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Smile for Me

Smile for Me is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Robarmimi. This is escape game, but have not to escape. Sorry, you die please.You become a departed, and change to the smile the sorrowing bereaved. Good luck and have fun!

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Yipeee new game - after trilogic I need a new live game :)

Yay! I have NEVER been second before :D

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:02 AM  

woohoo! need to get my laptop charger so i can play!

takes a while to load

I have a pen, and a part of something. Used the part of something and took apart the pen to get a fuse. Nothing else so far.

Anyone else find anything?

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:12 AM  

i got the handle part, and used it on the box to get a ball, which i opened and got a green fuse.

the hint for the box on the table says "Red is Sunday. Sunday=SUN"

how did you get the ball? I rotated that thing like a hundred times!

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:13 AM  

Oh lord another

handle in trash can

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:14 AM  

Loading.....did it take you all awhile?

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:14 AM  

i'm not entirely sure. i rotated both sides several times, and when i looked, suddenly there was a ball!

where did you find the pen?

on the laptop

I opened box on table, get orange fuse

Darn it, still can;t get that dang ball. And Shellie, It took a minute or two.

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:16 AM  

wow! i'm observant! ;) it could be that i'm tired, though. it's 12:16am here... i should go to bed, but i'm stubborn! ;)

How did you open the box on the table?

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:18 AM  

All ive found is the hadle in the can. Used on the bigno looking roll box...

with the hint and the book, press 3. 6. and 1. button

I still can't get the ball or the box on the table. Yes, it must be because it is late :D

Thanks Agota! Got the orange fuse. Got another hint. Can't figure it out though.

where pen?

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:22 AM  

gah! i accidentally reloaded the screen, and now i can't get the ball. :(

but, my hubby just got home from work, so i really ought to head to bed.

happy escaping, all!

also, you can look at the back of the box with the diamond on it.

anyway, good night (or good morning, depending on where you are!)

for the green fuse:turn handles inthis order: LRLRRL

I can't figure out how to look at the back of the box!

I still cannot load the game... gotta keep trying.

lets play...

how open table box?

not loading :(

pen on laptop

J/K Figured it out :D

got ball by turning both handles a few times. now I have a red, green and orange fuse

This comment has been removed by the author.

meichelle, how to see back of table box?

books in rack with sum hints.. bt cant understand!

not table box, the box on the shelf that has the diamond on it.

found a handle

used handle on machine, bt guess it got sum style for rotation

can't figure it out either on back of diamond box 7 x 8 and clue in diamond book shows feb= 28/29 days

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:29 AM  

Im stuck and my pain pill is kicking in.....had my wisdom teeth pulled today. Im gonna try and make it!

I am sooo stuck. my hint says "2=28 or 29 is days in February. Look at back of rhombus box."
Which I can't do! I can look at the back of the triangle box which says 7x8...

50000/1234 =???????
heart clue, but no logic i see

Finally I am in!!!

i can't see back of diamond or rhombus box? how y'all do that?

hint for handel for ball is in left brown book on bottom shelf

how to get orange fuse?

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:34 AM  

got a key out of the ball machine. Use other code but spin handles in opposite order as the first

i saw back of Dimond box clicking in lower right corner, i'd been attacking the top of it...

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:36 AM  

goes to triangle book

triagle code: 1 is green, 2 is orange, 3 is heart box.... = ? what?????

hi all! is it still a live game?

so I just guessed in the rhombus box and the code is 214 i think. Dont ask me how/.//?

good one meichelle, now we can ignore the key for the rhombus book

not rhombus, i meant hexagon...

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:42 AM  

I have code for triangle box....gets u a blue fuse

how to get orange fuse?

anyone see any potetial for 'fuse using?' we have to use the fuses to make sence of the triangle code, the 1=green 2=orange and the heart code to figure it out

and again, I guessed in the triangle box, so if anyone wants to know the code, just ask.

maybe to do with that white domed bin thing with red button?

oops not triangle, but diamond. wow.

