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Escape from the Pumpkin Room Walkthrough

Escape from the Pumpkin Room

[REPLAY] Escape from the Pumpkin Room is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Tesshi-e for MildEscape. In this classical game, you are trapped in a room, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and looking for hints to solve all puzzles in this room. There are two different endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


scroll down the screen until u see the game.
there are two possible endings in this game.

Rock 'N Roll

so far i have 2 candles and 2 blue things with roman numerals on them and a pumpkin.....anyone have anything else?

Same as you Sarah and stuck, lol. I'm so bad at these games!

so am i Vixen! lol right now im trying to knock the rose pic off of the wall....

same here

coin=0 underneath plane

underneath right blue couch cushion is a clue for rose pic i think, u gotta click the very tip of it, hmmm not workin for me tho....

Got the rose picture down, got a key, opened the right cabinet door. Now I have another candle, another blue thing and stuck!

got it! its top left, top right, bottom left bottom left, bottom right, i think lol

Same thing here, Sarah and Vixen.

looks like u beat me Vixen! lol, i have the same as u.....now what? lol

hi all, still loading....

No idea Sarah, lol. I notice that when you try to use the candles on the pumpkin, it unselects the candle and there's some writing. Hmm... Probably have to light them first, I guess, lol.

Lol i can open the bottom right cupboard when i click the handles, not that it's much good there are still 4 numbers to input. Hmmmmmm

Umm i lit the green spiral thing and lit the candles...i just played randomly with the two arrows i think left right left left left right or something like that.

Thank you, Sarah, I missed the hint under the cushion. Now, 3 candles and 3 blue things... but what comes next ?

       Anonymous  10/20/09, 9:58 AM  

Looks like the last blue thing behind the green grill. 4 blue things to go on the 4 things that look like hat stands maybe?

OK, the spiral thing is lit, I don't know exactly what arrows I clicked...

good job Linda! doesnt work for me, but im gonna try to work on it!

Well done Linda! Can't get it to work though, grrr!

Your Welcome Pascale! :)

Ooooh, wait. I got it. Pressed random buttons, lol.

Yeah me neither just randomly click left right and such and it will light, i restarted three times and every time i made it with random clicking. But now what...apparently the pumpkin will go on the pillar things along with other "pumpkins" :)

I put a candle in the pumpkin and the pumkin on one of the pedestals...

got it lit! dont know how, but just kept clicking like you guys did! lol

Why do you think there are 2 "dials" of 4 numbers?

And now.."randomly" stuck ^^

now what to do with the blue things? hmmm....

       Anonymous  10/20/09, 10:07 AM  

Oh, my green spiral is lit. I don't even see when lol.

Thanks Linda for the tip.

well, i have some company coming over, so i gotta run for a bit, good luck to all of you, hope u have it finished when i get back! lol

these blue things look like fuses? but where to put them?

Ok i randomly cracked the three digit number code.....


Hurry up ... I have opened the "safe" behind painting, the two locked glass cabinets, and the two "code" cabinets ... now I'm seriously stuck :-)

See hint above!

i'm where you are....... completely stuck!

       Anonymous  10/20/09, 10:11 AM  

Spoiler for right cupboard,


good work larue & Linda!

       Anonymous  10/20/09, 10:14 AM  

On the right cupboard, with it shut keep clicking each number til it stops changing. Then use that code on the inside to get past the green grill.

now how do we get the pumpkin down there?

Got 2nd pumpkin and what looks like a cork. Dont know what to do with cork any ideas

       Anonymous  10/20/09, 10:16 AM  

Get a blue thing that looks like battleships.

Get another key to use on left top cupboard.

Coffee grinder has clue, think this is clue for green spiral to get it lit.

put the handle inside where the rose picture was and get a pumpkin

Apparently the blue thing where the fuses go into is to figure out the number for the middle cupboard that i guessed. :D

ahh~ good job cricketer9999~i will delete mine so as not to confuse others

when the fuses are inserted, they show some clues on colors?

did anyone get the pumpkin out of the trap door?

       Anonymous  10/20/09, 10:20 AM  

Lever behind box in middle cupboard, this opens the square on the floor, can see another pumpkin but it won't let me take it.

I still can't get the green thing to light clicking like crazy has anyone know how left or right how many times

the white paper with the lines might be the clue to the green spiral?

