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Magical Sphere Escape

[REPLAY] Magic Sphere Escape is another Japanese point & click adventure type escape game developed by Bianco-Bianco. Did you ever dream of a shrine built in space? If so, the good news is that in this game, you find yourself trapped in an open shrine floating somewhere in the outer part of the galaxy. And the bad news is: you are not dreaming! Your aim is now to escape from this place by finding and using items and looking for hints to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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ooh wow i am first big deal

Hey all

Ok then, hey wangzilla


Yippee, a new game! Let's go!

Ok stuck in desert world, don't know how to go back to the patio. Got cup that i can put back in it's original place

stuck in the desert too, i dont know how to go back

I can get a cup, but looks like I cannot get back to the temple with it

oh it seems that if you put the cup back in the sand and the you click on the column you can go back...

Hi all!

if you put the cup back you can go back to the temple, but why?

Wooh, this game seems to be very hard :)

Clicked the pillar and returned from the desert (without the cup)

there is a plate behind one of the colums

hi all . is this live?

a part of the left colum in the view with the planet is broken (click the bottom left)

Found a stick

have a stick but it doesn't fit in the hole in the stone on the left side of the desert-door

code on a colon

i think i've tested everything with everything - nothing works. 3 fish in the desert, 5 in the sea, code with (i think) directions... i'm REALLY stuck :)

@Theresa: same here, really hard, this one!!

Stick cna be dried in the sun

Sweet! A bianco-bianco game! Thanks Shuchun.

when you highlight the stick it says "it's damp", so i tried to dry it in the desert, but i can't place it

Where did you put the stick to dry, Alex?

oooh, how did you do that alex?

Got it already. Power of posting.

ok, you have to highlight it when you stand in the sunlight and wait a few seconds! but i still can't place it in the hole :(

You have to do something else to the stick first. After that, the game starts to get a little easier.

Hm, hoped the stick would fit in the thing left of the desertdoor..... But doesn't fit.....:(

You can make the stick bigger after it has dried!!

i' had the same idea and i'm wondering if i didn't dry it up without realising it. How to make the difference ?

take stick to sea

then click it on the glowing ring

then put it in the hole on the table thing loks like a large hammer

far as i got

It turns out you can actually sort of die in this game. I hope there's more than one ending...

Then silver hammer in bath next to blue door

looks like if u let it set move around the stick is drying

Use hammer on dirt next to pillar and pick up with woven plate

The stick isn't doing anything in the circle of light (in the waterworld). Help ?

Yeah, have one step of the stairs. Looking for another crystal ball.

Got a silver shovel, offered the sand to the yellow doorsign

Then somehow offered sand on woven plate to the yellow door and got silver shovel

hmmm, jumped from the seccond stair and fall into hell :-/

Hell End :(
I'm looking for another end...

Gome to Hell too :(

Think those arrows in the clue by the water door might be for hell. Not got 'em to work yet though.

Started over to try another end...

but how to get the third step? all i have is the woven plate and the cup

Got the cup and filled it with holy water (it says its salty). Stuck now.

Pretty sure we're actually supposed to go to hell. Don't think I could get to it until I made second step.

3 steps,...we've done earth and wind,...how's about some fire?

Oh, 8 dolphins in hell, 3 in desert, 5 in sea. Final code?

i think we have to form the planet or something, we add water, wind and ??? fire? earth?

sapty cup offet to the water door

Ahhh...got it

i havnt gotten out of hell yet

u can see the word the end if u click woven plate

i'm afraid to go to hell again, but can't find anything else!!

thought the double ee's there might be part of the code on column no effect though just keep bring the end in big letters back

just started - try to catch up

there are two possible endings in this game.
--good end
--the end

Have fun,everyone.

Finally out of Hell.

How did you do that?

but from wich start-screen?

Th e e nd...start from there to get the fire. Use the woven plate and MegiPoland's dirctions.

i can't see "the end" anymore, and megi removed the directions :-P

hm, i started the game in a new screen to get the directions, but it didn't work, have the "the end" screen and everything...

how do u keep from loosing the fire when u leave hell?

how do you get the stick dry?

Same here theresa, help, i want out of hell!!

i think we have to take the fire with us, but i don't know how to do it

@ sabianwolf: how did you catch the fire?

ok, when you follow the directions there is a little volcano on the lower right, fill the container with fire!

but how can we leave hell now?

