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The Scarlet Room 2 Walkthrough

The Scarlet Room 2

[REPLAY] Gasakism - The Scarlet Room Escape: Episode 2 is another point and click room escape game developed by Gasakism. In this game, you are in a room that everything is red and there is a body on a bed. You have to escape the room by searching the room to find items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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The Scarlet Room Escape 2 Walkthrough
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Anyone else here?


oh i guess 2nd lol

I'm stuck!!! I've clicked on a few things with no luck.

me too this is wierd

Don't hit tab, you get a flashing red devil/satan?!!!!

on the thing that looks like a bug massager (lol) i think we go right to left making some kind of color pattern.....still trying to figure it out

I figured out that we can change the colors of the weird alien thing, but which ones do we change?

I think we're on the same brain wave length!! lol

hey new game! Hi all gl2u

hello you dont have to catch up because we are both stuck lol

gl2u2 jusme.

I wonder if the colored number buttons have anything to do with the weird thing on his head......

look at the pic on the wall, is a pic of the alien..not sure about colours yet

that is what i thought....this is frickin hard

The numbers on the pixeltree change every time the braineater attacks. I've been trying to make the aliens bauble correspond to the color number from the tree (by adding the two digits of some numbers to get a single digit), but so far, it hasn't made a difference. Any ideas?

i thought when it said 25, you might combine the colors for 2 and 5 to get whatever color that would be

use square root of numbers in the roots of the pixel tree, numbers correspond to color on numbered buttons, use colors in order specified by tree roots

Huh, Becky, I didn't even think of that... is it working?

haha no

wow the square root thing worked...and i NEVER would have thought of that. thanks john

hi guys just starting just starting, strange game so far

LOL becky...your so right

i have the clock in my inventory, only it isnt a clock anymore

thanks for the tip john

What in the world was that? It took forever to understand the dark blue.....weird

Seriously.. I wouldn't've either. Now things are even weirder, which I would've though impossible. I got the clock to turn into a red lens-type thing, and I have an oxygen mask connected to the tank... anybody made any more progress?

ok now i have a gas mask under the two tanks of some kind of gas....and i am stuck.....again lol

oh no! Math, I stink at it, please any help?!

connected oxygen mask to oxygen

new game new game

seems like we need to find a grid, turn grid to green where colored numbers are



any ideas

plus clock =2 on paper

what clock are you guys talking about?

where's the screwdriver?

use the lens on the pixel art and there are some numbers but that is all i know

hellooooo help PLEASE

Use the red lens on the pic, gives out 4 numbers that we didn't use.....

geez becky, I'm a little late compared to you.....at least we're thinking the same lol

wow, the devil just got all up in my face

Bet, are you still seeing the room red?

grid beside oxygen tank with colours 1-9 correspond to the colours we put for the alien thing according to the square root #...but still stuck

yup, red every where

In the little flashy scene that SERIOUSLY almost gave me a seizure, they said something about prime numbers. I've tried highlighting all the prime numbers in the grid, and now I'm trying to think of what colors to light up...

huh? man Im I stuck!!!!! lol

look at the pic of the tree on the wall
there are 4 roots at the bottom of the tree with numbers on them
Take the square root of the numbers(ie 36 is 6 81 is 9, 6 x 6 = 36, 9 x 9 = 81)
get the color from the colored numbers (red 2, 3 orange)
use the first color on the left root of the alien thing
then click the arm on the left

I hope this helps

ok whats the square of 49. sorry feel very stupid

ahhh this is giving me extra wrinkles

The four prime numbers I have from the pic doesn't equal up to how many squares in the grid, unless each square represents a prime #.......

Bet, here's a list

square root of
4 is 2
9 is 3
16 is 4
25 is 5
36 is 6
49 is 7
64 is 8
81 is 9

bet: it's seven, and I only know because I had to memorize it

Anyway, in the grid, i started at one and highlighted every number that was prime. Doesn't seem to do anything though. Also, if you hold the lens to where the clock was, you can see the devil/alien face.

greenmama your the best!!!!! thank you

I think that paper means that hexagon = 1 and you need the clock to see (hence the red lens)....

