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Chess Room Escape

Chess Room Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game from EscapeFever. "Sometimes in chess if there is no other solution it is better to just escape the situation and attack later. Escape the room!" Good luck and have fun!

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4th live one of the day!

Got cd, red key (used), blue key (used), headphones & something you plug in.

yay! I'm in!

Let's see how good this is. Got a CD so far.

Have a needle as well. A bit tricky with the hidden areas...

green key was in the phone!
Hi everyone!

stuck with you stryboh

Aaaggghhh, my connection is so sssssllllllooooowwww tonight:{

i also have a cd player with cord(attached myself), cd and a thingy with also fan!

I have a cd and a cord thing (??). stuck.

ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy Rammmmmbbblleerrr!!!! lol

have the white king but cant use it on chessboard???

I got the red key, which gave me blue key, which gave me box thing (cd player??) still have CD and cord. cannot combine items. there's an outlet under couch. cant plug anything in. still trying (POP??)

connect cd player with fan thingy! plug in under couch

Hi all! I have only a CD, red key (used), blue key (used, device with fan?, cable. Where did you find needle, green key (I'v clicked all around the telephone) or king piece?

Mock if you must, but it's really frustrating lol

Actually, it seems okay now :}

got yellow key and chess piece

connect the cd player with the fan thing with a cord found beside the bed (right side) and plug under the couch
insert the cd then it'll be back to ur inventory get it and insert it in the video player under the TV u'll get the yellow key

sorry for bad english

now I have a white stick/needle thing. where are the yellow key and chess piece? what does this all mean?!?!?! hahaha, there are some wierd views in this game lol

for green key: press the red button in the phone

K, sorry, but maybe it helped to bring you luck!

oh still live.

sry on the green button not the red one

where are the headphones

@monaliza: I pressed the red button (and all the buttons) a kazillion times. no key. did you do anything else first?

Well I've found lots of views, but only got the wires and the red key that get's the blue key that get's the box thingy. Oh, and a CD.

tried that too

rambler where did u find ur cords at tell us i dont see cord on right side of bed

I think red button on phone is tmeant to "enter" a code you insert dialing the numbers, but I don't know the code... red button is to "delete".
Where is the CD player?

For my connection, yes. For my luck in this game.....well let's see. Onwards and upwards as they say. ;)

found a needle and used it on the head of the bed, got code 9613, used on phone, it works, but i dont notice anything happen?

ok im stuck, but i think im near the end, let me try to answer some questions now for those who are stuck.

Sorry, green to "enter", red to "delete"

@RachelLouise the green one not the red one
and no u don't have to do anything else on the phone

@naterade, view bed, then click to the right of the curtains.

k, what to do with the chess piece!

chess piece is after you use the yellow key. yellow key is after you assemble the cd player under the sofa and use the disc on it, then remove disc and use on dvd player under the tv.

guys i'm out without any codessss and the needle was useless
may be there is another ending!!

This comment has been removed by the author.


im stuck with that too

where is the needle?
Headphones are behind curtain.


how did u get out?

This comment has been removed by the author.

needle under table (note, there are many views of the table, search around to find the bottom view)

headphone - left side of window

The needle is under the small table on first view.
You need the code Suicune found - thanks! - to get the green key from the phone. Use the needle on bed's head and yuou'll see a code; insert that code on the phone and push the green button: it will open a drawer in the phone where you can foind the green key

omg ok now i've used everything and I have only a chess piece...

@ naterade, look up, 21.32

use "needle" on mirror ( near we use the green, blue, red and yellow keys)and get the code

hmm, can´t find the bottom view, but then again - I didn´t need any code for the phone. just pressed green button and it it was open.

green key: just click on the green button on the phone something like a drawer will come out of the phone having the green key, using it on the bed u get the CD player
click on the dish on the table get red key, open that thing in bed, get blue key, open the thing eith blue key, get the fanny thing
beside the curtains in the bed view u'll get a cord

connect the CD player, the fanny thing and the cord together in ur inventory then under the couch
insert the cd in this cd player
u'll get it back automatically, insert it in the video player under the TV, the yellow key will be there at the right side of this player

one more question where does the light blue king go

thats odd.. i actually got the green key BEFORE the code or needle... i think it must have been a bug?

@mona, you say you got out, where did you use the chess piece?

now I have a chess figure, that I dont know, what to do with...

open the left one in the bed get the chess peice, put it on the third column from left, second line from up in the chess game u'll get something like coin, insert it in the door and u r OUT

Okay, here's an original question. Anyone know where the chess piece goes?

I was never able to get the green key just pressing the green button on the phone, I had to find and insert the code first, so I think many of you found a bug...
Now, what to do with the chess piece?


Oh! Thanks monaliza :}

oh that's funny, i got the green key from the phone without codes.

thanks monaliza!

first time for me to be helpful :)

third colum from right worked for me.

