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The Bunker Escape Walkthrough

The Bunker Escape

The Banker Escape is another new point and click type room escape game by Deogames. This time you are locked in to a bunker which you must escape. Solve the puzzles to escape the bunker! Good luck and have fun!

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

OH. It's dark!

Good morning! Let's get it done.

1# hi at all

Oh, work is calling. I'll check back later!

Have to download Adobe first

i have the paper and

have find A=0.999....

im done found nothing but a number near the locked switch board or something

Found white paper with numbers...

Not funny. It's dark and I don't get a thing

in one of the walls there are holes that look like numbers...stuck

Oh My God!! This invoves Maths. I am dead already!!

mhmm.. i dont think
that the holes are numbers

one of the walls is different automatikk

i have a paper with numbers but i dont
think that i need it. and i see A=0.999...
have no idea

yes i see it but what can it be

Megiiiii! Nothing happens. Help!!!!

i think they look like numbers of dice

automatikk where do u see the paper

yes i think, too


Good Morning everyone 9:30 am in Panama City Fla and just getting started.

i dont know what r those panels looking like signals

the numbers are l/h 5,3,7 and r/h column 1, 2, 4 so what?

at me in germany its already 16:23 xD

well chloegrey1 in india it is now 7.53 pm

We can press the buttons near that wall with nums and I think they are related.

yes but i dont know what i
must do yet

maria i didnt understand that

but what means the paper

any one tell me where did u find the paper

good morning!


I'm hating this game already...

in a corner look on every room

busy right .now back in 15 min

@sanjeeth On the wall next to the dice shaped nums there is a panel with 3 buttons. 2 green 1 pink. could they be related with the three sets of nums?

Passoword fro locker - GAZ in numerical form

i got the paper. didnt make head or tail of it

i think we need to translate that paper... so very stuck!

OMG... I hate math puzzels!! lol

what means A=0.999...

megi, feline, suchun, someone.... anyone, It makes no sense.

maria correction im a girl any may be they r related

Raddle what do you mean numerical? the nums of the letters? G= 7 etc?

in numbers is GAZ=1726

in the paper a=0.999.. is the answer for 5th maths qestion

so lost... Where is my buddy Feline???? I need a walkthrough!! lol

Hi all
Tanks Raddle, got locker open.
But now what?

but the number 1726 didnt work

Nice to meet you girlie but I didn't say anything masculine I think. @ this means the thread was reffering to you

i think


Thank you Raddle!


no u missed out my a at the last maria

thanks joakim

didn't work for me either Automatikk

Hey I used 1726 but the freaking locker didn't open how did u do it guys?

guys try 7126 on the switch board. it opens

sorry i mean 7126

Oh, thanks, now I have it open but just some red dots on bottom and a red button I push but nothing happens.. I have a feeling we are going to be here a while!! lol

7126 Ok and sorry sanjeetha. Where are u from?

think we need to turn the power on to use the keypad....but how?

but what yet

I hate math!!! Where is Einstien when you need him

maria it is 7126

im from india. and an interesting news my sisters name is mariyamul

now what to do with the paper

Damn, I posted one with the right combo and asking u sanjeetha where u are from but it never showed up.

Hello to everyone! I'm starting the game.

am i the only one sitting here

its difficult the locker is open
but what yet

Where is the screwdriver or anything else for that matter :)

welcome carri. can u help us.r u good enough in maths

I've a FB friend from India. Sunny Ravidran. In fact I call him "my mentor" cause he has offered me a lot with his knowledge on the Lord of the Rings.

is everyone out yet? or can i catch up?

Just sitting her too sanjeetha... watching tv and waiting for one of you smart people to figure this out because I am completely lost about that info on the paper!!

what do u think the dots in switch board mean

No one is out Noalisa....we are all stuck!

can you catch me up? I can't do a thing...

I can't find a thing. I'll wait for you maths geniouses to figure out what is going on

does everybody know what the paper mean

maria where is sunny from in india.im from chennai

i think all of us cant do the paper xDD

in the box: u can move the "shady" dots next to the big red button.....don´t know if it´s the combination on the wall....

