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Cover Front 3

Cover Front Episode 3 - Night in Zurich is third episode of Covert Front 1 point and click game by PastelGames, the creator of Submachine games and Daymare Town 1 game. Our top secret agent Kara finds herself in a train station in Zurich with new orders - to apprehend the mysterious scientist Karl von Toten. But who is that watching her from across the station? Kara will have to use all of her cunning to bring in the rogue scientist and avoid meeting a grim end herself. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Xenon]

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my very first 'live' game.....here goes and good luck to all...

now that I have my ticket to Vienna, where is the train, how do I take it??

here with you bubkiwi. let's do this

Hi all...

still downloading..been 5 mins so far, long way to australia lol

I have a newspaper, wallet, letter, ticket to Vienna.. and I am stuck


Got a camera and photos from the locker.

Hi Martin.....still trying to find the locker room...having a bit of a brain fade...


Hi Martin!

was it locker 24? or which locker?
I am stuck at the lockers

cant get into locker

me either...hmm what now..

Hi Red, Myrie...why is Elveron shouting?

Locker, think roman.

oh. okay.. Roman numerals... ty

Maybe EIV doesnt know etiquette!! Still cant find the locker room!

Locker room is through the lounge.

Thanks Martin...see my comment to you in cbox..

Martin, am I looking at the initials at end of letter or the Field agents id?? or did I miss a clue for the number of the locker or the code.. which is which?

New game by Mateusz Skutnik...yay!

stuck at lockers too..

...hi all!

hi ginger

still live ???

yes...we are also chatting in cbox

bought swiss army knife and used it to open a window in right toilet cubicle.

So what do I do at the front desk where the clerks ask me how he may help me?

which room do I buy a key for 12 or 14?

click the arrows and take a key i would tell u which one but u can go back to counter to exchange keys so ill let u do on own

+still live?

I can't figure out locker code thingie...hint please ??

locker102 code2340


Thanks Martin. I am exploring room 13 now.. that phone call did wonders for room 14...lol

Mister Jekyl, how'd you figure out that it's locker 102?

Myrie, read the documents in your inventory...once you open them, you can scroll through them with arrows left and right, and up and down...you'll also find the room number then, I think.

Has anyone gotten into the library yet?

at the end of document says CII which in roman num is 102 i dont know how got code and right now im stuck outside damn library and cant get in

Use the newspaper on the left door of the library and break the glass.

Yiha! In room 13 now...

room 13?

Youcef enter room 14 and through that one you get 13

whoo hoo chapter 4

got # in bible in room14, entered it in phone... but nothing happened!!

I'm stuck at the hotel now...checked out room 13, got my alias there and saw a map of the old town and the library, but have nowhere to go outside...when I want to go to the old town, it says: 'no reason to go there', and at the other road back to the railway station it says: 'too risky'. Apparently I still have business to do at the hotel, but what?

hello guys i am a late comer i am in room 14 now

youcef u have to take the phone out off the hook... did anyone help me on the codename thing... :)

hmm Youcef,
after you put number from bible into phone, dial and so on, you back up and the wardrobe should open up

i´m new here
and this is my first livegame

please help me
i´m stuck with the knife and the window (which window???)

Angelica, on the chatbox there is more help..
Someone helped me with the code.. it is on your many, many letters, that are in your inventory..
look at where it says Field Agent and then look at the letter and numbers that follow.. that is what you click on to the strange box

u go at the 1st left door where the 2 ladies sitting down for a coffee or so , and theres a door there go in and go to the washroom and its 3 door look up ...to calla

Calla, the window in the bathroom stalls.. the one on the right side toilet.. go into toilet stall click up like to flush toilet..


whoo hoo chapter 5

Angelica & Myrie thank you very much :)

Okay now, I used my lever in room 13, and heard a sound of something opening...but where?

same here ginger

where do the rods go?


in the chips in wall

hint for codename in r#13?

Ebruli, you're stuck in the hotel too?

Myrie, where are you, in the game I mean lol?

youcef read the top of doc for code m 24 etc

which chips and which number rod goes into the chips in the wall?

Youcef, just pull the levers down, and the codename will reveal itself...don't know if that's right, but it's what I did...

doesnt matter croc put all 4 in back off click the area and cut scene

yes ginger i just went down to the receptionist
and said i wanted to switch rooms
and bought the key for 12

have you tried that?

nothing in 12

ginger, I need help to get to the library

left door smash window with newspaper

Angelica??? did you manage with the codebox?

Mister Jekyl, how to leave the hotel? Pleez help...

Ginger, are you here still?

Yes Ebruli, I switched rooms several times lol...but couldn't find a clue in room 12, and no way out...am I overlooking something?

@mister_jekyl said...

