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Proof 2

Proof 2 aka Ispat 2 is sequel of Proof 1 point and click type crime scene game created by Yunus Bayraktaroğlu for Lotus Çanta. "With the help of hints my father left before he died, i had the killer and the doctor who had given the fake autopsy as payment arrested. My father was a guy who has no problems with anyone. It is clear that guy is a hood. I have to solve this no matter what" Good luck and have fun!

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Thanks Yalcin. Never get in a live game. Come help me people!

I'm here, hope I can help...

Still loading. Was saving first version for tomorrow.

I made it to the map, but can't get back.

Same here. Having a hard time navigating. Wish now I would have played part 1.

Can't get anywhere on that map. Thought I was going to car?

Use arrow keys.

Gone to a few places in car (thanks tangoboy) but can't do anything.

Oh well, guess not my cup of tea. Can't move car around very well, and have no idea where to go on map. I'll be driving around for hours going no where-no fun. I wish everyone good luck.

Ooops got all the way to uper right area and now at a house, guess I'll check it out first (can't resist)

live game? I played the first one last night... it was a bit...wierd... lets give this a go...

cool! got a live game

I'm at the house at the top left.

it's a frat or sorority house

Kaboom, did you get in it? I can't get in anywhere and have no inventory.

yeah just now!

in thru door under veranda

in an office

I found a mask in the square...cant get anywhere by car???

I can't do anything! Been everywhere. Only have ice pick in my inventory.

I'm in an office with a woman's back to me. Stuck!

Have you been able to go in any buildings?

ok power of posting am at the frat house and stuck :(

unlike proof 1 the mouse doesn't change to a pointer on the hotspots -- drat!

No, I can't get in anywhere.

welcome to stuckdom, vixiexox

Not having fun with this, bit too frustrating. (hate arrow key navigation)I found mask too, have no idea where lol. Oh well, gotta lot of other games to catch up on. I'll check progress later.

Have fun

i'm checking outside again -- there's a little guy on the roof.

kaboom, are you in the police station? That's the only place I've been in. I think everyone gets in their automatically.

went for a little drive, can get to some office building ALM on the front cant figure out what to do there though... any ideas?

no, vixie and I are in the frat house, top left on map

i think i'm going for a drive again

theres a house as well with a car out the front?!?!?

i'm at the ALM building now

MacMommaDukes, which one is the police station?

OOOPS It's the Frat house not police station.

That's it for me now. I'm done. Good luck!

I hope this is still live?

MacMommaDukes where did you find the ice pick???

will try to catch up

oh found a hospital....again cant do anything there....

There is a sitting room to the left of the bedroom that you started in. Click lower left of floor. Ice pick on coffee table.

thanks :) got it... not that I know what to use it for?!?!

On small Tudor house (3rd drive from left, lower road) I got a hand cursor on the lower left side of garage roof. But, of course it did nothing. I'm getting frustrated, be back later to see how your doing.

this little car is really annoying me...how did I ever get my license :( lol....any one else still playing or am I all alone?

ok been to every house and cant do anything some it show & some it stays on the map view... i give up... yes i am giving up... gl2...

Dear Author... Proof 1 was more fun... this is a stupid pixel hunt.. hope u rethink for next game.. gl2u

Hi all...I'm getting no where either. I have been to every building that the little car can go, and all I've got in inventory is an ice pick and a mardi gras mask. And I read an article that was in the first room.

Macmommadukes, I think that might have been where you could get a side view of the house, showing 2 garage doors. But I didnt get anywhere with it. I have tried using the icepick to break into every house and car I see...still nuthin!!

ok ,m giving up for now too...will be back later to see if anyone made progress...grrrr frustrated...

Has anyone figured out how to use the "use" button on the top right?

not ice pick, its a dust brush for fingerprints

Oh, thanks brad. Any idea where/how to use it?

Where id you find the mask?

I think there's a fingerprint on the bottom left of the newspaper article. But the dust brush doesnt do anything...probably need some powder.

nope, just remember thats what it looked like in first one

Henrique, I think I found the mask in the view outside the first room. I think it was in one of the boxes on the square.

Ok, found it!

i'm back! gonna give it another shot!

so where is the mask? couldn't find it the first time around.

got it!

did anyone notice you can put the mask in the use box? i assume this means i'm wearing it. i'm going to try wearing it in the frat house--teen slasher movie style LOL

need to find smoething soon, my car is running out of fuel!

kaboom, THANK YOU!! That stupid use box has been bothering me so much. Finally, progress!

didn't know you could run out of fuel

no difference in the frat house with mask on :(

you're welcome eleni - stuck again back to the car!

