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Dream Train 3 Walkthrough

Dream Train 3

Dream Train 3 is another new point and click type adventure game from smallhomepage. In this game you must find some items and solve some puzzles to finish it. Good luck and have fun!
You may choose english version in the game start.

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hi! wow it's been a while since I played live

lol alrighty only able to unzip pants and found a piano with a code

helpppppp any body here, so so stuck cant do a darn thing

oh well, im gonna go, be back later hopefully some will show up

Unlocked piano and got a key.

Can anybody find something?????
That bell is annoying.

Got V W X Y Z from unzipping the pants but the piano won't open.

You can change between 4 scenes by turning on the light above.

If you use their colors also it will open.

Never mind got it

so glad you guys are here, just unlocked the piano and got key

where do you use the key?

yes mario that bell is driving me crazy too lol

found picture in cabinet by tv and I think it turned into a dimond in inventory

Have tried changing the light several times and all I have got was a picture in the cupboard, which I don't know where it went as I cannot see it in my inventory-except if it is a blinking diamond-, and some colored balls, whose order I think must be used for something on the door's glasses. Oh, and a zeppelin saying "Memories" outside the door.

When you look outside in one of the scenes after you pull the light cord, you can see the word Memories. Use that on the typewriter and get a 4 leaf clover.

Got the four leaf clover from the typewriter

hot air ballon just passed by door with annoying bell it had memories on it

how do you use the typewriter

i tried typping it when the ballon was in the window and the shadow of typewritter but it did not work

Use your Office- Word application and change the font to Webdings adn write memories to see which signs are used for each letter.

Webdings font, write memories in Mswords using that font and you get it

ok thank guys

Hi all, just joining in. Hope I can catch up quickly...

We haven't gone far unfortunately so it won't be hard to catch up!

If you move the cupboard doors, it changes the cabinet doors on the next wall. Pull the cord til you're in the red light scene, and there's another room back there with a telephone.

just getting here aaaagggh

I am stuck at the firefly catching. I catch all the ones I can see, but I can not pick up the jar and everything resets when I leave the screen. Can someone help please?

Use the balls on the floor for the color order, then dial the phone and see what colors go to what numbers. Use the code to open the box below the phone to get a key.

Got second key! Use the code you get from the phone and the order of the colored balls.

i dont get it...how do u get to the game in english...i got it in eng but only credits and a song /

Well I've got the clover leaf from the typewriter. It's a start at least..

That's all the english you'll get! Went to the right of the new room and got hammer and picture from the cabinet and I think the last picture next to the aquarium. Also broke a stone outside.

In the room with the phone, to the left, I got the door open, and thought I was out, but now I'm stuck in a long tunnel.

And out, that was a good game

Oops talked too fast there's more to it

There's an arrow in the top left window when the water melons show. But I don't know what it means...yet!

Not so Super then Mario. lol

my box number is

I am still stuck at the fireflys. Can anyone help? I have all 4 items and 3 pictures, but the oars? are still unused.

There is a stool at No.4 and a picture at 2 or 3 which you cannot reach without the stool. Also at 4 you can move the crates and find a secret door-hole but I made the mistake and got in before taking the picture and I cannot go back.

Not exactly super right now I can't untie the shovel from the crate

You can use one of the tools as a torch, and burn the rope for the shovel.

And I cannot get the picture at 2 even with the stool. I don't know how to use it, if this is the right way to get it of course.

Nvm got it.

after using clover on rock outside of door i'm stuck in tunnel too.

Used the shovel to move a crate, and ended up in coal car with a giant skull-bat thing in front of me. Used the torch in the front of the coal car, and shot fireballs at it. Now in a new scene...

moved boxes at 4 station and went through a hole.

That clock in the game is showing real time. Which means that I'm well past my beddy time. So solve this super slueths and I'll see you next time..

i think i went into teh coal car too early. i didn't have the stool and now i'm stuck with the torch at the front of the car and the skeleton of a bat with a red cross on it's forehead?? any help?

I'm so stuck now, what do I use to get the shovel

me too alimar

how do you do the muffin tin thing?

