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July 22, 2009

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Find the Numbers Challenge 24 Walkthrough

Find the Numbers Challenge 24

Find the Numbers Challenge - 24 is another new Find the Number Challenge point and click type hidden object game from "Analyze your power of observation by finding out the numbers which are in various forms. For each accurate click,score will get increased and for wrong click,score will get reduced. Try to find out the numbers within given duration." Good luck and have fun!

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yay, new game! let's go and find some numbers out there...

Here we go!

cant find 16

3 in lvl 1 is really hard to see, it's in the orange fruits on the right side

I'm stuck on 16 as well...

I need 7 and 16 in lvl 1 any help

where is 1,7,and 9?

7 is part of the metal bars on the first fruit stand. It's to the right side of the red fruit.

thanks carolina

16 is on the left bottom side corner of the aliens vs. monsters poster!

@ Carolina thank you

missing 12 on lvl 2

found 16 on blue sign above door

looking for 13 and 22

12 in lvl 2 is right below the big sign in white.

2 and 17 on lvl 2???

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 7:21 AM  

lvl 2: Did anyone find the 17?

now I need to find 5 on level 1.

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 7:22 AM  

2 in lvl 2 is at the very left near the apples

i need 8 and 17

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 7:23 AM  

17 in lvl 2 is on the tomatoes

Carolina the sign with the pineapple? below i only see 21


above the's very small.

nvm.. found it :)

13 is on the box of green fruit. Bottom right hand side of screen.

I need a few....3,7,16,22 & 24! :oD

Missing 8 and 15 on lvl 3...anyone?

3,7 & 16 left now...anyone around to help? How many levels are there??

Nevermind, found 8 to the left of the red crate on the sidewalk.

15 in front of purple pot on left

i love these games

i need 11 on lvl 3 pleaseif anyones found it

got it! Thanks ammo!

I think 11 was on the canoe...the wooden things that go across.

never mind i found it on the boat to the left hand side of the screen

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 7:33 AM  

lvl 3: 3 is on the stones of the floor, 7 is shortly above the water at the border

Do anyone find 2, 5, 21?

missing 2, 5, 17 and 23 on lvl 3

missing 1 and 8 on lvl 2.

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 7:35 AM  

lvl 3: 2 is one the wooden box

only 2 and 5... anyone?

ty Estelle. missing 5

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 7:40 AM  

lvl 3: 5 is at the very left on the wooden wall of the house right from the other number, 2 is on the right wooden box, the one below the other box

cant see 5 Estelle is it next to 13?

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 7:44 AM  

sorry, way behind,
but no 10 and 24 on level 1?

ok where is 1 on lvl 2.

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 7:50 AM  

Where is 5...I didn't understand your directions Estelle.

cant see it as well

1 on lvl 2? I might just have bad eyes but I cant find it.

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 7:56 AM  

Still can´t find no 10 on level 1.
Can´t you help me, I´m going crrrrazy

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 7:57 AM  

nevermind, found it at last.... pew

I think 10 was on a sign? like an 10th aniversery but i might be wrong.

10 lvl 1 on lower prices sign

Lvl 1 #10 is right above "lower prices"

where is 5 on lvl3??

hello i'm new here, can anyone help me find 17,20,21,23,24 in level 3

Can anyone help me with 5 on Lv. 3?

17 is on the gray tarp towards the right side (very hidden)

20 is on a tomato box under 17

where is 1 on lvl 2!!

21 is on a box under the green tarp

Joao, 5 is in top left corner, in the stuff th'at looks like eggs

5 on lvl 3 above different colored cups in food bin

24 is on the dock

20 on yellow box
21 on white box
23 on pineapple

found 21 thanks

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 8:06 AM  

#1 on level 2 is on the right side with the bananas near the tomatoes.

still can't find #5 on level 3 >.<

finally out!! thanks lola

thanks all for your help, still missing 17

did it finally out thanks

thankyou spidermoon7.

hello all. for some reason i'm struggling with this one after i went and played curry room. i'm still looking for 4 and 17 on level 1!!! any help? i'm sure they are obvious ones since no one has asked for help finding them.

17 is on the small blackboard in the back on the right hand side.

4 was on yellow box on the left K4.

where is 2 and 6 on lvl 3?

now just 6.

4 lvl 1 right of 18 and 17 under lower prices sign in black hard to see

can someone tell me where 6 is in lvl 3.

still looking for 8 on level 2.

oh god lord. its on the sign. its says 8uy instead of Buy.

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 8:32 AM  

please help with #3 and #22 on level one

6 on lvl 3 is on red box on top of yellow box

Level 3, where is 14

i think 3 on lvl 1 is under lower prices sign in the orange fruit bin

22 lvl 1 is above lower prices sign top left of light

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 8:40 AM  

went back thru the feeds and found #3 thanks ..still cant find #22 on level one ???

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 8:42 AM  

OMGOSH thank you LOLA!

your welcome

14 lvl 3 in purple awning

22 on lv 3 anyone?

Found it - on purple tarpoline!

cant find 1 and 24 in lvl 1. can anybody help?