Your welcome. I just got done with Intermediate Algebra last quarter in school and am taking College Algebra now.......includes radicals and square roots......

Red lens on the big picture of the black ball moving!!!!!!!!

Greenmama: I'm so, so sorry you have to take so much math. I'm finally a senior, so I'm done. :)
Anyway, I'm stuck, and I need a break! Good luck, all!

i am having an anxiety attack lol

I have no idea what to do with the dots.......

In the flashing scene it said...


ok, this is wayyyyy over my head good luck guys. ill come back when there is a walkthrough. Yeah I know, Im a chicken - lol

and the numbers in the pixel painting are all prime numbers

hi all, stuck too. i tried clicking on all the boxes on the machine that would be prime numbers,pulled the switch, and nothing. i tried doing only the boxes that would be prime numbers from the painting, pulled the switch and again nothing.

one dot brings up 10 moving ones, and the other brings up 1 at a time......

dam game giving me a migraine w/all the dam flashing lights

put lens on clouds in pic

Has anyone put the red lens on the big picture of the black moving ball yet? You can see hexagons, but if you put it on the left of the pic on the dark gray area.........

oh crap i pushed tab, how long does that thing stay flashing on my screen

i keep getting "what if i used another object" i don't have anything other than the red disk and the oxygen mask. anyone have anything else?

Ummmmm, I restarted it after I did it earlier........lol

Where are you getting that at jdroberts?

NVM figured it out....

i think i tried connecting the oxygen mask to other things while it was connected to the tank

i am so lost

I think we need to find a wrench or something, and move the dial from the tank it's on to the other tank........? And a screwdriver for the pipe next to the tanks....?

i think this is probably the wierdest room yet

gah i give up

when you click the tree pic it moves

well, its after midnight here and i've been up since 5:30 this morning, i think i'm going to leave this till tomorrow and hope you smart people can figure this out and leave a walkthrough. im too tired to think. gl all

Don't leave yet Becky!!!!!

ur not alone becky...this game is really unreal!!!!!!

The colored buttons can be pushed.
And the code is only 4 numbers. I think we need to find out more from the prime numbers and the grid.

you can put the lens over the grid and it says 2=1 and 3=2

the hexagon=1 according to the paper. But 2 also =1 according to the grid. I don't get it. What does this mean?

Did anyone notice the cracks by the big pic look like clouds and lightning?

Wow! I'm in a live game. Haha. Never happened before.
I have the red lens and the oxygen mask. The lens over the grid says 2=1 and 3=2. I don't know what that means.

and neither do we adam...ur not alone

ok...been looking at the "window" with the red disk and I've gotten a zoomed in view with a honeycomb pattern(have no clue what i did to get it though)

i put the red lens on pic with ball moving and when it went in bottom left cloud i let go of my mouse button and i got a pic with some dots

I can attach the gas mask to the oxygen tank, but I can't place the mask any place.

Is this game still live? I am stuck!

Weird. I wonder what the patterns for the dots needed are.

Yes serran, and so are we..

Yup, it is live. We are all stuck.

The ball kinda moves faster when you get so many dots in each cloud? At least to me anyway lol

Moves the same for me when I add the dots to each cloud.

found three places to zoom in on the window with the lens which is on all three clouds. for the dots in those spots the top dot i can press 5 times before the pattern dissappears and the bottom nine times. and it is the same for all three spots

I have one that will do 6 times

I wonder if the number of dots is with the numbers in the clouds in the picture. I just don't know how.

It seems that the dots only go up to 59. Hmm...

anyone come up with anything else?

I think there is something with the "2=1 and 3=2" from the grid. *thinking*

hi all just starting, hopefully can catch up!

did anyone notice when you zoom in on the gauges on that panel that the buttons on the grid are numbered?

Here's something weird, the colored numbers, when I click on them it lights up, but 3 at a time....

Serran, what do ya mean?

If you click on the gauges on that panel, the ones to the left of the grid, it zooms in. The buttons are numbered. They are all prime numbers.