If A=0.999.... then does B=1.000 ?? Remember I failed math!! lol

i wonder whether carola or arthur is online now

you can't know what B is from one number, we've got to have more clues... and i don't think anybody could understand the paper, myabe it's a distraction? (distraction from WHAT exactly?)

I don't see shady dots Joakim?

what are the paper mean it
not look like maths

dejavu reallly. igot 98 in maths(100S tooo).but cant figure this out

does everyone have 1 paper, or does someone have 2? Maybe on the second one they give us a site with a decoder on it, lol and you're out

look close the left of the red button....it´s very hard to see....click on them when you see them...

Thanks Noalisa... just figured I guess and mabe get lucky?? LOL

Oh and if I tilt my screen down I can just make out those switches...but barely see them

I copy that is probably a hint, we have to copy it... and put it where? did anybody google it? Or wiki

auto i thought about it. may be some kind of puzzle

I thought I was good in maths, the problem is that you have to be good in logic tests... and I'm not making the grade.
Still trying to understand the clues and would thank an explanation for the code 7126?

Thank you sanjeetha... I feel a little better now!! :D

looks like some paper is stuck under the green,green,red button box

If i remember well he's from Nagpour or sth and it's Ravindran. Sorry Master Sunny :D

what is the letter r doing below the buttons

r= reset?

I checked Nordinho.net but the game isn't up there yet.

joakim if its a paper how to pick it up

I give, i've got some things to do, and i could never figure this out by myself anyway... bye e1!

think we must push the buttons in the right order? I´ve tried all sorts of combinations based on the "dice-numbers on the wall

I tried to copy one of the lines from the note to google it but I can't copy them. Then tried to type it in but my keyboard doesnt seem to have the right characters to make the two .. over the letters.

ok do u see the calculator or something near the door

bye noalisa! enjoy your day!

sanjeetha....have you found the shady switchwes or buttons in the box?

what to do with that

yes joakim i saw that

you mean the keypad sanjeetha?

ok then what to do with that

Sorry fellow escapers Martial Arts class is calling for my son. I'll try it tomorrow morning. Have fun

what i must do when i have it in google ??

it doesnt seem to work when i click on them. anyone found a solution

Sanjeetha...I assume that the code of the paper will give us the numbers to type in there to open door but I think we need to figure out the 2 green 1 red buttons in the other box to turn on the power first.

Maria.. Have a great day!

the first line is this

1. /325sfdf/0+34öäü6kö´125/4/(Y)35+´2=+0+23AS

and then ??

maria u mean ur an aunt

Automatikk, joakim... how did you get the code GAZ=7126?!
I cannot see it.

I can hardly see the switches in the box because I can't make my screen any brighter but I count 10, just like the red squares on bottom..right?

may be

Have clicked bottom left corner next to door an zoomed in but so far I cant find anything

automatikk just hit search and see what comes up

i ask the same question as carri

no no carri GAZ means G=7 A=1 Z=26

Why "GAZ" ? I don't see this word anywhere.

the thing below the buttons is a lever ithink

GAZ is staning on the box with the number combination

auto ur clever

Dejavu....did u see that the switches move upwards when you click them? think it´s some sort of combinationlock...

I copied and pasted what you typed in automatikk and put it in google and got nothing. tried adding http:// to see if it's web site and still got nothing. So lost again!! good try though!

i´ve tried all sorts of combinations based on the dicenumbers on the wall....maybe the code is hidden in the key-paper?

may if we finish the code we can pull lever and power comes

Thank you, Automatikk.
What about the paper ? It looks even worse than a perl regexp lol.

yes Joakim, that was how I counted them. I could just make out the switch going up.

