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White House Escape Walkthrough

White House Escape

White House Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game by 123bee.com. Just imagine yourself to have been trapped inside the White House. Make use of the clues and objects found over there to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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White House Escape Video Walkthrough
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Let's GO!!!

found knife in a red file

here we go :)

anyboddy here?

Hoi Tartenmark.
Foun knife and now stuck

use knife on sofa to get key

can only zoom in on lockers and file

ah found sofa,use key on left locker

16th prsident is Abe Lincon

Hi Lotus zoom in on sofa on fireplace view

12 feb.1809

Screw driver in fire place

screwdriver in fireplace :)


now where to use it

Hello all, and key in green above fireplace.

2nd key in greenery on fireplace

Opens drawer in right cupboard.

A key in plant

use on 2nd cabinet/drawers

it's 123bee!!! Could pick up the key again

Who knows dates?

20th Preseident = Garfield died September 19, 1881

Yes Zazie, you can use that key on the other set of drawers, but you´re able to "find" and get the key again, Bug?

Yes buggy as always, you can take the keys again and again...

2 july 1881

sorry 19 sept.1881

Lotus he was shot on July 2 but never died until Sep 19

You can enter a 4 digit number in door panel but the years don´t work.

So we have 12 feb 1809 and 19 sept 1881.
We can only put in 4 digits by the door??

A lot of teh same keys!!

where do we use the screwdriver?

No idea for the screwdriver :(

Feel like taking a look behind that famous desk and find some secret files there, it won´t let me ;.(

No place for the screwdriver, where is monica Lewinsky when you need her?

lol @ Full :)

smoking a sigar LOL

Lol Full, i am still stuck...

can't get any further,clicked everywhere!

anyboddy still here?

difference in the year is the code

Yes me but completely stuck....

how do you put items back into the invatory...cant put my knife away....

My items go back automatically.

Hi all, still live?

That's it!!! Great agmbl.
0072.In another room now

how do you put items back into the invatory...cant put my knife away....

code = 1881-1809

the key there is in the plant in the edge.
anyone an idea for the room with the round table?

Wow cool Lotus but why 0072 ?

Ahh ok thx :)

key 3 in flower pot, now key sticks to middle of screen, i simply LOVE 123bee...

Found another key in plant and now in conference room and can't get out anymore!

Key in plant, another key in left drawer.

can't get out of the room with the round table

nothing to click except the door :(

after the room with the white table you get to the press conference room, and at the right hand corner is a door with..... A lock!

I am stuck in the blue room...can´t leave anymore.

In room with round touble use knife (or screwdriver, don't remember) on door.
In new room there is a battery in the camera (use screwdriver).

Need to go and pick up my son from school, good luck all. Thanks Agmbl, good find there...;.)

Found battery..

already tried this, but it wont work :(

Battery goes into door panel.

use SD on camera in blue room

Batterie in lock by door

But panel still won't work.

put batery in door panel but does nothing

UsA ??? on desk

After reading the paper on the desk the panel works.

I'm in the other room.

code 21191

if you look at the desk suddenly the doorpannel works!!!

why tosca??

And now I'm in the oval table room.

found key in flowers in room with red curtains

Key in flowervase

oval table room, found key but doesn't work on right door, can't zoom on left door :(

where do I find the code from the room with the camera?

something goes purple on left ornament on wall next to painting.And another key in flouwers

hi! use key on chest of drawers on the right

There is a switch in the left wall chandelier.

U =21 S=19 A=1
numpber of alfabet.
Fopr a new code I am stuck:
foundation of pedestal_______in metric.

Not my kind of thing

foundation of pedestal____________ in metric. does anyone know what it means?

found one battery

It's 92.99 or 93.47.

It's from the statue of liberty.

foundation of statue of liberty but door does not work!

you can zoom in on chair on the rigt

where is battery?

thanks Tosca.

Use knife on chair.

use knife on chair

ca3na, where is the battery please?

there's another clue, use the knife of the far right chair

white house started in.....

@mommy.inc, battery is in camera.

door works now but i don't know the code

where to put the code from the liberty statue?

thanks, i thought there was another in the las room

door works after you have found both codes

have you found the one in the chair?

When you have the overall view from the room you can see on the left side from the right door a white square. Does this mean something?

yah but what's the code

No , I've just 1 code. I will look .

White house:

Construction began when the first cornerstone was laid in October of 1792.

But 1792 does not work...

combination with the number from the pedestal?

you have to activate this white square (number pad) by clicking on the candlestick holder. lowerst right.

In 1800 the first president moved in and it was called the white house in 1901.

found it. (the inventory beam was irritating).

totally stuck with code

Foundation of pedestal is 93 m.

Me too :(


Yes. In the other room.
Meters plus year from the construction of the white house

yes! add that and date of the beginning of construction

Code is 1792+93= ....

93 meter is with the statue.without it is 47 meter

93m is the height of the hole statue, the pedestal is only 47m high (20m base + 27m), but the differences with 1792 or 1800 won't work

Cool Shuchun thank you !!

There is a key right side of fireplace. Use SD

after getting the hint click on the dark bull in the middle, there you get the key for the door

Again in a new room (a blue one).

key in round thing and on one side of fireplace

and out

what is the code for the door

where to use key from round thing?

Me too i am out !!

i tried everything i can imaginge about neil armstrong, the sum of the letters, nothing works :(

the code for the last door is 1782

Out. Last door was easy. No math involved.

the key is in the blue couch

ca3na: thanks, but why? :)

Neil was on the moon in 1969.

Use key on the door together with code (1969)

Last door code : 1782

Last code:
The American Bald Eagle gained immediate, unofficial recognition as our National bird when the Great Seal of the United States was adopted on June 20, 1782.

1782 Bald Eagle became the symbol of America.

out! thanks everybody!! see you

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanx everybody

puh, out at last. thanks for all the help!! (in the end it said "blad" eagle instead of "bald" eagle ^^ )

Zazie it's not 'our' national bird. We're not all Americans. I'm Dutch and we've got a lion as our national symbol.

Thx every1

I am not american either, lol.
I just copied the sentence on a website :) Sorry....

Doesn't matter Zazie I wasn't offended.

I am german by the way :)

what fireplace are you talking about??!!
I am in the room after the one with the 1792+93=1885 door code

ohhhhhhhh the inventory was over it :S

where do we cut on couch

i just about had it with 123 games. i was in the middle of the game as far as battery in door panel and then gt switched to "play full version" and now all my progress is lost. thumbs down to this game site

eek! I wouldn't have made it through this game without wikipedia and lots of help. @_0

working link:


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