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GH Balcony Escape

GamesHandbook Balcony Escape is another point and click type escape the room game from Games Handbook. You are trapped on a balcony high up on a building, you must find 5 keys to get back inside. Good luck and have fun!

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good luck all looks nice & short

got 1 key.. a knife and a screwdriver .. have got the ladder down and have found some numbers now stuck lol

thought the knife would cut chairs...no luck

Woo Hoo.. Live game.. Good evening all!

Yay! New game!

There´s a chest under the left chair. Don't know how to open it...

2nd key under mat

k we're stuck up to you now dejavu

Having trouble getting back down the ladder :-(

got a series of numbers from plant dirt.

What's under the right chair? I can't seem to pick it up.

knife cuts soil in plant pot to reveal numbers

the key under the mat is the only one i have lol

the screwdriver lemon

Hi all, use screwdriver to unscrew wood at right of scene.

Oh! I flipped over the right planter!

other key small dot under chair on left, can also find a spot on the pipe with screwdriver that makes a differnt sound

Got it. Thanks! Is there only one view, or am I doing something wrong?

emmsie, where did you find the 1st one?

key under mat?? where is the mat??

At least this you can right click and zoom, makes it easier finding things! How did you get the ladder down?

wood piece from rail goes on top of flipped over pot.

put wood on flipped pot

@cyrano, was a small dot under the chair on the left near a leg i think

got key from the box

emmsie, My drain pipe makes no sound. Can you cut pipe w/knife at that spot your talking about?

put chest on wood then hit other end to lower ladder...then I found the mat and key but finding nothing else up here??...hmmmm

cut pipe with knife

how to open chest

Got up the stairs, got the key but now have no idea what's next...

there is one key in the pipe - cut it using knife

i just kept clicking on the box and it suddenly turned over ... then used screwdriver to widen the hole in the back

can't find spot on pipe to cut?

now what

drop the chest and use the screwdriver - 4th key

its about even with combination dejavu. a little higher


use screwdriver on the pipe first
you will hear a strange noise - cut in this place

5 keys upstairs

4 keys downstairs

maybe i go upstairs!!!

Is there a sweet spot on the pipe??


6 keys need downstairs

so 5th key must need us to crack the 2 keypads

Thanks Pawlaw and Mega\ipoland. now have 4 keys and some random numbers that I'm playing around with.

Got it...thanks

I think you might have to go up the ladder - my pipe/screwdriver wouldn't make noise until I came back down. But I still can't figure out where to use the darn knife on the pipe! It's all a strange noise, no diff to my ears...

hi all, where do u cut the pipe at?

nvm :D stuck now :P

how the hell do you get up the ladder?

can't figure out these numbers !

Hi everyone!

I hit the pipe a million times and kept getting same sound. Then suddenly as I started working my way down from the top the sound changed. it's just about the height of the combo lock.

you can get the screwdriver to ring off one of the chairs upstairs but can't get the knife to cut or anything else...

I've even got the screwdriver to ring off the wall to the left of the bottom floor key pad. But still can't cut pipe... UGH!

Gasp! When you're using screwdrvr on pipe, make sure you aren't using handle, make sure you're rubbing the BLADE

been working on that chair too. the one closest to the ladder. zoom makes a pointer. the numbers its like plus 2 minus one then minus 6 ???

thanks lemon didnt realis we had to be so precise.

The screwdriver will stay on a spot upstairs on railing, farthest rung to the right just where the rung thins out but cant figure out what to do....hmmmm

I think there is a glitch...when you chime the pipe downstairs, you can then more the screwdriver all around the area and it makes the noise, then when you go upstairs, it makes it in the same spot as downstairs.

where to cut the pipe

cant find that spot on chair pawlaw

I have 4 keys, screwdriver, knife, wood block (used), note with #'s (but not in inventory) Am I missing anything that someone else has?

getting bored quickly! any ideas for the numbers yet?? i'm at a loss

Lemon. Did you get the chest? If so then you have everything I have.


I didnt have to use the numbers at all. Put five keys in locks upstairs and you are done.

it doesnt seem to be a glitch.. the ringing on the wal upstairs.. it seems to ring in a pattern. the chair isnt ringing, but the wall is(upstairs)

so can you share where you got all the keys from...i can only find 4

GOtta be more to it than that Wildman...???.... where is the 5th key?

Yay Wildman! Can you give a hint w/out giving it all away?

pleease i've checked everywhere!

guess wildman is gone???

i'm giving up ...

This comment has been removed by the author.

The combo lock upstairs is ringing too.

when you zoom into the keypads and put the screwdriver on them, the top left corners ring.. dont know what it means tho :/ im stuck wth 4 keys

It may mean nothing but if you look at the numbers the 1st and 3rd are reverse of each other 17,71 and the 2nd and 4th 36,136...kinda the same.. think that means anything? I'm not a numbers/math person.

