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Juego de Escape No 1 - Lab Complex Walkthrough

Juego de Escape No 1 - Lab Complex

Juegos de Escape No 1 - Lab Complex is a new point and click type room escape game by Juegos de Escape. You are trapped in a Lab Complex and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Awesome, new game.

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Tab works, but doesn't help me much.

Very funny Virus!

has anyone manage to do anything besides catching that thing in the corner on the first view?

im stuk already

connect the chain to the light bulb, thats all i got so far

drag the thing you got from the corner up to the light bulb then click on it.

cant do anything, thought you might have to join it all together but no luck !

There is a hairpin that is used to open the door.

Bobby pin under door

i got another thing near the door

ok... i put the thing into the lamp and turned it off

I have 2 valves (from safe;ray gun plug thing) fly key and tab works.

were did you get the valvs from

it's horrible to click to catch things...

I am in the Helio lab. Where are you Alice?

I am going to give big clue


I cheated from Nordinho but now I am stuck..wish I spoke spanish.

open door with long stik thing

got the key!!

now i have a blok and a wheel

ooh i caught a fly

one valve in bonitica room one in chemistry room.. use tab and zoom helps

I tried inputting Helio into the safe, but nothing happens.

guys what do i do wit this wheel and yellow block! im stil in the helio room...whers the ey

looked up flowers on google they are fly trap type plants... but no help
just throwing it out there.

Hurra, a spanish game, try to catch up

You gunna be able to help us Gabi??

its the atomic weight of he ilo
do you want answer?

Oh heck I have to get back to work. Good luck everyone..

Yes please Alice.

forget work hwlp us 1st

atomic weight of helio is 4.002602 but it doesnt work

238 for chemistry safe..Now I hope when I get back you have done all the hard work and I wont have to think so much...Hurts my brain!
Good Luck!

Sorry that should have been atomic number.

hey guys lets give it a try

i put the yellow block in the machine and got a key

google it in

now stuck with some kind of gun and plug

put yello blok in machine and get key..now caught fly and another wheel

Arg, my game keeps getting buggy. I can't use some of my items, or they get stuck at random places on my screen. : (

Thank you Alice. You saved me time that I don't have right now.

lass just double clik on the in the inventory and theyl go back into place....mine does that 2

if u click on the cabinet in the bug room on the right door in middle looks like a button but cant get it

katie which room

the one where you catch the bug

i cant see anything on the right door?

yes use tab key

when you hit tab key you can click on it

aaaahhh yh

same here, cmoosecan.
hoping that somone spanish will join us!

help please i stuck already what shall i do with the hair pin ?

hair pin ...use it on the door handle

@clicking mad thank you:)i tryed that already and nothing happend but now it works:)

I'm hopeless. I'm trying to figure out what password goes on the door in the sequoia lab. No luck so far.

Password for the cabinet in the bug room is "Teofrasto"

hi all

peter how did you figue that one out

use cussion thingy on plant pot

yes, TAB key helps a lot.


Looked up "Father of Botany" in Wiki then translated the page. The same picture as the poster on the wall came up.

put the pillow looking thing in empty pot and give fly to plant

got red button

this doesn't make sense

use knife on frog on table

I tried that Peter, but I got a different spelling. Thanks.

Now I have a green and a red little button thing-a-ma-bobber. Trying to figure out what it is.

red and green round thing...any1 used them yet

for me neither ddipsy, it was sarcasm and frustration.
can somebody help me with the codes? Got one so far.

i tried the closet and i cant get in

anja what code you after

the one for the room with the fly

code is


good luck to you all, i am giving up and gonna try itagain tomorrow.
Good night!

this game is solid...... anyone got any further

clicking mad, i am looking for the closetcode in the room were i catched the fly



Somehow I got a gold button to go with the green and red. May be a bug.

how did you get that peter

Hi everybody-try to catch up

i typed it in like 10 times it wont open

sorry, got it,i am very tired and missed a few posts.
sorry and thanks!
now i am going to bed.
Good luck again!

copy and paste it from here


I moved the electric pistol to the right of the plug in the inventory and it changes to a gold button. Restarted and it did it again...

am i missing somthing

thank you clicking

guys, I speak spanish if anyone eeds a little help...

There are 4 green dots over the door to the botanical room. Also the 3 wheels match the colors of the triangular beakers. Has anyone done anything with the numbers on the test tubes? I cannot get into the Sotano, which i think means basement. or the galactic room in the middle.