I got it, starts 2,3,5,7

Does that mean we take our prime #s from the tree pic and use that on the grid following this?

maybe the prime numbers from the painting match up with the prime number grid


here's an address that lists the prime numbers. Maybe we can follow this?.......

i already tried the #'s from the picture, but nada

I'm back in. Wish I was better at remembering prime numbers. Link should help. I only have 137 left.. I think.

i guess we need the color code to go along with it?

I hate to say this, but I gotta get up early in the morn. I have an appt and it's midnight here. Thanks for the help!!

So far, escape games is the only one that has this game up........

nite everyone!!!!!

Me too. will check back tomorrow.

Aww goodnight greenmama

there are 9 numbers in the picture and 3 of them are in the clouds I wonder if that means anything
17 cloud
53 cloud
71 cloud
and all of these numbers are prime numbers

My numbers are different, but are all primes as well.

I have
67 cloud
53 cloud
97 cloud

the ball in the window follows a path

i have same nums adam

i have same nums but my cloud picture nums are 101,71, and 97

something happened with the cloud numbers

I'm just starting.. and i saw the alien hand thing.. did you see that if you push the fifth small circle up to the left that it explodes?... m assuming that means I have the color combo wrong

Mine were 137, 53, and 71. 137 is the 33rd prime number, 53 the 16th, and 71 the 20th. just put them in the corresponding clouds.

Now I have a wrench

Ok. I see what you mean. It seems that everyone has the same numbers, but depending how they did with the first scene is what numbers they have in the clouds.

ha.. im still at the "first scene" i guess

Right, so which ever number is in that cloud just correspond the dots to which ever position the prime number is in. I hope that makes sense.

I didn't think of numbering the primes in the clouds with the dots. It worked.

I took off the gauge from the oxygen tank, and now I'm stuck again. :(

Not sure if anyone noticed this and not sure if it means anything but on the scene where you see the oxygen tank, there is a large picture of something roundish with a handle on the right drawn in grey (it took up the space of the control panel with all the grid and colored buttons).

I might be way behind.. but do you guys have a note on the messay table saying:

hexagon = 1
Clock = eye?

Oh you're just looking through that light fixture victorian. I though it meant something at first too.

Thanks serran! That really helped!

Victorian221b ... it is one of the operating lights, but being looked through in an x-ray like way.

Yeah Chelsea, I just can't figure out the part about the hexagon=1

Clock = eye means you need the clock as a lens.

hexagon = 1 means that 1 dot in the hexagon equals one prime.

That is why 2=1 and 3=2.

Oh! Gotcha! It's the OTHER light I'm looking through LOL Thanks guys!

so then what do we do with those numbers?

The numbers disappears on the tree painting once we complete something. What's left is on the yellow sky...I guess it is the clue to the next item we need to get? (got one more empty slot)

Stuck again :$

I'm confused as to what I need to do with my prime numbers. I have 17-7th prime, 53-16th prime, and 71-20th prime. help!

Jessica ... match the number of dots in the clouds in the picture with the moving dot through the lens with the picture of the square tree cloud's numbers.


Where you use the red disk to look at the picture with the running black ball, you will see three dark areas. Each of that dark area corresponds with the location of the clouds where you found your prime numbers on the tree picture. Set the dots in these areas to correspond with the position of your prime numbers (so if you have the 6th prime number in the cloud then in the grey area you set it as 6 dots etc). Hope this helps!

I'm up to where you are. I've tried entereing the positions of the remaining prime numbers on the grid. You can enter the actual numbers - there isn't enough grid...
But then I pulled the lever and nothing happens...

maybe I am really behind, but I just realized that you can press the numbered colored buttons and they light up

Number the primes you have left and put them in the grid.

OK!! this may be a huge leap. But.. if you hold the red lense on the moving ball picture on top of each could seperately, you can touch the two dots on the left an add dots to the hexagon picture. MAYBE THEY CORRESPOND TO THE CLOUDS ON THE OTHER TREE PICTURE! And maybe we need to make there be enough dots on each cloud to equal the prime number on the corresponding cloud on the tree pic!

sorry that was meant to say you can't enter the actual numbers, not that you can.

serran - did that work for you? I tried that and didn't get anything...

i lit up the remaining prime numbers on the board and one of the gauges went to red...now there are no numbers on the tree pic

i lit up the remaining prime numbers on the board and one of the gauges went to red...now there are no numbers on the tree pic

that is a lot of dots to count

ha. looks like im a few mins behind. but I don't understand the 17-7th prime post..

i matched them up and nothing happened

ss my keyboard hiccuped

They do chelsea, but not that actual number itself. You have to number your primes. Like 13 is the 6th so you put 6 dots.

oops - I had missed one in near the trunk. There were 6 numbers left.
Now it's saying "one of the red hands is moving. I should have pressed the right buttons"?????