"youcef read the top of doc for code m 24 etc"
thnx... but dont get it o_O

just exit out i think ging if not tell me where you are anfd what youve done there

youcel what code box are you at

Ginger? do you know how to get to the library?

Yes Myrie, I'm where you are...stuck in the hotel...been asking how to leave for over 15 minutes now...no answers yet though lol

still looking for a way :(

Somebody pleeez: how to get to the library? Myrie and Ebruli and me would like to go there...to educate ourselves lol...and to get the game going...


mister_jekyl: code box in r#13...
cant figure out the code from the 14 documents I have...
is there other documents to find?

LOL Ginger

Misterrr Jekylll...sos...sos...sos...lol

How to get to the library, pleez?

when you get out of the hotel and way your head down to the old town it says 'no reason to go there'

then we lack sth which creates the reason :D

no the docs are the papers not the photos and the code is " m 24 7 69

Youcef, open the bible in room 14, you'll find a note there...

what have u done in hotel ginger

look at the number following Intelligence Agency Headquarters
Field Agent M-

Misterrrr Jekyllll...sos...sos...sos...help...help...helpppp...pleez...pleez...pleezzz...lol

I get it now thnx a lot

i know myrie im completed game but thanx

i am stuck in the hotel :(

ill go and have some coffee böhü

ginger roon 14 bible get note go to phone set reciever on counter dial number on note (changes every game) enter wardrobe

Okay Mister Jekyl...found room 13, picked up a key and a lever, entered the alias, tried to open the cement door with my pocket knife lol, checked the paintings and that's it, I guess...but outside both roads are blocked...what did I miss (and the rest of us too...we're cueing up here lol).

So the question is: what else to do in the hotel before we're allowed to go to the library?

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that I put in the lever and pulled it...heard a sound of something opening, but can't find what...

good question... lol

and there is a logical contradiction

we wrote this M - 69 thing on that machine
we heard a door being opened
i cant find the door

if there is a door to be opened
why am i trying to leave here

if i am going to leave here
why a door opens

what is this machine for hehhee

get little key from right drawer and key from box turn enter code into macine turn back to doo put lil key in bottom hole on left of door and lever on top thing then pull lever down right

Ebruli, lol.

Mister Jekyl, our group has gotten bigger...there's four of us now wanting to go the library...please be our guide lol

turn lil key then turn back to machine u put code in and press button get paper

omg it worked! thanks jekyl:)

then leave hotel and go to town

yes am in chapter 3! thnk u

lets go yihhaaa

code?..press button, no paper..what lever????

Ahhh Mister Jekyl, now we're getting somewhere maybe...but whih door do you mean? Can't find bottom key hole anywhere?

Hey guys please wait for me! Where's the key hole lol?

ginger, there is sth like a lift in the hotel
it has three holes (it looks like buttons)
the hole in the bottom is for the small key like thing

drawer on right looks like a wind up doll key or a vending machine key

its not a key at the end.. its a lever!! put it on the triangle in the top

so i put the code into the thing in the secret room, wut i do now?

Yay Ebruli and Mister Jekyl: thanxxx! On to the library...finally lol

mister_jekyl: it seem that I must get a book from the library but dont know how to get the machine working

youcef if you mean the strange machine
there is sth among your papers that presents a clue about what to enter there

i have a book card with which i dont know what to do :D

bear with me making library walkthru almost done

I'm in the room with the Zurich Zeitungs...Kara doesn't know what to look for...and neither do I lol...

Pulled the fifth lever, but no hot spot...Ebruli?

Ebruli I mean the other machine that u can see in the center of books stands

where do u find the book card?

click door on left
use newspaper break window
click window
enter door
go right
use door in front of you
click to open gate and go in
click drawer get key
click desktop enter code from doc
(mine was 32158)
press button get paper
leave room
go right
into circular room
enter middle door
use key
read doc about book
"N" cases
"NE" for newton click drawer get card
go back to circular room
enter left door enter new card into machine
get book
flip thru book get picture look at pic
hover over red writing
read what it says at top of screen
enter right room now
pull lever with same name as photo
should be third lever from left
click papers'paper back up click paper on table
click photo of guy w/ briefcase
exit room click symbol on floor

finally chapter 4

am in chapter 5

wow hehe i just do not want to ask sth
maybe i bother sb playing or so

Mister Jekyll, awesome, thanx! In chapter 4 too now...

