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Sniper Hunter 3 Walkthrough

Sniper Hunter 3

Sniper Hunter 3 is the third part of Sniper Hunter, point and click type hidden object game from Gamershood. You have to find hidden snipers with your scope and then bring them down. Good luck and have fun! Warning: This game may be not suitable for young players.

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love these games!!!

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 11:25 AM  

Me, too. I'm missing one on Level 3! Grrr!!

me too aslanscubs...

i give up, going to watch tv

There are 2 difficult ones on 3: one on the right top corner and a bright face at the end of the road. Hope this helps?

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 11:41 AM  

Thank you, volker! It was the one on the top right that I was missing.

hmmm, was a hard one to find the last in level3


in the upper right corner in the dark

on level 4 another hard one, in the middle on the green plant bottom right corner

Cool! Another one! :D

Last level: VERY HARD!!!

on level 6, you realy get disy from all the lights, so many possible hides...

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 11:52 AM  

I am still missing one on Level 4. These are definitely getting harder!

I gave up with one remaining on the last level... The last level is pretty hard and somewhat blinding as so many of the houses look the same. Good Luck! Like these sniper games!

UauH!! Mission complete!!

aslanscubs, did you found the one in my comments? In the middle of the view is a green plant, it looks like there is one on the middle of the plant, but he isn't, he is on the rigt bottom under the plant!

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 12:06 PM  

Yes, Carola. Thanks. I'm on Level 5 now.

Give up...miss 1 on the last pic. Good luck.

       Anonymous  12/3/09, 12:16 PM  

Any help with Level 5? I'm missing 3. I have a headache.

I zoom with rifle and drag all scene. The "people" see well.

Dont forget to clean up the dead bodies.

got them all on my own!!!! whoohooo!!!!

on the last level -- focus on the right rooftops, the left balconies, the back right balconies, by cars on each side of the street (one on each side, if I remember right), and one in the front middle by a sign.

Hey Kitkatfox, did you see Gift of Christmas Escape Game?? could you take a look? ty

Hi kitkat.! Few days without you!! I mis your WT

can't find the last one in level 5 *argh*

Bunga, I don't know which one you're missing on level 5. But there are five snipers on the building in the back.
1. On the right rooftop,
2. Left below that one in the lighted window.
3. Almost on top of the top tower (just above the orange/yellow lighted part),
4. A little below that one, on (next to) the top right of the dome (in the dark part).
5. And the last one on/at that building; at the bottom left in/behind the gate.

6. On corner of roof of building on the right.
7. On balcony of left building (left/below lamp).
8. On roof/balcony of left building, between (but hihger)the two lamps.
9. On bottom left of left pillar (the pillar with the lamps on top).

@sneaksnake: thanx. i missed the 4th one.

Late Hi to you, cecepons. Between Thanksgiving holiday last week, and being sick this week, I didn't get many walkthroughs done.

sneaksnake...thanks so much with level 5. i tried it twice before and always had one or two left. i was missing the ones on the top tower.

missing 4 in last one and will give up for now, until a walkthrough is made

well, I did a walkthrough for the levels, but it is so hard to describe where things are. I hope this helps more than it confuses. Sorry!

Level 1
1 left of the red car at the end of the lane
2 under the second light on the right in the street
3 in the second arched doorway on the left
4 on the left in the street about below the green sign
5 laying on top of the large balcony on the right side of the street (about over the curled bracket holding the balcony up)_

Level 2
1 kneeling on the back of the left truck
2 sitting on the top of the car on the right that is next to the car with bright headlights in the street
3 peeking out behind the wall on the upper floor on the right
4 right corner of the house on the left with the very bright light in the upper window
5 peeking out from next to the large top arch on the left building (bottom left corner of the arch)
6 under the right car by the left front tire

Level 3
1 upper right corner of the screen (you can just see his eye when he peeks out)
2 peeking out of the first light pole on the left (below the top hook and between the wooden pole and the bend pole the light rests on)
3 to the right of the last light pole on the right side of the road (sitting on the fence and wearing a green bandana)
4 on the right -- down right from the bright sign
5 peeks out from the closest pole on the right a little bit below the brown box at the top
6 on the roof of the left building where it meets the pole on the left
7 a gray dot just above the street on the left -- about equal to the pole of third streetlight from the left

Level 4
1 top of the tall white wall corner on the left
2 sitting on the street on the left side
3 peeking around the right building corner at street level
4 on top of the right building roof about in line with the third window away from you
5 on the roof of the light building in the background on the right -- above the 2 right bushes
6 on the left corner of the light building in the background on the right
7 peeking out from the roof of the left building -- over the last letters of the sign and to the left of the light pole
8 there is a red dot in the bushes below the back light pole (the one about in line with the middle of the street) -- the guy is down right of the red spot (in line with the left edge of the roof of the back right building

Level 5
1 sitting on the back of the white car on the left side of the screen (left of the leftmost pillar with the light on top of it)
2 above the left balcony railing that is left of the second pillar with the light on it on the left side of the screen
3 standing on the left edge of balcony railing that is above the second pillar light
4 on the top of the dome where the dark circle meets the light top
5 to the left of the right clock design on the top of the back building
6 right edge of the dome near the top (in line with the circle decorations that are over the dome windows)
7 peeking out of the left wall of the left arch
8 near corner of the right building’s roof
9 peeking out of the right edge of the rightmost lit window (the square window over the bus)

Level 6
1 at the top of the sign in the bottom left corner of the center island -- the sigh has a lower part and upper part, and the guy is to the right of the upper part
2 peeking out from the right side of the first car on the right
3 standing in the empty parking space in front of the last car on the left where the cars are in a line close to you
4 on the railing of the third balcony on the left buildings (left corner of the balcony railing)
5 on the roof on the right where one of the houses’ roofs makes a large tan triangle above the others (I think it is the seventh roof, but it is hard to count)
6 the houses on the right break where a street crosses the center circle (you can see the car lights making a line to the right) so you can see the next house’s side of brick -- the guy is in the upper left window of the house
7 the third house on the right has a balcony that sticks out farther and the roof has 2 dormer windows -- the guy is peeking out left of the further dormer
8 the house with the tan side that sticks up higher than the other roofs has an off-white section with windows on the front -- the guy is standing on the further side of the top of the window section
9 the fifth house on the left is brick and has a balcony -- the man is on the balcony roof in front of the windows
10 on the left hand side, there is a building at the first cross street where the tan roof line sticks up higher that the rest of the roofs (like the one on the right, this is at the first cross street, but the street is a bit hard to see) -- the guy is next to the dormer window on the roof of the front of that house

Awesome game. I love these ones. I must be getting better at them because I found this game easier than the last one.
I only needed help with two of them: the one on level 3 in the upper right hand corner of screen - I would never found that one on my own in a million years! And, the one standing in the empty parking space on level 6! Thanks for the walkthrough KitKatfox! Great job!

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