Click the plate and you can go back to the place "The enD" again, but can't find any fire...

catch fire to the cup and offer it to the pillar, then catch fire again and leave hell

what pillar? i can't see any :(

ah, power of posting - in the screen left of the volcano

out that was kinda a lame why to end the game

Cant leave Hell with the fire - its disappearing

We have to use the code

I can't even find the volcano :-(
Followed the directions but nothing

gotta offer the pillar the fire an u have to catch it again to leave with it

Hmmm, I can't recall seeing any green dolphins...I gotta keep looking I guess.

You don't need Megipoland's directions, they are in the game.

That end was a real let down. Thanks for the help sabian

End & Good End. Thanks again Shuchun.

but are there two ends like Shuchun said? i think to leave the hell with the fire you must click the pillar the second time WITHOUT the fire highlighted

havnt found the greens ones either

I have the silver hammer, and a plate, now whats the next?

how to get to the hell?

gren ones are on one of the steps

and what numer are the green ones? zero is the wrong number

i can't zoom in on the steps :(

click on the left column to get a few of the steps

its where u find the little stones to crush with the silver hammer

@asia, don't go to church...lol, just kidding - from the second step, go down.

For the directions,....write down the directions on the pillar (would post here, but don't know how to do arrows, sorry).

Next,...do the plate thing so it says "The enD".

Next, rotate your directions, so the "e"s of "thE End" match up with the ones in your directions.

Then, just follow your directions STARTING FROM the Es. (So you're reading upwards).

Would post 'em, but you really should be able to work it out for yourselves from that.

Can't get perfect end as I don't know what the heck the green dolphins are supposed to be from.

>>> sabianwolf
what steps??

oh thanks a lot sabian! now good end :)

the steps that are going to the platform with the planet

the green doliphns can be found on the second step u have to click on the left column where u found the little stones to crush with the silver hammer earlier in game

>>> sabianwolf
but i can`t see any...

still cant dry the stick - please help!

to dry the stick take it to the desert where u see the sun then double click on the stick an wait for it to dry

how far are u in the game asia? might be when later until u see them

i got some wind in the container

offer the wind to the blue orb u foun in desert

I can't find the volcano.
I have done all steps, first like the direction on the pillar (so i find the dolphins).
Then i go back and startet to read the direction upwards.
But i can't take fire or something else...

Up Up Left Right Up Down to find the fire

@asia, do you have the blue orb?

>>> sabianwolf

I have the fire in the bowl.....now what?

offer the fire to the pillar at the left then get the fire again then leave through the pillar

nvm got it

thanks sabianwolf, got it as soon as i posted!!

how do we get good end? Any idea why we have the different coloured dolphins?

err is anyone still here ? i can't offer the holly water to the blue door and it doesn't say my water is salty. could someone post a walkthrough, please ?

@carotcuite:click the hammer with the filled cup highlighted

Caritcuite, use the water with the stone hammer alter, it will go salty.

got the end.How do we have good end?

take the magical orb to the big grey door to use the color dolpin code

thks !

Ok, what do you do with the wind now ? I'm being dense i know but people's comments aren't helping me at all

carotcuite me neither!
I am stuck with a blue ball witch i get were the cup was before (use the shovel there).
And a bowl with a tornado in it.

yeah i have the orb too

ouh ouh, put the orb on that box thing where you can see the planets

hell end !

Put the orb on the alter that is in front of the planets, then offer the orb the wind.

i'm giving up

you doomed me to hell carotcuite!
No don't go

@carotcuite: in the hell end, you can go left/right/up/down it isn't end if you don't want :)

Put the tornado there too!

Houtaru explain please.

when you jump down the 2 steps you wake up in "Hell end".
But that isn't the end. If you wake up you can go to left/right/up/down, like you have done it on the platform above (where you jumped down)...

If anyone is still here, could you tell me where this "woven plate" is, please?
I know it must be somewhere obvious.... =S

I found a fire in hell and caught it in my bowl

The stick is still damp, it doesn't dry.

Pascale, I took my stick to the desert and turned left to the screen that said "the sun is blistering hot". I double-clicked it and watched it gradually become lighter in colour, then the words at the bottom said it was a "small dry stick".
I still can't find this "bowl", though >.<

Thanks a lot, Rookwings, it works !
The bowl is behind a pillar, left of the main door, as far as I can remember.

Now, I have a hammer, but I can't take it ! This game is beautiful, but very difficult.