Try R L L R L R

got the lighter lit


One more hint ... what do you use the box for?

put box on white square and climb it :)

Dunno maybe to reach somewhere high, or cut it in the form of a pumpkin...i don't know &.&

magnus yu pro. where do you get last candle?

dw magnus i got it

and out :)

Hmmmmm what about the coin? I see a coin under the O.O eyes pumpkin, when the drawer opens with the heart key.........hmmm

I am so stuck - I've got 3 lit pumpkins, a coil, a cork(?), a knife, and a lit blue thing. Help?

AHA! Take the pumpkin with the circle eyes, turn it and cut it open. You will see the coin :D

Hahaha got "Happy Coin End" : "Happy coin will bring happiness to you!" :D


Linda - is that the pumpkin in the floor that I can't get?

the blue things a hose. use it sumwhere (not saying where haha). then use the cork on it.

Atinder - THANK YOU!

The O.O pumpkin has to be made, after you have all 4. :D And once you use them on the pillars and get the key, pick the O.O eyed one and use it in your inventory. Turn it and use the knife on it to cut it and you'll see the coin. That's the HAPPY end. :) So the game has two endings so far.

Can someone explain to me how the fuses give the code 639? I feel like I am in a Sakura game where I just can't see the code. lol

I think I got the 3 and 6, but the 9 is beyond my eyes.

thanks atinder and Linda

this is not fun, to solve these puzzles just randomly... i stop to play this game like this.

And out! Thanks for the help!

where is the last candle?

can not get the rose pic off the wall, help please!

top left, top right, bottom left bottom left, bottom right for rose pic. why did they take the numbers off the posts? it made it easier

kitkat, u have to put the fuse on the blue puzzle thing and every fuse lights the different colors

last candle anyone?

i assume the last candle is in the blue dish but how do you get it?

Annaby, it's a blue "thingy" , just light it like you did the candles.

thanks Truus

Lift the left cushion and get a candle
Click the right cushion until the cushion flips up and you can see the symbols
Turn right and click the picture corners in the order from the cushion

@Dada thanks, but I can't see the last number. I think my brain refuses to figure out these types of codes because I always have trouble.

finally out. thanks everyone.

yes, kitkatfox, i drew everything and the last formed a 9

wow! im back and i see you guys finished it! great job! and out!

I don't understand where the blue things go and how to pick up the pumpink in the ground.

what is 3# code???

And where to use the rope, where to use the knife...

can not get 3# code for to open doors. Colors all say 6.

Thanks Dada. I got it after drawing it like you suggested. Much better! :)

I think that I miss a candle for the fourth pumpkin...

well guess I'll stop. Can't get the code and don't know where last key is or pumkins.

j_flamm, insert the fuses one by one on the blue puzzle thing and press buttons. each fuse will show you lighted boxes. draw them out and you will see that yellow=6, green=3 and red=9

I'm working on a walkthrough, but the darn game glitched so I have to start over.

@Pascale the rope is a hose. Use it and the cork in the fish tank

Pascale, use the "rope" actually a tube to bring out the pumpkin from the floor

Note if you click the corners of the flower picture, it can move. But you don’t know the order yet.
Turn left and zoom in on the couch
Lift the left cushion and get a candle
Click the right cushion until the cushion flips up and you can see the symbols
Turn right and click the picture corners in the order from the cushion
Get the circle key and note the holes in the wall
Turn left 2 times and see the stands
Turn left and see the fish tank cabinet
Zoom in on the upper right door and use the circle key
Look at the tea cup and get another candle
Look at the blue canister and get a fuse from in it (II fuse)
Zoom in on the lower right cabinet door and see a place to enter a code. Click the handles and see you can open them in spite of the code and there is another code needed inside.
Very weird!
Hmmm… try entering numbers into the outside code box and you will find they stick on certain numbers. Click until all are stuck and then use those numbers on the inside code box
Get the blue game thing and the clover key
Use the clover key on the upper left door of the cabinet
Get the blue oil lamp from the bottom shelf (look at it in the about item view and remove the silver cover to free the wick)
Zoom in on the coffee grinder in the upper shelf and open its drawer (on the right side)
Get the paper from inside with the arrow clues
Turn left
Click the alcove and click the airplane -- see the code coin = O
Zoom on the green thing in the middle and note the arrows
Repeat the pattern from the arrow paper
The thing will light
You can light your candles and oil lamp using this fire
Go left
Zoom in on the potted plant and get the candle by the trunk
Zoom in on the shelf and get the pumpkin -- get the blue fuse from its eye (III fuse)
Click the woven trashcan in the corner -- get the fuse from inside (I fuse)
Look at the blue game thing in your inventory
You can select green, yellow, and red colors on the right and can place fuses on the slot on the left of the base. Use this to find the numbers for the bottom middle cabinet doors
Draw 3 5x5 grids. Place the I fuse in the slot and color all of the green squares on your first grid, the yellow ones on the second, and the red on the third. Place the II fuse and color all the green squares on the first grid, the yellow on the second, and the green for the third. Repeat for the III fuse.
All of the green squares you drew in on your grid form a number. Same for the yellow and red squares.
Turn to right 2 times and enter the code into the middle cabinet doors
Get the gray box
Open the box and get the handle
Note you can pull the switch in the back of this cabinet -- if you back up, you can see it opened a hole in the floor with a pumpkin inside. But you can’t reach it.
Close this hole for now (move the switch back to the left)
Look at the gray box in your inventory view and put the lid back on it
Boy, it sure looks sturdy!

