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Obama Versus Aliens Walkthrough

Obama Versus Aliens

Obama Contra Aliens (Beta) aka Obama Versus Aliens is a new point and click type adventure game game by incagames. Help Obama to rescue pandas family by searching and using some items. To play english version click "Play in english" in the left lower part of game window. Good luck and have fun!

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just gotta post so i can try to be first?

nyuck nyuck nyuck, did it

This comment has been removed by the author.


yay I'll be playing with the funny guy, let's give it a try, hope it's good

oh my god... they took my pandas..... Bastards!

actually dana you're second

i'm trying to get obama to take the snake to lasso the sword, but no go...

Yea, i realized that after i posted, then I started playing and get distracted.

zoz try to go to another new location

ooh lame joke. "how do you call a cat with no legs?" We need feline here to stand up for cats rights!

cant get the sword with the liana.... why not?!

thx Megi, got a small stone at MIB headquarters. How do i get Obama to use things from inventory?

got the totem crown but have no idea how to use it.

Dana, take totem to Tom Cruise

how do you use objects. i've tried to give it to him, but can't. i must be doing something wrong

I was able to click on tom C with the totem but haven't been able to use anything else

Hi Megi, thanks for posting the game, I was bored! Like Dana, I can't give the crown to Tom, either.

I'm thinking that this must be a buggy game

hi tribble :hug
nice to see You here ;)


@tribble and Dana, give him the TOTEM, not it's crown. after you remove the crown you can pick up the totem and it goes in inventory

Dana, I only took the crown, go back and take the totem as well and give that to Tom.

take crown then take totem

OOOHHHH. Thanks. I was going crazy.

@zoz I can`t give my totem to tom c. how did you do that

great new game!!! perfect for a rainy day!!!! thank you megipoland

but i'm still going crazy. can't get obama to climb on rock so he can take a picture of the crop circles...

okay thanks for the help, i`ll go back to panda world

I have a liana, crown, camera and a rock and no idea what to do next!

Hi Dreammama
just pull totem on Tom C

@dreammama, i just took it from inventory and clicked over tom C. It's the only thing that has worked for me so far!

please!!! how do we use items? i have the liana and the round stone but i cant use it to get the sword.

You are welcome bet, good luck !!!

I got the camera, the crown, the rock and the liana but i can`t seem to do anything.

This is very frustrating. I must be missing something

hey people please teach me how to use objects! i cant play!

hello every1, i m stuck at th same place

to use things, just click and drag them over the object. when it is the right place to use it, it will work. for example, giving the totem pole to tom cruise

anyone got any further?

put crown between stones

i'm going to go play with my daughter. will try again later. have fun

then use stone from inventory - take sword

bless you megipoland! I found a hot spot there with the tab key, but I was trying to get obama to that exact spot and getting nowhere!

make ladder from bamboo and rope

yay, thx Megi

you are welcome zoz and Milos ;)

use ladder on the tree and make photo

ok how do you use the items

doh, i thought the rope was a snake.

Geez, without Megi, I would not get too far in this game, lol. Stuck now with my picture.

"MegiPoland said...

use ladder on the tree and make photo"

that s what i thought, but it s not happening, won't let me di it

I`m at area 51 now, but i don`t know the code.

This comment has been removed by the author.

give photo to mib guy. but first check out what obama says if you click hand over mib guy instead of mouth or eye...

I got a key for the xfiles door from the picture on the left of the door.

oops, I meant to say to the right of the door

they're making obama act like a dunce - must have him confused with George W Bush

ok, it workrd

ha ha very funny looking tom cruise

I think I will quit, I refreshed the window by mistake while trying to get out of the keypad screen at Area 51.

I take a poster from xfiles room

I'm back and trying to catch up.

i have poster and cut it with scissors, i still don`t know the code, can`t find it.

Milo have same problem, can't take picture, he is up on the tree, but he wont take the camera, how did you do it?

bet use camera on holes

nvm got it

click on circle with the camera

anybody found the keypad code?

You can cut the poster with the scissors

sorry, i missed the previous post

hmmm, if obama has the teletransporter, i wonder why he didn't just use that to get into the mib building and the area 51 building!