Did anyone notice this? When you zoom in on the control panel where the 3 gauges are (2 circles and one large semi-circle), on the bottom right corner you see some numbers on the grid - 23571. Not sure what to do with those.

Piece of paper slid under the door - not sure what to do with it. CAn't pick it up.

my remaining prime numbers were 13-17-61-67-97-137 so i put them in corresponding prime grid eg:13 is the 6th square, 17 is the 7th sqare and so on...

so then what is the 2=1 and 3=2 thing for?

vic - they are just the prime numbers listed. The 1 would be the first number of the 11.

Oh, nvm I am so stupid. I get it, it IS the prime numbers grid, it's just telling me the location of the prime numbers. Sorry guys!!!

do I need to have the dots equal to the prime number? or to equal the position of the prime number (does this make sense)

guage just went up

I want that paper lol.

The position.

Anyone work out what to do with the paper on the floor near the door yet?

and numbers in sky gone in painting, cloud numbers still there

it's the position

OK. I got the wrench from the clouds puzzle. But now im stumped... what next?
Have we solved the grid with glowing green squares yet?

anyone find any other objects?

ha took me long enough, but I finally got it!! Thank you for hints

how did you get a wrench???????????

       Anonymous  12/12/08, 10:45 PM  

use wrench on the fixture above the gauges--keep clicking on it, and it will fall

ok now only prime numbers in clouds are left on tree and my gauges went up.

how get wrench????????????????????

Tabbystripes - you need to work on the picture with the ball (I think it's the window). There are comments above on how to get it. Jessica was working on it just now.

Oops, just gave that piece of paper back by sliding it under the door!!!

       Anonymous  12/12/08, 10:49 PM  

the fixture falls on the ground...what to do with it then??

i'm leaving
i'll probably see a walkthrough in the morning anyways

what do I do Victorian?

ok. How are people getting their gauges up?

And how did the note come under the door?

All I have:

Oxygen Mask
Oxygen Connector (grey thing)
Red Lens


Cushman, which fixture are you talking about? The grey one on the oxygen tank or the brown ones above the other gauges?

nvm, I guess I solved the green grid instead of solving cloud dots, had one of them off

and have wrench now too

       Anonymous  12/12/08, 10:53 PM  

chelsea, use the wrench on the fixture/disk thing that is by the gauges, it falls off eventually

Jessica, sorry I was trying to tell Tabby how you got the wrench. I thought you did...(ish confused LOL)

victorian the light fixture next to the brown tubes. just click the green part with the wrench a few times

solve green grid by clicking the squares corresponding to the position your remaining prime number are (the ones not in the clouds)
you can use this site to figure what position your prime numbers are (2=1, 3=2, 5=3 7=4 etc)

Thanks serran, got it! :) Now trying to attach the grey thing and the mask back into the tank and use the mask on the broken fixture LOL

Eh, trying to be creative here XD

Of course, nothing's working -_-

Right. I got the fixture to fall off.. but now what?

Also, how do you get the paper under the door?

Is there a solution to what to do with the grid yet?

I tried the same thing haha. You never know :)

its ok victorian, I need it anyways, I still do not have any kind of oxygen connector

Ah, gotta go. You guys have fun! Sorry I haven't been much of a help :\ Thanks for all the help guys!

After you hit the light fixture at the green part with the wrench a few times and it falls, you will find it under the table. Look through the lens for 4 numbers that will work with the machine, but it is upside down!

use red lens on the fallen fixture in the corner and get the nummber "5289"

Still don't know what to do with that paper under the door.

it IS upside down, so 6825. that will get the other guage up

Number in fixture is random and upside down.

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