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Proof 1

Proof aka Ispat is a point and click type crime scene game created by Yunus Bayraktaroğlu for Lotus Çanta. In this game, your father suicided and found dead in his room. But, you don't beleive he suicided and you think he was killed by someone and you try to solve this issue and call police. Search everywhere carefully to solve this crime scene game. Good luck and have fun!

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yea new game !!

YEAH! another live one! :D

Hi everyone!

I think this is going to be a hard one...looking good :D

only found letter so far

hi. i have just a letter

yeah me too...cannot find anything else...
you can click: go to where? but I cannot fill in anything...and on the right it also says go to police, but cannot click it..

wow Its live, I never get that

found letter, nothing else

Need to go to the Police but it won't let me.

darn I have to eat...be right back...hope I won't be too far behind...

No one's found anything except the letter?

hm, i dont get it. where shall we go?ß tried

police, my home, new york, nothing

yay another one !!!

wuts with the noise?

I have been pixel hunting for more than 5 minutes but couldn't find anything other than the father's letter. It's really frustrating.

stupid game lol

There's some kind of sound when you click painting..

My computer's on mute is the sound from the painting important?

I don't get a sound from the painting. Just a sound in the background.

Hi All!
Think this one is buggy.....apart from letter there is no where to click..and you cant "go" anywhere...

which painting..i hear nothing. only when i refreshed and started again some strang sound and voice, but it stops after a short while

Maybe the noise is dear old dad telling us to go and play a better game, lol.

Found the screwdriver. Kidding.

go where? where do i go????

rofl @ jacky

Go to "Hell" doesn't work either.

LOL @Bill I almost started looking for one

combine the letter with the Lays bag and get a secret message

i was gonna do that lol idk i think this game isn't finished yet or somthing?

Herm!! How do you combine?


says he died from too many trans-fats

good day to all =>

the letter pop open i cant drag it, or am i doing something wrong? How did you do it Herm

@ Herm: Combine??????? As soon as I select the letter it opens
So what kind of magic did you use,lol

sorry sue..just joking

maybe a few bottles from the bar first?


Trans-fats, are they like killer donuts?

haha i though so idk out

I do know when to give up. I give up. Good luck to all you persistent and/or sadistic people.


I think the old men drunk to much.
Lets go to the bar or a brewery.
We will find there some clues

no..I've go nothing here...tried to go to office and work but to no avail.

everytime I go to livingroom and back to bedroom it sounds like a bunch of people talking and moving furiture, its weird

After wasting the past 30 minutes going nowhere. I've decided to quit. See you guys.

its buggy and if not its stupid :D im out

out of here too..this game is worthless..good luck all

Make sure you capitalize the first letter of the words you are putting in. If you notice when you go to the other room and type in Home it will take you back. But not if you put in "home"

haven't been on here in a while..time to see if i still got it ;)

Yes Alimax, noticed b4, but doesnt take me nowhere

grate.... But Still Stuck

am I suposed to be the father?

tried: MY Home, Police, Police Station, Basement, Kitchen, Cellar, Bathroom...

Hospital works

ive tried work, factory, post office, library, fathers house, my house, even morgue

cool tosca

0_o this game...........

but stuck again LOL

u r the best

If you are in hospital, right above you will see a little hand. Than you can go to the morgue.

And the warehouse

can go to computer but havn't a password

where? i dont see a hand

ok found the hand, and on pc on desk you need a password, maybe a name

Take a key in the hospital

where did you find the key?

where is the morgue?

oops, found a lighter - i guess - under right closet in warehouse of hospital

lol not buggy

where is the morgue and warehouse?

help please

i found a lighter in the warehouse
rightside under the lockers

its pixel hunting youcek the mouse will be a hand on right side of screen a little bit above what looks like a plant in the entrance from hospital

Where is the hand in the hospital?

Hi all,
seems to be very hard game...

left door morgue, right door warehouse

still wondering about the cecepons mentioned in comment #67

thnx sue ;)


Was there anything to find in the morgue?

Do you find something at morgue? In warehause I find a lighter.

cecepons, where's the key?

My game is bugged. I have a little hand everywere now, after looking in computer.
I think I must restart

I have nothing in the Morgue and nothing in the warehouse..

I got only the lighter
anyone find something else
stuuuuuck again

Key is in first scene of hospital, in a panel so far.

Found a code!!!!!
But don't know where to use :((

Hint: use lighter on a paper you already have.

cecepons.... cant find it

And now I'm with historical archives.

And get a autopsy report!

is the lighter supposed to be on ???

@cecepons, can you be more specific about where to find the key?

lighter off, code is very hard to see and ive just refreshed the wrong page...have to start over again :(

my lighter isn't on and doesn't work on the paper

can't find the key either....where's the panel exactly?

code is in a corner, when u get it lighter disappears

use it on the botom right of the letter

Lonneke, try the right down corner of the letter from Father


thanks youcef and Els :D
now still the key :D

Serdar Alkor in Pc.

code isn't working on the computer...I wonder where it's for

the key please

Cecepons, where are the historical archives...don't want to just put the name in the computer...want to find it out myself :)

anyone got something from the archive?

agree with u :)

Key: near clocks, at left there is a colored and little panel. Sorry my english .

This comment has been removed by the author.

YEAH! when I first went over that panel, i thought a hand appeared there, but never got it again :D thanks!

blimey, thats stupidly small. thanks cecepons!