There is more writing on the box besides GAZ but I cant make it out.

i dont think that i need the paper

My niece just got her Master's Degree in Math yesterday....wish I could reach her right now!! lol

think it says: OWNER

Thank you Aotomatik! I didn't see the word on the safe cover.

why don't you think we need it automatikk?

o my godness....no one came further...wow...is this a riddle or what the gamemaker want us to do...:S
surely NOT to solve this game...lol

Well, I have to go take the puppy for a walk now. I'll check back with you a bit later. Good luck!

have u noticed that we have another empty space in iventory? we have to find something else?

i also must go away
but im coming in 5 min.

oooops! I managed to put the power on....pure luck!!! I clicked like crazy on the "shady" switches....hmmm I´ll try to give you the code...

code in box= 1up,2down,3down,4up,5down,6up,7down,8down,9up,10down

my mom is scolding me for sitting so long in the computer

up..down ..down..up..down...up...down ...down..up..down

i m going out on a vacation . can meet u guys only after 3 days .

so take care all of u. loved ur company . if maria comes online say that i wished her good care of her son

Joakim is that Right to Left or Left to Right and do you push the red button after each lever is lifted?

bye guys if u ever finish the game email me at zsanjeetha@gmail.com.bye

left to right

what´s up with thw lights?

Chloegrey1 left to right no only after putting al the right switch up you can press the big red button.

now got 2 green lights on....by just clicking...pure luck...

me too sabine....what´s next?

and took that card ...try to find where it goes...

do you see the grey circles blink?
i think thats the code for the two red and green buttons.

ok i have at the buttons the first right
at me the first right hole is lightning green

right the blink circles is the code i have it

yeah...its a chip...ınstalled now...but i dont know the combination...:(

The blinking light are going to fast for me.
please share Automatikk?

I have adjusted the brightness level for this game...
Good luck! :)

i have the combination

give it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee...:)))

I know the four first are 1st 2nd 1st 2 nd
to have the 1st green light on

@Automatikk.... please share the 6 numbers...and let me out ...:P

its first you must press r than it looks so
. . .
. . this is the first than . . . understand ??
. . .

After turning the power on, you have to check the sequence of the vertical lights that aren't permanent.

have to go now! good luck aou!

@Automatikk ....you dont have the combination for the door...???:S

Blessed it be the power of the Post!! I finally got the lights on! Thanks to all.


I'm totally stuck. I have opened the box with the code 1726. Now what ? 3 buttons on another box, no hint, no clue...

and OUT!!!!!!

oh i have write wrong

Hey, maybe I can finally post...everyone keeps talking about math for this, but I definitely don't think that's the problem...and the lights' blinking is confusing...is it long sequences to get those green lights on, or is it just repeating a lot?

at the buttons i have the combination but what yet
the green lights at left areout when i go in a other room

Can somebody help with the lights i only have:
1st 2nd 1st 2nd 3th 2nd 3th 1st 3th

ok i explain first you press r
than 1st2nd1st2nd than the green lightning
than 2nd3th2nd3th2th3nd than the second lightning and than

Pressed the buttons ( 2 green and 1 red ) and got 2 green lights on but nothing else is happening and I pressed the r button. any advice besides not to quit my day job?!? lol

Maybe it's different for everyone? It took 1 2 1 2 3 2 (1-3 top-bottom) to get the first green light for me, but I can't seem to get the second.

Automatikk can you give us the last combination of the lights?

LuminaraKenobi the second combination is 2nd 3th 2nd 3th 2nd 3th.

@Automatikk ,after you got the 2 green lights on...take the chip and insert it at the calculator thing beside the door...

i dont get a chip... both green lights are on

What chip??? I got both green lights on and NO chip. I feel a stroke coming on!

Thanks Feminin, but it doesn't seem to work for me...idk, maybe mine's buggy.

i tried to play it again...but it won't let me..cause it is not dark anymore...so can't help anymore...see you...bye

Stupid me you can only turn on the two green buttons not the red one!
Sabine i don't see any chip after putting in the combination of the buttons.

the chip which looked like a letter for us in the beginning..i men the thing whats lying there down the pink button...sorry for my english...

LuminaraKenobi did you try to reset?
That's the R under the red button and then back out and try again.

first light: 1st 2nd 1st 2nd
second light: 2nd 3th 2nd 3th 2nd 3th

wheres the chip

I still can't take chip i will restart and try again.

I slso got frist green light to pop on when I hit 1st 3rd 1st 3rd then 2nd but still no chip. ;-((

Sorry, was away. Thanks, I got the code for the lights. I was thinking I had to hit the reset button between. I'm with the ppl that can't find the chip though...confused >_<

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