There are at least two or three endings If you go to hell end according to the symbols on the pillar Forward Forward Right Left Forward Back you can catch the fire on the right there is a colum offer the fire to the coulum go back and take another one now you can go trough the colum withe the fire 1, first END you go to Earth and live as a fisherman or 2, trough the portal where you have to put the corect code (dolphins) and go to water world don´t know if there is more

ahhh, at last! Thank you, Pascale!
Same old story... I'd clicked there dozens of times! I was beginning to think I didn't DESERVE to play because I couldn't find it, haha.

thank you, miki! I'm not that far, yet; I read somewhere here that I need a tornado in my strange container.....

Rookwings, I suppose I don't deserve to play, either (-:

Well, I'm completly stuck.

Aha!!!! I found it, in the sea place!

rook--take bowl to water to catch tornado. help me out once you get there..that's where I'm stuck

ok out with good end

Pascale, where are you stuck?

any help friends I leaving for tomorrow in five minutes ?

Oh, and Kerrie... I offered the bowl of wind to the orb. Have you got the orb yet?

Please can somebody post a walkthrough?
I'm stuck at the hell since 2 hours...

Finally, I found the light hammer floating on water basin. Anyway, it seems that I have lost it somewhere.
I have put sand from the pillar in the plate. Now what ?

no orb--where can i find that===thanks rook

give the plate with sand to desert door...

yes please, miki. I gave the sand to the desert, got the silver trowel and went back in for the cup. I filled the cup with water and used that on the stone hammer to make it salty. Offered that to the water place, I think. I got a strange container and (thank you, Kerrie) got the tornado from the watery world. I offered the wind to the orb and got second step to the orb and planet., after giving it something else first, I think.
(This is almost a very bad walkthrough, hehe)

pascale offer sand plate to sand door--i think :)

ok found ord --duh--and offered it the wind

Rookwings, I've crashed the pebbles near the pillar and got some sand. Now, the sand has disappeared (where, I don't know), and the plate is empty again. This game is beautiful but doesn't make sense at all.
I'm totally stuck : the only thing that I can use is the plate.

       Anonymous  4/16/09, 6:43 AM  

Hi all, stuck in hell looking at dolphins...anybody please help :-s

Have it (since 2 hours -jieppieh):
When you wake up in the hell go
Then you can click bottom right corner with the bowl-you have fire.
Then go left and click with the bowl the column, go right back and take some more fire. Go left an you're back!

When you are trapped in the hell, make a doubleclick on the plate. From this point you have to go like i wrote in 163.

I'm starting a walkthrough to the bit I've reached, but you'll all be out by the time I get there, haha

Walkthrough (sorry for my english I am slovak)

1, take the stick at the water tank
2, go to the 4 colums in front of the big doors and behind the left one
there is a plate
3, go to the desertworld to the scene with the sun click on the stick to
dry it in the sun
4, go to the waterworld to the scene with a blue water ring put the stick in the water
5, go to the main hall to the right there is table with a stone hammer without handle
6, put the big stick in it an go back to the water tank on the opposite side
7, take the silver hammer
8, go to the planet view and behind the lef colum there are some rocks and crush them
with silver hammer and take the sand with plate
9, higlight tha plate with the sand and click on the desertworld portal you should get a shovel
10, go to the desert world and under the cup there is a blue orb dig it out with the shovel
11, take the cup to the water tank in main hall and fill it with water
12, got to the opposite side to the hammer you can see a white texture its salt
13, take the cup with water and click on the salty handle the water should turn salty
14, higlight tha cup with saltwater and click on the waterworld portal you should get a bowl 15, go to the water world and there is a tornado catch it in the bowl
16, go to the main hall and near the waterworld portal there are some symbols on the colume
ee and some arrows (notice them)
17, go to the planet wiev with a portal for the first step throw the blue orb for the scound
release the tornado
18, you can now go down to hellworld thE End ( e e remember?) go up, up , lef ,right ,up and back there are some flames going up
if you are already lost in the hell world there is a help bring up the plate there you should
see “the end“ sign click it and you are at the beginning of the hellworld
19, catch the fire in the bowl , go right
20, highlight the bowl with the fire and click the colum to offer the fire
21, go back to chatch a fire one more time
22, go through the colum
23, in the planet wiev give the fire to the portal orb and you get the chance to
go to the planet or you can take the new greenish orb and go back to the main hall
24, highlight the new orb and press the upper most circle on the big door
25, some credits and ou whats that four dolphins code ????
26, 3845 but the green one was a guess ( let me know if you see them somewhere)
27, good end

Miki, you star! saves me from typing fatigue!

