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T2B Escape 4

[REPLAY] T2BProject - T2B Escape 4 is the fourth episode of the Japanese point and click escape game series developed by T2BProject. In this game, you are locked in a room and your goal is to escape by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Happy Christmas Eve. Let's get started.

yay new game!! Merry Merry Christmas eve to you too. Lets go. Hope I can help

Found a leaf type object, a cd rom, and papers (used in printer). Can't move the filing cabinet to get the thing under it or plug in the PC.

ok got small iron ball, knife, magnet, found screwdriver and key but cant get them yet, and can move the four books in the bookcase around

Wow! 2 games in 1 hour!

wow live game!!

Got small iron ball too. And pincers (pliers). I see that the leaf is the magnet. Moved the books to get the pincers. I just got lucky.

can move books on shelf to certain order, not sure what though

ok, got some leaf looking thing, and by the coffee pot when you click on square inserts triangles have # and the change hmmm??

where did you get the knife?

Hi guys :D coming in a bit late, so I'll try to catch up.

For books make it spell "open"

power of posting!

Merry Christmas Eve!

theres some kind of tile under desk, but can't reach it

unlock one of the wheels and you can move the filing cabinet

Found a wider? behind coffeemaker.

Good i need a new game

the rocket gives you a view of the ceiling, not sure why though

Found a CD on the side of the safe :)

Please play calmly. Please rest if irritated. A sense of humour!!

woo hoo new game

There's some kind of spot on the ceiling above the rocket.

now a screwdriver under coach, but its stuck..

can combine the "wider" and magnet

We must have to unscrew floor plate under filing cabinet to plug in power strip. Where was the screwdriver?

I also got a toy gun from top right cabinet and put the iron ball in it. Don't know what to shoot. Push keyhole on top right door.

got a fuse

got toy gun

The board above the coffee pot looks like it could be the clue to our exit.

lol ...please close the lid...lol

screwdriver is fixed under the sofa

o has any one gotten the screwdriver under coach?

boy, very polite game - lol

use pincers to get fuse

Tried to get key with magnet on a string but no luck so far.

hi and merry christmas eve to everyone.soon in 20 mins it will be merry christmas:)

jeej! live game!
I'll try to catch up!

where do you use the pincers?

Where is fuse located?

found coffee table with the arrow and light with squares. Hmmmm

use pincers on red apple on shelf to get fuse

found coffee beans

20 mins till Xmas? Where is everyone from? It's only 10:15 a.m. in Los Angeles!

found coffee beans and another 'game' under the table

put fuse in rocket

The squares around the code box above the coffee pot have symbols and numbers.

nottypomy wow where are you from? it's 1:15 here in jersey

Thanks Miss Quinn. Fuse works with rocket.

object preset endless nothing...

i think the yellow tile under desk is where you put the fuse, and you need to get the boxes above the coffee pot right to be able to move it... have no idea what order to do the boxes though

Andrew... where did you find the knife?? Need it to open coffee beans :)

I wonder what a "wider" is... I can't find it in any of my dictionnaries.
I thought that I could remove the screwdriver with the pincers... sigh...

Stuck now, with a magnet + "wider", an iron ball a knife and a fuse (thanks to Miss Quinn).

where are the coffee beans?

Where's the knife?

i cant remember sorry! and i cant get the knife to cut the beans anywho!

the "wider" looks like a spool of string, when you attatch the magnet a piece of string ties it together. so possibly a spindle of thread? (is what a wider is.. lol)

... oh, found the CD-Rom.

what to do with cd?

bean are side of coffee table in center of room

beans are side of coffee table in center of room

behind comp moniter enigma

Miss Quinn look down in the view of the couch ;)

Going to try later, accidentally refreshed the game *sigh*

Merry Christmas!!! :D

Face couch then click down

the arrow on the coffee table points up to the light with two holes in it


I've got a "strange board" after cutting the bread


hmmmm serrated knife! For cutting bread!

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 10:21 AM  

I used knife to open cabinet or bread and got a strange board and knife disappeared

I could move the file cabinet... need the screwdriver now !!!

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 10:22 AM  

hi all, looks like i'm late

Dang OCD :( Can't leave! Hahaha

Found Memo

power of posting!

sorry was busy clicking in game
im from india

lol Thing on ceiling looks like an upside down toaster!

Knife was behind computer moniter

here's the problem...I think....if you cut the bread before opening the coffee beans, we're screwed. We need the knife to open the coffee.

sooooo lost where is the bread

I guarantee we're gonna need a scissor for the beans, not the knife


how do you open coffee

the bread knife didnt cut open the coffee bean bag- there may be another knife somewhere
anybody figure out the numbers / letters above the coffee maker or the safe?

okay..that makes me feel better...so, with all these people in this room, no one can find a scissors?...lol

Where's the key??

