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Uranus Escape Walkthrough

Uranus Escape

[REPLAY] TerminalHouse - Uranus Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Gump for Terminal House. In this game, you try to search around the room to find items, clues, hints and solve puzzles in order to escape the uranus room. Good luck and have fun!

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Uranus Walkthrough



Good morning

hi guys

Fifth !

So far, i have 2 keys used 2 chipcards used a red box, a kind of bomb?? and a piece of paper with a moonface and a screwdriver, now stuck already!

Got red card from cabinet

I'm there too, gabi.

Thought red box under the card swiper does nothing, and it looks like it goes into one of the wall cabinets, but it doesn't fit.
Have a sun face instead of a moon.

I think red swipecard is clue for the dials.

same here... stuck

Don't know for sure though.

Got it! It is a clue for the dials. Big circle means complete rotation, small circles mean one notch.

here too just starting now

wow looong load for me :?(

Great Diana, but did not work for me, guess i do something wrong

Read the red card lengthwise.

hi all..
I wish I would have known this game was here.. I just wasted time on a find the difference game that I could not even finish..

hope this is a good game so far..

im stuck with the red card
i pot a red thing in a box ono the floor and got a yellow key.found the blue key and 2 red card readers and some whice tube thing and a screwdriver type tool

Use clear red card on the sun picture for the big dial code.

Oh Diana, can't get it, guess i am to blond this morning

Look at the red card with dots. Turn it (in your head) so that the "bottom" row becomes the first dial, second to last row, is the second dial, etc.

For example, my bottom row has 2 small dots, that means the first dial should be turned 2 notches. The second to bottom row on the card has a big circle and 3 small dots. That means the second dial should be turn all the way around once, and then 3 extra notches, etc.
When you complete it, click the button, and then manually open the little door.

Very nice game. Out!

No. 30 out.

have sperm thing in tank and piece placed below but where to plug?

cant fit plug into socket in that has three prongs soooo ????

no. 38

i dont know what that means (

Thank you Diana, i got it

that circle with the 3 buttons inside is odd
you can push the second one from the right and it "opens" and you can then push the tabs back in..
but i have no clue what is correct the door under it hasnt opened


Plug it into the battery first.

I HATE when I get all the way to the end on my own and then one stupid mistake will screw it up and frustrate me SOOOOO bad

I tried that...the red thing, right? that goes under the machine...i tried to connect them both ways a while ago. hmm

OMG...I didnt turn it first...DUUUH...and that's an obvious etr trick. stuuupid. ty ty ty

finally out... though one

i looooove their games. bye

im stuck with some white tube? thing
and that circle on the wall


-Click between the bottom between the two machines and get the blue key.
-Go right (or left twice) and click the left cabinet. Get the clear red swipecard.
-Use the blue key on the right cabinet and get the screwdriver and dotted red swipecard.
-Go right and use the clear red swipecard. Get the box and use the screwdriver on it. Get the yellow key.
-Now look at the dotted red swipe card. If you turn it (mentally) slight to the right, the bottom row becomes the first dial code, the next bottom row becomes the second dial code, etc. Small dots mean one notch moved, big dots mean a full rotation.
-Turn the first dial two times, the second dial turn it one full rotation and then 3 notches, the third dial should go 2 full rotations and then one notch, and the last dial should be turned one rotation and then 6 notches. Click the button and open the small door. Get the battery charger.
-Turn right and use the dotted red swipecard on the big swiper. Get the sun picture.
-Turn right and use the yellow key on the cabinet. Get the red battery and the metal tube.
-Go right and open the left cabinet again. View the red battery and turn it around, and plug in the charger. Then plug that into the outlet. Leave it for now.
-Go left. Open the sun picture and put the clear red swipecard over it. Note the big and small sun rays.
-Look the big dial and change the outer segments to match the sun picture (bottom right button is to open them all, bottom left button is to close them all/reset.). Click the top button and then open the small door. Get the metal key
-Use the metal key on the metal tube and get the alien life form (?).
-Turn right and get the battery pack, which should now be charged.
-Go back to the big machine that you got the sun picture from. Click below the swiper and put in the red battery.
-Go up and swipe the dotted red swipecard.
-Put in the alien form and close. Click the handscanner.
-You’re out!

out, thank you Diana for all your hints

not a bad game at all.. hate going around in circles though..

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Looks like this site is getting a lot of hits. You should be able to get in later, JoShi :)

Is this still live?

link seems to be down with capacity problems - if anybody knows of an alt link, could you let me know?

I'm able to get the game up. Sorry, I can't seem to find an alternative.

Thanks - reloaded it from this page and it came up.

Huh, interesting game. I needed help on those four dials...seriously who would have thought to flip the red card vertically to solve it.

Thanks Diana for the clue there.

Well, I have no idea what anyone was talking about.
I found a red card and a purple thing and can't find anyway to use them anymore.

so are we the alien form or the person?? the music suddenly bacame peaceful. neat-o graphics @ the end of game, very well put together.

Does anyone realize we were playing uranus? ha...

anyone still here?

Some not-so obvious hot spots:
1) Crack between the two machines
2) Small door below and right of hand print machine

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