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The Easiest Escape Game Walkthrough

The Easiest Escape Game

The Easiest Escape Game is another new point and click type escape the room game from Cogitoergosum. Gather items, use them and surroundings to escape this room. Good luck and have fun!

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anyone else playing? so far got red key

that was....quick.....

anyone here?

anyone here?

i am stuck with nothing

I got a red key too and I'm out XD


This must be the shortest game ever.....two seconds and you are out!

red key under couch, then out..

gonna give it another shot (hoping its longer, lol)

boring game

i've been hanging out for a new escape all day, and that was just a big disappointment :(

First!.. Easy Game...

okay, found nothing :P

Me too. Maybe they'll be a flood of games on Monday? (it's Sunday night here)

is there only a game a day?

Under the chair on the left corner get red key.
Go to the door and you are out

jetzt mal auf deutsch - das spiel ist zu kurz und viel zu leicht - enttäuschend.

To short and not so lucky for play - sorry my english i slept in scool :-)

hiyo so fast games just a red key will do.

Found a live one.

hi all!


correction depp:

use red key on door and your out.....


very very very short...not good...:(

hmmmmmmmmm was that it grab a key under sofa and out ?

I have been checking every hour for a new game

wot alot of rot!!!!!!!

it's really kind of funny... all of the people who whine that these games are too hard so someone finally made a game that is ridiculously easy

Haha easy? Of course.
The Author says this is an experiment work(just made as the exercise for a flash game).

@shuchun,that was really funny to post this game!

That was way easy!!!

out in 10 sec

Well it is called the EASIEST escape game, so can't really complain it's too easy!

Where's the screwdriver??

Wait a minute....that's it? I was looking forward to finding the usual escape game items like the screwdriver, hammer, pieces of paper with codes on it, knife, rock, etc.

I dont believe this
I dont knoe this language..still i m out without any help

really an easiest escape game :) .

wow. That was so hard. not.

i mean hello..it called easiest escape game. u cant expect it 2 be all challenging and watnot so stop complainin about it.

working link:


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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