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June 30, 2009

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The Tower of Eternity 8F Walkthrough

The Tower of Eternity 8F

The Tower of Eternity 8 F is the sequel to The Tower of Eternity 1F point and click type escape the room game by InfuoWEB. In this game, you are trapped in a room and you have to search around to find some clues and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Woo hoo!!! Brand new laptop starring! And becoming addicted to escape games, of course! I am back to rehab! Lol!

I can't find anything.

Hmmm. Just having trouble loading the game... My clicking finger is itchy!!!

POP, found and used card, got another code box.

Jacky, could you load the game from this page link?

Hi all, found id-card, paper # 2 and 3 thats all, no keys. Any1 further??

Found some paper too.

Hi Feline, yes I did, it was very strange, it was on 2 percent for ages and then just started very quickly.

found 2 pieces of paper and id card

found paper #1 in speaker or whatever it is so i have

7f I OU

Ahhh!!! My new laptop is eager to getting addicted to escape games, but it seems unwilling to open this one! Cries!!!

but the I looks like only half ao a letter...

My addiction needs to be fed!

i'm in the same spot as you sue

stuck... u got something Drama or Jacky??

@sue, judging for the other games of this series, you'll probably need more pieces of paper.

I'm stuck, hunting for more pieces of the code.

think the 1. key is in one of the code boxes...but have no idea yet...

Jacky, you're a wizard!!! It loaded! I'll try to catch up!

Another clue is in the drawer where a paper piece was found.

papers: speaker, on blue chair , bottom right of door where INFO is written on wall. Its hard to find the hot spots in these games....

OK, I found the IC Card in the INFO screen. And the 7f from the GAME screen.

thx Martin but i dont get it lol...

Martin :D, hi!!! Long time no see! Thanks for the tip on the drawer clue. I think it may have something to do with capital letters, right?

Paper door with an I

Hi Feline...yeah,

@Sue, In the drawer in the cabinet (PC?) next to the TV

going in circles

yes Martin ty :-) but i meant i dont understand yet the clue

my finger is click sore

Does anyone know how to make your windows show side by side on the bottom of the laptop screen (on the task bar, is it called that?)?
Mine are all in one single square and I have to click it then select which window I want to enlarge and it takes longer and harder to post and play at the same time.

Martin :D, that one I don't know yet: LTNS. What does it mean? (If it's OK for you to write it, lol!)

I only find 7f I ou these three can I get the last paper?

The code for the first box is the number of letters for the words written on the walls...


Ha ha, you lot are a scream, Martin was only copying what you said Feline.

cool iLogos, thx, found knife

OK, let's share, shall we? I have three pieces of paper ("I", "ou" and "7f") and the IC Card (used on top code box to open t up). Plus, there's the "EsCaPe=" clue in the drawer(?).
Has anyone gotten any further?

The word Info on the wall looks like 7 I ou....

It's a knife! Where are the keys?

use knife on o in info

Jacky, do you mean I was so dumb I didn't notice LTNS meant "long time no see"? Lol! I really didn't!!! Is that it? Ha, ha, ha!!! I'll laugh at myself for a whole week!

Green knife on D

super Drama, now green knife - i bet for green key :D

red knife on 'O', green knife on 'D' in dasyutu, yellow on 'W' in web

help me,I can't find the paper 4,where is it?

foiled again another code box!

Sorry for laughing at you, please don't take offence, it's only recently I discovered text speak myself.

@ glynhappy, noone has it :-)

Jacky, no need to apologize! I am really laughing at myself here! I don't get offended by anything on this planet, don't worry!

in the red key drawer there's a clue on the wall --

So, are we all stuck at the two code boxes?

lol...Feline! I didn't read your question to me...

DramaJax, isn't this clue the same we used to open the first code box? Hmmm...

lol yeah -- makes me more lost than i already am lol :-)

Martin :D, I've been out for sooo long that I need to catch up on web slangs and such too!

When you open some of the drawers you can see the tops of letters(?) Red herring? IDK (I Don't Know, Feline)

Martin, the tops of the letters point out where to find the next knife.

we all still stuck?


Lol, Martin! I appreciate your patience! And @triturus is right: the top of the letters point out to where the keys are (although I don't know where the clue to the "o" from Info was).

Maybe EsCaPe=7443? Both are clues from the drawers... but I can't make head or tail out of it...

Thanhs Triturus...That would have been easier than clicking everywhere like a madman.

Boy, I'm having a lot of trouble adapting to my new laptop! I wish my old one was still at one single piece...

hi feline, how does it feels to be alive again!!!

you do have the pieces?

@alkmar!!! I got your screwdriver and broke free from my webless prision! Thank you!!! :D :D :D

Alright -- it's my bedtime (yes it's 4:45 in the morning where i am) i'll check back later to see how you all did! It's been fun!

Stumped! I hope the colleges/universities these days have classes on Japanese game playing. I wish mine did. ;)

And it feels great to be alive, thanks for asking! (I'm still pinching myself to see if this is a dream or not...)

@feline, I was just thinking for the screwdriver, you can keep it, I found another one!see you! I am in the thinny box

DramaJax, we'll miss being stuck with you. Nighty, night. :)

@feline....please write a walkthrough again.....I want to laugh this morning!lol

@alkmar, "thinny box"? What's that? I'll frame your screwdriver and exhibit it in my living room with the legend: I've survived over a month without internet and without escape games!

Can somebody tell me where the ID-Card is?

@alkmar, lol! I think I'll need a lot of practice in escaping rooms before I can write a walkthrough again. I'm kind of out of shape, you know...