Needle under small table - looked forever under other table.

and out

Chess piece doesn't work for me. Am I missing a step?

ty mona

i tried that damn chess piece on every square of the board not occupied by another piece, and nothing happened. i gave up trying to put it on the board after that, but i guess i shoulda tried ALL squares :/


and about green key. theres a bug. youre supposed to get the code 1st, but it seems that its possible to get it without the code or needle sometimes.

Oh. Okay, third column from right and second from top!

Aha, the old coin in the keyhole ploy works again :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

ok im out. I put that chess piece all over that dang board lol. it was the the light brown square 3rd from the right 2nd from the top.

@Suicune: the point is that u have to put it on another piece :)

more info on bug:

i tested it out a bit and it seems at the beginning of a new game, if you just go up to the phone and press the green enter button, youll get the key just like that.

however, if you press any other keys 1st, this bug wont work anymore, even if you cancel out the numbers after that.

woohoo we are out!

think how the rules of chess work, go for the win


yes i know, i just didnt think that was the soloution, until you helped me by posting it lol.

thought final key was a coin at 1st like, thought i'd missed something lol

@Suicune: honestly my brother plays chess a lot he is the one who told me to try this place lol

lol i guess i need to play more chess then (i used to play it a lot when i was younger but stopped eventually)

The chess piece is a Queen, you gotta play the Scholar's Mate to get coin. :)

after closer inspection (and realizing that it was really a queen not a king), i see that that spot is indeed a checkmate :P

our queen cannot be killed there by the enemy king because our bishop is covering it, and it also has nowhere to run, its cornered.

now it all makes perfect sense.

Hey there escapers!

Bugs now fixed and i added also the names to each item so there would be no confusion :)

Thanks for playing!

oh hey, you must be the author. this game was pretty good (id say the best of all 4 that came out today so far), nice job!


attack with your queen and you'll get the coin .... coin goes to the door .... and you're out! :-)

please tell me I don't need to know how to play chess to beat this!

@Suicune Are you doing the walkthrough or shall I?

Kitkatfox.... Suicune..... Thank goodness you are here. Stuck!!!Please make walkthrough. Thanks for this one and all the others..

Click under the left end of the couch and see the outlet in the wall
Click under the coffee table (if you see wood bars in front of you, you didn’t click low enough) -- get the white candle
Click the TV stand and note the DVD player
Turn right (take your cursor to the right edge of the screen until the hand changes to point right)
Get the CD from under the table
Note the chess board
Click the bowl on the table and get the red key
Click the yellow mattress on the bed
Use the red key and get the blue
Use the blue key and get the power supply
Use the candle on the mirror on the headboard (see a code) -- thanks, Suicune!
While still zoomed in, click the window behind the curtains -- get the cable
Back up
Click the phone
Enter the code from the headboard and hit the green button
If you make a mistake, click the red button to clear the numbers
Get the green key
Zoom back in on the bed and use the green key -- get the CD writer
Combine the cable with the CD writer by dragging the cable in your inventory
Now add the power supply
Back up and turn right
Click under the couch
Use the combined machine on the outlet
Put in your blank CD and get the new written one in your inventory
Zoom in on the DVD player on the TV stand
Add your CD and a small yellow spot appears on the upper right corner of the player -- click it. It is the yellow key
Go back to the bed and use the key to get the dark queen
Zoom in on the chessboard on the table and use the queen
SPOILERsecondrowfromtheback, thirdcolumnfromtherightSPOILER (thanks, monaliza3788!)
Get the coin from the back row piece
Back up, turn left, and use the coin in the door slot under the arrow

There is a video walkthrough if you hit help button but I like yours better.

hope this helps, a!

video walkthroughs are great if the game is very pixelly, but I like written walkthroughs better usually because I can scan for things I need and not see spoilers for the rest.

I see my problem with phone you don't type n number you use phone buttons.

yes, a, and they are very had to press correctly. I wish we could have zoomed in!

Thanks kikatfox Im out. have a good one

i've been staring at the screen for hours....lolol!!!! i know it is VERY late *hehehe!!!* but i can't help myself...clues that would normally make sense to me have escaped me altogether, making the escape of this room frustrating, yet rather comical....oh the irony....rofl!!!! kitkat....once again you have rescued this poor pitiful escaper ;) thank you!!!! :D i just want to make one observation...i was thrown off track when the candle was referred to as a "needle", so just wanted to clarify for all future escapers :) i have a feeling, however, that you won't be playing with a brain operating on low batteries....ROFL!!!!!! Thank you everyone for helping me to finish this game so i can finally go to sleep ;) g'night all and take care!!!

@irishenigma I think the game maker must have gone back and added the inventory descriptions later. That's why the earlier comments were kind of crazy in their names lol

working link:


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