I finally found the right tool, man I must be blind

Finally past the bird monster

ok shoot fireballs from torch to kill skeleton. went to carnival, got rifle, shot all the things off the shelves and the three targets, caught all the fireflys but nothing happened. and my dumplings keep disappearing.

what an odd game.

-the apples are to the colored cloth at temple
-quickly drag muffins to tin, starting from further back

also, can take chop sticks from the right glass of the apple stand


Pour the mix, when an arrow comes up click once and when it changes put it quickly in the carton tray (if it's called like that). You cannot do many simultaneously, you are not that fast!

turn the apples:

according the table cloth

oh sorry, bridget was already on it.

Now I'm on a boat with a compass, but not sure which direction to row.

What should we do with the fireflies? After catching them I do not know what to do and if I exit that place I have to catch them again.

thx exel

im stuck with the fierflies
how do i cap the top?

At the shooting range shoot the 3 targets (left, right and top) to finish this task.

i have no idea what to do in the boat..what direction?

Row south-west, you need to click the middle bar to row forward.

After doing that you can go past the temple into a boat with a compass, but I do not know which way to go.

I don't believe it! Out at last!

i don't know exel. i just got everything, went back to that spot and it put me on a boat. i can navigate it so i see a light in the distance but that is it. anyone else? how are you making out cher?

Nice doing this with all you guys! Have a good night sleep! We can't here in Greece... hell broke loose and everything is on fire and we are all upset.

click in the middle to row forward. out.

Now this time I'm out for real, I guess I'm super once again. LOL, thanks for all your help

I got out, but with only 7 of 9 'memories'...I missed 2 in the tunnel level. Anyone able to tell me where they are, or if it's worth replaying to get them all and a better ending?

Needs a skip button.

Please Help I don't have Office Word application to change the font to Webdings PLEASE tell me what keys to push number the key for me from the top left to right
Thank you

Atvcountry, it's man present man boat x info present question mark

Nanaseed Thank you for trying to help me but I feel very stupid I still don't understand what you are saying Man present, Man Boat, I think I have see the X and the Question Mark ? what is the Man Boat and the Man present

Sorry. Trying to answer too fast. The man actually looks like an Oscar award--very skinny guy. The boat is teeny tiny. The present is the one with the bow, I think. I'm past that so I can't remember exactly where they were. The info is the I with a circle around it. I tried to cut and paste them but it all comes out nonsense.

where is the torch and shovel?

I don't understand the fireflies, either.

stuck on the fireflies too

I'm stuck at the Chinese Fair thing.
I can't grab the key with the chopsticks, it won't pull out!

Thank you so much Nanaseed I got the clover :)

Megara just be slow with the key

Thank you, Catherine.
I'm off to the boat now.

im still stuck with the fireflies

your welcome meg

I missed one or two memories or something.
Ending says "Cherished memory It has not been found yet."
Think I stuffed up in the tunnel and fair.

still stuck, hmmm

just one hint for the fire flies??

I couldn't figure out the fireflies, I collected them all but couldn't do anything with the jar.
If you find a plug to put in it, I'd say the jar goes next to the purple one when your heading towards the docks?

wow..out out...look for the star and steer towards it....missed two memories so i dont think i was finished :?(

thx meg

i never capped it think it helps u light the dock. the chains come off when u hit the bullseye on the stand.

three bullseyes sorry

i am on a boat with a compass and lost

ohhh ok out

lost too

Word is not loaded onto my computer. Can someone please tell me which symbols to press on typewriter?

never mind. pop

You need to catch the fireflys to light the path to the boat.

can any one tell me where the stool is I got stuck in the tunnel and had to start over. What fireflies?

You don't need to do the Word thing with the typewriter, just start at the top line of symbols and sing 'abc', ya know?
And if you get stuck on the boat, click the left oar twice, then click where the two oars meet (i think)

I'm guessing fire flies are after tunnel

Out! Though I didn't get that one photo.

cant find the tunnel!

ive got all tools and the three diamonds (from the photos) - put the shamrock into the rock - stuck!

left of telephone room in unbrella room slide left gate

out without finding cherished memory. Its ok I have enough of my own, don't need theirs.

hi anyone here still? how to get to the telephone room u guys mention? am not able to open the cupboard doors! how do i do that? help plssss..

moreover how to use the tools? not able to select them.. that is if i need the key to open the cupboard

Beware ! Avira detects a virus on the page of the game !

radhu, you just use them when the time is needed, so there is no need to select a tool.

the cupboard has slideable doors. Just click on a door and drag it to the other side. This moves the bigger doors. After that go to the light and change it till you get the red light.

