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Neutral Christmas Escape 3 Walkthrough

Neutral Christmas Escape 3

[REPLAY] Neutral - Christmas Room Escape 3 is another mini point and click room escape game developed by Neutral for Xmas. This is 3rd little escape game for Christmas season. This time, the game stage is an outdoor field. Please think flexibly, because unusual strange event will happen in this field. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Christmas Room Escape 3 Walkthrough
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ah there we go, thanks

Boo.... Error.

Ahhh - thank you.

Thanks Shelby.

I have 4 coins - 1 silver, 3 bronze/gold - and a stick. Which is quite appropriate, given that I am now stuck!

did anyone manage to get the chick that keeps getting inside the log?

@ Bianca - I gave him cake but haven't managed to get him yet.

yeah...did that too, he eat it but keeps getting away...grrrr

Morning all, what a funny game, haha.

Stuck ( as always) with the codes behind the pictures

OUT without any help!

what a great game, it lasted me quite a while, even though i never got stuck once!

this is what games should be like, gazzyboy should learn from this!

i havent refreshed this page since the game came out... am i 1st out? does anyone need help? guess ill find out in a sec lol

Now he's had a doughnut and is too fat to get back in the hole.

@ Full - Look at the snowmen for the codes.

oh wow... im TOO far ahead... ok guys ill get a walkthrough up, just to let you know though, a couple of the chicks are tricky to get :)

youll need to be creative to get the last one in the dark tunnel!

also, theres a total of 7 chicks, you need all, as well as a gold star to escape

I guess I need bait to go fishing in the pond. And I also need a microwave to defrost a little chick

@Riove, thanks, i see the colours and where to put them but can´t get the correct order behind each painting


you actually need a fire, but you cant start one yourself, a friend will start one for you later in the game though :)

Hello Suicune, a little bit of help would be aprecieted, thanks

Btw, i invested my house and my car on the numbers you gave for the lottery last week, i lost it all, can i consider that internet fraude?

Where did that 7th chick fly off to?

And OUT! Super adorable!

Ahh Got him

Cute ending. Fun little game.

I have to say that Neutral is one of my favorites. Just the right amount of pixel-hunting and logic puzzles. Plus the endings are always so freaking adorable!

Ah, you´re all out..... still stuck on the combination for the codes here. I´m left handed and therefor i only seem to use the right side of my brain.

i'm not out :s

feel pretty stupid by know.....

@Full: The snowman in the picture corresponds with the codes behind the picture. Go outside and look at them again if you need to.

behind every picture you fill in the code witch you can find on the matching snowman

I've just come back...STILL can't find anything other than 4 coins and a twig! Must be missing an entire scene I reckon :o( What cake? What pictures? I don't have a key for the house, can't get the chick being chewed by the snake, or the one that jumps into the log, and they are the only ones I've seen!

@Kiri: Sounds like you need to talk to a cat! He's hanging out around the frozen pool.

Got it, heha. missed the 3rd. snowman

I'm locked in the cabin. 2 colour codes on the walls...

finally found everything to start fishing, yay..

About the cat : you buy a chicken to him.

where's the bait? How to defrost the chick? How do I finally catch up with the chick that runs into the log....

There is no bait. Just excellent timing. Give it a few tries and be patient. You'll get it.

Man, you guys fished everything already in that lake, can´t fish a thing

Out with no help! :)

Wow...thanks Shelby...no idea how, but completely missed that cat! Hadn't seen it there in the background at all!

Full, take the pole out when the floater is fully submerged.

I'm also trapped in the house. I can't find the star for the bars over the entrance. Should I have found that before coming into the house? I can't get out to check the color codes behind the snowman pictures.

I'm with you, Mirali...

mirali, try checking spaces under furniture in the house (preferably the left side).

Mirali, the star is under the cupboard, on the left !

Looking forward to see the reaction on my sons face when he wiil ask me how work was today and i´ll answer him that i spent the whole morning fishing, lol

Ty Catalyste and Pascale! Didn't see that hot spot. I had also missed the snowman behind the house. Still can't seem to get the color codes to work though.

were do I use the matches?

mirali, the color codes work when all snowmen's colors have been entered. So you have to unlock that last cupboard in order to open something.

