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D's Hide and Seek

[REPLAY] DoraDora + DoraGame - D's Hide and Seek Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Dora Dora alias Dora Game. In this game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from the room successfully? Good luck and have fun!

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D's Hide and Seek Escape Walkthrough

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There are three endings in this game by the author.
--door ending
--seed[house] ending
--hot air balloons ending

hi shuchun.. new game! yay!

ive found four pets.. used two of them.. have two footprints . and color dots on the tv.. and stuck
oh im chasing a green pet.. every time i click it it runs away.lol

here i go! :)

Hi shuchun!!!!!! just finish the other game, so much fun! Nice to meet up with you:)

i refreshed my page and saw new game!

so whats up

Figured out code for safe HINT: use clock and tv

i only have 3 pokemons...and a paw...

morning Ana,Michele & pug,cute little game. enjoy it

Yippee, I always love Dora games!

where did the green 1 go?

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 7:34 PM  

I only need the blue guy now

got the code for the box..
so far i have 5 pets and footprints for 4.. need the yellow footprint.. and im still trying to catch the last pet.. the green one

under bed

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 7:35 PM  

Did anyone find the blue guy?

the clock smiles when it's greenish yeen and at 9:00, don't under stand the colors for the TV???

we need a hammer for the brick? or a remote for the tv? i'm stuck haha

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 7:36 PM  

Thanks darian!!!

found only 1 red paw print...

i have five pets and footprints for only two

ohhhh!!! i just realized the blob thing can be used!!!!

so far ifind 4 pets

me 2, but i just started, i only hav pink, blu, and yello pet, and a footprint! iI NEED HELP. (OR A WALKTHROUGH!!!!!)

use grep pet on the grey brick

oh yay live..im just starting I will try and get to yall quickly lol

highlight a pet then use teh about button... click the pet when its in enlarged.. should give you hints on where to use them to find footprints

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 7:38 PM  

Is anyone else at the second room?

use grep pet on the grey brick

so cute! yeah! juz have to find some paw prints around...i need the blue and the black one...

k nowi have blak 1 2

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 7:43 PM  

I can't figure out what to do in the second room....anyone else there???

missing blue guy & footprint & yellow footprint

silly me got the tv/clock code for the box ander tv and got another foot print..

hello all

live game?

Got the key to get out but don't want to leave yet if there are more endings

black critter knocks out a piece of the side of fireplace but haven't found anything in it

i cant catch the green pet ..it keep escaping from me ???

yep... i'm on the second room but i still have to figure out the code for the box and the whereabouts of the two paws..

where do i get the yellow footprint from?
im still chasing the green pet around!

Hello all, Hi Michele!

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 7:48 PM  

Use the colors from the tv and the number places on the clock to figure out the code...hope that helped!!!

I have yellow,pink,black,red and blue print from box under tv,green one rolled away and now i can't find it..already have print in fireplace but can't get it..now im stuck lol

The place I missed was the window. When you open the curtains and open the window, click the bottom of the window and it takes you to a patio with flowers.

april use the grey guya couple of times in the same place and you will get a foot print. ana how did you get in the second room. i'm still missing yellow and red footprint

so far i've got 3 little dudes [black, yellow, pink], got code for the box then got footprint which idk what to use for, and then found a little green guy that keeps on running away from me...but now i'm stuck..

red footprint under vase plate-thingy ... have to click just right to turn it over

anyone found the green one yet?

michelle with a pug the red foot print.. lift the flower pot next to the door then life the tray under it.. then click the tray again to show the bottom and there is the red footprint

G'day martin:)

@ kendra use water guy on fireplace to put out fire to get footprint

havent seen the green guy in awhile now..
still need the yellow footprint

how do you get into the next room?

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 7:53 PM  

I found all the people and footprints....so if anyone needs help...I can try to remember where they were!!!

i can't seem to find the water guy to ut out the fire..hmm more clicking is needed lol

where did you guys find the blue guy?

thx sweeti, i must have clicked that thing a dozen times, but once you said it...well.. u know, that's how it works LOL. now need yellow print as my last..

how do you get the blue footprint?

@p_s_o_r_e_n_s_o_n you should post a walkthrough! :]

blue guy was under bed, lift the cover in the middle near floor

but where is the footprint for the blue guy?

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 7:56 PM  

The blue footprint was in the locked box I think...

ha ha thanks..I must have clicked the bed like crazy but missed that one part

blue was in the box under tv when i solved code

missing yellow pawprint too...

how do you solve the code?

still missing a lot of footprints...

yellow print anyone????


I put flowers on one of these trees by the fireplace but it did not seem to do anything..is there more than one spot to use the flower guy

clicked everywhere, still can't find the green one... has he escaped to the 2nd room?