The memo has a grid on it

nvm found it

Where do you find coffee beans ? I can't see any !

I'm definitely missing something...I've unlocked the wheel on the cabinet, but it still won't roll...anyone have any ideas?

wheres the memo? the key is in the bottom right cupboard but cant get at it

where's this memo?


wow..just found a whole different view of the back of computer. plugs..

just click the back side of it and it will roll foward

when you're looking at the wheel of the cabinet, click on the back of the desk..left side

use wider on safe to push buttons

Hi all just starting,

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Morning Becks :)

Memo is in zoom view of computer (where you would insert the CD) next to the keyboard.

thanks bet...I'm an idiot...I had the wheel locked instead of unlocked

You don't need magnet/wider to push safe buttons. Where's the memo?

wheres memo

Oh! Duh!! the memo is saying to flip the grid for the safe!

morning Roxi...I still can't find memo...when I get zoom view of computer, I get a black screen..no memo

Could someone finally tell me where are coffee beans, please ???

pacale - get to the view of the coffee table and click bottom left of it - you'll see the beans there.

for the memo zoom in on the cd drive, not the monitor to get the memo - its on the right

pascale...go to the view of sofa, click bottom of screen, you get a view of coffee table, click on left side, under table

Pascale, look at couch then click bottom of game screen. You'll see a coffee table. Beans on the left, puzzle underneathe, and light with square holes when you click up.

Hi all. Used knife on leaf to show magnet then used wider?? on it to give magnet on a thread. No idea of use though

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 10:35 AM  

Once cart is rolled out from computer.. Click on upper back part of it and get the matches.. Use matches on memo for code for safe

Becks... zoom view of the part you insert the CD ... not the screen

this sounds dumb, but is the cd drive that black box? or is it the printer looking thing? or is it the mouse looking thing? I'm soooo computer illiterate

found it, finally..thanks everyone

is it just me (and it probably is)... the picture with the numbers / letters looks different from the first view than the zoom? the double boxes arent filled in completely- top two point down, and bottom two point out? no idea if it means anything, i'm just really stuck

I could use a drink about now!

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 10:38 AM  

Used matches on rocket..
rocket launched.. Use wider and magnet on hole to get another ball

Thanks a lot, Mr Enigma !
Now, the problem is that I have no more knife, and can't open coffee bag...

what's with the soy sauce?

I rolled back the cabinet, there's de plug for the computer, but how can you put it in the computer.

Some clues here Phoenix?? You seem to be the only one who's further than all of us

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 10:42 AM  

Lonneke - Roll the cart out and while it is in the rolled out position click the upper back of it to get another view.. Take matches from that view...

green key on bottom of rocket now

Nice job finding the matches Phoenixfire00325 :)

They're saying the knife isn't used to open the coffee, so there must be something else we need

got the green key

THANK YOU phoenix.

I keep staring at the weird number/letter thing...but it isn't coming to me yet :D

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 10:44 AM  

green key opens center door

use gun to shoot green key, use magnet to get large ball, put ball in vase above where the red key is, grab key, use on desk

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 10:44 AM  

Put big ball you got from rocket hole into vase above red key.. will knock key down so you can open door and remove it from small space in bottom

got key from clear plastic tube by dropping the big silver ball into the pot above it

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 10:45 AM  

I still dont have the knife, can someone tell me where it is?

Got the green key by shooting it, opened middle cabinet, twirled the octopus around to get nippers, used nippers on scredriver, opened outlet, plugged computer in, but now it's saying there is still no power! what gives?

after the rocket flies, you can put the magnet in the hole! you get a big iron ball

finally have the screwdriver!!!

I've tried to use matches on the rocket, but nothing happens...

Use the fuse first on the rocket. Shot the green key :D

mareklil, that's the best idea anyone's had on here. Chinchin and Happy Christmas everyone. :-)

oh my god, all these puzzles...

did anyone mention the puzzle under the coffee table yet?

Yay!! got nippers and screwdriver!

knife is behind pc monitor

Lori, you have to go to the back view of the desk where the plug is. There's a power strip back there. Turn it on.

ok plugged computer in still wont work, stuck!!!!

Got scissors!!! Use red key on drawer in computer desk. Make the dots the color of the wine bottles (use safe as guide) and don't forget there's one bottle of soy sauce in there (black dot). And then you get scissors.


in my middle drawer is a puzzle again...
where can i find the nippers?

have blue key but dunno where to use it

Oh thanks Enigma!