Matches are used in cave behind chest.

Oh, dammit! I pressed a wrong button and now I have to start all over again

Where did the (cave)chick go?

Ok, again...what matches?

I'm sure that I shouldn't be struggling this much with this game!

I have 5 chicks (plus a frozen one!) and a pick axe...that's all that's left in my inventory...not sure what I need to do next.

Full, when the chick flies away, unclick the matches.

NVM...that damn cat again! Ha ha

Go back into the underground tunnel and look around. There should be a fishing rod there. After that, use the pick axe to make a hole in the frozen pond.

Thanks a million Catalyste, been searching the whole forest for it.

Very, very cute game.

Seems like everyone has it under control. I'm heading to bed now. Night all, good luck!

cant figure out the codeeees..pls heeelp

Hey everybody,
still don't get it with the snowmanpuzzle. There are three snowmen and only two pics. How do I put the colourcodes in?

esinadem, the codes are related to the snowmen's buttons.

Two are in the forest behind trees, and one is behind the house (click far left or right).

Darling, there´s another puzzle in the ( locked) cupboard

darling, there are actually three pics. The third one is a locked cupboard.

A door will open once all three codes have been inputted. Just make sure you have the button position and colors right.

thanx full, but where do I get the key for cupboard?

darling, give the cat a fish.

To be honest, darling , i don´t remember since there were 3 different keys for the whole game

what sould I do in the scene with cat, fish and bonfire?

Wait...sorry. You have to use the pick axe and break ice.

My bad...I'm sleepy.

Ive, melt some ice.

This comment has been removed by the author.

POP found it. Now I am fishing my fingers off... :-D

thank U everybody. Finally made it! Cute! :-)

call me dumb but..although i found 3 of the snowmen , still cannot figure out the code :(..a little help maybe?

Delight, emulate the colors in the correct positions.

Like say for the code for the grimacing snowman. Note their color, they're red. Now note their position. It's vertically.

What you would do is go to the house, find the picture representing the snowman and click 3 buttons, that are positioned vertically, all red.

You do the same with the one behind the house, and and the one with the hat. Note the buttons, the color. And place that in the right set.

yes..done it...the problem was the blue hat of one of them, i was putting that on the code aswell :))))))))...you re a star catalyste

where r the matches?

pop, found it near the cat

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I wish there where a lot more like this one!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

phew, that was a long walkthrough, perhaps the longest ive written? idk, took me about 1 hour 20 minutes though, because its a long game!

time to catch up on all the comments that people have posted while i was writing it...

lovely game with a beautiful ending! i second bianca in wishing there were more like these..

yes, this was a lovely game indeed, too bad games of this calibre only seem to come out once every 20-30 games, but its worth the wait!

same with you bianca..was really cute game...had promlems only with the codes( thanks to catalyste)

OHHHHHHHHHHH i just realized now who the author is! its the same person that did "vision", which was the 1st escape game i ever stumbled upon and played back around mid 2008 sometime! (back then i didnt know this site existed).

but yea, no wonder this game was so good, that person seems to have talent in making these, because i remember how good vision was also!

Woohooo, Escape Success without any help !!! :)

Thanks for posting Megi, it was a great game !

trust neutral to come with an entertaining christmas escape! cute and fun!

Great Game,
Thanks @Suicune for your excellent walkthrough, I would never have caught that last chick without your help.

this game made my day. i <3 neutral.

Really Big Chicken! :) Great game!

Excellent walkthrough for a very good game, Suicune. I would never have succeeded without your help.

this was a great game. you did a beautiful job on this walkthrough suicune,its nice of you to take the time to do this walkthrough. I could not have finished this game without the walkthru. You do a great job on all your walkthru. Merry xmas to all

megi this was a great game. we need more like this one , I really enjoyed playing this game and of course without suicune I definately couldnt finish it Thanks again megi I loved this game

AWSOME game!!!thank you very much neutral;)

very good game, looking forward to some more decent ones, NO GAZZYBOY ones please!!

What a great game..I loved it!! Thanks Neutral, and a very Merry Christmas to you too!!

Neutral is my all time favorite...
And this was a mini game...please give us more, Neutral!!!
Thanks, for walkthrough, Suicune, I needed a prompt here and there.
Happy Holidays!