Ebruli, where are you? And Youcef? And Myrie...still around?

yes am out
thank you mister_jekyl for all the help u gave us

im here ginger, just trying to figure out about these gaps in the prison cell

there is sth about these gaps

after chapter 3 it become to easy... nice game, happy doing it with all of u

I'm gonna take a break...have breakfast and stuff. I just love this game! So much fun to play...could do this forever lol

Youcef, congrats! Or should I say: sorry for you you finished? Coz what to do next...lol

yeah congrats youcef! i am also so hungry
i can go on like this for days

take the rods from the bed (4 rods) and put them in holes

after u climb to hide, and just waiting for the guard

yes yes i just saw it

Thanx Youcef...gonna take a small break now...but nice to know what to do after that ;- }

have to go for now, good luck & see u around
PS: check the wheels before flying ;)

finally out :) good luck for all!

thanks youcef! i love pastel games really, see you around guys take care

slide left get newspaper from guy
get wallet and document from paper
slide right and exit train
go left
enter right door way
buy ticket
exit room and go all the way right till you see guard blocking door
go into right door
go right
locker 102
code 2340
take stuff from locker
go back to where bought ticket
other window is now open
buy knife
exit room
enter room below on left (the 2 women at table)
enter room on left
far right stall
click top of screen use knife on window
click window
take key to 14
get paper from bible
read it should be 5 digit number (number changes every game)
go to phone
set reciever on counter dial 5 digit number \
secret door in closet opens
enter secret room (room 13)
click drawing on wall
get key from box
get lil key from right drawer of desk
go right
click machine
enter code M 24 7 69
turn around place lil key in bottom hole
of switch on left of door
twist it
put other key on top of switch (it actualy a lever
click lever down to the right
turn back to machine
click button
get paper
leave hotel
go down street to library
click door on left
use newspaper break window
click window
enter door
go right
use door in front of you
click to open gate and go in
click drawer get key
click desktop enter code from doc
(mine was 32158)
press button get paper
leave room
go right
into circular room
enter middle door
use key
read doc about book
"N" cases
"NE" for newton click drawer get card
go back to circular room
enter left door enter new card into machine
get book
flip thru book get picture look at pic
hover over red writing
read what it says at top of screen
enter right room now
pull lever with same name as photo
should be third lever from left
click papers'paper back up click paper on table
click photo of guy w/ briefcase
exit room click symbol on floor
click guard
break off four bars of bed
one by hand the others u need to use bars to get
get note on window
stick bed bars into holes in paint on wall
back up click circleish area above bars
and on to level 5
click house
click door
(standing in front)
click right side
you will enter house
pull levers
exit house
click plane
click wheels
remove chaulks (the things under the wheels)
click cockpit
slide switch to the right
click middle of plane spin propeller
climb back into cockpit pull lever and take off


walkthru by mister_samson_jekyl

I thank you mister_samson_jekyl for walkth.!

i tried everything in room 14.
what do you mean with "put the receiver"??? i have not such a thing.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I have been waiting for part 3 forever! Yay! Hope it won't be years before we see part 4....

Eeee! I loved the first two, can't believe we get more! *stretches* Alright, let's hope I don't suck at it...

Okay, I *really, really* don't get it...I see the CII at the bottom of the page translating to locker 102, but I must be really dense for the code. M-24-7-69...M is 1000 in roman numerals, and subtracting the following numbers just gives 900. So it's probably not subtracting...I just don't see at all how they come together for 2340! Please, somebody spell it out for me--this is going to really bug me!

How did ya'll figure out 2340? I can't see where that is anywhere!

left to the ticket office there is a time table for trains there is wien => vienna and the number 23:40

Nevermind, gotta' love that chat box in the corner, someone told me about the flight departures. Wien is Vienna (German).

I cannot get plane to start! Where on propeller? Should it start spinnning? Please, I want to fly!

eureka! I was clicking the wrong propeller.

finally!!!!ive been waiting for this game,
ive played both cover front 1 and 2
anyway hope the continue story is good^_^

Great game, Thanks for the help mister_jekyl (great walkthru) Thanks Shuchun

please! i am really stuck in the room, i do not understand what's wrong! my note said 95164, what i did on the phone but nothing appened !!!???

i am so sad... :(

never mind! i di it, but simply we must put the receiver on the table... i just clicked on it !!!

Help. Where in the wall do I put the bars. Have tried all walls including the one with the crackes.

Watch the intro..
Train Station:
1.Get the newspaper,Go to your inventory and click the newspaper.
2.The newspaper will then open,get the wallet and the document,go to the right and click the handle of door(on the right side).
3.Go to the left,and then to the door above,click the window with the word saying:"fahrkrarten" and buy a ticket to vienna(the center ticket is the one).
4.Then go outside and back to the man with 2 bags,go to the door behind him,and then to the lounge.
5.Go to the door on the right,and then move right again,click the 6th locker on top and press these numbers:2340,and move the button to the right(the one with the line).
6.When it has opened,get everything in it,then go back to the man with 2 bags.
7.Go to the leftside,click the door on the top,the go to the other window with a name:Souvenirladen and buy the swiss army knife and a postcard from Zurich.
8.Go out and the to the door below the other door,its the dining room.
9.Go the door near the table,and then to the door with a white color,then go to the third door in the bathroom.
10.Then click above,use the swiss army knife to open those brown colored thingies,when it has opened press the window and watch a little cut video.