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 7:58 PM  

To solve the code...look at the four circles on the tv....and look at the colors...match those colors up with the colors on the clock...figure out what number should be there....

code- look at clock and colors and at which number the colors show up, look at tv. put the numbers in order of colors on tv

yellow footprint???


code = 6287

there aren't four circles on the tv. what am I missing?

hmm this little green guy is starting to bug me...where did he go?!

@singingstar339 use the yellow guy on the tv

@singingstar: have u used the yellow blob on tv yet?

oh no



thank you!

all the blobs can only be used once? then what does the flower on the tree mean?

please where is the yellow footprint???????

My little green guy disappeared on the patio outside the window and then he disappeared behind the bush by the traind and then he ended up under the table and knocked himself unconscious.

WTF! where did that little green turd go...sorry he is just pissin me off

the code is light blue- red- purple- pink in the t.v - from the clock its 6287

ok now I am stuck at the box in the second room what are you supposed to do with it?


green guy, where r? has any 1 even finnished yet?

@darian on the same page as you bud

How do I catch the green one?

Hi, folks!
I'm missing 2 pets and 3 footprints, but right now I want the yellow footprint (and the green pet). Can you help me, please?

singingstar...I'm trying to figure that out too

michelle i asked at nordinho about the yellow foot this is what was said.
on top of the pillow...above it on the screen

havent found the sopt yet though.. still clicking above teh pillow!

still gotta find the green guy and the yellow pawprint...i'm assuming there's a green one too right?

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:07 PM  

The green guy goes from the plant pot...to next to the fireplace...then by the tv...then behind the bed....then on the swingset...then finally under the table...

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:07 PM  

yelow foot print i found it behind the bed.Click on the midlle,beside the wall.

i don't understand some of you are in the next room, so didn't you have the yellow footprint to get into the next room??? so won't you guys tell us???

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:08 PM  

Has anyone figured out the box in the second room yet???

got it! i clicked the wall above the pillow got a new view.. found the damn green pet along with the yellow footprint. and the green one got away again!

Oh, I think I only miss the green guy and two footprints! I was counting the spaces in inventory, not the platforms for the pets!
Can you help me, please? I need the yellow footprint, the green guy and his footprint.

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:09 PM  

where is the green foot print?

Onesteanca thx YOU! finally, now how about that green sucker!!!!

lordy i finaly got the green one..
do i need a green footprint now??
if so where is it?

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:11 PM  

the green finally is going under the table,there u can tak it.

maybe we have to highlite the yellow guy when we click on the green guy- cause the yellow guy is "lightening" as in FAST???

whew the green footprint was easy to find!

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:12 PM  

and the green foot print is in one bush.

where near the tv does the green guy go?

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:12 PM  

The green footprint is in the swingset view behind the grass in the back...

Oh, thanks Onesteanca!
Now must we find a green footprint? And where to use the green pet? He is an artist...

how do you solve the box in the second room? i'm assuming you have to associate the faces and colors to the sames ones on the clock...but...i don't know how to piece it together

Finally have green guy and yellow,pink,red,and blue footprints..placed them all on the stand and unlocked the door...working on code on wall now but it looks like the faces on the clock...unfortunately i cant go back and look at the faces for each color T_T

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:13 PM  

The green guy goes right in front of the tv...you just have to click on it!!!

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:14 PM  

what about the second room?

where near the tv is the green guy

play yard above the grass green print

Oh, yes, green footprint is behind the bush, but only after you get the key, I think.

after i found the green guy behind the bed he was in the garden.. after that under the table.. click him he rolls into th e table leg and knocks himself out then you can grab him.
green footprint is sticking out of a plant in the flower garden

in the second room now and have NO clue for the code

april use the grey guya couple of times in the same place and you will get a foot print. ana how did you get in the second room. i'm still missing yellow and red footprint

i m lost, please tell me. Where near the tv is the green guy!!!

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:17 PM  

And out!!!

I don't know why that comment just got published???

any way you all won't believe this, finally cornered the green guy and got the key and then....refreshed the wrong page!!!!!!have to start over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kendra, you can go back to first room. Just click by the bottom of screen.

@darian if you're in the tv view [as in when you're zoomed in on the tv] the green guy should be in plain sight

I did the same thing Michele T_T

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:19 PM  

the red foot print is under the plate on the vase beside door,the yellow foot print is behind the bed.

nope, all i remember is him running frm fireplace

and out!!

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:19 PM  

I have a question....why does everyone put the @ sign before someone's name?!?!? What does that mean??

Any hints for the final code?

michelle click the wall just above the pillow on the bed.
you should get a new view green pet and yellow footprint are back there
chase green guy to the garden then from there to under the table then you can get him.
after you get him put them all on the color matched pedistals.. click the bar under the pets and get the door key for the next room

@p_s_o_r_e_n_s_o_n it means we're talking to you or "at" you

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:21 PM  

pease,litlle help for the second room...!