Lovely game..Merry Xmas~~~~

Another excellent offering by Neutral,No1 escape game author,even the easy ones are superb

Cant wait for a Vision rival....hopefully......please Neutral.....I'll even donate to the project lol....

NOTE: In order to move forward into the Forest, just click the Yellow Arrow when you're cursor is near the Middle of Screen. Or just point your Cursor at the end of the Path!

Walkthrough - Part 1:

1. Move Left! Look near Bottom-Left side of the 2nd Tree from Left to Right. You can see a Snowman. Click to zoom in Snowman, and take COIN on the Bottom of his Belly/Stomach [You see the 4 Buttons in the middle, just click on the last one, on bottom], zoom out!

2. Move Left! Look on Middle-Right side of screen, and you'll see a frozen puddle (Short amount of water, usually formed as a circle - frozen). Click to zoom in, and look at the 3rd Tree from Left to Right. If you look next to that tree, you'll see a Chopped Tree [If you look closely, you'll see that it has lighter colors than all the other trees on screen]. Click on that Cut Tree, to zoom in! From this view, look at the Tree on Right-Side. You'll see a Snowman on it's Bottom-part. Click to zoom in, take the STICK, and zoom out 3 Times!

3. Move Forward! Look near Bottom-Right of Game Screen, and click on the Stone, to lift it. Take the COIN from under! Look at Middle-Right side of Game Screen, and you'll see a Log. Click to zoom in, and look near Bottom-Right of screen. Another Coin. Click to take COIN, and zoom out!

4. Move Forward! Look at the Top-Left side of the Left-Side Tree. You'll see a Green Tail of a creature, sticking out. Use stick on that Green Tail, to make the ... Snake fall down! Click on the Snake to zoom in, and look between it's Tail & Bottom-Left of screen. You'll see a Silver Coin. Click to take COIN, and zoom out!

5. Move Back 2 Times! Click on Frozen Puddle [Middle-Right of screen], to zoom in. Look at the Cut Tree, you can now see a cat! Click on the Cat [Near 3rd Tree from Left to Right], to zoom in. Give Cat the Coins you've got, and take the 1st CHICKEN. Move Back, and then go to the Cat again (The will be gone once you move back, so just click on the Cut Tree). The Cat will be Gone! Click on the Brown Mat [Below the Cut Tree], to remove it. Take the KEY, and zoom out 2 Times!


Read Next Comment for Next Part


Walkthrough - Part 2:

6. Move Forward! Click on the House [Left-Side], to zoom in. Use Key on Door to unlock house, click to open Door, and click inside to enter! Move Right 2 Times, and look at the Right-Side of the Door Opening. You'll see something white, the only thing Glowing inside the House. Click on the Light Switch [White Glowing button], to turn the Lights ON. Don't worry about you getting locked inside, we'll escape soon!

7. Move Right! Open the 2 Doors on Left-Side of Orange Cupboard, and take TREE-SHAPED PIECE. Close the Doors of the Cupboard, and open the Middle Drawer, in the Middle of the Cupboard. Click inside once opened, to zoom in. Take the PEPPER, and zoom out!

8. Move Right! Click on the Orange Pillow, Left-Side of the Sofa, to lift it up. Take the CHRISTMAS STOCKING-SHAPED PIECE. Take the PIECE OF CAKE on Table, and Move Right [If you look on Bottom-Right side of Window, you'll notice something White and cicle-shaped. Remember that]! Open the Right-Side Orange Door of the Cabinet, and take 2nd CHICKEN! You see the Dark Orange Door of the Cabinet, of Left-Side. Click right under it, to view under the Cabinet. Take the STAR-SHAPED PIECE, and zoom out!


9. Look at the Picture on Wall, and remember the Snowman. Look at the Snowman on Dark Orange Door, also remember it! Move Right 2 Times, and look at the Picture on Wall. Remember that Snowman as well, and Move Left. Place all the 3 Piece of Shapes [Stocking, Tree, Star], where they belong, and Move out of House!

10. Click at the Back-side of the House [Just move your Cursor on Left-Side of House, and click once the Cursor changes into a hand], to turn around! Take the PICK-AXE, and look at the Snowman. You remember him from one of the Pictures, remember the Dots on his Chest [BLUE = Top-Right & Top-Left, YELLOW = Middle, RED = Bottom] - and zoom out 2 times!

