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Find the Escape-Men 4: The Case Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 4: The Case

Find the Escape Men 4: the Case is the fourth part of Find the Escape-Men 1 : in the Bathroom. You have to collect The Escape-Men, and escape the room. Let's find all Men! Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape-Men 4 - The Case Video Walkthrough
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Okay, let's go...

I'm here!

All right, I've got 9 green men and 'played' the game. Just looking for something to smash with the hammer now....

where is the game? I found 8 men and plugged the controller in

rambler, did you get any from the fan in the kitchen?

That's the hot spot I haven't picked up at so far. Still haven't used the hammer as well.

It's under the table Trish.

Nothing from the fan. The 9th one was from the game.

Trish, you need to pick up the controller, game disc under the table in living room, put the batteries in the remote, put the TV on and click the screen until you get the channel for game.

Rambler, I've done the game and only have 8, so must be missing a different one.

I had all that I just couldn't find the game itself, hince why I said I had the controller plugged in lol

Did you get the one in the letterbox?

Can't load, got stuck about halfway!!

Hi all just starting

I can't see the reason for the different light settings. I thought it might highlight a place to smash with the hammer...

OH!!! turn the light in the bedroom down as dim as you can and look down onto the table! then take the bulb out and smash it!

The lasy one is in the light bulb (ceiling), break it with the hammer.

Got it, thanks both...

9 man, I am missing one, and stuck

On tv I can see channel of weather, a video of michael jackson, a man makin laugh, and news... stuuuuuck

I have one from the letter slot and one from the bulb but still miss one.

I can,t see those channels, just the weather!

I have different channels, but can't interact with them. When I click them, they change.

Yessss, me too, I click in every part and nothing, someone has a clue???

I have one white screen, two black, the weather and the game. Did anyone find the last one? Help please!!

how to get the battry into the remote? just found 1 battery..

Got them..!

have 9 green man,, and stuck..

Someone to list all men?

Still missing one but here's all I've got so far

1 letterbox
2 in chocolate cookie box
3 under slipper in bathroom
4 in back of remote control
5 in lightbulb
6 on jacket in closet
7 on briefcase under bed
8 play the game
9 top desk drawer
10 ??? help!

green man are found in jacket,game,letterbox,chocolate box,bulb,bag under the bed,table's case(which the laptop is on it), n i forget the other..

i missing the last one too,, stuck..!

What chocolate box?

The wall fan bothers me. Why can I get a close-up, bot not turn it on, investigate it, or anything?

Still missing one green fellow.

chocolate cookie box, you got it in the kitchen..

That was the first one I got so I forgot it. Thanks anyway!

HA! I knew it! Set TV to weather channel and just wait. The last green fellow is our weather man ;)

However, I'm still not able to escape. Something more is needed then...

Ok, got it. If someone still needs help, I'll be here for a while.

i have 10 men but not able to escape...what's next?

There's nothing more. Put the green man on the floor in the kitchen and that's it!

sweet_lady, open the green men box in the inventory and click them. They become one big green man. With that selected, click the chalk drawing on the floor. Then just enjoy!

Finally out. Thank you for the weather man!

I found the 10th men in the tv in weather report..
Just wait a while, and he will appear..
The men was reporter.. Good Luck all.. =D

Rambler, thanks it was the weather channel one I was missing.

lol!!!!! got it....... i got out of the door!!!!!finished the game guys!!!!

thanks katak!!!!!!

How do you smash the lightbulb?

Where do I find the second battery for the remote? (I have the one from the red box by the table).

I can´t turn the game on, how did u play it?

I can't even get that far Desiree, as I haven't found the second battery! I would help you if I could...perhaps you could point me in the right direction for the battery, and then we could work together on the rest of it?

Well it looks like I'm going to have to give up...still no replies about that 2nd battery :o( It must be fairly obvious if no-one else had any problems with it, but I'm damned if I can find it :o( Shame, was enjoying this little game.

anyone still here?

one battery in burner in kitchen open lower left corner, other battery in red thing upper left in playstation view.

how do you take off the lightbulb? the second battery click on stove theres a little slot on left click to open

i have 9 men cant find the 10th 1.chocolate box,letterbox,litebulb,slipper,remote,briefcase,tv weather,jacket,desk drawer do i have to play game and win cuz i keep loosing anyone left to give hint on last man

got it- out- last was after game finish wait a few seconds

Wow,sure has a long ending:0
Thanks for the tip about the

I cannot find remote ..

You can skip the long introduction scenes
Note the chalk outline of the escape man on the floor
Turn right
Open the left cupboard door and get the box of chocolates
Open the box in your inventory view and get the green man (1)
Open the third door and get the hammer
Click the small stove on the right side of the counter and open the cover on the left side of the front -- take the battery
Turn right and open the mail slot on the door -- a green man (2)
Turn right and go into the bathroom
Click the right slipper -- green man (3)
Click the toilet seat cover and get the remote
Turn right and go into the bedroom
Click the small table -- take the battery from the red thing
In the inventory view, flip the remote over and take the battery cover off
Get the green man (4) and place the batteries
Turn right and click the desk drawers
Open the top drawer and get the man from the left corner (5)
Turn right and click the closet
Zoom in on the green jacket and get the man from the hanger (6)
Click the ironing board at the bottom of the closet -- take the game controller
Turn right and face the bed
Click the black bag under the bed and get the green escape man (7)
Turn right
Click under the table and get the game (click it to take it out of the cover)
Click on the table to look down at the game system -- add the game controller
Hit the open button and add the game
Click the left button to turn it on
Turn right and zoom in on the TV
Use the remote to go to the weather channel --- wait there!
Click the weather man (8)
Click the TV to go up to the game channel
Click the start on the TV
Select to fight with the green man
Lose badly (just wait)
Click the wounded man when the numbers start counting down (9)
Turn right and notice you can see the light in this view -- click it to look up
Pull the light cord to get the light at different levels
Then look around the room for a clue or just read the next step for the answer
When you have the light down to the small yellow bulb (looks like dusk in the room), look at the small table
See the shadow looks like a green man?
Turn around and look at the light again and take the yellow bulb
In your inventory view, use the hammer to smash the bulb (yea! We get to smash something!)
You now have all 10 men!
In your inventory view, they will merge into one large escape man
Go out to the kitchen and turn to see the chalk outline on the floor
Look down at it and place the big green man
You can watch the long exit movie if you like

What a brilliant game! Congratulations to the developer, he is coming along very nicely and this was an exciting and entertaining game.

fun game,loved the little story line :)

Unfortunately that link doesn't work for me. Is there any alternative?

I like the thriller video on the TV lol..

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