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SSSG - Echoes of the Past Walkthrough

SSSG - Echoes of the Past

SSSG Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Echoes of the Past is another new point and click type adventure game from Melting-Minz, who is also the creator of another SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy series games. You are being sent to investigate an old ghost town that has had claims of tragedy and violence. It is your job to thouroughly investigate the location and see what you might uncover. Good luck and have fun!

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Thanks Shuchun! I love these games

Cool a new game, let´s play the hard version...:)))

long time no see butterflie. yw and have fun!

Hi Shuchun, i wish you fun too.
I am in the old school now, i have found the rusty key.

yeah it has been a looong time! Glad to be back! I've found a shovel, lighter, baking soda, empty jar which I filled with fresh water, and a bunch of gold coins. Stuck now--at the school house on the left is a little skull--move it to find the rusty key to open that door--found the baking soda there I think.

Zazie-you still here 'cause I'm stuck all by my lonesome~!

i'm here, too, butterflie, but way behind you. I went to the chapel and found a code - 5346172

Yes i am here, all i found was the lighter, crayon in schoolroon and sody, and lots of coins.
No shovel, no jar yet.
Are you playing the hard version ?

okay-well I guess I'll come back~

Now i have shovel, navigation is irritating me.

Found yellow key under stone by the house.

Zazie the jar is in the basement somewhere around frame 22. I opted for easy, because I don't have all day and I hate headaches!

Blue key in the house with shovels in front of it.

Thx zoz found jar, looking where is door with blue keyhole.

I don't think i've seen a blue one, just green, purple, gold, and silver, lol.
in the school room, you can click on the books on the shelf and get a question mark, but I don't get anything there.

I think the blue one was in the house with the pics at the wall, somewhere on the table on the left.Looking for, silver, green, purple, gold.

I am wandering around and can´t find the clear water anymore, arggg.

the clean water is beside the chapel. I added baking soda to mine but haven't done anything with it yet. I haven't found a single key (except the rusty one)!

the clear water is near the chapel. one screen before the close up of the door. (i think...)

Ok let me refind chapel, the navigation makes me sick, lol.

where was the crayon in the school room plz?

stuck trying to fix the radio with the battery

yeah this is frustrating. the only key i cannot find is the green one. i don't know what else to add to the water/baking soda. i cannot light candles in the chapel because there is nothing in the lighter. and after attaching the battery to the radio in the store i cannot figure out what to do. plus the nav is annoying. :) that's my rant.

Crayon was on one of the tables.

Where was green key and battery ?
Store ?? Where ??

Josh did you find the blue key ? I explained above where it was..

The blue key is actually purple. It unlocks the building to the left of the house.

The battery is on the shelf in the store.

On the blackboard in school is written "Fill in the blanks", this gives me 2 4 and 8, but where to use it ? You also can zoom on the orange baseball papers at the laft side, but i cannot read it.

once you put the battery on the radio, click around on the radio buttons and a medallion will move to reveal a hole, but I can't see what's in it!

When i pass my mouse over key in inventory, it says : blue key, but i can´t find the right door again :(

there is a gold coin there though (at the orange papers)

@Zazie, I got 2, 5, and 7. hmmm. I tried moving the a,b,c windchimes that many times. Nada

You are right the blue key goes in purple keyhole grrrrr.

I tried the same zoz, didn´t work.

the windchimes are solved by using the blank paper and the red crayon on the rock. or:



grrr can not find the crayon lol which table plz?

josh, we're playing alongside each other! I just got the windchime code, too!

How to open the roll of paper ?
Thx for the code josh !

I opened a part of the radio after putting battery, now there is a hole.

@clydfan i think it was on teachers desk

@zazie you don't have to open it. just stick on rock

zazie, the roll of paper opens when you put it on the rock to make the rubbing

Ahh i have got it.

ty but still cannot find it driving me nuts lol

hey, i used the code on the windchimes and nothing happened! josh, did you get something?

I got the silver key, which opens chapel zoz.
I appeared above the windcimes.

Sorry clyd, i cannot remember which table :((

ok done it had to click the books in order to get it

Hello everybody! Where is the lighter? I opened the chapel but found nothing besides a coin.

i clicked D A B A C B in that order, but nothing happened. Is there a trick?
I have to leave in 5 minutes! Arrggh!