I dont know how I got the fifth key it was purely by accident. I am replaying trying to help everyone out.

wildman was joshing i bet. you can even ring the keypad with screwdriver but nothing...sigh

Thanks WIldman. let us know if you find it again. Meantime what's up with the locks and numbers?

anyone notice the crack in the chair upstairs and can you do anything with it?

Pawlaw?? Where did you find those numbers with the plus 2 minus one, etc.

i was thinking that the number code was maybe missing some numbers in the beginning of it.. but nothing i try works

Hey all, it's been awhile since I've been in a live game. I'm trying to find the fifth key!

like 17+17=34 plus 2 is 36
36+36=72 -1= 71 then remove the one from front and put it behind for 71 then the 1 in front of 36 thne move it behind for 361 then...........i've already lost my mind lol

Hey pawlaw, remember in the beginning when you said "looks nice & short"??? Still thinking that???!!!

When you zoom in the code paper, you can ring it with your screwdriver too. I think it's just a glitch.

Holy crap pawlaw.

I hate mathy stuff.

(what are you a dog catcher or something?) :-)

Pawlaw...my brain hurts...I was playing with the numbers the same way but am sooooo lost..lol

lol. i work at a bank

Just checked nordinho but they are just getting started ..only 2 people posted and they have what we have...and only 4 keys.

You have it all wrong pawlaw...the bank is where you go each day but you work at escape games like the rest of us !! lol

im getting nowhere fast with the number code lol

pawlaw, where about did you click the lawn chair upstairs to get the calculation method?

I am glitched!!! Everytime i try to go down the ladder it goes to the darn number pad..... :((

Hi Martin, Red from WA....are you getting the heat??? Poor Adelaide 45C yesterday!

Reaper, click second rung down on ladder and youll go back downstairs or back upstairs.

sorry, didn't get it from the chair, just the little fellows running around in my head

Hi everyone. I'm at the same place as all of you I'm afraid. I've been clicking away at an unusual spot on a chair only to discover it's a splash of chilli con carne which I had for dinner last night! I've turned the numbers inside out upside down and back to front. Can't find a pattern anywhere. Yet. Keep looking....

I've even tried googling the numbers but all I get are basketball stats...lol

Hi Red, from E.V.P. and I'm looking at the same overcast sky as you ;-)

Some funny thing is happening to my screen. I'm wondering whether it's only me or it happens to everyone. If you click the top corner of the lawn chair upstairs (the one close to the wall), a red cross appears on the top right of my screen.

Oooh yes Ruff! How odd.

Hey RUf, did it to me too...hmmm???

Got that red x too, Ruff

It seems that we have opened up some invisible thing.

So do you think there are 2 endings? one with 5 keys and one with 6? At this point, I'll gladly settle for 5!

also, if you click on the ladder to go downstairs with the red x in the corner after clicking the chair it takes you straight to the lock box with a bunch of misc numbers.

It's just a glitch I reckon.

me too but I don't get any numbers on my keypad....I think this game is just very glitchy. Oh and they still have nothing on nordinho that we don't already have...arrrggghhhh...

I think that's a glich, I entered some numbers in the keypad upstairs ages ago and then couldn't get back down...it just kept taking me back to the keypad so I had to restart.

ok I need my bed. Good luck! I'll look in tomorrow after all you clever people have solved the problem. Nite

Good night SuzieGirl!



Congrats Jeremy but I still don't understand...


Sorry just caught the sum thing before I logged off!


idont think i get it either lol can u explain it more jeremy?


did he leave?

I hope not...he's all we got!!

Gosh...I hope not...



so code is
17 36 71 136 259 496 959

yeah jeremy we were headed there but couldn't get it all

Thanks a ton Jeremy!! That was driving me bonkers!!

Thank you...going to have some lunch!

Thank you Jeremy !! Out at last.

Oh! and nice work !!

Out! Jeremy, thanks a lot.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Jeremy...You ROck.. thank you so much!!1 Now, HOw do you open the one upstairs?

That is probably where the 6th key is but I'm done and out... Next game....

You don't need a sixth key. The door upstairs only takes 5.

out finally thanks jeremy! i also feel like the 6th key is in the other box but not going to try lol

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 7:51 PM  

jolly good! did my mates follow me in?

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 7:54 PM  

am slowly digging a hole in the potted plant with my knife, perhaps buried treasure?

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 7:56 PM  

I'm here!

i did , got knife, found paper w/ code but doesn't work on lock

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 7:56 PM  

4 keys too!

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 7:58 PM  

hello lass! try digging about in the plant with your knife, got some numbers

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 7:59 PM  

removed screws on railing now have big piece of wood..heheh

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 8:00 PM  

Trying to figure out what to do with the numbers... someone above figured it out, but I want to see if I can figure it out on my own. I'll probably cave in soon though. Nothing has worked yet.

i can't get the wood off, trying w/ knife, but it doesn't work

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 8:04 PM  

Use the screwdriver to take out al 4 screws michele, then just click and the wood should come off.