The code for the keypad is on the area 51 building. Count the number of dots from left to right and that is the code.

thank you, fool (who's not such a fool after all it seems)

take pic of spacecraft and take to messi

made a photo of spacecraft

can anyone do anything, i can't get rope, rock, camera, or crown to do anything.

oops, sorry i posted wrong. :-(

This comment has been removed by the author.

ok please help where do you get the model

oh wait just read megipoland about making a photo of spacecraft, is that it?

any thoughts on starting the spacecraft?

yes bet - make a photo

Does anyone have the code for the spaceship??

me 2, stuck wit red blu code

yes i am inside the spaceship now, have red and blue buttons hmmmm

same here - I can't find anything for the spacecraft code

ok tried all blue, nothing , tried all red nada, tried every other and nothing anybody got it?

I even tried the books on bookshelf (they're blu n red) but didn't work

visa for Nadal? where?

look at antenna things on tops of buildings behind soccer player?

talk to soccer boy again...tells you to see Nadal on how to get to planet

Megipoland please please a itsy bitsy hint???

megi, i saw the post you quickly removed, but that's not giving me the colors. then i thought maybe they came from the buildings behind Messi's soccer field, but that didn't work...

I was thinking about colours from spaceship from picture in MIB zoz - I was wrong

now looking for meteorite....

How do I get the sword?

Does anyone know the colour code to input on the spacecraft?

@Megi, good guess, though

how do i get the visa

give stone to MIB Chief to get visa

Nath see my posts 41 and 43

thank You Felicia


I got the visa, go back to panda and get stone, give to mib.

yay, saved stupid pandas

have code for spaceship but i`m not getting it to work

u get th code from tennis guy after u give him visa

milo what is the color code please, keep clicking and clicking .....aaahh

go to Nadal, then give rock to MIB to get visa for Nadal.

why couldn't he just give the code outright!!! noooo, it's gotta be encoded!

@ milos how does the code work?

I see arrows- right down left and facing each other?????

its red, blue, blue, red, red, red... start with the red ball from the left(on picture) and then follow the arrows(directions)...

milo pleasessssssssssssssssssss

Got killed.

red blue blue red red red

Thank you very much

aahh thank you rachel-lucas!!!

don't try to walk past the aliens

woohoo. don't have to start over. back to the game

if you don't want to be killed, show the picture (with the predator and the alien) to the alien

show picture to alien aln out

thanks for the help

good night

hahaha there u go bet, thanx rachel__lucas

give poster to alien

I got the code from Nadal...still can't get it right :(

I`m out. goodnight all. I`m going of to bed.

and out. or i should say done.

aahh got killed, oh never mind im alive again he he

man. i so need to refresh before i post.

good night
or good morning

it s monday morning, off 2 morning run n biiiig breakfast

thank u all
may th 4th be with u

yay!! got the pandas, thank you all for all your help, hope to see you next game bye

nevermind, thank you "the fool". Got the pandas home.

obama saves the panda!!! yay!!! I thought the pandas were going to do a little dance to the closing music, lol

Thanks again MegiPoland!

i can't get the sword from the tree, any help please

Great game!!!
Thanks 4 the help!

where are the scissors please?

Can't get the sword off the tree. How did you, folks, do it

ok i counted the dots on the area 51 building got 34617... its not opening the door

ok so i tried it 3 more times and the door opened...

anyone still there??

is there people still playin cause i cant get the sword

jamie11, put small rock from inventory on top of big rock after putting totem crown between 2 rocks

finally finished!!!!

Awww! I missed the live game.

hi myrie! i just finished, but was just hanging around

Hi Michele w pug..
did you enjoy this game..?

yeah , it was fun, once i got the hang of it- one clue you can only use something in your inventory if you are clicking on the right object or person for it, otherwise nothing happens

I seem to already be stuck trying to get that sword out of the tree.. I find the comments very funny!!


please ispanic not inglis, ansorry

Michele, how do I use my object.. I forgot what I read in the beginning

This comment has been removed by the author.

nevermind, saw a comment up above

Hmmm.. I'm showing the poster to the alien and he says this is a poster of a movie from my planet and he kills me. What am I doing wrong?