No trick, it worked for me at the first try.
Maybe you made a mistake, step back and try it again.

Where is green key ?

tried and tried and tried. I think I'm just not meant to finish a game today!

Did any of you find something at the "odd photography"?
The pipes of the wind thing are moving, when you click them, don't get confused by the noise.

I am not sure where lighter was, but maybe in that room in the hut with the greenish tiles in the right bottom corner. (something was there)

i think i have to give up. i have not gotten any further and i've been back to all screens. good luck folks!

gotta leave; maybe this afternoon i'll have better luck. Have fun ev1 !

Oh my, you let me all alone :(

and out 49/50 coins score1445 good game

Thank you Zazie, thats where the lighter was.

Clydfan, please don't leave! What did you do with soda? Did you find anything in the hole of the radio? Is there a small hint to get any further?

hello all!!...where is the radio?..navigation is confusing me lol

Where does yellow key go... going round in circles!

Self said at Nordinho that the empty hole was a bug and he repared it.
I started over, clicked on continue and hole is still empty, i don´t want to start at zero :(
I guess the golden key is inside the hole...

Notty, radio is in the shop on top shelf on the left.

nvm..just found it :)

yellow key goes in house left of school

Oh no, do we have to start anew for the radio?

sorry i meant yellow key goes in the second house left of school

when you get the key at the end yo have to put it in the jar to clean it

oops sorry i meant ring

What did you find in the radio clyd ?
And i am still looking also for green key.

nothing i dont think the green key is above the cellar there is a lose piece of wood

Well i startet over and the radio gave me an old rusty key, now i am running around again to find all the items :(

thnx clyd! found the green key

ok found a lighter fluid there and lit the old to find the chapel again..

and i'm out! nice number of clicks is more than my score :P

I tried to start over, but radio only gave old rusty key, I had before. I can not find the crayon anymore and returned to the other game. I can not find a loose plank above the cellar.

I'm naming the screens because i'm all confused.

1: chapel with the chimes. I read we need paper and crayon first to solve the chimes.
2. bridge to chapel
3. see chapel
4. bridge to chapel
5. looking at chapel and bridge to left.
6. woods
7. path in woods (you can go up and right)
8. woods
9. woods (you can go up, right and down)
10. rock with engraving
11. close up (click middle leaves to get coins).
12. path in woods (middle of map)
13. path in woods
14. little river
15. swing
16. bridge
17. field
18. field and water
19. house
20. door with broom and when you go up your in. Click right corner to get lighter.
21. house
22. house and up close to house (needs green key). Go left to basement, go in and get jar
23. startscreen lake.
24. left is a shed and right another building
25. shed (currier and ives above door). Go in and go right and take shovel.
26. house (on the right middle between right hand arrow and bottom is a stone). Move stone with shovel and get gold key.
Use key on door.
27. Door is now open. enter house go left and notice foto that looks bit odd. Look on plank and notice it says: metal post something should go here). Go left again and take blue key.
28. Go out and right. Door needs purple key. But just use blue one and your in shop. Pick up battery on left upper shelf.
29. go left and pick up paper bottom shelf.
Go left again and click radio on shelf.
Put battery on it and click the buttons. You get rusty key.
30. Go out and right. Zoom in on door and use rusty key.
31. In school go up and click on globe. Get crayon. zoom out go left and fill in blanks on board. Click left again and get baking soda.

to get the crayon i had to hit the books in order of what the numbers were on the blackboard

After all this go back to screen 10 and use paper and crayon. Get code for chimes. Go to screen 1. After playing the chimes you'll get white key.

Open door of chapel with white key. There you must light candels i gues in order of numbers above door in chimes view (still guessing) but don't have lighter fluid. Anybody??? Where is it???

I'm playing the easy version... the difficult one i'll try later.

Order how to lighten the candles : 8623147

I can not find the green key, neither in fixed, nor in initial version. This gets annoying.

The lighter is in the hut with blue tiles on wall in the below right corner.
Liquid was i the room i opened with green key.

Green key is above the entry to the basement under a part of wood, a bit to the right side and nearly at the upper border of the black hole (entry)

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green key is on wood on top the cellar opening to the bottom part of wood

i dont remember the order to light candles but there is one order in which all of them are lit.if its wrong then they all go off..hope that makes sense

I wrote the candle order just some comments above.