Awesome Peter. Except I'm stuck again. Anyone got ideas on where to start for the code to the black door.

@peter-same as me...is it wrong?

did anybody know the password for the sotano room????

Anyone figure out the thing inside the cabinet in the bug room?

Oh no!two things in my inventory are over each other-can´t move one of them anymore...has anybody the same trouble?have i restart the game?

Maggie, that happened to me too. Double click on it and see it it moves back...if not you'll probably have to restart.

Ahh!you saved my game!!!thanks lass-that worked!!!

Thank clicking, he helped me with the same problem earlier.

ok so i am stuck and sotano does meen basement do all the numbers meen anything?

what do i do with the fly or the gun???or the eletrolithic thing??

is anyone in a new room?

ok i think i catch up-have 3 knops and 3 wheels a key and this elektrik thing...have i miss something?

Actually Sotano means attic, not basement

Nope, still stuck.

ok-thank you clicking...your name is program,isn´t it?

not to argue because i dont speak spanish but thats what my traslator said

use fly on play and gun on the metal thing in inventory

fly on plant sorry

@meinegeist give the fly to the plant

lass....im a female lol

Oooo my apologies clicking! I hate it when that happens to me lol.

has anyone looked at the other sites for help

lol...its ok

ddipsy i tried that

I'll come back later. I am no help here. Thanks for all your help.

im gonna give up soon if sum1 dont come up with a solution

joey you was the first to start

and now you must end the game lol

Checked this site, but it seems they are also stuck...

I want my knife back so I can stab the frog in frustration!

if you stick the electric plug into the beaker in the chemistry room you get another dot

hub cap where do you place the plug?

Got it... i tryied bfore to give the fly to the plant but i gave it to the wrong leaf...thx Conny :)

oh i got it well done

in the beaker beside the grey tray on the desk, not sure if i was zoomed in or not

You have to be zoomed out to put the plug in the beaker.

whitch colour?grey?but it doesn´t work for me

My gold and silver buttons are right on top of each other, is it the same way for everyone else?

the wheels have got something to do with the coloured bottles in the chemestry room..but dnt know what

lass i got the same

thanks lass!!i think we have to place them somewhere in the order of the test tubes

And the other three glasses for order for wheels-but where?over the door-the 4 green points- it doesn´t work

rite its time for my programmes and bedtime so il catch up with you guys tomorrow...but hopefully youl have it done by then :-)

above the door next to the chemistry room there are 4 green dots i thought the knobs have to placed there but nothing happend

Okay, hopefully someone can help me.

I've gotten the ray gun, the plug, and I have a green wheel and a key. I don't know what to do. I can only see the Helio lab and the door next to it. I can go in the Helio lab, but I don't know what else to do or where to go. Anyone?

good night clicking mad cu

and i hope so too:)

hey clicking-don´t give up!!!nvm.good night

im not giving up i need to watch eastenders lol

@DanManX i think u have to restart couse actually u only have to click the door of helio room

Okay, but what do I do in there conny?

what do you watch?can´t understand...

i typed in to my translator what it says for the yellow dot and it says" planinito may test a bit of alchamy"

under the table there is an yellow block take it and put it in the machine above the save take a key the code for save is 238:)and take the wheel out of the plant its violet

oooohh hint about plant is next room:)

Okay, as I mentioned, I already have the key and the stuff from the safe. I need to know what to do AFTER that. People are talking about catching flies and venus fly traps and pictures of chemists, but I can't find any of that...

What do you mean "take the wheel out of the the plant its violet?" I don't get it.

Well how do I get to the next room?!

@clicking...Have fun with whatever you watch;-)maybe till the next game;-)

@danmanx..how far are you now?can i help you anyhow?

I can't put the plug into the beaker.....hellp!!! i have the gold, green and red round things and the purple, blue and green valves...bsides the key and the plug...

so the venus plant is in next room u have to use the key there(next door)

@meinegeist...soom out-than you can put it in there

@meinegeist sprichst du deutsch?

du musst den stecker aus der ferne in den becher tun also nicht ranzoomen

Maggie: I'm at exactly the same place I was before. I have the key, the green wheel, the plug, and the ray gun. I do not know where to go or what to do with any of those items. I have access to the entrance to the Helio room, and I can see the door next to it, the one with the green circles above it. I cannot see anymore doors, nor can I go in the green circle door. I do not know what to do.

got it...you have to zoom out to use the plug with the beaker

danmanx use the key on knob

danmanx use the key on knob

Oy. After trying for the 10th time or so, the key FINALLY worked on the door next to the Helio room.