Meichelle, what's the triangle box code? ;)

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 12:45 AM  

meichelle help me!

Meichelle what's the diamond box code? ;)

orange fuse?????

its the diamond, and I just inserted numbers until it was right. (I know, pathetic...) and it is 961

but I refuse to do it for the dang heart box. it hurts my wrist too much! :D

music is beginning to give me motion sickness, feel like i'm riding up n down in an elevator....

@sadia, comment 20

Oh, and I figured out that each of the shelves are actually a letter associated with the color of the book. So the top shelf is red and the next one blue (each letter in each shelf)

tip: square above inventory stops music! yippie!

But I don't know how that helps us...

OH MEICHELLE, your brain is on today!

Opened the triangle box, got cyan fuse

but how does it help? I can't figure that out.

thnx maxi!

how martin? :D

so heart code we need to make "G O D" into 3 numbers....

got another ball - reverse the code in the book on the bottom shelf and get a ball with a key

well, no for triangle code, the code is GOD. :)

ok 50000 balloons divided by 123....
but letters in heart book suggest ' G O D ' as 123... so what have we got here???

I just need the heart code now. Have the other three done.

why that triangle code not heart,?? i'm so confused.

infinity? ;P

(oh maxi ya DH, it's from the triangle book!)

because. If you open the triangle book, it shows 123 in the places where GOD would be. Look at the triangle book...

640...... heart shaped box

we have wings not feet!

ok rainbow password hacking time......

my hint now says "divide the number of balloons by 1234 to get remainder." The number of balloons is 50000, so 50000/1234=40.518638573743922204213938411669
But i am not sure what the 'remainder' is. I tried 405, 669, 518...

wait, why 640?

ok the hint says look at a heart box?

we probably need a yellow fuse so we have the rainbow before we can find a code for laptop????

i dont know why meichelle i just processed through to save your wrists.... ;)

click inside the heart box for an extra fuse.

i got the yellow fuse but i can't remember where

I have 7 fuses.

LOL cool Meichelle ok I now have all colors of the rainbow but still no clue for the password on the laptop

My hint now says "brown book have number. Look at mark of PC, position of books and marks of books."

so where's yellow? are you sure your yellow Laura isn't ornge?

Positive. Did you get both out of ball machine?

what hint meichelle?

at the bottom of the screen it says HINT click that button and it should show you a hint on what to do next.

2 from ball machine, yes, 6 fuses missing yellow, nothing mentioned of it above...

please remember Laura....

strange. I have no idea where it was... let me think.


@maxi.s he.art yes it is yellow i have 7 fuses. I think the yellow was in the one ball

my hint says' back of rhombus box, but i can't turn it over STILLL!!!!!

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 1:11 AM  

OUT! Anyone need a hand?

Sheesh...have tried so many passwords for the computer.

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 1:12 AM  

The heart box has a false bottom....look in there again and click the empty inside box

it wasn't as i have opened 2 balls neither yellow. but something to do with rhombus box????

Oh! It was in the diamond box. I went and looked :D (the bottom box)

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 1:12 AM  

I have pass for computer but you need all fuses first

SHELLIE! What is the comp. password?

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 1:14 AM  

Comp password is.......


(and Maxi, the password for the diamond box is 961)

How did you get that shellie?

wait a minute, I figured it out. Never mind :D

oh! i got a key and a fuse form ball machine, is there another ball due to drop? i rotated handles as in book, the rotated in reverse, who to rotate for a third?

can someone please tell me the code for the box with the pentagon shape..it requires 3 numbers.. it is the only one I am missing I believe..

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 1:17 AM  

You have to look at the comp screen. There is a little picture there. The only way to describe it is a Fleur De Lis. Anyway you look at the books and count the number on the face of the book. (1 fleur is 1st letter) the you go bu the red blue green orange sequence. Only thing is, I ended up with the work Ongel....it didnt work so I just guessed at Angel

No, not another ball maxi, the yellow fuse is from the bottom diamond shaped box.

