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Map Symbols Walkthrough

Map Symbols

Map Symbols is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Escape JP. This is a simple escape game. You have to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Xenon]

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takes a little while to load.

this games a bit complicated for such a late night, but I did find 2 areas that could be missed and might help later. One hotspot on closeup of the bottom of the lamp... look up towards the top right of the screen almost off the screen. and one under the trashcan (get under the trashcan in the NON-zoomed view)

top right of the lamp pole not the top right of the screen, sorry

       Anonymous  9/28/09, 9:21 PM  

a lot of symbols

i,m still waiting for game to load had to reload a couple of times till i snapped to hit load button instead of start once the game applet started if it takes much longer i might just wait till morning

hey guys just starting!

       Anonymous  9/28/09, 9:27 PM  

can sort of use the diamond stick on the painting

hope this is better then the last game

I like all the toys. there is a tricky little clue on the lamp pole. hard to see.

starting :)

       Anonymous  9/28/09, 9:34 PM  

another one on the bottom of trash can

       Anonymous  9/28/09, 9:35 PM  

erased the japanese symbol on corner of painting

Found three notes and the words soy, mab and oil. A car and two places to use the notes.

got a wooden like ruler with symbols put on board but not clue what to do with it also got 3 pieces of paper with numbers and one fit in the drawer under couch, but very confused here

elgordonsky how did you erase code on painting? My brain is to tired for all these codes.

how dd u erase the symbol?

mab is the oldest name for the female deity /goddess. Dont know if this helps ..
got what Michele with pug has plus an 8 from couch.

this seems like a kool game, but i'm too tired, so i'll be back tomorrow to get "out" good luck evry1

To erase the symbol, first put the measuring sick on the map, then you can zoom in and remove it.

michele with pug.. me too. Its bed time. good luck to all.

       Anonymous  9/28/09, 9:47 PM  

thinking the card suites are directions to find the right symbol on the map

@Martin: i don't get it. When i put the measuringstick on the map i can't zoom in. Do i need something like an eraser?

This game is not simple at all.

Notice: Don't care about %7C... %83w... (urlencode). No need to decode. Good luck!

I was going to bed too, but here I am..let's try

@Els, it's the only way I could zoom to the symbol. Then a matter of clicking on it to remove and reveal...a smudge.

thank you for posting this game. I hope its long and complicating,but I must go to bed

I saw that thing on the lamp in the hamburger game yesterday! Now, it is too late for me...punchy

Thanks Martin. Opend left and right cupboard and gave raspberry to bird. Got code for the robot.

Can't figure out the code for the cellphone.

       Anonymous  9/28/09, 10:06 PM  

way ahead of us buddy

Yippee, out! This was a very nice game!

Cupboard code is coloured music notes in book corresponding to the coloured numbers in the room.

First red note in book is 1/2, the second green note is 1/8 and the third blue note is 1/4. Divide the numbers found in the room.

- Take dark green book, notice the measure and take the tree notes.
- Take the light green book, notice the three musical notes with color and the musical note with the 8.
- Take the car
- Move the box and notice the green 24
- Place the third (C) note on the left of the green cupboard.
- Note the word 'oil' on the left of the blue cupboard.
- Turn left.
- Click middle cushion an notice the red 12
- Click the pot twice and notice the word 'mab'.
- Open the left drawer under the sofa and place the first note (A).
- Open the right drawer and take the measure stick.
- Go left and zoom on the picture. Notice the blue 28.
- Go left and notice the word 'soy' on the right of the green cupboard
- Click the left door: enter code 637 (remember musical notes in the book: 1/2,1/8,1/4 -> 12/2=6, 24/8=3, 28/4=7).
- Open the door, take the sealremover and place the second note (B) on the door.
- Go right, place the measurestick on the painting, click the left down picture, remove the seal.
- Use the directions and the three notes to get the code for the right door of the cupboard (code is different every time).
- Open right cupboard and take grow medicine.
- Put the medicine in the plant between the sofa. Turn around and take a raspberry from the upper side of the plant.
- Go left, give the raspberry to the bird and notice the movements of the bird.
- Copy the movements from the bird to the robot.
- Open the green drawer with the key and take the cellphone.
- Go left, click the trashcan and take a picture of the bottom.
- Go left twice, click the lamp stand, click upper half of screen and take picture of the black squares.
- Enter password in the cellphone: 'symbol' (remember the words you found, remove the letters shown in the cellphone).
- Click the cellphone while facing the middle door of the cupboard. Light is getting blue.
- Open door and click the switch.
- Go to the frontdoor, open it and:

Too have a sweet ride waiting when you leave, put the toy car in the cupboard you opened with the remote control.

You can escape w/o putting the car in the cupboard.
But I think it's a bug.

I have moved several times the box on the bottom shelf, but I don't see any 24 written !

Same thing for "Place the third (C) note on the left of the green cupboard." : I don't see where !

Answer to myself (lol) : green 24 is on the side of the box, not in bookcase.

With the numbers for each game will be different, had a red sofa cushion 8 in

Els, thanx for the walkthrough, but I can't escape with it...same problems as Pascale...can't place C-note left of the green cupboard, and left drawer won't open...

Would somebody else be so kind to write another walkthrough?

Nothing happen when I copy the movement of the bird to the robot.

mynumbers were red 1/8 note 8, green 1/2note 48, blue note 1/4 20. so i divided

8/2= 4
20/4= 5

the order of my colored notes in the book were
so therefore i entered 465 on the left green cupboard door and it opened- hope this helps

pls ignore the above post, mistyped, and can't delete the post . HERE IS THE CORRECT NOTE VALUES!!!!!!!!

mynumbers were red 1/2 note 8, green 1/8note 48, blue note 1/4 20. so i divided

8/2= 4
20/4= 5

the order of my colored notes in the book were
so therefore i entered 465 on the left green cupboard door and it opened- hope this helps

What am I doing wrong? The movement of the robot is left, right, left, right, right. Right??

cattis, i don't understand how to get the numbers by using the ruler and notes on the board. can u explain?

