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Escape the Mansion

Escape the Mansion is a new, scary point and click type escape the room game from CodinSoft. You woke up in a strange place, unbeknownst who or what brought you there. You can’t believe it but this is not just a bad dream. This place feels evil and creepy… You know you have to get outta here as fast as possible! Good luck and have fun!

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new game!

found glass splinter, note and voodoo doll

still loading...

I hate to say it but I am already stuck

Found splinter, note and iron key.

new game!!!

oh that looks creepy....

ok,, found the screwdriver

can I play with u?

glass splinter on the bucket!

where was the key and the screwdriver?

jump right in anywheres

hehe,, was teasing about the screwdriver

Mmm not funny...lol

key is in painting. just clicked like crazy.

well pfft then PBM lol

i can't get out from the room view!

Where is the voodoo doll?

What do you do with the voodoo doll?

guess I found out lol

to get the key just click the picture and wait

Hello everybody !

voodoo doll in hidden niche up and to the right of the painting near the roof

Thanks for the key!

Yes! in the hallway!

Ahh.nothing happens with the picture...

i didn't find the key! :( I've zoom on picture and clicked like a crazy and nothing! :(

hmmmm, what do you do in the bathroom?

Just wait at picture. Key will show up.

click near the top left corner, that worked for me

gost wont let me move ??

In bathroom got towel. Stuck now.

there is a key in the vase in the corridor

i've found voodo doll at right corner of the ceiling! But i didn't find the key, yet! :(

read the note first

towel used on stairs now stuck

How did you get a key from the vase?

key in vase? it tells me the vase is empty

i used the towel as a replacement for the stairs, but i need something else?

STARE at the pic to get key for like a min

i wait and wait and wait...still no key...the picture with the horse and the sceleton....is it the right picture?

already in my pants lol

I clicked a lot at the picture with the horse and then the key appeared. Someone got a key from the vase???

hey youcef, i just saw that too!!!

at the toilet!

I'm the same with Maggie77, i still waiting and nothing happen'!

Ahhhrrrggg still no key from picture...what did i wrong??

the key is in the vase but ugh have to get bloody first to get it. yuck.

anyone know the code?

larue: nice playing with u.. any success?

im locked in a star room

got skeleton arm from floor

muse: what must get bloody?

Ah not funny...bevor you get the key...use glass thing with pillow on bed...then key appears...lol

clatu verata nictu
Words used(sort of) by the main character(Ash) in "Army of Darkness".

youcef: you must. where is there blood? keep clicking

i'm staring the picture for ages, i just saw the horse going into the montain!!! lololololol

locked in star room, with skeleton arm-- I think used with the code found in the necronomicon... or that with the voodoo doll...?

ok now in the star-room...

code worked, thank you Megi

Now out of room...


look at the book and push the symbols. then voodoo doll on pentagram

After code, you are in dark room. You see a vague light square. It is the light switch.

and now I'm going sleep, good night

Good night MegiPoland!

good night megi...sleep well

MegiPoland good night and thnx for the post & help

night megi

ok code finally work...thanks megi..and now?
@ljnp...how to get in dark room?

Use skeleton arm with the towel to get downstairs.

Ahh..thanks ljnp...

You're welcome!

ups...out...that was faster then thought...lol

hi all...just gonna start this game will prob need all this help lol

My game keeps getting blocked by an ad. Is anyone else having this problem?

I'm having that problem, daphne. I'll gather the comments to make a walkthrough, and find an alternate link.

Got it! Thank you Kongregate!


i'm lost. i'm in the hall. i have the towel. what do i do now?

kat u have to go into bathroom and touch the blood then go back to hall and click vase u should get a golden key for room on rite

Thank you, Hoshi!

i'm confused about the vase. there is a table with a lamp on it. where is the vase?

1-Get GLASS SPLINTER from waste receptacle. Use it on the pillow. How do you put notes in pillows? Maybe send it into Mythbusters..
2-Read the note. A riddle? No, just click the painting until you hear 'gasp' and a key appears. Thanks, dead man!
3-Now pee before this happens, because if you've got the sound cranked high, you will have to avoid leaking lubricants on yourself. At least it wasn't a screamer..
4-In the upper-right corner of the room there is a niche. Click it, use the VOODOO DOLL on the ghost. I would explain what voodoo really is..but I won't.
5-Use the key on the door twice.
6-Go into the tiled bathroom. You can stick your hand in the bloodied sink if you keep clicking.
7-You hear a weird sound. Grab the towel.
8-Leave the room. Click on the far right door and hear some weird growling sound just for kicks.
9-Grab the key from the vase(it's hard to see)
10- Use it on the non-growly door.
11-A pentagram! The syllables..Klaatu Barada Nicto? Gotta say it right!! The book says it as Verada, though..
12-A book bound in human skin? The Necromicon? Where are you, Lovecraft? Where are you, Cthulu?
13-Well, they read it as Kla-Atu Ver-Ada Nic-Tu. Use the voodoo doll in the center..
14-Use the towel where it says 'Stairs?' Then use the skeletal arm.
15-There is a lightswitch. Go use it.
16-Click the left window.
17-Under the left window is a board. Click it.
18-Let's go out the door!

The vase is on another table, the other side of the lamp-table. Kinda hard to see, so look at the text.

I figured out you need to put your hand in the blood first.

thanks for the help. i couldn't see the vase at all!

i keep getting some Travin game

i thing someone bugged the game

It's the board under the right window that you should click, not left. :)

gosh, the ghost actually scared me!

       Anonymous  7/19/09, 12:58 PM  

Wait...why can't I use the voodoo on the pentagram? I clicked the symbols right...

       Anonymous  7/19/09, 1:02 PM  

haha just kidding figured it out

hi all

could someone tell me if there is another link to play this game because the two links given won't work for me.


       Anonymous  7/21/09, 6:05 PM  

if u get the ads then go to the gray bar. there are three words on the bar. click the one on the far right. that should close the ad.

       Anonymous  7/21/09, 6:10 PM  

thanx guys for the help. i was a couple weeks late to the party i see. haha

Klaatu barada nikto is from the film the day the earth stood still(the original 1951)since then it has been used and altered in many things.Army of darkness is one of them.


Im In The Room With The Symbols And I Have Pushed The Correct Buttons On The Circle But When I Click To Leave The Room It Says Something Is Blocking It Help !!

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