Found green key. Thnx Notty.

I startet with the hard game lol, maybe when i am playing the easy one right now i will have a better feeling after (like a hero i mean) :)

In easy version order is: 5346172

You are a hero to start off with difficult game.
I'm just making my life easy hahahaha.
But now stuck with silver ring.. going to try the post where something should hang!!!!

What is supposed to happen after lighting the candles in the chapel? I get nothing.

Thank you Nottypomy. I thought I had clicked all over the place. Out now.

Wow and out.
With 42 out of 50 gold coins, 5/5 areas unlocked, 14/14 items discovered, 4/5 puzzles solved, 602 clicks and a score of 559.
Going to get some groceries otherwise hubbie won't be pleased this evening!!
Liked this game a lot Selfdefiant. Thnx for making it!
When i have time i'll try the difficult one and try to solve all puzzles. (wondering what i missed?!)
And thnx everyone for the help!!!

See you!

Never mind,figured it out. My order was way different and had nothing to do with the numbers on the side of the chapel.

Ohh so many new games today, i cannot catch up ;)

Is anyone still here? I have lighter and fluid, how do I combine them?

Hmm i am playing the easy version now and in the hard version which i played before the key to school was under skull beside entry and now it is in radio (under skull only is a coin)

Linda, zoom the lighter with the magnifying glass and put the fuelin.

Make lighter big by clicking with it on magnifier in the below right corner and click with fluid on lighter.

Got it thanks!

And now what do I do with the silver ring?

I have lighted the candles in the chapel but nothing happens (order : 5 3 4 6 1 7 2).

The principal difference between hard and easy version is that in the easy version you have question marks if you pass over the hotspots and in the hard version you are blind :)

I think the order is changing, you have to light them in the right sequence until all 8 stay on, note the sequence on a paper. (if one number is false they all are extinguished and you have to light them again)

Lol...I'm out! Love theses games, my only complaint is they don't make enough games!

Candle numbers can be confusing. the first one to light is actually #5, second is #7 and so on.

Linda, I'm sorry, I don't understand !

In the easy version i saw this code above the door, but it did not work on the candles.
This time my code was (lit candles in this sequence the left one is 1 the right one is 8) : 6823147

testsite Thank You for your map lay out. I hate games where you go around in circles trying to get to a location. I was able to pull up map and click till I got to the location I wanted. Had it not been for your walkthrough I probably would have long grown bored trying to make my own map directions. May your day be the filled with joy and good fortune.

Forget what I wrote before, I've got the ring. But what is it for ?

cleaned silver ring in water and baking soda. Not sure how to use it and don't feel like spending 5 minutes randomly clicking. Help please. easy version.

... and I cleaned the ring, now what ?

I'm out.

found it. put ring in shelf under pictures.see testsite walkthrough #27. to find this location.

for some reason my order for the candles was 5723416
I fail to see the logic behind it, but it worked.
btw, the reason my windchimes wouldn't give me the key earlier is because I had left the paper on the rock. I had to go back and put it in my inventory to make it work. PICK-EE

I have played two times and have I have not found the fifth puzzle, what is the fifth puzzle?

has NE1 solved the books puzzle? doesw it have 2 do w/ the blanks on the board?

Poo it won't let me play the hard version. I accidentally started the easy and now it won't let me do anything else.

WALKTHRU - EASY (Ps not much different from hard)

You are at [23] at the lake and first gold coin GC1 at base of tree. Go left.

[24] GC2 lower left go fwd.

[25] at shed door GC3 near wire. Fwd GC4 by spool. Right find SHOVEL and GC5. Click 'Items' and place shovel. Exit and back and right to next hut.

[26] GC6 lower middle by rock and rock to the right, use shovel to get YELLOW KEY. Use this key on the hut to get on veranda.

[27] GC7 lower middle. Fwd photos GC8 right mirror. Left GC9 left btwn jars. Note post under the clock. Left GC10 and PURPLE KEY. Exit and back out to the right.

[28] veranda and GC11 by post. Fwd and use purple key to enter shop.