1.Click the door,go to the guy and click him again to talk to him,She will ask for room 13 but they will only have 12 and 14.
2.He will show you the keys of room 12 and 14,buy the 14th key,go upstairs then to the 14th room(you will see the 13th room is covered).
3.Use the key in your inventory to open the 14th room, it will open,click the book and move it until you see a small paper.
4.Click the telephone behind the cabinet,read the document in your inventory it shows numbers,click the phone(the one on top)and move it the right side then click the numbers in your document.
5.With this,it will open the third room,go to the cabinet and open the right side.
6.Now open the box and click it again to go close to it,then you will see a key(lever),get it,then zoom out from the box.
7.Click the little drawer on the right(the little one on the right),then click it again to zoom in,click the gold thingy and zoom out.
8.Move to the right,and again,then put the gold thingy on the hole(the one with the buttons,there is a hole there),then put the key(lever) you got from the box to the top of it.
9.Then click the lever and then the gold thingy and press the lever again,then go to the left side,press the box with the brown color thingy then click these words:m24769.
10.Zoom out and then press the button seen on the brown color thingy,it will show a paper,click the paper,go out from the cabinet and go out from your room too. 11.Go downstairs and out to the hotel,then click the old town.

Libray: 1.Click the wooden door with a window,click and hold the newspaper to the window,she will smash the window to pieces.
2.Click the broken window and she will let her hand in,and open the wooden door,now click the handle of the wooden door.
3.You will then enter the library,go to the right,go to the door in front of you,click that silver thingy on the wooden fence(i think thats what its called).
4.Open the drawer,zoom out,get the key,click the silver box,read your document and read the numbers where theres a word called I.D.,press those numbers in the silver box then press the big button.
5.When you pressed the button,it will let a paper go out,get it,click the wall to the right,then move your mouse in front and click it.
6.Click the 2nd door,then use the key you got from the drawer to open the door,go in,press the drawer with a letter n.
7.Click the drawer with an "ne" word for newton,it will then open ,move yout mouse to the papers,when a paper goes out,you get it(its a book card).
8.Now go back with the 3 doors,go to the 1st door,press the silver thingy on the fence again,then zoom to that square thingy.
9.Then get your book card from your inventory,put the book card in the line thingy,then press the big button,it shows a little cut video(the cut video is about a machine getting the book from the book card). 10.After the cut video,get the newton book,click the pages until you see the picture,go back to the 3 doors,and go to the 3rd door.
11.Zoom to the silver box with circle levers,click the third circle lever,it will bring down some newspapers, click it to zoom in,click the newspaper with this number:13/86.
12.Now press the newspaper on the table,click the picture on the right,it shows a picture of von toten(i think thats von toten,i just think,ok),anyway click the bag von toten is holding and watch a cut video,then go out from the room and click the symbol on the floor and watch another cut video.

1.Talk to the guy,go to the right twice,click the metal thingy from your bed,there's a burnt metal thingy,click it twice,after that someone puts a paper to the window, anyway keep clicking the metal thingy until it breaks,then when it does click it to get it.
2.Get the paper a guy just put on the window,read that paper,now use the metal thingy to break another metal thingy(the other one that will break is the on above you pillow),and break the other one with metal thingy you just broke,break all of them.
3.Now go to the broken walls,the red ones,put all the metal thngies in the holes of broken walls,then press circle above the metal thingies and watch a cut video.

The airfield: 1.Click the house to zoom in,click the plane to zoom in to the plane,then click the wheels and remove the 3 wood blocking it,then go back,click the door to zoom in again,then go inside by clicking the black thing at the side of the house. 2.Click the 2 levers in front of you twice,then click the chair to get out,then zoom in the plane,and click the ending of the plane,then turn the turny thing many times,then go to the front,then turn it again,it will then turn and will never stop,then go to the front,and pull the lever,watch the cut video. Then wait again for the cover front 4^_^

Well that was easy wasn't it^^
anyway if you didnt understand coz of my poor english just go to these websites:
remember to go to the first website before the second one^^

This game is so awesome.

Out with only a COUPLE of clues to help me out! hahaha, I'm getting better at this. :)

I can't wait for Covert 4! Thanks Shuchun!!! :) I love the longer adventure...

Out without any help at all! Another great game from Skutnik and Pastelgames.

that was such an amazing game!!!!!! thank so much to skutnik, my most favorite game designer ever!!!!!

hello i m stuck at library chapter i ve got the girl with the introduction chapter 3 the library some criket sounds but nothing else something wrong with the game? i retry three times from the begining and always stuck at the library chapter introduction.

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