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 8:06 PM  

put wood on overturned planter

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 8:13 PM  

am off to bed didnt realize it was so late! best of luck to you lass and michele, have to be in the office in 4 hours. ugh

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 8:19 PM  

I cheated and looked up to find the code. I had to look at it for a while ti figure out how he got it, but I found the fifth key and I'm out...part of me wants to see if I can find a sixth key though. Another part of me is saying that there isn't a sixth key, just a distraction for people to stick their keys in and then have to start over.

OK, I found a key under the mat (1), in the pipe (2), in the grey box/chest (3), in the lock box (4) where in the HE** is the fifth freaking key??? *crying*

Well poop the bed, I reread and found the one under the chair. Thank GOD!

where's the screw driver?

nvm it wouldn't let me pick it up until i used zoom, got it now

i can't get the box to be on the wood, any help?

Where on the chair do you zoom in to see the hidden numbers?

That is one of THE MOST complicated door codes I have ever seen! Not many people would get that without help! Even with Jeremy's explanation, (Thank you Jeremy! x) it took me a good 10 minutes to work out how he got there.

Jeremy, could you explain this part of the code :

Where do these numbers come from ?

Yeah, I'd like to "get" it to. I have no idea what his math means. Anyone? Please?

Hello @ all,
i dónt find the spot to cut the pipe.
I´m clicking like a stupid with the screwdriver, but don´t hear a other sound.

Where is the spot to cut the pipe,please help me to find..

Yes!Right Pascale!I wonder same thing!

habe unten den code genommen,1 schlüssel erhalten,ein 2. gabs beim stuhl und ein 3. oben unter der matte.Geht die box unten eigentlich auf und wenn ja wie? mir fehlen ja nich 2 schlüssel wo sind sie,
helft mal bitte,wenns geht in Deutsch

habe den 4 Schlüssel im Rohr gefunden,aber nr 5? wie geht die Box die beim stuhl steht auf?

Hey Marita,

die Box musst du einfach mehrmals anklicken, bis sie schließlich umfällt. Dann erweiterst du das Loch auf der Rückseite mit dem Schraubenzieher...

       Anonymous  1/29/09, 7:47 AM  

where exactly is the fifth key please?

5th key in the number box

       Anonymous  1/29/09, 9:56 AM  

5th key in number box? which one, the one upstairs or down? Code too open?

The numbers explained...

you have the first 4 numbers

17 36 71 136

We work out the pattern from here.

17 * 2 = 34

The next number is 36 so we we just add +2 to the above calculation so it fits. Next we do.

36 * 2 = 72

Should be 71 so we add -1. And then

71 * 2 = 142

Should be 136 so we add -6. We now have the numbers 2, -1, -6 and need to find how they form a pattern from one to the next.

2 - 3 = -1
-1 - 5 = -6
a - b = c

Each equation following this will take the answer of the previous (c) and then subtract by a value of the previously subtracted number (b) minus an extra 2.

-6 - 7 = -13
-13 - 9 = -22
-22 - 11 = -33

Hope it helps with the explanation...



       Anonymous  1/29/09, 10:08 AM  

thank you for explaining Alan. cheers! :)

Good game ... ty for the comments, out with 5 keys.

That was fun, thanks for the posts/help everyone...Thanks Megi

Thanks to Jeremy and Alan for the code

Just as a matter of interest, tried inserting the 5 keys in the downstairs door. Only 3 seemed to go in, but the last 2 did not want to. Those that did go, were not visible in the key holes. Went upstairs and saw that the three I had put in were stocking in the key holes in the top door. So, there does not seem to be an option to exit with 6 keys.

This comment has been removed by the author.

good game


Pick up KNIFE behind potted plant.
Pick up SCREWDRIVER underneath bottom of right chair.
Take SILVER BOX from under left chair.
Take KEY from behind the back leg of the left chair.
Use screwdriver on the screws that are on the railing to take the LONG BOARD.
Use knife in the dirt of the potted plant for a clue to the passcode. Enter the code 173671136259496959 into the codebox on the wall and retrieve a KEY.
Keep clicking the pot on the right to flip it over.
Place board ontop of pot.
Place the silver box on bottom end of the board. Click other end of the board to flip the box and knock down the ladder.
Use the screwdriver on the pipe until you hear a different sound.(midways)
On that spot use your knife to cut pipe and take KEY.
Keep clicking the silver box to flip it over.
Use screwdriver on the box until a KEY falls out.
Climb the ladder.
Lift the bottom right corner of carpet and take KEY.
Use all five keys upstairs and escape.

       Anonymous  7/29/09, 5:29 PM  

okey i now know were to cut the pipe. now i have a problem. how do you cut the pipe? like how co you do it. i no with the knife but like how?

uhhh Some of you guys i've had enough of you guys not knowing here is a video on Youtube thats made by me about how. Please suscribe rate or leave comments on my youtube video :D (Videos make it sounds clearer) Hope it helped heres the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJXRbTad2vU

working link:


       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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