Read Next Comment for Next Part


Walkthrough - Part 3:

11. Use Pick-Axe on Ice Crystals on Bottom-Left of Screen, and take Key from inside. Move Back, and then Move Left! Use Pick-Axe 2 Times on Ice Crystals in Middle. Take the FROZEN CHICKEN from behind, and Move Left 2 Times! Click on the Snowman, at Bottom of 2nd Tree from Left to Right, to zoom in. You remember him from one of the Pictures on Wall. Note the Dots on his Chest [RED = Top, Bottom, Middle] - and zoom out!

12. Click on Frozen Puddle [Middle-Right side], to zoom in. Click on Cut Tree [Near 3rd Tree from Left to Right], to zoom in. Look at Bottom of Right-Side Tree, and click on the Snowman to zoom in. You remember the Snowman from the Dark Orange Door of the Cabinet. Note the Dots on his Chest [YELLOW = Top-Right, Top-Left - BLUE = Bottom-Right, Bottom-Left], and zoom out 3 Times!

13. Move Forward, and click on House to zoom in [Left-Side]! Click inside Door to enter ... a Cat! Move Right, and click on Picture on Wall to zoom in. Click the Picture to move it! You remember the Dots from earlier on this Snowman, change the colors as you remember them, or follow me:

TOP DOT = Red [Click 1 Time]
MIDDLE DOT = Red [Click 1 Time]
BOTTOM DOT = Red [Click 1 Time]

The Grey Color = Nothing

Once Done, zoom out. Look at the Left-Side Dark Orange Door of Cabinet. Use Key on that Door of Cabinet, click to open, and click inside to zoom in. Change the Colors as you remember on the Snowman with the Blue Hat, or follow me:

TOP-LEFT DOT = Yellow [Click 3 Times]
TOP-RIGHT DOT = Yellow [Click 3 Times]
BOTTOM-LEFT DOT = Blue [Click 2 Times]
BOTTOM-RIGHT DOT = Blue [Click 2 Times]

The Grey Color = Nothing

Zoom out, and Move Right 2 Times! Click on Picture on Wall, and click Picture to move it. Change the Colors as you remember were on the Snowman with the Gloves, or follow me:

TOP-LEFT DOT = Blue [Click 2 Times]
TOP-RIGHT DOT = Blue [Click 2 Times]
MIDDLE DOT = Yellow [Click 3 Times]
BOTTOM DOT = Red [Click 1 Time]

The Grey Color = Nothing

Once you're done, just zoom out, and a Secret Underground door will open!

14. Enter the Secret Underground Door, and Move Down! Move Right, and look at the Drawing on Wall. It will tell you that there is a Hidden Chicken on 4th Tree from Left to Right, on a place where there are 5 Trees, and 2 Rocks/Stones. Move Right 2 Times, take Fishing Rod, Move Right, and Move Up 2 Times to get out of Underground Place!

15. Move Left, and get out of House! Zoom out of Hosue View, and Move Back. Move Right, and you'll be watching a place with 5 Trees and 2 Rocks/Stones. Use Stick on 4th Tree from Left to Right. A Chicken will Pop out everytime you use the Stick. Everytime a CHICKEN pops out, quickly click on it to get it [If you can't get the Chicken, try a few more times or call your Family members of friends to help you :P]!


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Walkthrough - Part 4:

16. Move Left, and the Move Forward 2 Times! Click on Snake and Chicken, to zoom in [Left-Side]. Use Pepper on Snake. Once won't do, so click on the Pepper (It's not in your Inventory anymore, but on the Screen above the Snake) again, and zoom out. Take the CHICKEN on Right-Side, and Move Back 2 Times!


17. Click on Frozen Puddle [Middle-Right side], to zoom in! Use Pick-Axe 2 Times on Frozen Puddle, and use Fishing Rod on the part where you broke the Ice! You see the Red/Yellow part of the Fish Bait/Hook. You'll notice that the Red/Yellow part moves after 1-2 seconds. Whenver the whole Red/Yellow part is under the water, quickly click on the Fishing Rod to fish up a Fish! Try this a few times if you can't get it done. Once you've caught the FISH, click to take Fish, and zoom out!