I'm glad these hands do appear...it's so pixely!
If not I would be clicking like a mad one...


OM! I am at Dr Serdar Alkor's house! put his address in the where to!

This comment has been removed by the author.

this is going to be nightwork I guess... :D

I could swear that my code said 5D3E, but that won't work.

I'm infront Dr' house.

cannot find anything there...

enter dr adress

click on where door handle would be to go in

found medical certificate on 2nd fl of house

found recipt in room off landing

This comment has been removed by the author.

found the medical certificate also...

In bedroom there is a PC. You can enter code but I must search, What?

I think we have to find out that the father is killed by the doctors or something like that...If we find 5 documents we can go to the police....

g2g eat, good luck ppl

Where is the certificate guys? Jeez, this game is so pixely my eyes hurt like hell...

Found in the receipt.

where did ya find reciept?

cant reach the PC

bedroom of the doctor? I can't find a bedroom there...and in the Home of father I cannot find a PC either

Another scene.

And what bedroom

please help before I just give up.....

explain please

For PC bedroom, click at right of beds. I dont remember well.

no hand poppin' up anymore :D
really can't find a bedroom

medical certificate in bookshelf

everyone really has to explain in WHAT LOCATION they are...or else this is going to be really difficult...

well, this is a pixel hunt! cant find anything in dr´s house. where you ppl find all the recepies...

I'm in a dirty kitchen.

for bedroom in drs house go upstairs and hot spot under where it says drs. house

click the left botom in 2nd floor

receipt in bedroom, not on landing

Blue Document in top left bookshelf on 1. floor of drs house

EvlWmn1001 >> THANK YOU...this is how you explain where something is :D

Doctor's house: Where on the bookshelf do you find the certificate?


found certificate on bookshelf in Doc's house


On the 2nd floor landing? Or when you first enter the Dr.'s house?

still no PC

bedroom: click on hotspot under "dr´S house" beside bookshelf. In bedroom another view when clicking middle right side of screen. found pc, code from letter wirks but then 2. pw needed, nothing found yet

Found the receipt, entered code from letter of Father in the computer and found next adress. The adress of mr. K. (don't want to give it away)

If you find the receipt in the bedroom of the doctor, look at it: you see: HUSEYIN KARACA. go to computer, put password from fathers letter in and then search for Huseyin. new adress! going overthere NOW!

Sue: notice the names on the recipe.

I dont found anything in the dirty kitchen.

doctors house:
entrance: I found nothing...
go upstairs: you see a big book shelf, top right books, there is like a white paper.. click it and you get a blue document

RECAP (spoilers)

own house: letter from dad
hospital: key in enclave on shelf, hotspot above plant to go to morgue, archives, and warehouse
warehouse: below rightmost locker for lighter
archive (use key): click left folder tab to get autopsy report
hospital main screen: enter name of doctor and search
go to home of dr by entering address in "go to:"
dr's house: enter by clicking where door handle should be, go to second floor by clicking top of stairs
dr's house landing: medical cert in top row of 3rd bookshelf
dr's house landing: click lower left corner to go to dr's bedroom, receipt in book

found PC midle right of beds scene

Bah, what a mess in that kitchen.....
Just while i'm eating my dinner :(((

I am at the new address, but cannot find an entrance...Els? did you find anything yet?

enter bedroom, first scene of bedroom theres a book on a little table, theres the receipt,
pc-view; click middle right side of bedroom screen

I'm in the police, but I dont know to say!!

Lonneke Hot spot on the upstairs window on the left building

Cecepons, you are in front of us all!!
Where's the entrance in Huseyin's street?

EvlWmn1001 > I think you are my personal hero today :D

Lonneke, try the window on the second floor on the left. Can't find anything in the kitchen.

the kitchen looks just like my friend's studentroom... :D

And... To be continued.

can't find anything either...we're missing one document I think...and Cecepons is already at the police

lol Lonneke nah just found it then read your post :)
now I can't seem to find anything in this nasty kitchen

Call your friend, maybe he can find something in this mess! :D

Found Picture in messy kitchen... stuck again

I'll ask him where he keeps his documents ;) Maybe in the fridge :P haha

hotspot in garbage on floor

@ Sue: where did you found it.... I think i've clicked every spot.

Look around rubbish in the floor for the last document.

booo i can't find anything in this kitchen

The last document is a photo.

Men, i swear I looked at the garbage already 20 times...

then you can click "go to police" stuck with last answer

It's the father :D

@Lonneke: afraid he doesn't keep his documents there. Fridges in studentshouses are allways full of ice. No space for anything else. :D

in front of fridge...look a bit like a blue garbage bin that laying on the floor

i found the first answer but it doesn't really make sense...but anyway...


Yeah, the killer and the doctor who had given the fake autopsyreport are arrested.
Eigen schuld!

@ Els...true...true :D
are you from Holland?

careful, i answered wrong, got GAME OVER

ok I suck at the answer the questions games :(

ja dus :D

OMG Game Over?! As in: You have to start all over again?

?? I think I answered wrong...my game is over LOL

@ Lonneke: inderdaad. Grappig!

yup game over totally

NO WAY! I do not dare to answer the second question then...

i think it is Moneytransfer....or something...does somebody want to make a spoiler? I'm not in the mood for a restart :D

to be continued...wtf

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