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 1:18 AM  

pentagon is 214

OH!! what is diamond box code?

code for diamond box is 961 because back of box is 7x8. july 31 days x august 31 days.

thanx Shellie

Thank you so much gtstep! I was goign to write a walkthrough, but I jsut guessed that one, so I couldn't. Maybe I should now. Do you know the other numbers?

Out thanks Shellie but how did you get angel?

shelli what diamond box 3 # code?
it's where the yellow fuse is hiding

ta gt step

oh no! I have set up my fuses in the white machine and realized the purple one is missing. Anyone remember where you got it?

Purple in the Heart box Myrie

OHHHHHHHHHHH that game is so sad sob sob

okay found it and I am out! good game

THANX Martin :D

bye Martin :D
I would still be waiting for the purple fuse if you hadn't come along, looks like everyone else left.

the pentagon uses "new our foot" as numbers 1,2,3,4... (1 is n, 2 is e, 3 is w) then rearrange like board and spells out two one four (214)

wow, thanks gtstep. what about the heart?

gtstep, good observation!

Bye all

yeah, gtstep,you should write the walkthrough! :D

you were not bad at all in figuring stuff out..
people need a walkthrough, be their hero! LOL

seems everyone else is gone.
Hope someone does a walkthrough..

let me stop passing by and go to sleep now..

So how does the heart work then>? I have crunched the numbers, but it doesn't work out still.

you went back into the game?

Yeah, I am writing the walkthrough and want to explain how things are done. I can't figure out the heart one nor the table button one. Ideas?

the hint for the heart box was the remainder of balloons divided by 1234. so 50,000 /1234 = 40.518638573743922204213938411669. the remainder would be that number minus 40 then times 1234 = 640.

let me go back in too, I can't remember either.

awesome! Michelle now you are not alone in doing the walkthrough..

gtstep you came in time..

So i figured out the box on the table code. Just not the stinking heart one.

Yay for gtstep!!! I am almost done with this walkthrough. (probably confusing, but it should help)

Meichelle, for your effort people will thank you cause something is better than nothing..

Thanks Gtstep, it looks like I'm going to need my scientific calc. next to the computer now, the old one just doesn't cut it.lol

Although the google calc came close.

