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Monkey Go Happy Walkthrough

Monkey Go Happy

[REPLAY] Monkey Go Happy 1 is another intriguing and challenging point and click puzzle game. Have you ever wished you had a monkey? Well they're hard work you know! You have to spend all your time entertaining them doing anything you can. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Tosca]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Monkey Go Happy Walkthrough

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He's a cute lil guy

awhhh, the lil monkeys are too cute!

yes it's cute, but is this any fun?

geez, i had to start the maze one over like 10 times! lol!

i think its pretty fun!

Done. Real Easy

this monkey is high maintenance, he needs to learn to do something for himself

done! i'm a mediocre monkey! lol!

i think the canon is too far away...

33511 CUTE GAME!

that's all? i feel like i need to be paid for my babysitting services

hi everyone, happy just before xmas eve,eve:)

i can't get anything but gutter balls, is there a trick?

How do you beat the level with the Code Breaking??

Just a note ~ When I first started playing this game my mouse would vanish on some screens, but I was able to play and I thought that it was part of the game. When I got to the "pause" in the middle it froze. I restarted and my mouse was there so I knew I had hit a glitch the first time. Good luck and have fun.

code breaking? If you mean the safe, look at the walls and see the roman numerals, I think it was 2497 but I'm not sure.

wow i need to catch up!

won't work for me guys imma try another one

very cute game!!!!!!

The code for the safe is 2497


how do u beat the maze??

I love this game !!!

My score 41.777, gone try again!

You can beat the maze game,
wave over "start" and go thrue the maze without touching the edges, walls ... if you know what i mean :D

this game is so cute and so is the monkey. but some times the monkey gets on my LAST straw. by the way what is "the monkey's" name????? the only thing that stumped me is the code wich i finelly found out wich is 2457. this game is sooooo not fun but i can tell you that i keep playing it over and over and over again. WELL BYE!!!!!!!!!

with the maze one just right click the mouse and left click the mouse on th pin at the end of the maze and pop the ballon and you go to the next round.

yay, I'm a crazy cool chimp ^___^

what is the combo for the level where u have to type in #'s? i really need it! =)

This shit is crap

What the code?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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