[29] GC12 top left, BATTERY on left shelf and GC13 lower left shelf. Left to shelves GC14 top left and GC15 middle left and PAPER bottom shelf.
Left and bookshelf. GC16 bottom round tin, GC17 upper shelf round tin and click on radio. Add battery and press buttons (LL, LR, UL, UR) to get RUSTY KEY. Exit and right.

[30] school GC18 on tree stump and GC19 in window. Use rusty key to move forward.

[31] GC20 on desk and GC21 on top right shelf. Right GC22 on desk leg. Fwd GC23 by bin and GC24 on top shelf.
EASY click on globe and get CRAYON and GC25 top right. HARD needs another step or two. Left blackboard and GC26 on top shelf. Click on sums and enter figures to get new numbers. Go right and click the books to get CRAYON which drops down.(HARD version).

Left BAKING SODA and GC26 by blue pot. Click plaques to zoom and GC27.

Work your way back left to the lake [23] left.

[12] GC28 by rock left.

[9] GC29 in rocks go fwd.

[10] GC30 and use paper and crayon on rock to get code..make a note.

To be continued...the plumber has arrived...

partial walkthroughs suck

Down from [10] got distracted we are up to 31 gold coins repeated 26....

[8] GC32 by tree left [7] fwd [6] fwd.

[5] GC33 by tree fwd

[4] bridge - GC34 by tree fwd

[3] GC35 by tree

[2] chapel fwd door and then right for bells..hit with code on paper and get SILVER KEY on top of chimes.. Note numbers above door. Left and enter chapel. GC36 left lamp. We need a lighter.

Down as far as you can right, up, right, down

[13] GC37 down past [14] down

[15] swing and GC38 on left down

[16] bridge GC39 bottom right down

[17] GC40 on left and go right

[21] fwd twice

[22] GC41 on veranda by pot left GC42 on left of hole and GREEN KEY upper right under plank fwd down hole and get JAR.

Back and use green key on door. GC43 left under bed. LIGHTER FLUID on table. Right GC44 in cavity by door. Down, down, left and down

[18] GC45 on lower right left twice

[20] GC46 by broom fwd into room and LIGHTER under dirt right corner

Now work your way back to the chapel [2] dont forget the dog leg at [12]

Click on lighter and hit the magnifying glass to zoom and select the lighter fluid to get a flame. Remember the numbers over the door, this is the ORDER and POSITION of the candle. If you chose the correct sequence the flame stays alight. So start at 1 which is the 5th candle from the left, etc.

Get RING. Exit chapel and go right to spring. Fill jar with water. Click the magnifying glass, add baking soda and ring. Get clean ring.

Work you way to [26/27] hut with green milk can. Enter and go the shelf with the clock and put ring on post. And the picture falls down.
Get gun and finish.

Still four gold coins to find....anyone???

Sorry Dee, but the drains are blocked and I have to supervisor the plumber. I did finish! LOL.

Hmmm...I got a full house (50 coins etc), except for only 4/5 puzzles solved. I wonder what the fifth was? The only thing I can think of (that I saw! Hard version!) that I didn't use was the books on the shelf in the schoolroom, and the numbers on the blackboard. V annoying having no idea what I missed, but I am very pleased to be out, and with 50 coins! :oD Lovely game.

MORE GOLD COINS. Forgot to mention I did find a coin moving a rock in the spring.
Another in the rafters [20] where the lighter was in the corner and up hand.
Must have found another, and with the hard version got 49/50.

Main difference with the hard one, no numbers on the map, different sequence for the crayon and guess the candles.

Well done Kiri...wish I could find the last coin!

my baking soda dissappeared from the item list.....bug???

out with help from redroobar. I didn't like this game as much as others in this series. I really didn't like they marked things with ? on easy, but forgot to mark the globe. I didn't know to click there until I read the walkthrough.

@Nik-Nak007 did you already use it in the jar of water? If so, then no bug. If you didn't, then there is a bug!

yes added it to water but it still says "clean water,add something?"

@Nik-Nak007 Sorry, I don't know what it told me after I added it.

I didn't check. You can try to keep playing and see if it will work maybe?

candles won't stay lit for me :(

Love these games. Thanks so much!

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I liked his previous games a lot better.

I just cant make the code for the wind chimes work!!!

I got it!!! I couldnt make the code work because I had to grab the paper with the code first.

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