18. Move Forward, and click on House to zoom in [Left-Side]! Click inside House to enter, and give Cat the Fish [Don't put the Fish on Table, but give it to the Cat]. Now, Move Left 2 Times, and get out of the House. Click inside House to get inside, and note that the Cat is gone with the Fish! Move Left, and also notice that the Right-Side of the Cupboard is now open [It was locked before]. But only the Right-Side Door is open. Click on the Door, next to the one that is Open [The one with the Plates on Bottom-part], and take the Doughnut! Move Left, and get out of the House. Zoom out once!

19. Click on the Log [Middle-Right side], to zoom in! Move your Cursor over the Chicke on Cut Tree, and it will Move. Place the Piece of Cake, on top of the Cut Tree, and zoom out 2 Times. Move Forward, and zoom into the Log again [Middle-Right side]! The Chicken has eaten the Cake. Move your Cursor over the Chicken again to move it, place the Doughnut on top of Cut Tree, and zoom out 2 Times. Move Forward, and Zoom into the Log again[Middle-Right side]! The Chicken is Super-fat. Move your Cursor over the Chicken to let it run into the Log. It will get stuck, meaning that you can simply click on it to get it. Zoom out!


20. Move Back! Click on the Frozen Puddle to zoom in [Middle-Right side]. Wow, the Cat is Back! Click on the Cat from this View [Near the 3rd Tree from Left to Right]. Look how Happy the Cat is. Put the Frozen Chicken on the Fire, and take the CHICKEN once the Ice is melted. Look on Middle-Right side of screen, and you'll notice a Match Box. Click to zoom in! Click to take MATCH BOX, and zoom out 2 Times!


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Walkthrough - Part 5:

21. Move Forward, and click on House, to zoom in [Left-Side]! Click inside House to enter. Move Left, and enter Secret Underground place. Move Down, and then Move Right 2 Times. Click on the Cave behind the Chest, to enter!

22. Click on the Match Box in your Inventory, to get some light. Click on the Paper, near Bottom-Left of Cave, and it says that you need a Star and 7 Chickens in order to fill the World with bright Light! Move Forward, and there is the last Chicken. Take the Key from the Chicken's nest, and click on the Match Box in your Inventory, to deselect it and turn the Light off. Wait a few seconds, until the Chicken returns. Click to take the CHICKEN once it's in its nest!


23. Click on Match Box in your Inventory, to get the Lights back on! Move Back 2 Times, and use the Key you just got on the Chest in front of the Cave [On Bottom]. Click the Chest to open it, take the Star from inside, and Move Left 2 Times!

24. Move Up the Stairs, and Move Left. Leave the House, and zoom out of the House View! Move Forward, and click on the Stone, in the Middle of the Screen. Put the Star in the Middle of the Stone, and 7 Circle-Stones will appear. Put each Chicke on each of the Stones!

25. Enjoy the Nice and very well done Ending. Once you see a Cake, and the text that says, "ESCAPE SUCCESS!" - don't forget to click on the Arrow at Bottom of screen, for the Ending Text ;)

All I want to hear right now, is the feedback. I can't believe that I actually used 1 and a half Hour to write this Walkthrough. I really, really hope this is helpful to everyone. I put all of my effot into this long walkthrough, so please let me hear your thougts, please :)

Type: Ultimate Extremely Extreme Detailed Detail-Walkthrough | 25-Steps [Ending]
Time Used: 1 Hour & 35 Minutes
Written By: Prid

Suicune and Prid - thanks so much for the excellent walkthroughs. Without the help of those who take the time to do the walkthroughs -- I would be lost and I love to play these games - just need extra help most of the time.

Prid, your walkthrough was WONDERFUL!! Thank you.

Just here to help! I KNOW, that there are always people who cannot finish a game. And I've experienced that alot of times, when I was younger. Since no one made Highly detailed walkthroughs, I started to do it, to HELP people who were completely lost!

Thanks again for all the Feedbacks, I LOVE YOU ALL, AND YOU ROCK!!


very nice job on the walkthrough once again prid! i think you did a better job listing the button color code soloutions than i did on mine, since you make separate "paragraphs" just to list each soloution, so its clearer to see. mine were just in the middle of the steps, so the person would have to read the whole step to find the soloutions.

