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D's Hide and Seek Walkthrough

D's Hide and Seek

[REPLAY] DoraDora + DoraGame - D's Hide and Seek Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Dora Dora alias Dora Game. In this game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from the room successfully? Good luck and have fun!

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D's Hide and Seek Escape Walkthrough

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hi Michele with pug!

feline how cute is this game!!

@michele-with-pug, maybe you are not clicking the faces in the order of Escape colours?

any hint please? can't find the puzzle on the fp..

I was stuck with the blue E face, it is cyan. I kept thinking it was the darker blue colour.

Hi Shuchun.

Myrie, it's so cute I don't want to escape! Lol!

LOL Feline.

oh my Hello Martin:D !!

Oh, I flew away in a balloon and saw my cute house!
Now I want to find the seedhouse end!

@Ana Carlota...see Shuchun's comment #184 for fireplace clue.

Hey Myrie LTNS. :)

Martin :D, hello!

@michele-with-pug, did you get it? The faces, I mean?

hi Martin
hope you enjoy the little cute game.
and my pleasure,my friends.

tell me about it Martin :D it has been ages since I have seen you.. Catching a live game has been hard.

pls help with fp puzzle ... have the hint but don't know the answer :( I'm not english :( pls pls pls

Hi Feline!

How are you going Michele?

Where to find the yellow foot print.

@MARTIN, my love, that was the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u!
hi Myrie & feline

can anyone remember where the red guy was?

Adamantia, what's your native language?

feline i'm italian :)

nypooh32 on window ledge

The red guy is on the balcony

@jojo, yellow footprint is behind bed (click above it, near wall) after the green pet goes there.

@nypooh32, red guy is by flower pot outside the window.

anyone got the 3rd ending yet?

ciao adamantia...sn le sei di mattina..

uh people, what the f@$#* is going on with the fireplace code? i don't understand what shuchun means by her clue. anyone else want to "explain it to me like i'm a 4 year old"????;)

And now I know why I couldn't do anything with the 'Artist' He already did things by painting clues/footprints lol

Wow i feel like a complete idiot...I forgot to place the footprints *facepalm*

lo so :) ciao Ana Carlota :)

FP - W H I T E 4, the fourth letter it T

we're on the same boat michele...sob...

Adamantia, colours:
white (bianco)
red (rosso?)

good connection martin- I knew that you had to have him pass by inorder to find the footprint in that place, but i didn't realize HE was painting them LoL!

And it's the US spelling of grey...ummm gray, no grey...whatever...


the fire place clue is


@michele-with-pug, take the 4th letter from the colour that is a 4, the 2nd from the colour that is a 2, and so on...

white = 4 = T
green = 2 = R
gray = 3 = I
pink = 3 = N
..... etc etc....

But I don't know the answer for this riddle :'(


Martin :D, lol! I spell it "grey", too! I had trouble till Shuchun wrote it "gray"...

TRAIN COLOR as in the front of the little train on the floor

Yeah, got two endings out of three

feline... I compose the word train..... (white = bianco and red = rosso) but... I'm stuck with 4 digit code :( don't know the answer .... :(

Adamantia, after you write the letters down, you get a clue ("TRAINCOLOR", like @humungo said).
Take a look at the train and notice its colour (a 4-letter colour, a colour with 4 letters).

DUH omg, i must be tired, how simple......lighten bolt strikes my forehead (embarassing really...)

The four digits code is the colour of the train.

@ adamantia...can u please explain to me where u found some sort of puzzle on the fp, i already clicked everywhere around the fp, can't find anything

Lol! I got something from the pink pet! It's a seed!

I need to find a place to plant my seed!

Ana once you complete the face puzzle in second room..press back instead of going out the door..then go to the fireplace

ok :) simply I haven't think at little train for color :) Thx for help :)

my train color code was BLUE

Does anyone know where to plant the seed?

Ana, hai aperto la porta per uscire prima?? col puzzle delle facce nella seconda stanza :)

Ana, first u have opened the door with face puzzle in second room??

Just leave Feline...up the ladder

oh, i see.. tnx kendra!

Marti :D, I left and got the balloon end again! Nooo!

Don't worry Michele, I only got it after Shuchun's post.

i brought the seed with me when i climbed up the ladder and then i clicked the hot balloon while highliting seed and i got balloon end with a sequel, clicked sequel and got kid with plant who said he has a new family. very cute

OK, now I got it! You need to click "sequel to the story". Lol!

Feline, there is something different on the balloon end page : )

@michele-with-pug, great! Congratulations! Very cute indeed! I want to stay locked here forever, lol!

