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Mirror Escape 2 Walkthrough

Mirror Escape 2

SAG Mirrors Escape 2 is second episode of Mirror Escape 1 point and click type room escape game from EGSAG. Gather items, use them in right places and escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Mirror Escape 2 Video Walkthrough


here we go!

Here we go! Have fun!

ooh...third! :D

I'm with ya guys!

ive got 2 pieces so far

i can't get the 1 in the chair

coffee hasn't kicked in or I must be blind!

only missing bottom left triangle, anyone??

I am missing 2 triangles and the right half circle piece on the right.

found one on candle stick

im missing 2 cemi-circles, i know where they are but i can't get them!

Yeah my first live game!!!

missing 2 bottom triangles and top arch

I'm missing the top and bottom right corners.

bottom arch on rug

I got 7 pieces so far but no idea where from

does anyone know how to get the ones from the picture and the chair?

one on window sill in first scene

thanks maddee

Thanks Maddee

bextaa i think it was on the dresser in the back round

missing right semi-circle now

:) glad to help. missing 2 corners, can't get the one from painting and chair.

cant get one on picture either, or is it a red herring? lol

@ Maddee

Thanks for the window sill tip ...that was my last one.

is there one in the clock? i can zoom in. haev no idea if i already got a piece though

check foot of bed..its really small like a shadow,theres one in the plane too
i miss 2 triangles

there is not a piece on either the painting or the left hand chair

If i remember correctly

And out!

There's none in the chairs themselves.

need upper right and lower left corners. anyone? pls

i think the picture one is a fake yeah, still stuck on the chair one, does anyone know if there actually is one in the chair?

arrghh i meant plant

candale stick
fruit view right corner
rug view right coner
head board
bed leg

there is a sime-circle on the candle stick when it is view from the chair perspective.

that one was kinda tricksy

can't zoom into the bed leg

in view of the cabinet close up at the bottom right side, you can see corner of room at the floor. there is a corner piece on the right side wall where it meets themolding

on the right side of the bed by the wall

on the other chair, you can zoom in but i dunno if theres anything there

thnx yellowchick!! i missed the one in fruit view
now miss the bottom left triangle

cant get the one on the bed either, can zoom in but can't find it, where is it?

@yellowchick: Where on headboard? My wittle finger is going numb. lol

got it! thnx yellow chick!

ah thanks grant

out, thanks everyone!

me too nottypomy missing bottm left

Click window -- upper left corner
Click rug -- triangular piece next to the green chest on the left right above the baseboard
Turn right
Click corner by the green chest -- piece in the corner right above the baseboard on the right wall
Click right chair -- piece on the candle in the middle
Turn right
Click pillow on bed -- on headboard behind the pillow
Click corner behind bed -- piece on the bottom of the headboard where it meets the carpet
Turn right 2 times
Click the clock -- piece on the first “ray” on the left (small triangular piece looks white)
Click the fruit -- piece in the very right corner of the cabinet in that scene
Click the plant -- piece on the middle leaf on the right just below where the leaf above touches it (about 3 in from the tip)
Go left and put pieces in the mirror (they seem to need to go in with a certain order so keep playing with them)
Click the door to leave

OMG!!! that piece on the clock is sooo small!!
thnx kit for the walkthru :)

yw notty!

aarg still having a tough time with the clock

Thanks guys I'm out! The clock was a real *&%%$ lol

Anymore new games anywhere?

for the clock -- think of it as a sun with rays coming out. The piece is on the ray closest to you at the very tip against the wall.

oh bless you kitkatfox. that was impossibel to see I just followed your direction and foundit. Thank you thank you thank you

And thank you everyone else who helped too. Yeah my first live game

glad I could help, Maddee. Congrats on playing live :)

Omg, talk about abstract,,clock was totally hard and BS...Thank You Kitkafox...Thanks Megipoland

Trying for half an hour, cannot find piece on plant.

in case anyone else has trouble with the plant one

There are 3 fronds facing to the right. The mirror piece is on the middle one. It is on the far side of the leaf from you. If you count the leaflets (pairs of points) from the bottom to the top, it is on the 6th one.

Tricky little game.

This was a nice break from you tube. LOL I finally got out. If you use you tube search for Mike Metivier and tell me what you think. Read my channel for charity info. Thanks! Have fun y'all

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