Where is the 1st photo in the tunnel scene? I have the one above the No. 2 tunnel and the one in the secret room. But where is the first?????!!!!!!!

found it now - in the very first scene on the floor. :)

I read comment #59, and I still can get the muffin's correct..They disappear..Anyone playing??

If that is what was troubling you, what I meant was when the arrow comes up click the muffin, not the arrow. Then the arrow changes so you drag the muffin quickly in the tray.

Hey ExeL, Thank You,You make perfect sense, but I cant drag a muffin to the tray at all..

Omgowsh, I got your meaning finally Exel...Got the picture...Thank You

Great game, kinda reminds me of psionic's games...Got stuck a few times,Thanks for help everybody...Thanks Megipoland

i can't find the key that has to be picked up with the chopsticks at the chinese fair.. can someone help pls?

radhu, click the cat twice, it will zoom in where you need to pick up key

for typewriter

ty vbranam1.. got out with best end thx to all those who helped.. can never do these on my own

where is the dock?

anyone got a walkthrough?

Walkthrough to Part One:
Once you enter the house, there are four “versions” that are accessed by turning the overhead light on and off. The light “switch” is hanging by the open door, above the pig. For now, just leave it.
Go right to the scene with the fan, and click on the pants hanging on the wall. Pull the zipper down and note the drawing: yellow V, pink W, green X, cyan Y, and red Z.
Back up and go right twice. The code for the piano is from the pants: redZ, etc. Take the key, which goes into your inventory. (Inventory items are used as needed, you don’t need to click on them).
Now go back to the first scene and click up high on the light switch and pull the cord.
Go back down and you’re in a different version of the same room!
Click on the windchime. You’ll see a zeppelin that has “Memories” written on the side. It sloooowly moves behind the screen and the outline of a typewriter appears.
Go left and open the cabinet by sliding the left door. Take the photo. It will disappear, but a diamond will appear in the inventory. Photos represent the memories you must collect to successfully complete the game.
Close the cabinet and go left and look at the sliding doors. Go back to the cabinet and open one or both panels, then check the doors and see that the position of the panels determines the position of the doors. This will be useful later. For now, leave the right side panel open.
Go back to the first scene and click on the light again. Pull the cord and go back to the room, which now has a watermelon in the doorway. There is also an arrow on the top left door panel, which points down at some colored balls.
Go left and notice the colors of the balls from left to right (as indicated by the arrow): YGBCR
Go back to the first scene and pull the switch again. Instant night!
Go left and find a typewriter on the floor, with the word “Webdings” on it. You will need to translate the keyword “Memories” into the font Webdings. If you have Word on your computer, just open a doc and select Webdings as the font and type the word Memories, then go back to the game and type the corresponding keys on the typewriter.
If not then check the site kindly provided by ISIDE: http://img81.imageshack.us/i/cattura10.jpg/
Once you have typed in the word, you will get a cloverleaf, which you add to your inventory by clicking on it.
Go left and find that the doors are opened to a room with a sleeping cat (assuming you left the right cabinet panel open after taking the photo). Click on the phone and click the center of the dial to see which numbers correspond to which colors: B=2, G=3, R=5, C=7 and Y=9. Remember the color order of the balls on the floor? YGBCR. So the code for the box under the phone is 93275. Enter this number and take the key.
Go to the right in this “new” room and open the cabinet doors (you have the key). Take the hammer from the right side and the photo from the left side. You just got another diamond!
Go through the door to the garden. Click on the rocks to break them with the hammer and then click the cloverleaf outline to place your cloverleaf.
Go back inside and click on the aquarium. Take the photo for another diamond.
There is a tiny button just under the aquarium. Click on this.
Now go back to the light and pull the switch twice. Go left to the cabinet and close the right panel and open the left panel. Go back to the light and pull the switch twice.
Now go back to the sliding doors and enter the “new” room on the left.
Because you pressed the switch below the aquarium, the doors are unlocked. If you forget to press the switch you must go back and change the door panels, etc.
At this point all of the slots in your inventory are filled and the first four items will be checked, since they have been used.
Slide the door open and go into the fog.
You’re not done yet, you’ve just started the second part of the game!