LOL Martin :D

CONFUSING Walkthrough:
Go right 3 times.
Get handle out of trash bin.
Get pen from computer and click on it until it opens and shows a red fuse.
Click on the little box in the corner of the desk. Since there are 7 buttons, assume it is each the day of the week. (and use hint button at the bottom to help you assume this :D)
Go to the book shelf and look at the triangle book. Read the clues. SUN=Sunday.
Go back to the table with the buttons and push down: 3,6,1.
Get fuse.
Go to bookshelf.
Open bottom middle book.
Notice the code. LRLRRL with an arrow below it showing it goes both ways.
Go to ball machine. (left twice)
Insert handle into side of machine.
turn the handles according to the above clue (left right left right right left). get the ball. Do it again but backwards. Get the other ball.
You should now have a green fuse from one ball and a triangle key from the other.
Go back to bookcase and insert key into triangle book.
Look at code.
IMPORTANT:(Each of the shelves are actually a letter associated with the color of the book. So the top shelf is red so the first square is R next is E next is D... etc.. So the number 1 is where the G is located 2 is O 3 is D. So code for triangle book is GOD.))
Type that into the triangle book, and you should get a cyan fuse.
Next, look at the diamond shaped book.
In the bottom corner it says 2= 28 or 29
So if you think about it, the two is representing the month of february (28 or 29 days depending on the year)
Go to the diamond shaped box and flip it over.
Notice the clue 7x8. So if you think about the clue above, 7 is the month of july with 31 days & 8 is the month of august with 31 days. multiply 31x31.
Insert answer (961) into the diamond box.
you should get a yellow fuse.
Go to the cork board. Look at the clues. The heart clue says balloons/1234. So…50,000 /1234 = 40.518638573743922204213938411669. the remainder would be that number minus 40 then times 1234 = 640.
Open the heart box to get a key. And if you click the bottom of the box again after opening it, you will get another fuse.
Use the key to open the pentagon book.
Look at the clues.
Go to cork board (one right) and write down the numbers
Use ‘New our foot” as numbers (n=1, e=2 w=3 o=4) and so on. Rearrange according to cork board clues. And you get two one four (214)
Open the pentagon box and get the blue fuse.
Go to the computer scene.
Click on the little box in the corner of the desk. Since there are 7 buttons, assume it is each the day of the week. (and use hint button at the bottom to help you assume this :D)
Go to the book shelf and look at the triangle book. Read the clues. SUN=Sunday.
Go back to the table with the buttons and push down: 3, 6,1.
Get fuse.
Next, go to computer.
There is a little picture there.
Go back to the bookshelf and look at the books and count the number of that same picture on the face of the book. So find the book with only one of those pictures on it. Look at the bookshelf and go by the color sequence again. RED BLUE GREEN ORANGE. So the first book is in the A spot. Continue to do this until you get the password.
Type in the password (angel) Into the computer.
Follow the instructions in putting the fuses into the fuse box to the left.
Go back to computer and push FUSHION.
Take the fuse and go to the stairs.
Throw the fuse out.

hope that helped. If not, read through the other comments. that should help :D

Thanks a lot for walthrough, Meichelle.
I have a lot of difficulties when I try to flip over the boxes, especially, I can't flip over the heart shaped box. Can anyone explain exactly where I must click ?

Finally I found this last fuse : when the heart box is opened, click the on the right of the bottom of the box.

Pascale, it's only the diamond box you can turn over : )

help . what is the code for the triangle box???

never mind i had my coffee and figured it out.

Yeah...I'm last! lol!!!! I am always a day late and a dollar short...oh well! I'll catch up with e1 one of these days. On with the game...

@Meichelle & gtstep....you guys are awesome! I felt so stupid when I read the logic behind the clues...duh! It was right in front of my face...can I claim migraine + pain med as an excuse...lol!!!! Great WT Meichelle...I like to understand the logic behind the answers! Still kicking myself because logic really wasn't that difficult...arrgh!!! On to the next game!

Great Game. Great Walkthrough Meichelle... I am so sad now with that music and ending... but alas... I will give a smile.

This comment has been removed by the author.

totally lost with the walkthrough how do you type god into the triangle book it wont let you?

Aww, this game was sweet.

I have to say, this was confusing:

"Go to the cork board. Look at the clues. The heart clue says balloons/1234. So…50,000 /1234 = 40.518638573743922204213938411669. the remainder would be that number minus 40 then times 1234 = 640"

I'm sorry....but how?

I read someone mentioning that it was 640, but what in the world are you talking about when you say "the remainder would be that number minus 40..."? Why are we now subtracting 40 from the number and then multiplying it with 1234?

This bit isn't clear to me at all.

This is long division. So if you remember long division, you would first divide 1234 into 5000 which goes 4 times (4 times 1234 = 4936 with a remainder of 64). Then you drop the last zero down and it becomes 640.

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 9:32 PM  

Thanks for the help, guys. That was a tough game for me to play because my mom died five months ago, right before Christmas.. I miss her so much. It was a beautiful game.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Catalyste, it probably is as beyer12345 says, long division.

I just went to a site called 'double division', entered the numbers and the remainder was right there...640


God, long division. Back to fifth grade for me!

I forgot about dropping that extra zero at the end of 50,000.

Well at least that explanation makes sense to me.


this game is really hard for me.

working link:


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