Aww how cute...thanks for all your help guys ^_^ and thanks for the great game :D

Yes, Martin :D! I noticed it just after I posted. Lol! Thanks for the help, anyway! I always need help escaping!

well my friends, i made it out with your patience and help. must go to sleep now, work in am.

Nitey-nitey all
til next time Martin & Feline
@ana & adman.. Ciao Belli--buona notte!

kendra, glad you made it out too, what a pain that u refreshed twice!!!!!!!

@michele-with-pug, nighty night! Kiss your dogs for me!

@ michele sogni d'oro. thanks 4 the help guys... adamantia, ci si vede poi alla prossima!

Loved this game. Finally got all three endings. You can also take the seed ( from pink pet) through the door and get to the sequel.

Where black paw print it's my last one..

I can't find the red guy!?

I can't see out the window. I am not sure what to do.

       Anonymous  5/12/09, 10:57 PM  

That was a pretty easy game


you'll collect critters, then About Item & click on them to find out how they can be useful. you'll also collect their footprints

Find Critters:
- left of fireplace
- top of right tree
- open curtain, open window and look down
- lift middle of blanket on bed
- inside toy train
- next to empty flowerpot, but this little guy is tricky. he keeps moving, so you'll have to track him down.

Green Critter Tracking (apparently he also paints footprints, so you can pick them up as you go):
- flowerpot, (lift & check under yellow tray for footprint)
- left of fireplace, (then notice x mark on bricks. Stone critter will help you get footprint here)
- below tv (footprint in code box when you open it)
- behind bed (raise pillow, then click to the left of it and while you're here grab that footprint)
- garden area swings, (and footprint in grass)
- below table

- under empty flowerpot tray
- behind brick, left of fireplace (only after green critter went here)
- in code box under tv
- behind bed (only after green critter went here)
- garden area grass (only after green critter went here)
- in fireplace. use fire critter to see it, then water critter to get to it

Code Box:
- lightning critter will turn on tv
- colors on tv correspond to colors on clock (click clock button and note at what hour each color appears)
- enter the colored hours (ie, 12 o'clock is black, 1 is white, 2 is red,...) in the order they're shown on tv into the code box

Use Critters:
- stone opens fireplace brick
- fire starts fire in fireplace
- water puts out fire
- flower puts flowers on tree next to fireplace
- lightning turns on tv
- artist does his own thing (he paints footprints)
- place all critters on their platforms above table to get door key from drawer

2nd Room Code: (to back out of this room, click the bottom of screen)
- place footprints to reveal a word
- the first letter of the word is capitalized
- you don't really need me to tell you what the word is, do you?
- come on, think about what type of game this is!
- looking at the word, each letter has a color
- in spelling the word, each color corresponds with a face from the clock
- for example, the first letter, E, is cyan (or turquoise, or light blue), and the clock hand is cyan when in the 6 o'clock position. look at the face of the clock, and that's the first face to click on the board

First Ending:
now that door is unlocked, open and go through

Second Ending:
now that door is unlocked, open, but don't go through. go back into first room to find a new code on the fireplace. once solved, go up the chimney

Fireplace Puzzle:
- the first number, 4, is white. the 4th letter in whiTe is T
- the 2nd number, 2, is gReen, the 2nd letter is R
- the 3rd number, 3, is grAy, the 3rd letter is A
- the 4th number, 2, is pInk, the 2nd letter is I
- continuing on like this spells traincolor
- yes, the train is several colors, but the front part is a color that has four letters in it, and it will fit the four-lettered entry above the fireplace
- enter the word blue and hit the move button

Third Ending:
once fireplace puzzle is solved, don't go up the chimney. About Item on the flower critter and he has a seed you can take. Now if you go up the chimney, there's a 'sequel' button. click that for an extra scene

Red Herring:
if you click the 3rd ring from the bottom of the right tree, a hole seems to open up. I have no idea why.

OK, thats IT, that 2nd room picture has had me for 3 hours now, I have tried every imaginable combination.
s-yellow, gold, yellow gold
a-green (I only have lt green)
e-brown or black

I give up, I've wasted too much time already.

very cute game and the kid gets the little devils for a family:)love it!!

This game was so cute!

That green guy was a bit of a pain though.

Don't forget to put the footprints in their places in the second room. The order of the faces are:
winking eyes, straight mouth
slanted eyes, slanted mouth
sleepy eyes, unhappy mouth
straight eyes, happy mouth
v-shape eyes, v-shape mouth
happy eyes, happy mouth.

search it in youtube youll have the walkthrough

       Anonymous  7/23/09, 12:11 AM  

finally got it tyvm leni

       Anonymous  7/23/09, 12:17 AM  

finally got out tyvm leni

Hugely annoying pixel hunt - loathed it at the time and still do.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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