Place the box on the floor where the white rectangle is (where the pumpkin hole was)
Click the top of the fish tank cabinet to climb up there and see
Get the knife and the spade key
Go back and use the new key on the left bottom cabinet doors
Get the pumpkin and blue hose
Turn 3 times to where the flower picture was
Zoom in on the holes and use the handles there
Get the pumpkin and the cork
Turn 3 times and look at the top of the fish tank again
See the hole in the top? Place your hose in there and add the cork to the end
Click the corked end to pull the hose down to the ground level
Back up and pick up your box
Open the bottom middle cabinet and pull the lever right
Back up and zoom on the hole
Click the corked end of the hose to remove the cork and flood the hole
Get the pumpkin
See the code from the bottom of the flooded hole
Hmm….if you look at your pumpkins in the about item view, you will note that you have 2 triangles and not a circle one.
Time to put that knife to good use!
Use the knife to make one of the triangle eyes into circles
Go left and light all of the candles and oil lamp
Look at each pumpkin in the about item view and place a light source in each one (click the top to lift the pumpkin’s lid)
Turn right 2 times and place the pumpkins in order of the clue from the flooded hole
Once you have them right, a drawer opens under the circle pumpkin
Get the heart key from it (if you leave now, you will get the mild escape)
But you still have one clue you haven’t used!
The one from the airplane.
Pick back up the circle pumpkin
In the about item view, click near the back of the pumpkin on the right to rotate it
Use the knife and get the coin from inside near the top of the pumpkin
Turn right 2 times and use the heart key on the door
Happy escape!

Hint through
Search the couch!
Click the corners
Circle, clover, spade, and heart keys are needed
3 candles and a gas lamp
The outer door code is the clue for the inner one
Plug and play
Draw the colors to see the numbers
Coffee can lead you to seeing the light
You need a stool to reach
A handle is handy
Put a cork in it
Now it is all wet!
Carve a jack-o’-lantern
Place the pumpkins
Get the key
Money is the source of happiness
The hint is on the airplane!
Another use for the knife
You’re outta there!

man, i love the mild escape games. thanks for all the hints, everyone.

kitkatfox, I just need to say thank you so much for the walkthrough AND the hint-through. I know it's a lot to write them both.

I love tesshi-e's games, and these are some of the ones where I can truly enjoy taking my time and figuring out the puzzles. Not only did your walkthrough save me at points, but the hint-through allowed me to get the satisfaction of solving other things (mostly) by myself. They were the perfect gentle nudges when needed. I really appreciated it.

Happy Coin will bring happiness to you!! Thank you, all for the hints!!! :) And thanks kitkat for working on that lovely walkthrough!! :)

       Anonymous  10/15/18, 2:15 AM  

Halloween is soon...!
(just look at the daily games the devs create atm ☻)
therefore we provide also replays with a Halloween topic, starting with a famous JP crowd puller from the past: Tesshi-e
a Tesshi-e is always worth a replay - enjoy!

thx annaby for your submission(s) - much appreciated! ♥

ありがとうfor all your creations, Tesshi ☺
& thx KKF for your WT

btw, Tesshi-e is creating games since 2008, i.e. MildEscape has its 10 year anniversary – CONGRATS! ♥

Can turn over right couch cushion
p.s. great game otherwise!

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