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Cactus Room Walkthrough

Cactus Room

Cactus Room is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game from yoinouchi.web.fc2.com. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and using them. Good luck and have fun!

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Yaya...lets go!!

Hmm, haven't made any progress yet. Have you found anything mumma?

key behind cactus
book and pen near table
chair behind terrace door (click near floor)

Key behind the cactus and a diagram under the bowl. i'm guessing you click certain boxes on the picture and you can unlock something? haven't gotten it to work for me yet.

i can only find a pen and dont know what 2 do with it

k, found key, note and hole in the window frame...and have a magnifying glass in my Inventory...

hi megipoland!

Hi all!!

hi Alimax, I have no time to play but maybe I'll stay here for a while :)

I have a picture on where to use the mag. glass but not sure where THAT is!!!

some help, please?

mumma, the window with the curtain? where you put the stool?

Put stool near cactus.

Megi, where was the book and pen exactly??

put chair near the cactus

hi cecepons :)

sorry Alimax, not the window...the picture with all the colors...sorry

there is always time for a quick escape game!

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 8:49 AM  

HI haven't found a thing yet

you must click somwhere on the floor - lower part of game window (screen with door and little table)

yeah i figured there would be because of the drawing but i haven't found it yet. is it in the upper left hand corner?

magnifier glass used under the picture with colours

Right in the middle on the left...the diagram is upside down and backwards or whatever but it kinda shows you where it is...!!!

I"m still looking for the pen and book also mumma. I have beaten that floor with my mouse!

Thanks Megi!!

Hmm, i can't find the right place to click for anything in this game! That is always frustrating...

click floor in view with little table with fishtank

key behind cactus i open the drawer found a magnifying glass and number6 and there's a note to the left of the window

you are welcome mumma ;)

Ah! it was much lower than i thought! mouse turns from hand, to pointer, to mouse again. tricky cactus room, veeeeeery tricky.

Alimax, you will get a hotspot with your mouse kindof middle screen on the very bottom but to the left a little...try that

put the chair in front the window

code 4 drawer: in the 1st page of book and get mag glass
glass door: bottom of glass door open the lock and get stool.
thats all i have so far

haha...oops too late!!

use magnifying glass in right-hand corner (picture view)

Hi everyone!

On cactus there is a boton?

hi all still live? just starting

but i don´t know why...

Megi, where is the Mag. glass used??

found it

were the painting is click under the window u will found something click on it go right open the big window and u found a chair

stick pen in hole in the picture and something on the side pops out...

that's ok mumma! thanx for the help to you and megi.

what hole in picture?

right corner under the colour picture (on the floor)

the diagram in the book says that the handle looking thing from the window should go on that but don't know how to get it

hi all how far behind am i?

there is a small hole half way down the orange color on the left INSIDE of the picture...try there...

wat do u do with the chair?

Where is the pen at exactly?

click a little hole on the cactus and cactus changed it's left part

Ahhh there it is. thanks mumma :)

got glove

if you push the botton on the cactus, its arm changes direction

put pen in hole in picture

where glendon??

Pooter read post # 19 and 30

in drawer with code

i cant find the book or pen when i click on the floor at the fish tank it keeps going to the view of the fish tank can somebody tell me exactly where they are please

the cactus arm doesn't seem to do anything... nor can i do anything with the chair after it's sat down in front of the window

look for # on circle triangle +and rectangle

Got it Megi -- Don't know how I missed it.

can you give me a hint on the code??

This comment has been removed by the author.

keldos, click the center of the very bottom of the screen, right at the edge.

got key in cactus

Time for a pinacolada!

how did you get the code if you haven't gotten all the shapes yet glendon???

thanks sakura_candy ive been clicking like mad for ages

This comment has been removed by the author.

or have you gotten them all now??

You can climb on the chairby clicking window and up look behind and sure>> We need a screwdriver! Guess what's in the box??

This comment has been removed by the author.

Mine isn't working...maybe you actually need to find the shapes before it will let you enter the code in...where is the + shape, anyone???

coin =8

marty how did you climb on the chair?? where did you click?

im rwrong again i found # for O triangle and square then clicked for + its 8973

I can not for the life of me find where to click to get the chair. Help?

That' the 2 that I have Megi, but can't find the other 2

Hi everyone, thought I'd join you..

glendon why 9??

then use glove on cactus

Click left window side. Then do not zoom in on note but clcik left upper window part. Sakura

Triangle's upside down megi, so it's 9

haha...k, now what is this other key for??

triange in game is upside down

does anyone know where to use the key?

click floor - most right side in view with picture

And just like that I found it!

ahhh there it is. thanks marty :)

Sorry Sak, right window side. Oops

thanks glendon and David :hug

Oh! New game!

now im stuck

Thank you Megi!

I think the key is for something that contains our screwdriver that we need for the window...anyone any closer to finding that thing??

If this game where a person I'd slap him in the face.

Where is the + at? I think we must have to find all the shapes before the code will work. ?

I got the code to work Pooter, without finding that + sign

do you get another key from the cactus? what does the moving cactus arm do anyway?

yes sakura, after you push the button use the baseball glove on the cactus and the top will open to reveal a key.

I think you have to flip the arm over to be able to open it after you get the glove...not sure though

point the cactus arm down then use the glove on top of the cactus - mine was a little buggy, examine the glove first if it doesn't work first time

hmm where do i get the glove...?

MegiPoland, did I say "quick" escape game at the beginning of this? hahaha.

@glendon, please tell where glove is.