Still no go. If anyone has an idea what I'm doing wrong, please don't hesitate to tell me.. lol. I'm at the end... I've flown to the planet and have Predator and Alien standing in front of me (Alien's name changes to Mostrar when I have the movie poster in hand and give it to him). Also, I have an item in inventory that says camera when I mouse over it, but there's no camera there, just a blank white spot. When I 'deliver' the movie poster to the alien, he tells me "Are you trying to cheat on me? This is a poster of a movie from your planet. You will suffer the consequences for this offense." And then I'm dead. Appreciate all the help so far gang! Thanks!

Hey..anyone there? I'm in front of the aliens...got a weapon to fight them, but can't get Obama to use it...heeeeelp?

In front of aliens
you must show the poster with the predator and the alien to the lower alien but:
cut with scissors it first!

Thanx Megi! That worked... :- } And thanx for all your other hints in the game as well...couldn't have saved the panda's without you...and we can't do without them hm? Lol...

See ya!

you are welcome ginger :)

Thanks Megi! Got it!

you are welcome GlobalPaulL :)

is anyone here still? i don't seem to be able to take pic of alien spacecraft.. obama keeps asking 'y would i take picture of spacecraft?' can someone help pls?

nm.. pop.. got it after talking to messi :)

cool game!

got out with your all help :-)

hey i need help

i cant take a pic of the alien space craft

somebody there?

Cute game...warrenpls

Maybe I'm just really stupid, but how do you get into the X-Files room? Where do I find the key?

This was such a great little game... and I didn't even need any help! Yay! :))

That was an incredibly stupid game.

I did it!!! I deafeted bug-bush.

how do you take the picture of the alien circles

Go to teletransporter. Go to panda mountains. Take liana (rope) from the tree. Take totem crown and totem. Talk to the guy and he tells you that to get the bamboo, you have to find his sword.

Go to teletransporter, then MIB headquarters. Go to Tom cruise and give him the totem (not the crown) He gives you the camera. Go right. Talk to the guy, but he wont let you in. Take the rock.

Go to panda mountains. Go to screen with 2 rocks. Put the totem crown between the two rocks, then roll the rock down the big rock so it knocks off the sword. Pick up sword and rock. Give sword to man and he gives you the bamboo. Combine the bamboo with the liana and make a ladder. Put ladder on side of leafy tree, then climb up it and take picture of crop circles.

Go to MIB headquarters. Show the bodyguard the photo and he’ll let you in. Talk to bodyguard. Get key from picture, and go into room. Get the poster.

Go to contact messi. Take scissors, and cut up poster. Talk to messi. He supplys generators but needs the model of the spaceship.

Go to area 51. The code is the dots on the walls: 34617 . Enter and take a picture of the spaceship.

Go to contact Messi. Show him the picture and he’ll give you the generator.

Go to area 51. Put generator in, but you’ll find you cannot operate it.

Go to contact Messi. He tells you that Nadal knows how to operate the spaceship.

Go to contact Nadal. He tells you he wants a visa.

Go to MIB Headquaters. Give the bodyguard the stone, and he’ll give you a visa.

Go to contact Nadal. Give him the visa, and he gives you a piece of paper on how to fly the spaceship.

Go to area 51. Go into spaceship and look at paper. Start from red on the left and follow the directions (r, b, b, r, r, r). You will fly to a planet.

Go right and give the blue alien the amended poster. He will fight the other alien and they will both die. Then take the pandas back to Earth!

how do you take the totem?

take totem crown and put it in middle of two rocks(dont try to take the whole totem ull need it later)then get rock at miband drop it on huge first rock.then u will get the bamboo from the old dude (by giving him the sword)

miband is separate its supposed to be mib and

how do you get the sword i can not find the hot spot please help me!!!

I must be very stupid, because I have the idea it should be very easy to take the liana, but for some reason I just can't get it out of the tree!

Please, help!!!

Where is the stone in MIB headquarters??? I couldn't find it anywhere!!

where is the stone to be given to the mib agent/body guard/ whatever you call him?? very confuseeeeeeee

to pass the stone talk to the chief first

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