like tonight.

im out,thanks again leithian,once again you saved my bacon.lol.

you're welcome trev! see you on the next one, I'm sure! ;)

thanks evlwmn,goodnight.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Can anyone help me?

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:53 PM  

goodnight Trev and leithian

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:54 PM  

Danielle where ya stuck?

hi danielle! how I can I help you?

EvlWmn, you gonna stay here? should really go to bed but wouldn't want danielle to stay alone! ;)

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:57 PM  

leithian if you are gonna stick around and help Danielle then I'm gonna go give the baby a bath and get her settled in

im staying,thought you were going.lol

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:58 PM  

lol we both have things to do but don't want to leave Danielle

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 5:59 PM  

ah cool Trev thanks for staying ... now what happened to Danielle?

all right trev, you stay? EvlWmn, think giving the baby a bath is more important than my "job" but reeeeeally am tired, it's 3am here! ;)
but guess trev, it's later in uk?

oh just starting, looks like i missed everyone..:(

come on danielle,we're here for you,lol

all right, so night everyone!
hi michele, good luck!

2am here,im nocturnal,lol.

I can't click on the locker w/ the colors for some reason

       Anonymous  12/9/08, 6:03 PM  

night leithian ... Trev Im off to bathe the baby ... good luck michele

goodnight leithian,sweet dreams.

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