@p_s_o_r_e_n_s_o_n, we use @ before other people's names because some names may be mistaken for words. So people know we mean a person...

in the second room
try to spell one word which begin E....e
--E match face expression [check the clock] and then on and on

done the front door puzzle now new puzzle on fire place

click the faces in order of spelling Escape. Get the color and face from clock.

BTW if anyone is interested, the clues for the various footprints, like the x in the brick doesn't show up until AFTER the green guy passes by that place.

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:22 PM  

The final code letters spell Escape...and the faces on the clock match the colors and the faces on the box...so...you have to press the right faces in the right order to unlock the door..

It means they are talking at that person p-s-o

Where do we use the grey guy again..i have been clicking everything grey lol

@darian hmm really? when i zoomed in on the tv, the green dude was just right next to the box
and @p_s_o_r_e_n_s_o_n haha that's just a way to direct the message at that person @ = "at" so-and-so


And also for what @mlnoakes said! :)

thnx u guys, and grls, i needed that, mind if i ask a question?

Finally I am out!!! For the box in the second room look at the colors of escape, then go look at clock to find the faces that are with that color. Enter them in order by the colors on the letters of escape, and you are out! I suggest writing down the faces. Good luck!

the letters on that board form the word we escapers love most..use the clock to get the code...

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:24 PM  

Okay...thanks mlnoakes and feline!!!

how old r u guys? i m 15

right now i'm clicking the bed to get the yellow footprint but it's not there because the stupid green guy isn't there yet soo i have to go hunt down the sucker again.....


buts there is still a puzzle on the fire place B4 you escape

@p_s_ no problem! Finally out! Thanks for the hints.

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:26 PM  

And thanks to Kendra and to sat!!!
I feel pretty stupid for not knowing that...
but I always thought that people were trying to say "and" with the "at" sign!!!
I was just confused...

I don't have a fire in my fireplace

i think i might go in again and try and get the different endingss :]

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:27 PM  

thank you for help,i'm out....

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:27 PM  

@darian...I'm 14

any one please where is the pink foot print??????

what puzzle? i missed something...

hmm actually i should really go work on that paper i've been putting off...goodnight all!..or..good morning/afternoon to those in different time zones. :]

where is the pink foot?

what is MOVE and 4232445231 puzzle on fire place... anyone???

Pink is in the fireplace use what makes fire then make sure to put it out before reaching in ^_- lol

Any hints on where to use the stone guy

i dont get the fireplace puzzle. colours and numbers, and we havent use the green blob yet...

I don't know how to make the fire!!

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:30 PM  

@الوصلاوية UAE.... The pink footprint appears in the fireplace when you use the red guy on it...but in order to pick it up..you need to put out the fire using the blue guy..

@uae..it's on the fireplace...

@Chabui use the red guy..you ca click on the little guys in the about item screen and it tells you what there i guess power is

@darian i am 21

p_s_o_r_e_n_s_o_n -i just added u on my myspace


       Anonymous  5/12/09, 8:32 PM  

I hope I helped some of you guys today....It was my first live game ever...lol....well GoodNight...Hopefully I'll see some of you tomorrow!!!

i guess we all had the door ending, i'm refreshing the game to see the another ending.

????pink f.p

need to get the door open but not leave to get fire place puzzle

good night all must fly out in the morning

p-s-o-r-e-n-s-o-n and Ana carlota thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks

For some reason i cant not determin how you spell escape from the faces..I have the colors from the clock matched to the correct face

fireplace puzzle
--white --4 --t
so on ..hope it helps.

E[blue] face expression [from clock by the color]

i can't get out. i click on the faces in the order of "escape" and the right expressions and im not getting unlock

i don't get it.. i can't find those numbers...

Shuchun, thanks! I was going crazy because I write "grey", not "gray". Lol!

I just keep missing the live games... so sad

Ok ... have the word for fireplace puzzle but we have only 4 digit for it... sorry don't know if is an english word for it :(

completely stumped on FP puzzle Shuchun

@michele-with-pug, notice there's only one yellow face, the others that look yellow are actually orange...

hello feline!

Yes! I have a ladder in my fireplace!

Myrie, hello!

feline how, just dumb it down for me

@Shuchun: Thanks so much for the fireplace puzzle!!! out with hot air balloon XDD

I'm afraid to go up my ladder! I want to see all endings! I think I'll have to play it two more times, right? Nooo! Chasing that green pet was hard!

I do have the right face for yellow, so i don't know what's wrong....

OMG I hit the wrong button again...*sigh* was just putting in the last code too..restarting for the second time

The numbers in fireplace are coloured, so Ttake Shuchun's hint and write down the letter for each cololur. You'll get a message. Then type the answer in the letters on firpleace and click "MOVE".

any hint? i can't find the puzzle...please...

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