Danke Schöen Conny!

ich sprichst etwas Deutsch...

Danman, if you drag your raygun to the left (your right) of the electronic plug, it changes to a gold button thingy.

ok than i write in english u from the us?

I try to follow .. have 4 balls... three wheels.. and my hearth beats too hard.

Samara, what do you mean? I used the plug in the big beaker of water (or whatever) in the helio room and it turned into a gray thing.

I need code to the attic, and a key for the astronomy room (i think) and i am mega stuck. i have the 4 buttons and yes, my grey one is stuck on top of the yellow. and 3 wheel thingys. and a key. that's it.

hey-auf deutsch kann ich es auch besser;-)

Ugh, I'm giving up for now. I'll check back later to see if anyone else had a stroke of brilliance, because there's nothing going on in my head now. Good luck.

Never mind Samara!

oops, without the electric dealie, i dont think you will be able to get the gold/yellow disk.

@maggy ich auch bin aus deutschland aber english krieg ich auch ganz gut hin:)

@danmanx.so you are now in the botanik room?the code for the closed is "Teofrasto"-take everxthing out of it -catch the bug

Okay, stuck again...have fly, have yellow thing that plug turned into after water and ray gun...what now?

@Lass cu we´ll try our best;)

shakes and rattles doors in frustration!!!

IN your inventory put gun at the right of the plug... it becomes a yellow-gold ball.

do you think that the maker did not check the game to make sure it is possible to move forward

so danmanx i think u have to start over u need the raygun to use it on plug to ged goldknob
after u did that put the yellow bag in pot so the venusplant grows give the fly to it and u get another knob than cut the frog paper with knife and get a red knob

by lass-i´m shortly bevor giving up-i getting tiered..

After go in the chimestry room.. (first labo) and put the plug into the water (next to grey thing on table)... it becomes a grey ball.. (don't zoom to do that).

Okay, took everything out of the closet, have the yellow and red circles, three wheels, and the fly. What now?

go back to the chemistry and put electrik thing in waterglas

Alrighty, got the green knob from the plant. Do we know what to do next?

Oh sorry ... you knew that yet... I read to quick ... and I'm stuck ... so I try to help. but ... phew... well I dive in the game to examine what I can find... a miracle maybe ?

Ok gonna start now- gotta catch up!!
By the way, sotano does mean basement- not that it seems to help much!! Lets see if I can help, even if it's only translating!!Lol

I have that key to open the door to those 3 other doors, silver, gold, green and red "balls" and purple, light blue and greens valves..anyone knows anything else to do??how to open the attic or anything?

I can see the valves are the same color the Erlenmayer at the right side of the gray "plate" at the chemestry lab...

people, please correct me if i'm wrong...basement is under the house and attic is up the house right under the roof so does Sótano....As long as i remember...

I try balls colors VS tubes colors ... Cause there are four green dots over the door beside the room chemistry door... I hope you know what I mean......

Hello niff-nice to see some spanish-speaking-help here...

Alright, I'm giving up. The language isn't a problem in this game, the fact that it's impossible to figure out what to do is. I'm not gonna sit here and waste my time...

@meinegeist its correct

@gr-nadine i try that to but nothing...

tryed that a long time bevor too-doesn´t work*lol*
test-tubes for order the dods-the other glasses for order wheels i think...but where?

where did you find 4 buttons?
I have only 3. Red, Golden and green

i'm gonna try later..

see you people...i was a great time...

hi pistelli
use electric thing in aqua regia - don't make a closest view

me too danmanx...*lol*

Pistelli, did you put the plug in the solution in the chemistry room?

bye meinegeist

Hey megi.nice to see you here.see you posted under the game...have you already finished it?any hints for us?otherwise i´ll give up now...

Hi Maggie hope your doing well. Well I've caught up with you all but I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help.
All that's said for the balls is the grey one that says "platinum! We can teach a little chemistry"
Then the cyan wheel says we have to find where to put it. The purple wheel says another wheel- not much help!!
Gonna see what we can find about platinum...

thanks...i´m fine-but i´m a little frustrated and tired now...*lol*

And... for my great pleasure... I restart the game... accidently... GRRRRRR/.

Hi Megi. Glad to see you here.
I´m trying all foruns lol
I got the grey button but it turned golden after I used the pistol on it, So I have only 3 not 4.

i think i must say i hate this game

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