I hate to say it, but someone's going to have to tackle the puzzle above the coffee maker..and being it has numbers, it's can't be me...horrible at number puzzles..but I believe it may contain the scissors?

i thnk password is needed

EvlWmn the knife is behind the computer screen

wine bottles? soy sauce?! WHAT are you talking about...am I missing something or what :D

made coffee! mmm love me some caffeine

nooooooooo...accidentally clicked add on side while trying to shut stupid wine door:(

thanks lori, but I don't understand..what wine bottles?

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 10:53 AM  

ty nottypomy I have the knife now

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 10:53 AM  

Put Coffee in cup on shelf with mirror.. get code on mirror

hot coffee creates steam

I still can't get stupid safe open, and I used the memo...what am I doing wrong?

i got the note where the same squares ar on as on the safe, but how do you open the safe?

once you open the safe, there are wine bottles in there...use the code from the paper to click on the squares in the correct order to open safe. Use match on paper to get the hint.

Lonneke the wine and soy sauce is in the safe. Nippers are behind/under Octopus (center cabinet)after you rotate it

Becks, memo is turned around...have to click in that order...I did mine on a piece of paper and then turned it around and did it that way to help me.

Hm, where to use code from mirror? It doesn't work on computer

holy crap...thanks lori and roxi :D i'm trying it now :D

now stuck with blue key, cofee, and stange board...anyone there yet?

ok what the heck is a wider that everyone is talking about and also please where are the matches

CD in computer

Password from Mirror

Print Page

Cut page

put page on number picture

do math and change numbers of red objects

got safe...

now what?


       Anonymous  12/24/08, 10:57 AM  

has anyone noticed that there is something on the ceiling above the coffee table? just click on the up arrow and you get 2 square holes in the light

code does work on computer- case sensitive - now have code of mystery...

Yep. Blue key doesn't seem to work anywhere, don't know where code from coffee steam works, and sure don't know what to do with the fancy puzzle above the coffee pot!

code from mirror?

power of posting, got the code from the mirror

were is the matches

Z - how do you do the math?

Where is the fuse??? Help

thanks lori..that worked

Thanks Z and Andrew! caught up now.

nvm worked it out

put code of mystery on number picture.

I had up triangle = A, circle = 9-1, down triangle = 3, and diamond = 8/2


Hm. Octagonal thing with orange color codes-- round thing under table with orange color codes..... Hm...

crap - pressed ad! have to catch back up

Fuse is stem of red apple. Use pincers.

Octagon puzzle behind picture. Still have "pie" puzzle under coffee table too.

were is the matches

made coffee and got a code

Whoever asked for matches, they are on the backside of filing cabinet. Move cabinet out first.

Matches work on memo & rocket after fuse is inserted.

sorry i havent posted, been pixel hunting, found nothing. i am stuck! anyone figure out what blue key is for? pie puzzle under table?or worked out the code above coffee table?? im two seconds from waiting for the walkthrough lol

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 11:07 AM  

2 square holes in the ceiling above the coffee table

bet the wider is a 'kite string spindle' that you find behind the coffee pot. It's listed as a wider ;)

Ha ha, octopus has 8 legs and "safe" thing is octagonal! Ding!

the "safe" that people are talking about, are you referring to the puzzle under the table?

alright Z...we're waiting on you to figure out the rest of the code above coffee maker...any news yet?

Make octagonal safe above coffee match octopus.

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 11:10 AM  

Opened safe.. By accident I think.. got key another board and some fractions.

you know what i was using the octopus idea on pie under table and not on octagon safe.....always have to do wrong one first:)

ok - back up - got the code fro mthe picture, heard the sound but now not sure what to do after the sound?

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 11:12 AM  

Key opens desk.. got toaster. and some wood pcs with animal pic on them

this game is toooo polite asking me to close evrything i open.gets a bit on my nerves

My blue key doesn't work on octagonal safe!

Got it. Power of posting.

i cannot get the yellow thing under the filing cabinet to open because it says i need a plus screw driver. can someone please tell me where to find it?

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...this is the second time i hav clicked that darn ad instead of the game

ok thanks Roxi

       Anonymous  12/24/08, 11:15 AM  

Toaster goes on coffee table..
strange boards go in toaster..
need to open puzzle on floor to plug toaster in

where is the octagonal safe?

put toaster on coffetable and put 2 boards in
i bet we have to shoot them up

also i poured the coffee beans into the coffee maker but it is telling me i do not have all the materials. what am i missing?

in the safe was also this:

1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6

swear this has something to do with the pie-puzzle under the table

nevermind about the coffee thing. i forgot to pour in the water

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