I have never seen a frat house with an "office area" like that. Weird.

I feel like giving up. Don't the creators know that its boring when its this difficult to make any progress whatsoever? Is it time to give up, people?

i already gave up once

i noticed on the news clipping that it mentions the medical centre

i think that the next clue is there

Its strange how you can't enter some buildings when you drive up to them. And they clearly have driveways.

have you listened to the radio while in the car? i couldn't get it to work.

it is an ice pick, use it at med center side door

genius Brad!

My radio doesnt seem to do anything either. I hear some voices at times from the buildings, but that's all.

Anyone who played proof 1, is there a trick to how to use objects? Does the drag-n-drop work usually?

Also, is there usually an order to how you find the clues? Like...you can only do something when you've done something else before it?

omg THANK YOU BRAD! I was just about to give up.

-- drag and drop worked in proof 1
-- order is important
-- now looking or password to computer

I mean for PW

you also have to be wearing mask to enter med center

Been trying words and numbers from the article for pw. So far, tried arctic, igloo, igloos, 137, comics...but no luck. Maybe it's one of the frat houses, but i cant remember their letters.

i tried the license plate of the car ad 137 also, nothing

anything Brad?

BTW, you can pick up the white coat in the computer room too! It also can be used in the use box. I'm guessing we need it to pretend we are a doctor?

ohh thanks eleni!

wait a minute
which computer room? in the med center or the frat house?

you're welcome. also, i noticed that when i left the med center, i couldnt get back in without wearing my mask. so if you leave, make sure you put the mask back in the use box.

ohh got it now

I bet if we're wearing the coat we can get into other buildings

i was right
wear coat and get into another room in frat house

found keys in frat house office

on white shelves

found note and keys!

found letter on desk too

darn! i was just about to tell you about the white coat and the frat house...i'm dying to contribute something here!

yeah Henrique, you're still here!

still stuck
have doctors coat and went into frat house

we need help!

the white coat was a big help eleni

Piece of paper in the doctor's office. Pick up and its got a bunch of names in it. Some are in all caps. I bet one of them is the password to the computer.

Please help me with the key? I cant find it still.

Oh, never mind, I found the keys on the shelf now.

Thanks, kaboom...i'm trying!

The keys go to the door in the medical building...new room!

i was just there too
tried new passwords with names including frat house letter and spelled out, no dice

Could not find anything in that room.

me neither

Cant find anything in the keys room either. I think we need to find that password first. Tried names from the letter from DALKIRAN. Wondering if it's going to be case sensitive, which means trying every word at least twice. ugh.

tried big letter on wall for pw, no luck

tired all of that eleni, just like in the memo
passwords were case sensitive in proof 1

Tried even the car license number but no luck!

tried that. tried ATΩ, alpha tau omega, and ALM also

There are two keys on that ring. I bet we can use the keys again somewhere else. I tried the frat cabinets, and the house with the garage already.

I'm already forgetting which building is where...its so annoying bc it takes forever in that little car!

which building had the car outside? want to try the keys there.

I did it already. It doesn´t work!

nm, found it but no good.

tried house with double garage, house with blue car, trying now in frat house office (i think it's actually a company name)

still wondering about the little guy on the roof?

Maybe password is an anagram from one of the names given?!

OMG i just looked in my inventory and i have another gold key! no idea where it came from - i've been all over the place

i'm in the side office of baymed where the keys opened the door. i think that's where it came from -- off to hunt for a door : )

It´s not fair kaboom. Restart the game and get stuck again!!

single gold key is for house with the double garage, front door


I have looked everywhere! You dont remember exactly where you got the second key?

i'm pretty sure it was either from that side room as baymed or the office where the note was

found key card in bedroom of house

The note was not in baymed. Was it?

kaboom, do you think you used one of the tools (icepick or keys) to find it?
Also, which note do you mean? The letter or the article?

it was either in the office where we found the keys or the office we used the keys to open

i actually opened a new window to see if i can find them again

HaH! Found it again. It's in the room alongside the computer monitor in the side room of baymed, the office we used to keys to open!

OK, so I think we found the original keys in the office in the back of the frat house. I cant find any additional key there. I'm stuck.

It was sitting on the desk.

I guess this game had only two keys and you foun them both cause I can´t see any key in my game!

Haha found it as well!

It's really tiny on the left side of the computer monitor.

Bravo, find it eleni?

Thank you kaboom. I found it finally.

