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Funny Salon Walkthrough

Funny Salon

Funny Salon is another point and click game from Games2win, who is also creator of Naughty Park, Naughty Classroom, and Naughty Gym Class games. Don't mind your own business, just ruin somebody else's. Sneak into your rival's salon and drive away the customers! Good luck and have fun!

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yeah first!!

hi keldos

btw, where is everyone looks like it's just the 2 of us lol

hi michelle ive got as far as getting the key but dont no what to do with it you having any luck?

hi!!michelle and keldos...about to start

i'm glad to see u guys are here

hi nottypomy

hi nottypomy

This dude throws me out when I'm out side already! Got the funny haircut. Get ice cube. Highlight and click on barber. Got the Dye from the table next to barber and clicked bowl on same table and grandma turns punk

i have got as far as making the two guys fight

Grabbed the hand from the wall three times and pocked the barber 3 times. BARBER FIGHT!! Pretty cute game.

just got caught lol

Clock battery start hints help. As you probably know already

see u guys at the nest game

I have trouble loading it... It won't load. Refreshing isn't helping... Snif, snif... :(

Does anyone know an alternative link?

that was fun damaging everyones hair and flooding the place:)

that was a nice wee game hope to see you all at next game.


I don't like this game so much

stuck at the point it says:"bulb+?+?+mobile phone"...can anyone help me?

nvm did it...but now I don't know what to do with the last hint...

bulb+cold towel+hot towel+mobile phone

what is key+?+?

last hint i don't know and cannot find shampoo



That walkthrough is too fast for me!

Sorry for the bad English!

When there Comes a ! you must click on the boy who's standing by the window or else, you got busted.

1. Click on the clock, and then the batteries. Then there are hints below.
2. Take the ice cubes on the desk (When you click on stuff you find them in your inventory, you must first click on that stuff and then the next), and then click on the barber.
3. Click on the white bottle on the trolley which is, and then the colored bottles.
4. Click on the hand on the wall, poke three times on the hairdresser.
5. Click on the lamp on the right. And on the left cup on the desk. And on the right cup. And then the mobile, carried in the pocket of the hairdresser.
6. Click the key on the floor. Click on the purple curtain on the door. Click on the orange/brown bottle on the cart.
7. Click the key and then the purple curtain on the door. Click on the two cups on the desk. And the towel. And then you tap on the pipeline from the clicks. Sewer and wells. One under the desk. And one under the bench.

And that's it!


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