Houtaru, it's an IC Card, and as far as I remember, it was in the box on the screen with Info written on the wall. Under some paper squares in that box.

What is the password for the tiny box alkmar?

Houtaru, lol! Of course it's an ID card, but the game says it's an IC card, so...

Connect all letters on the wall. It's the final password.

Hey Alkmar,waar kom jij vandaan? Alkmaar?

Thank you feline, i swear that i've clicked there a thousand time before...*lol*

7443 is the code for the code box on the right by the "front" door as said above.

@alkmar, have you opened any of the code boxes? Other than the one that requires the card, I mean?

Xenon, hi!!! Happy to see you! But there are two boxes that require a code (I'm not counting the one that requires the card). So do they both take the same code?

LTNS! feline :)
You mean EsCaPe=DaSyUtU ?

dasyutu is escape in Japanese. (but author misspelled :-p)

Lol, Xenon. Something like that, but I meant when typing the code on the box (of course I still don't understand what the code is, but this is due to my lack of practice on escaping-over a month without internet!).

Thanks Xenon ; )

The password for the box by the IC card box is DaSyUtU.

Dark end...

Xenon, so we have to take a course in Japanese! Lol! Hmmm... I wonder why I didn't do that while I was unable to play...
So, you mean we must type Dasyutu? Or not? What about the two boxes? There are two boxes unopened. Are there different endings (like the other games from this series)?

Do the papers somehow spell out 7 four 4 III (7443) ? But the 'I' doesn't make sense.

The cards put together say 7four4III, or 7443 again.

Xenon, poor lad! I'm bombing you with questions! Sorry! I'm sooo anxious and happy at the same time!

so, what are the paper pieces really for?

Is there a 5th paper?

Sable, I think the I from last paper is actually the third roman 1 for the roman 3.

Upper case and lower case are distinguished.
So you have to type "DaSyUtU".

"to be continued..." is Good Ending in this game.

Did that make sense? Maybe not...

How to open the drawer(EsCaPe)?

Thanks again the good end

Feline, you are a genius! I was following order of papers. Thanks!

Xenon, yes, that's what I thought - that it made a difference how you typed the letters. But I am still stuck here, so please don't leave yet! Please, please?

@ lotus hahaha ik kom niet uit alkmaar.( woon er wel vlakbij)

Sable, if I'm a genius please tell my brain that! I'm still stuck! How do I open the last code box, please!

So code to box in yellow key drawer is ???? I'm lost. Tried DaSyUtU & 4773. No luck. Spelled out like on papers too. Hmmm.

Sable, see #78

LOL - Feline you are too funny! I don't know why I torture myself with these games!

How to open the drawer(that is where write EsCaPe)?

I used DaSyUtU to open the left code box in first screen, but I can't open the one in the drawer... Someone, please, tell my brain to work!

In the drawer with the red key there is a clue "7443=".
Pay attention to the number of letters on the wall.
7=Dasyutu 4=Game ...
and see comment #78 :)

Thanks Martin! I tried that but nothing worked. Will try again.

@brain to!!! feline brain go to work!!!

Feline try :DasyutuGameInfoWEB

i did it! I'm out!!! Comment #78 is the key :) Thanks everyone! Now I can sleep!

Thanks Xenon, OUT.

Left hand box on Blue table = #88
Yellow key drawer code = #78

thx tosca....I escape this room

but I have a to open the drawer where writes EsCaPe?

Xenon, many thanks! After bumping my head on the wall 37 times, I finally decided to start from the start and it worked! I said I was out of escaping shape, didn't I?

@alkmar, thanks for the brain waves! It was like starting a car with another car's battery! Lol!

@feline congrat you are back again!

@feline how is your head? wasnt it better to bump 36 times?

Xenon, I think we all got confused because there were lots of 7443 on this game. Thanks again for your patience! Hugs!

Congrats feline!

got dark end...after get the blue key. What am i doing wrong?

@alkmar, my head is fine, since it seems to be empty! Was I supposed to get the Dark End? I don't think so... What did I do wrong?

@Joao...more than one letter matches the clue.

Xenon, thanks! I think I got a "bad" end, but at least it was one end! After sooo long without even a start! Lol!

Click the right u and get the blue key....You will get good end

oh..wrong letter then

In this game you have to find clues before entering the code:-P Maybe you missed something if you got the Dark End.

Lol! I replayed and got the "good" end! I had forgotten this game prevents you from using items twice, so I had to replay to get the other blue key. (And its trial and error to check which blue key is the "good" one, so I have this excuse!)

Xenon, I searched the wrong "u". Lol! I'm sooo happy to be able to play and be stupid and lousy at doing it! I had never been so happy for being dumb before! Lol!

Feline, the 'spikey' blue key always seems to mean you are going out the door to the Dark

Martin, I forgot! But would do no good remembering it because after you get the key you can't use your knife again. Demanding game! Thanks for the tip, though, I'll save it for the next one of this series! (If my two brain cells can remember it...)

wow this one was REALLY hard compared to the last few... i needed so much help it wasnt funny lol.

places i got stuck and needed to look up the answer:

1- the password "DaSyUtU" (i didnt know this is the japanese word for escape, woulda helped me understand that clue in the drawer!)

2- i didnt know where to use the knife i was clikcing like mad and my finger was getting sore, i eventually looked here and found out to click the o in info. it was then i realized the engraving in the knife box wasa hint! so the next 2 keys were easy for me to get.

3- the 3rd and final place i was stuck was at the end, i didnt know how to solve that "7443=?", found the answer here :/

this one was so hard, compared to the last 3 floors, damn lol. wonder if 9f is easier. so far floors 1 4 and 8 have given me the most trouble.

working link:

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