The ruler is 400 m. You start from the symbol on the note and distance to the symbol. Eg the clubs is north 200 m from the symbol then 400 m to the west. My symbol for A was that table-looking thing. It´s hard for me to explain. My English is not that good. Put the symbols for A, B and C on the middle cupborddoor.

Sorry... the symbols are for the right door.

Cattis -- there is a head bob component to the movements

Is that the head bob at the start or the ending? I´ve tried everything.

There seems to be a bit of confusion from the last walkthrough, so here is another one.

Click the brown-green book from the top shelf -- turn the pages to the end of the book. You will see the measurement of the stick will be 200m and get three notes.
Take the yellow car and note the robot can move his arms and head
Take the light green book from the 3rd shelf and you will see three music notes inside. The one with the empty center is a half note, the one with the flag off the stem is an 8th note, and the filled one without the flag is a quarter note. Make note of the colors and types of notes.
Move the yellowish box on the bottom shelf and click the left edge of the moved box to see a green number
Click the left bottom edge of the bookcase to see the word oil
Click the left edge of the desk and see a place to put one of the papers you have. Place the correct paper to finish the symbols and make note of all of the symbols and distances given.
Note the desk drawer is locked
Turn right
Click the bottom of the lamp and look at the upper left part of the lamp rod in the zoomed in view. See the black and white symbol on it? Click it and see you can zoom in on whatever it is.
Note all three doors of the green cabinet are locked -- the left needs numbers, the middle has a sound-type symbol, and the right needs symbols.
Note you can click the yellow button on the mechanical bird to make it move
Click the bottom right side of the cabinet to see the word soy
Turn right
Note you can zoom in on the map and it has the same symbols as the cabinet door.
Note the blue number on the top of the map.
Turn right
Click the trashcan bottom to lift it. Click the bottom to zoom in and see another black and white thing.
Zoom in on the couch cushions and see the red number behind the middle one.
Zoom in on the plant and then click to the right of the pot to look behind it -- see the word mab.
Click under the couch and open the three drawers- the first has another place to put on of your papers, the middle has the measuring stick, and the third is empty
Turn to the green cabinet with the bird again and zoom on the left door
Use the three colored numbers and the music notes from the book to solve this one. Divide the half note one by 2, the eighth note one by 8, and the quarter note one by 4.
Click the handle and get the seal remover. Also click on the open door to see the place to put your last paper

The bird's movements are: head,left,right,left, head, right,right, head.

This comment has been removed by the author.

part 2

Turn to the map and see you can place your measuring stick on it (if you click the upper left corner where the line and partial circle are, you can rotate the stick)
Zoom in on the seal in the bottom left corner of the map
Click it in the upper right to remove it and then use the seal remover to uncover the symbols
So, the card symbols are your directions -- make note of them. Zoom out to see the map and again place your measuring stick. Place it by one of the first symbols from your papers. You will use the stick to measure the distance to the next symbol following the directions of the cards.
This is easier than it sounds. So for mine, one is: the book --spade 100m-- heart 200m. So I place my measuring stick on the book symbol on the map. Then I go down (because spade is south for me) 100 m (half the length of the stick since it is 200 m in length) and left (because heart is west for me) 200 m (the length of the stick). This give me the house as one of my symbols.
Repeat this process for each of your papers to get three symbols.
Turn left and enter your symbols in the right cabinet door. You don’t know the order, so you will have to play with it a bit.
Click the handle to open the cabinet and take the plant food
Turn 2 times and use the food on the potted plant
Turn all the way around the room and when you come back, the tree has berries on it.
Take a berry and turn to face the mechanical bird
Place the berry on the blue rectangle in front of the bird and click the yellow button to get him to eat it.
He will do a dance for you -- you have to remember what order he bobs his head and flaps each wing. He will repeat the dance each time you feed him a new berry.
Once you have the pattern written down, turn to the robot and recreate the pattern by moving his head and each arm in the right order.
Mine both times I played this game were: head, left, right, left, head, right, right, head so perhaps it doesn't change.
Once you have it correct, he will give you a key.
Turn to the desk and use the key to get the scanner.
Go to the lamp and trash can and use the scanner to photo each of the 2 black and white symbols by pressing the QR symbol on the phone
The scanner will ask you for a password. Remember the letters you found around the room -- soy mab oil? Remove the letters that the scanner has listed (oai) and you get symbol.
Enter symbol as the password.
Notice the scanner has the symbol on it that says error if you press it?
Hey! That’s the same sound-looking symbol from the green cabinet’s middle door.
Use the scanner on the door (click the symbol on the scanner)
The door will unlock
Flick the switch inside the cabinet to unlock the main door. While you are in there, place the toy car.
Turn to the room’s door and see the light is now blue instead of red. Click the handle and leave in your new car!

great game and, as always, excellent walkthrough kkf! 2 small comments: the pieces of paper from the book are labeled on back as either A, B, or C. So once you get the symbols from the picture, you know which order they should go in the right cabinet. Also, the bird's dance for me was head, right, head, left, left, head, right, head, so I think it's different in every game.
Don't you wish all the games were like this?

oops, just saw your walkthrough els; excellent as well!

lol typical of me to just force a lock and miss the clues on the back to make it easier.

Woohoo...out! Thanx Kitkatfox for your excellent walkthrough ; - }

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