This is strange though...werent we able to go through the left door in the baymed reception? I thought we didnt even need a key but cant remember. I cant go through that door anymore...am I just losing it?!?

eleni it´s in the room with big letters at the wall.
just beside the monitor. You can see it.

trying to find place to use keycard

You need to use the mask to enter

back in the house with double garage
finding lots of rooms
found invitation card

find key yet eleni?

Thanks henrique...no, i already found the gold key...i just thought i remembered being able to go through the left door too.

I'm in the house now...lots of rooms/views. Havent found the key card yet, but I'll catch up to you soon I hope!

keycard on table at foot of bed beside book, first room you entered

I have the invitation. I bet we can use it to get into the ALM building...but I havent tried yet.

Thanks kaboom. Found the keycard now too. Where are you guys exploring now? Somewhere to use the keycard? or looking around the house still?

tried everything in the house. i think i'm gonna try passwords like you said.

What you mean lots of rooms views. I have only one room.

BTW, I dont think it's a key card...I think its a credit card...see the little red circle where you normally find that 3-digit code? Maybe we have to buy something! =)

i think you're right

henrique, click on the right edge of the room and you'll have a different view, with a door to the bathroom.

oops! i think you're right eleni.

I know my credit cards!!! LOL

no luck with passwords yet

Oh thanks eleni!

I'm still having trouble getting in and out of the computer room (the one with the password)...sometimes I can get in and sometimes I cant at all.

OK never mind...you have to click directly underneath the door handle.

buggy maybe? i'm hopelessly stuck now. any new finds?

totally stuck

randomly trying passwords
- chairman
- ALM chairman
- subilramine

Stuck here too. Passwords all no good. Back at the big house looking around.

tried that

Hey guys. live game?

welcome to the hell that is proof 2

this one's a real stinker

I second that kaboom

Oh I know... I've been stuck for about an hour or more... I've been reading everyone's posts and just realized I caught a live game.

help us out Jaleesa

LOL kaboom...tis true jaleesa...this is a tough one...kaboom, brad, henrique and I have been at this a while. Welcome!

I notice that there are a lot of clickable doors and drawers, but the keys havent worked for any of them. Not the icepick either.

you usually whip through these Brad

which drawers eleni? which room?

This one has me baffled

I can't find the white coat, can anyone help me?

office in med building

white coat on top of the binders, sorry, I'm way behind, very difficult game....

ugh. this game really is hell.

Kaboom, I think I have tried all the drawers and cabinets. But I mean there is a clacking sound when you click on the drawers in the house, the armoir in the bedroom, the cabinets in the bathroom. I have tried the keys and the icepick...even the credit card, in case its like a lock-picking thing.
Also, remember where we found the mask outside the first room? Well, there was a clickable door to the right of the building.

Hey, could the buildings on map be letters? hmmmmm

can anyone do a partial walkthru? I'm lost with all the previous posts......

just a thought....

stuck. =[

Thanks eleni, my sound is turned down.

Brad, notice how the cursor cahanges to a hand over certain buildings-you may be right.

headed to ALM. now that I have the invitation from the house.

Nop... still nothing. I have only one view on the frat and another on the med center and there's nothing there!! :( My game came without the coat.

No go. why can we see but not get into certain buildings?

it's in the office of the baymed medical center. on top of a circular shelf with colored binders.

@Jaleesa, sometimes you have to be wearing the mask or the white coat. need to put it in the use box on top right corner.

there doesnt seem to be a way to "use" the invite.

brad, i think you might be onto something...I feel like there is something to do with the greek letters. and i can read/speak greek, so hope i can help.

anybody been able to enter ALM building?

Found second key in medical center office (2nd office) right in front of computer.

Help!!! I can't get out of the bedroom (the one with the double garage). There's no arrow or 'BACK'....

Ohhh now I found it!!! Thanks Brad, Greenmama and Kaboom!! I was missing that view of the office (and I had clicked everywhere!!). I found it thanks to you. And now I finally know what you mean with all that of the password!!

sbias2, that key goes to the big house door.

greenmama, sorry about not being able to post a partial walkthrough...this one has been so tough...and i couldnt begin to retrace our steps. we have been at this a loooong time!

@Jaleesa - not me

@eleni - the top left four buildings turn the cursor to a finger

Foun the PW in another site. Who wants to know?
Do I post it?

oh please oh please!


atention!!! Big Spoiler


Still stuck.
I think I only hear talking (almost like a speech) when I'm outside the med center. A guy who repeats his name (although it's inaudible for me). I dont know if that means anything to anyone.

Thanks Henrique! Are they working on this at Nordhino?

Found it in a turkish site

Okay... printed the email.

stuck again though.

wish i knew turkish :-(

LOL me too!!

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