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First Love Escape

[REPLAY] Robamimi & BiancoBianco - First Love Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Robamimi and Bianco-Bianco. You don't have to escape. Look for a picture of his memories waiting for her. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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       Anonymous  12/17/09, 12:54 AM  

Good morning... Afternoon Shuchun

Good morning to u and afternoon to me.

This comment has been removed by the author.

looks like I may have caught a live one for a change!

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 12:59 AM  

MMmmmhhh, just a red and a blue star at the moment, looks like a good game though

Found a blue star under the last "sofa" (sorry what is the proper english word for it?) in the right row

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:00 AM  

And box and key, now i´m getting somewhere

yellow star under the 2nd of left row

There is a lock on the window on the right row

oh no im 10 mins late!

i hope i can catch up lol

red star between the last two windows on left row in decorating

KEY is on the ceiling above the spot where you found the box with code

I found blue & yellow star, box & key, but haven't seen a red or green. Are they inside?

stars go in floor on the left of the altar,
box and key for window ar on the right of the altar (key on ceiling)

Missing the code for the box & green star.

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:07 AM  

Green one is behind window wich opens with the key

green star is out of the window with lock

Good morning from Spain

opened box - black star

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:09 AM  

Code for box is EVE to obtain last star ( black one)

@dayamayii, see previous comment for red star:
red star between the last two windows on left row in decorating and
green star is out of the window with lock

red and blue star

Can't find the ceiling view where I found the box.

Nvm, pop.

Key is not on the ceiling it's the bottom view of the altar.

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:11 AM  

Clockwise put the stars: White,red,blue,black,yellow,green and you can go to the basement

10AM in Belgium, good morning.
I'm downstairs already

k i got 4 stars.... i think i still need a black one?

and i notice the dials on the chest spell "devil" but cant use all 5 letters at once...

ty for box code full

check the hint

sorry thought is was a ceiling vieuw, but the key is UNDER THE CHAIR where the box was, sorry

I'm stuck in the cellar

can't find the black star

yay i'll try to catch up =]

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:16 AM  

Stuck in the basement, need codes and keys

just starting just missing red star, pretty sure i have the order already. anyone have red?

oh, sorry black star is in box reading now the comments :)

But how to examen the box, must be stupid :)

red star between the last two windows on left row in decorating and

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:19 AM  

double-click it Carola

And out!

I am still looking for the yellow star

@full, I do that all the time, but doesn't work, think have to start over. THX!

6 ropes but what now?

ah found it under a chair

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:22 AM  

Wow Acmer, well done , any hints on how to get the rope and the code box?

k got the code for the frame in the tunnel wall its:

string 3
broom 4
lit candle 2
unlit candle 7

(check the objects in the room ahead)

by the time i post this im probably way behind though lol but oh well

ok, started over, now I can examine items! thx full, in basement also now

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:25 AM  

Thank you Suicune, totally missed that panel in the tunnel

After code in tunnel go back upstairs for code on the windows.

@Suicune, thanks, i was wrong about the rope

the rest is easy after the number code!

then when you find the picture be sure to check behind it!

count items in basement for code on picture of the hall in basement, than go UP AGAIN, CODE IS ON THE WINDOWS

Hi all i just caught up and stuck in the basement, what to do there ?


look for a frame on the wall of the tunnel, then check the room ahead and notice the objects, then enter the appropriate number of objects into the frame

on windows:
8.31LEFT row/ 7021RIGHT row

so one window is blanc

8.31 / 7021

I still cannot find something in the tunnel, strange..

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:31 AM  

Got the X-mas card now, but still don´t know what to do withit and how to get the rope downstairs, Suicune?

code goes on altar in basement
blanc is green star
7021 8(green star)31

I have found the frame, thx Suicune.


the blank window is for the green star on the box, so thats why there no number... thats also the window that had the green star behind it


you dont get the rope downstairs... that was just a hint for the frame (6 ends means 3 ropes since each has 2 ends)

examine the back of the christmas card and youll see a hint

Nice game, thanks

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:33 AM  

Zazie, top right wall after you make one step ahead to the new room

got stone with green star for box in basement now

first row on altar of basement is 1207
second row is 8(greenstar)31

You get the green star

put stone with green star in box on right side view of basement altar and KEY

Carola, when i enter the code, nothing happens.

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:36 AM  

Why does it say " we will meet again 10 years from now "

Lol, OUT...

GOT MAP from box under books in basement


mabye you have to look at all the windows 1st, some games are like that.