1 is on poster 1st july and 24 on grey ceiling beam left of country western poster.

thx, now I just need 24 in the second lvl.

jej, found it in a tree.

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 9:29 AM  

need 5, 8 and 17 on lvl 2 :/ help, anyone?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hey all,
can't find #12 lvl 2. Help, anyone?

1 in 1st of dance troupe sign
2 on floor
3 sideways brown number in the oranges on the right side
4 in K4 between 18 and 20
5 in 5th year on poster on right side
6 on left Quizno’s sign (white number)
7 gray bar of left fruit stand
8 right wall
9 in casa neon sign
10 red numbers on black Quizno’s advertisement
11 right purple poster
12 white numbers on red poster
13 on fruit container below green apples
14 front black fruit price sign
15 above apricot sign with the 18
16 below the vs on Monsters vs Aliens poster
17 rear black fruit price sign on right side (towards 21)
18 apricot sale sign
19 above black Quizno’s sign
20 on brown crate (to right of 18)
21 below Quizno’s sign
22 on column (above and left of the 5)
23 on gray crate in back
24 to the right of 12 on back wall
25 on ceiling rafter

       Anonymous  7/22/09, 9:34 AM  

can't find 17.. find 14 and 18.. 16 is on the wood panelling under the purple vegetables.

#12 lvl 2 is above 21. kinda small.

#5 lvl 2: front basket with green grapes.
#8 lvl 2: On the board with pineapple. "8uy our..."

@oakley: thanks! Was looking for it a loooong time :)

wow! level 3 is blinding!

i can't find 19 on lvl 3 to save my life!
btw, thank you for the walkthroughs kitkatfox - i always seem to miss the ones everyone else finds right away

thanks momoirotan for 16. @ Els...yw

hey oakley- just got your email a few days ago - my computer was dead for a few weeks :(((

Hi ya, zoz. Good to "see you". Found 19 lvl 3 on right side of box with cabbage?

level 2

1 between yellow fruit and tomatoes in right fruit stand
2 green rind of cut watermelons (at left near apples)
3 halfway up gray column
4 purple in green fruit stand
5 back left corner of grapes basket on ground
6 on ground next to gray column
7 in sign that says buy our “grosory”
8 in 8uy on sign that says buy our “grosory”
9 above orange peppers
10 near upper right corner
11 yellow vegetables in green fruit stand
12 in grass leaves below the 20
13 on awning
14 above left basket on ground
15 on ground between fruit stands
16 below eggplants
17 on red tomatoes
18 on green vegetables on left basket on ground (below 14)
19 inside tent opening
20 in sign that says buy our “grosory”
21 on ground by right grasses
22 in sign that says buy our “grosory”
23 purple numbers in upper left corner
24 in tree leaves between tent and column
25 on tent in white stripe

I'm missing almost everything on level 3. Have to wait for kitkafox!

ican help you with lvl 3, oakley.... but i still can't find 19!

zoz. Look below the gray tarp on right side of box with green and red stuff

These are not as easy as they were. Getting a bit sneaky, I think. Still very enjoyable, using everybody's brains. Thank you all.

got it!!! thank you! unfortunately, i'm now out so can't help much with lvl 3 unless i can remember it. I agree with slartismum 100%

i'm going to check out the Saloon Escape,
Bless You kitkatfox!!!

cant find 3, 5 and 18 on lv 2 can any 1 help?

sorry this took a while, I had to take a phone call and then couldn't find 24 on level 3!

level 3
1 bottom right of front boat (near the 4)
2 on bottom gray crate (below 10)
3 in rocks between the 20 and 10
4 on dock at bottom right corner
5 in brown and white box below purple tarp (white number)
6 on red box as blue number
7 on lower wall above purple bowl
8 in rocks to left of stacked red crates
9 on stacked red crates
10 white numbers on right gray crate
11 wood crossbeams of red boat
12 on white and orange pumpkin in front boat
13 on wood crates in left corner
14 in purple tarp
15 on ground below left buckets
16 in water next to red boat
17 tie downs of gray tarp
18 on back wall
19 to right of 9 on side of crate
20 on yellow box below the 6
21 on box above 10
22 in teal tarp
23 in pineapple leaves
24 on wood dock above red boat
25 in oranges

thank you kitkatfox. couldnt find 24 as well.. again.

my favorite type of game on this website! i wish there was more than 3 levels per game though

I know I'm kinda of late, but I still can't find #1 on lvl 1. Can anybody be more specific??

@NinhaBoo sorry my walkthrough wasn't specific enough. :(

For any who might also have trouble -- there are 3 signs hanging from the center ceiling (the easiest to read says country western night). The top sign says 30th June and July 1st on the left side in yellow letters. You want the 1 from July 1st.

17 On Level 2 is the tomatoes left side second row(so small)

OMG!It's impossible to find 5! level 2 & 3 5
real answer:
level 2:center of the green fruit on ground
level 3:right side of the eggs below purple tarp and above towards 8(Maybe:p)

kitkafox,challenge 24 and 25.same number on same level?not hard to see to me.:D{Laugh}

level 2:
3:the middle of the column right side
5:center of the green grapes on ground
18:lettuce's on 1st row ground

working link:

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