(Hey! These look like my marbles; I knew I'd find them one day, but however did they get here?) ;o)


1. Click the left column, and then bottom left to find the PLATE. Go Back.
2. Click left (register painting on the right column) and then on the Healing Waterside. Take the SMALL WET STICK. Go Back.
3. Left, Left. Click the Door of Silence and go into.
4. You are in Desert World. Left, Left. Open with doubleclick the SMALL WET STICK. You can see how the stick dry. When the stick is dry go left and out of the column.
5. Back in the hall. Right, Right. Click the Door of Unrest and go into.
6. You are in the World of wind and sea. Left (register 5 blue dolphins), Left. Highlight the DRY STICK an click the Water. Now the stick is a BIG STICK. LEFT, and out of the column.
7. Back in the hall. Right, Right. Click on the Bed of strength. Put the BIG STICK in the hole.
8. Back to the hall. Right, Right. Click on the healing Waterside and get the GLOWING HAMMER.
9. Back in the hall. Go Left. Click bottom left corner of the column and crush the little stones there with the GLOWING HAMMER. Get the sand with the PLATE. Back to hall.
10. Left. Give the PLATE WITH SAND TO door. You get the GLOWING SHOVEL. Go into the Desert world.
11. Left. Take the CUP. Grub with the GLOWING SHOVEL in the hole. You get STONE SPHERE. (register the 3 yellow dolphins). Left, Left. Out of column. Back to hall.
12. Right. Give the STONE SPHERE to ALTAR OF SEAL. BAck to hall.
13. Right. Click with the CUP into the Healing Waterside. Back to hall.
14. Right, Right. Click on the Bed of strength. Click with the WATERFILLED CUP on the hammer. You have a WITH SALTY WATER FILLED CUP. Back to hall.
15. Right, Right. Give The CUP to the Door of unrest. You get a STRANGE CONTAINER. Go into the Sea World.
16. Left. Get the hurricane with the STRANGE CONTAINER. Left, Left. Out of column. Back to hall.
17. Left. Give the STRANGE CONTAINER WITH HURRICANE to Altar of seal. Jump down in the hell.

1. Yes it told you "The End" - but it isn't.
2. You have noticed the Arrow-Painting on the column on the Stage. Now you go LEFT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT. Notice the 8 red dolphins.
3. Open the Plate Window an click on it, so you ever come to the START IN THE HELL.
4. Now you turn the Arrow Painting 90° clockwise.
6. On the bottom right side it glows. Click with the STRANGE CONTAINER on it. Get FIRE. Go Left and give the FIRE to Column. Go right and get FIRE again. Go Left and go back on the Stage when you click on the column.

1. Give FIRE to ALTER OF SEAL. Go to the Alter and click the STONE SPHERE. You Get the SPHERE back. Go Back and look behind the column where the little Stone where and notice the 4 green dolphins.

1. You can End with the HELL END.
2. You go from ALTER OF SEAL to earth and live as a fisherman.
3. You go back to the hall. Then to the big door and give the SPHERE to it (on the door's upper center hole).
Here you can enter the Dolphin code Y3 R8 G4 B5. GOOD END.
4. If you don't enter the Dolphin code and click NEXT you are in the SEA WORLD BACK and THE END too (like in Hell). But from here you can ever open the Big door again, if you leave the Water World by column.

       Anonymous  4/16/09, 8:29 AM  

So anti-climactic

where are green dolphins? thx

The green dolphins, I think, are actually the green "Next" signs at the end of the game ... there are exactly four of them and they are the same color as the green dolphin. I think that has to be it because there is no other green like that in the game!

Green Dolphins:
See TEMPLE STAGE 2nd Time:
in Houtaru's walkthrough.
(When you come back from Hell, look beside the pillar where you crushed the rock earlier, and you will see the dolphins on the side of the stairs)

we finished

       Anonymous  10/13/18, 5:29 PM  

caught this one from the random section
(I just ♥ that category! ☻)
& decided to post it as a replay - enjoy!

thx all for using EG24 as your (fav) gaming platform - much appreciated! ☺

ありがとう for all your creations, BB ☺
& thx miki & Houtaru for your WTs

AlphaOmega AΩ
EG24 admin
& managing director

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