Upstairs, where the map shows is written now:

We'll meet again
ten years from now"

I have got it and key now.

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:38 AM  

Nice game, challeging. Thanks all...;.))

That's the end, OUT

was a very sweet game! Thx

And out, really a great game.
Thx for all your help !!

need a walkthrough =[

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:40 AM  

Suicune, just saw your comment about the rope, thanks. I really didn´t get that hint and thought i would actually need it

oh found the panel
well hidden

@i.missjack, most things I found are written in bold to find it back, have to pick up my child now, maybe someone will write a walkthrough for you.

Bye all

i think we are lucky it was translated.... not all japanese games are, and if this one wasnt, wed have had a BIG language barrier stopping us reading that book at the altar lol.

       Anonymous  12/17/09, 1:42 AM  

@ I.missjack, A walkthrough will show up shortly, you´ll see....

Suicune at the end of the game my text under the bench was in japanese, i guess i played the japanese version, lol.


lol you must have solved the basement trapdoor by reading the hints here then, because the book on the altar was the hint to solving that, and itd be unreadable if you played the jap version (unless you know japanese)

whoa i'm out
it's beautiful =]

actually colours in japanese are mostly written in chinese, which means a chinese could read the colours too, but only the colours lol

Yes it is true because i wanted to catch up quickly, i love live games :))


i dont blame you, i agree with you in finding these games more fun if played live :P


Easy no help. :)

Hi, I'm new here, I'm from Brazil

Someone there?

Take note game developers. This is what an escape game should be like. Enough with the spazzboy games

I need a walkthrough

Jorge ... you blew?

I blasted

A very pleasant game. I'm out, I used "only" some hints of the game.


First view:
Turn left, click on the decoration between the two windows for the red star

click down twice, you're in the view with the other two benches, under the right (last) bench is the blue star

click down once and click left, you see the cross above the altar now. Go only on click forwards. And click left, under the left bench is the yellow star

click down twice, to the view with the benches of the other row. Click on the middle window here, to see a lock, outside of this window is the green star, but you need a key first.

click down once and than click left, the view with the cross again. Go one step forwards. Click right and see a bench with a cross. Click on the benchOn the bench is a box, pick it up. Click under the bench. Under the bench is the key pick it up.

click down 2 times. Than click right. On step forward and than click left. Click on the window again and open it with the key. Pick up the green star

click down once, click left once (view with cross again) and go one step forwards. Click on the book and read the tips.

click down once and click left. You see a view with a floorpanel. Click on floor panel.

click fast twice on box in inventory. Code is EVE and get the black star

Clockwise put the stars in: White,red,blue,black,yellow,green and you can go to the basement

In the hall of the basement, notice the picture with signs and numbers. You need to search the basement for those items only to count them.

This comment has been removed by the author.

O, o, sorry @Carola. Again I didn't refresh (got to memorise that) and didn't see you already started.
Shall I delete my first part?

WALKTROUGH PART 2(last part/ basement part)

If you count all the items well, there are 3 strings (if you go over the rope with the mouse, you see 6 ends of the strings, so 3 strings)
4 brooms, 3 lit candles and 7 unlit candles. So put the pics in the picture of the basementhall to the right numbers:

string 3
broom 4
lit candle 2
unlit candle 7

Go back up again in the church and look at all the windows. You see there are 7 numbers and one blanc window in between. The numbers are:
8.31 left row/ 7021 right row

Go down to the basement again and go forwards to the box in front of you, insert the numbers, first row from top to bottom 1207, second row 8star31
and pick up the star tile

Put the star tile in the box on the right in the basement and get another key

Put the key in the box which is in the closet under the books in basement . You get a card examine the card and notice that this card is a map

Go back up again. Click left (view with door at the end) and step twice forward. Click right and click on the right bench to read:
We'll meet again, 10 years from now"

Zoom out of the text and you're OUT

@SneakSnake, same here :) No no deleting your walkthroug, your english is better!, but maybe place it after my second part instead of between both parts, so it makes more sence to others lol

Every game deserves a

Before starting, choose English.

first view:

GO LEFT (backwall+2 benches facing right+2 windows view)
- Zoom in on the wreath between the windows.
- Take the red star of David and zoom out.
GO RIGHT 2x (backwall+2 benches facing left+2 windows view)
- Zoom in on the right bench.
- Take the blue star of David from underneath the bench and zoom out.
GO LEFT (cross view, 6 windows visible)
GO FORWARDS (cross view, 2 windows visible)
GO LEFT (2,5 benches facing right+3 windows view)
- Zoom in on the left bench.
- Take the yellow star of David from underneath the bench and zoom out.
GO RIGHT (cross view, 2 windows visible)
GO FORWARDS (cross and altar view)
GO RIGHT (booth view)
- Zoom in on the booth.
- Take the code box.
- Zoom in underneath the desk of the booth.
- Take the key and zoom out 2x.
GO LEFT (cross and altar view)
- Zoom in on book (2x) and read it. There are clues how the place the stars and on the last page there's a clue where to find the green star of David. Zoom out.
GO RIGHT 2x (door view, 4 windows visible)
GO FORWARDS (door view, 2 windows visible)
GO LEFT (2,5 benches facing left+3 windows view)
- Zoom in on the middle window.
- Use the key to open it and take the green star of David. Zoom out.
GO LEFT (cross view, 2 windows visible)
GO FORWARDS (cross and altar view)
GO LEFT (trapdoor view)
- Zoom in on the trapdoor, It's time to place the stars, but we're still missing the black one.
- Open your code box, zoom in.
- There are three letter places and every place has the same 5 letters (D.E.V.I.L. creepy isn't it). You can make some creepy words like 'die' or 'lie' but the only religious word you can make is 'EVE' and that's the code (thanks to @FULL, don't know how he found it).
- So fill in EVE and press enter.
- Take the black star of David and close the screen.
- In the book there was a page with white on top and a page with black on the bottom. The white one is already in the trapdoor. Place the black one in the bottom. That leaves you with the blue, red, green and yellow one. The order is (clockwise starting from the top) white, red, blue, black, yellow and green (again thanks to @FULL and again I don't know how he figured it out).
- Press the button below the black star and the trapdoor opens.
GO IN and DOWN untill you're at the bottom. Turn around (cursor at the bottom of the screen). (first hallway view)
GO FORWARDS one step (second hallway view)
- On the top left of the wall is a plate. Zoom in.
- You can change the symbols (broom, rope, candle and candleholder), but not the numbers.
- What you've got to do now is go into the room and count all the brooms, ropes etc. @Suicune did that for us (thanks) and it is; 3 ropes, 4 brooms, 2 candles and 7 candleholders.
- You gan go in and count them yourself or just change the symbols according to the numbers.
- If done correctly the red light goes on (the steamer is on) and you can go back and up and back in the church again, where the windows have changed because of the steamer.

Back in the church (trapdoor view)
- There are numbers on the windows now, but I will tell you in a few hours, I've got to go now, or maybe someone else can finish this walkthrough.

Loved this game ! Always love the games by this author! i wish they would come out more often!!!!
Thank to Shuchun for posting this beautiful adventure...and also to robamimi for finding translators so we could appreciate it more!!!
Even the music was pretty good, only had to turn it down a bit at the end...lol
Merry Christmas All!!!

I'm a little late, but I really liked this game! Finished without help, but I did have to do some thinking, and not a SINGLE. PIXEL. HUNT.


Well @Carola did a very good job, no need to write the last part of my walkthrough. Thanks @Carola.

Yea! a Bianco Bianco game. Hope this is good as all their others. Ok, time to play.

Bianco B1anco is a romantic.. all the games are about uureqited love.. nice game.

sweet little game :)

You can get the code "EVE" without hint button.
You can see "December 24th" at the back of box.

Either my symbol interpretation was totally wrong, or the unlit & lit candle numbers were swapped on my hall panel. That stumped me for ages! Beautiful game

       Anonymous  12/19/09, 6:59 AM  

Very nice game...thanks!

replayed just for fun. Still a sweet game :)

sensitive, tender, really beautiful. Thank you author for this one !!

Decent game. Puzzles make sense, except the password one was a bit hard because had to remember from something past. Also there's unneeded violence/death in this game :(

       Anonymous  6/4/18, 2:38 AM  

caught this one while searching for games worth a replay

thx for all your creations, Robamimi & BB ☺
& thx Carola & SS for the WTs

Are you posting the replay games, AlphaO? If so, thanks so much. There are games I never knew about!

       Anonymous  6/4/18, 5:46 PM  

yes, I do, NotYou
& pleasure ☺
btw, if you have a favourite dev, you can look for their games with the search function bar top right on the site or by clicking the blue link(s) in the game description

Missed this 1st time round. Great game. If it says "See you in 10 years time" the new one should be out next year :D

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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