Walkthrough to Part Two:

You’ll see a photo on the ground. Take it and notice that you now have a new inventory with a new diamond in it. Notice the sign says “No. 4=?” and then enter the tunnel.
Now begins the click-fest. Click 45 times (I counted) to come to a doorway marked “No. 0”. Only four more doors to No. 4!
Clickety click click clickety click. You get the idea.
At door No. 2 you’ll see a photo above the door, but you can’t reach it. Yet.
Proceed to door No. 4 but DON’T go through it. Instead, take the stool from the doorway and go back to door No. 2. Click on the ground under the photo to place the stool, then take the photo for another diamond.
Now go back to door No. 4 and move the boxes on the left. Now go left. In one scene you can take what looks like a toilet plunger, but it’s actually a torch. Go left and click on the fire to light the torch. Click the rear area of the view to reach a scene where you’ll find another photo for another diamond.
Click on the rope tying the shovel to the box to burn it with the torch to get the shovel.
Go right and use the shovel on the box in front to move it off the track, then click on the rail car to get it moving.
Now the fun begins! Put the torch in the bracket on the front of the rail car and click on the torch to shoot at the skeleton/bat. Keep firing until it’s gone and you come out of the tunnel.
You’ve finished Part II!

Walkthrough to Part Three:

Click the arrow to go forward. There is a cup on the counter to the right of the apples with chopsticks in it; take the chopsticks.
Go right and click on the dumplings behind the counter. The trick here is to make the dumplings and transfer them all to the paper container. This is accomplished by putting the dough in a space in the tin, then wait until a read arrow appears. Click on the arrow. On click number 13 the arrow changes direction and you can pick up the dumpling and transfer it to the paper container. Quickly! You can only do this one at a time. Once this task is accomplished you’ll get a photo for your first diamond of Part III.
Go right to the masks. The trick here is to click on two identical mask to remove them from the stand until all the masks are gone. Once this is done you get a gun.
Go right to the shooting range and shoot holes in the three targets (lower left, upper right, lower right. There was a diagram indicating this in the scene where you got the shovel and the photo in Part II).
Now shoot all the moving figures until they’re all gone and get another photo for a diamond.
Go right to the temple and click on the dog, who will move to a spot and look at it. Click on this spot and use the chopsticks to get the key and put it in the circle. Just go slow and it will work. You’ll then have the key in your inventory.
Go forward and note the order of the colors on the table in the doorway. (If you haven’t completed the target shoot, the entrance will be locked).
Back up and go right to the locked shed. Since you have the key, you can open the door and take the oars.
Go back and then left to the fireflies. Catch them all and they’ll go into the jar, which you apparently just leave there for now.
Go back to the scene with the apples. Click on them until their colors match the colors on the table at the temple: ROBOYGOBRGYG
Now you have your third and final diamond.
Go back to the temple and go through it – the jar of fireflies will light your way.
Keep going until you get in the boat, then click one or the other oar until the red arrow on the compass points SouthWest. Now click in the middle of the two oars to go towards the light.
Go up the stairs and enjoy the ending.

Wonderful game! Beautiful graphics, and so much to see and do! Thanx for your walkthrough zoz...helped a lot with achieving the really complicated tasks, dragging the muffins to the tray for example. In my scene, the trick was to click the muffin 8 times once the red arrow appeared, and then wait a second until it changed color and direction...and in that second I mentally shifted to a 'dragging mode', and then dragged it to the tray...eventually that worked out!

Enjoyed everything so much...thanx game authors!

See ya...

Thanks for the walkthrough zoz. For a while there, in the tunnel, I thought I was never going to swee the light of day. Nice game.

Thanks a lot Zoz that must have taken sometime.

How neat, Miku Hastune.

       Anonymous  5/22/18, 4:50 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for creating this game, shp ☺
& thx zoz for the WT

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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