I almost always have to use the walkthroughs at some point, as I think most of us do. Please know that we appreciate all the time and effort put into them. Please don't stop writing them, and I promise if I'm ever first to solve a game (lol) I will write one.

thank you for the feedback macmommadukes, and dont worry, i dont plan to stop writing them, i try to get at least 1 or 2 walkthroughs up per day. once i even did 5 walkthroughs in a day lol (but that might not happen again).

but yea, i enjoy doing them, and i think prid and kitkatfox and sneaksnake (the other 3 regular writers) also enjoy it, and the thanks we get from people such as you is what makes us want to continue... although i cant speak for anyone but myself, its just what i would guess.

@Suicune: No, suicuine! You're correct. I said the same thing to someone else today earlier. It's true that the compliments from the people are keeping us all on writing walkthroughs!

Sadly, I won't be able to write so many walkthroughs from tomorrow and on. I really have to finish my game, but since Christmas is in a few days, I won't be able to finish it till the 24th. I really hope I finish it at least. And suicune, I did most of the game myself. But thanks to your walkthrough, which I used 3-4 times, I didn't get stuck ;)


@Prid & @Suicune, although the compliments are nice, that's not my main goal to write walkthroughs. I just like to help people (I was a lurker for years and always appreciated it if there was a walkthrough where I could find the steps I missed, instead of going through all the comments), but another major reason to write them is to make (or keep the standard up) EscapeGames24 the number one site in the escape world. I reall y do like this site and almost never go anywhere else. A minor reason for me is that I hope to improve my English by writing them, 'cause I know it could be better. Nevertheless, thanks to the people with the compliments and you're welcome.

out withouth help. It was challenging without being really hard. I adore this game!

*notices the "rated 4.95 by you and 106 others" rating at the top...*

wow... this game is like a god lol. out of 106 people, it seems that 104 or 105 gave it a 5! i dont think ive ever seen such consistency before!

they say its impossible to please everyone, but this game seems to have done it!

Suicune, Prid and Sneaksnake and Kitkatfox: I, too, was a lurker for a long time before I started to post. However, I am not nearly as brilliant as you and lots of others at solving these. So...thank you, thank you, thank you for writing the oh so valuable walkthroughs!!! I live for this site every week. This is truly an amazing site, and I am grateful for it after a long hard day at work and on boring, rainy weekends. EG24 is THE BEST!!

Thanks for another terrific game neutral!

Great game thanks

This was nice and easy. Thanks!

Wow I really liked this game until the ice fishing part! Might have to give up...

OK Got it! Great game and beautiful ending :)

Definitely one of the most entertaining games I have played. 10 stars for the designers! Thoroughly enjoyed this one. PLEASE MAKE MORE ON THE LEVEL OF THIS. And I echo the earlier sentiments from some of the others here. Gazzy and 123 could learn from this one. Quality is FAR better than quantity and idiotic obscure puzzles which make no sense had no home here. Would that the aforementioned game designers take heed and redouble their efforts when they design their new games. That and perhaps hire someone to properly translate and label the items and passages in proper and grammatically correct English. Thank you so much for this game.

Oh no! I put the fish on the table. ?!?!? Now what do I do??? I can't pick it up? Why?

I won't rate this game as I can't finish it now. Obviously everyone else here had a great time. Not fair for me to rate it because of my mistake.


A little warning or at least let me pick the d#$@ thing up and then give it to the d#$@ cat.

Well, it appears that it doesn't matter if you put the fish on the table or give it to the cat. After wandering around, I went back into the house and the fish and the cat were gone. Hmmm...

10 stars for this game. I really appreciate the work behind this game and the beautiful and easy to understand walk through. Prid ALWAYS writes great walk throughs. - Thanks to all of you.


This is one of the best games ever made!

This game is absolutely incredible. The whole thing was laid out well and was fun to play. Not too easy which is good but it is challenging. Loved all the artwork and especially the entire ending sequence. That was FANTASTIK!!!!

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your premium quality creations, Neutral ☺

& thx prid for the WT
had a very hard time to catch fish...!

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