Found this:

ruff its in the codebox.

mine did the same thing David

glove is in drawer with code code is 8973

put 8973 in drawer then use glove on the cactus to take the key

hahaha Alimax :lol

I got the glove -- I used the 89_3 numbers and just kept changing the 3rd number until the box opened. I think it opened with a 6.

Thank you so much. Got glove now.

so how do you get the coin then? (I want to find the code myself :P)

I think there is something REALLY obvious that we are missing here...

i still cant get on the bench/chair by the wondow

Oops, make that a 7.

So is everyone stuck at the same spot? All we have is the key correct?

All I have is the key Alimax.

yes, stuck w/ key

This games is killing me. I've got the glove, have pushed the button on the cactus one hundred times and nothing is happening!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Think it has something to do with the table?

Veronica, the chair is outside the window, you have to open the left window, zoom on the bottom and open the bar, so you can take the chair

sweeti, if you click in the bottom right corner of the window you will see the paper, click on the top left of that screen and it will take you to the screen that shows the handle

grrr...I KNEW IT!

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 9:29 AM  

The room with the file, your cursor turns into a hand toward the ceiling, but I DNK why?

Hello, everyone. I usually do not post, but I am really frustrated...LOL!

click the little button on cactus once - then zoom out then click top of cactus with glove

What to do with key?

wait, are you talking about the diagram?

can you open the left side of the sliding door??

I already have the chair (thanks again Megi) I can't get the key from the cactus!

who are you talking to Alimax??

Megi, I have and for some reason nothing is happening

thank you mumma3!

There is a diagram under table holding fish tank.

and what for is drawing under the fish tank table? I'm so confused now :D

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 9:32 AM  

The diagram at the beginning of the notebook, does this have to do with a series of blocks to click?

I think the diagram under the table with the fish bowl is just telling us that it was the left side of the picture where to use the magnifying glass at to find the hole. (?)

I think it indicates where the key hole is.

You must have magic Megi! Everytime you tell me to do something that I have already tried a thousand times it finally works! I now have the key!!

veronica, so you have the code for the box (8973)...if so you should have the glove, if you do, you can go to the cactus and click on the bottom part (where you found the 1st key)and click a small button, that will change the arm on the cactus, from there you take your glove and click the top part of the cactus and it will open revealing a key

Mumma, i thought Megi found an object under the table but i think it was that diagram that has had me puzzled for a bit now.

drawing show us where to use mag.-glass

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 9:34 AM  

how do you see the diagram under the fish tank table—it just zooms in on the bowl?

It's a floor plan. It is pointing to the corner opposite the cactus.

@ASItdprtn...with the first diagram on the window, it just shows you that the prongs (if you will) comes out of the side of the picture when the pen is put in the hole...

Megi. You are right. It's the diagram for magnifying glass, not for key. Sorry.

A Sltdprtn-click under table in zoomed in view

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 9:36 AM  

sorry, I got confused. What about a clicking order for the diagram on the very first page of the book. You must click on the left pages to get the series 0244 images. I may behind but just thought this may help find the missing lock to our key!

whats with the page in the book that shows the rectangle divided different ways?

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 9:37 AM  

sorry everyone, I had gotten that already, I thought there was another diagram.

omg! i just found a spoon beside the cabinet! zoom into lower cabinet, then click left

actually now that I look at it, I think that is how we were supposed to find the + sign

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 9:38 AM  

@Sweeti, that is where I am questioning too! I think this may have to do with a clicking order?

haha...thanks serena, that's great!!!

scoop out coin and use as screwdriver

it gets us the 8 from the fish bowl

use teh spoon in th e fishbolw.. have a yellow thing

doh, now i"m stuck... glowing orb behind picture

Got to go for lunch. I hope you are all out when I'm back.

serenajasmine nice find!
used it to get the coin

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 9:41 AM  

ok, spoon to remove the coin from the bowl, NOW WHAT!!! thanks SerenaJasmine!!!

stuck at door...its on but says "CLOSE"

where do you use the coin?

use coin as screwdriver

hmm... door panel says close with a rectangle and a+ sign in it...

stuck @ door also

use the coin on the handle in the window.

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 9:42 AM  

Sorry for the caps, just frustrated. I think my brain is already on vacation! LOL @serenajasmine what glowing orb?

Use spoon to get coin, use coin toget handle use handle at painting and press button. Now power is working to the door. Stuck anyway.

key hole on door of picture we opened

Thanks! :)
how'd you get past the blue/red orb?

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 9:44 AM  

got it. sorry, it seems when I post by the time it comes up I have already gotten there!

and out!

when the painting is open click to the top left and there's a keyhole

Oh thank god i'm out!


i cant seem to get zoomed in on the handle of the window

if anyone needs help let me know

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 9:45 AM  


Thanks for the help all...see you next time!!


thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You get a hint for the key hole with the note in the window. Where it starts to fold you can see a keyhole and the picture is of the handle. Or at least that's how I found it! haha

OUT--- yeah!

@ ASltdprtn it's a semi circle behind the picture when you open it. I guess it's a switch that turns on the door panel

see #125 keldos

nvm found it

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 9:47 AM  

Thanks for the keyhole clue David!!!! Awesome job everyone, thanks for the fun! Remember that I am always playing with you guys, it is just too hard to post.

How do I get the handle from window?

I am stuck with you linda b cant get handle from window

Got it look at comment 125 Dezza. Now have card and stuck again.

and out!! thanks all for your help

Out!! TY all for your help.

thank you got handle now

How do I use the card? Don't leave me peeps!

how did you get 8973 as the code in the first place i wonder? triangle's in the drawer, plus in the book, rectangle is the table... so what's circle?

Abandoned again...cries alone.

Sakura it's the yellow coin in fish bowl.

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