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Xmas Toy Room Escape Walkthrough

Xmas Toy Room Escape

X-mas Toy Room Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game by Games2rule. During Christmas, it is great to see so many toys in your room but you got trapped in the toy room itself. The toys are the hints and clues for you to escape from the toy room. Good luck and have fun!

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Xmas Toy Room Escape Walkthrough
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Hi, let's go have fun!!

i only slept 2 hours, not sure why i woke up so early :/

but while im awake lets do this.

Looks cool!

key on back of santa

oh god not the tower of hanoi thing again :/ i couldnt understand how that worked in thier last game either...

Here we go !
Made the toy train circuit, got a "key" for jack in the box. Another "key" behind santa.
Took the hum... don't know the word santa's car :) and put it righht of the door

@ Suicune, You got to sleep, you need rest for the game you're making. Good luck with that and I'm looking forward to it.

The "key" from the back of Santa is used to 'wind up' toys...... got sleight and magnify glass too

well on the bright side this one looks like its gonna be more of a challenge than yesterdays! :D

I think that the colour code for horses is the jack in the box of second room... nothing happens I think we also need the code for drummers

Finish the train track and get a new key.

sleigh goes next to the door we can't do anything with yet

stick drum from santa´s pocket

nice design

ty for drumn stick, i didnt notice that

Drum sticks go to the little drummer.

wat happens in the next room

Key from train is for toy car in 2nd room. Got a reindeer for slleigh (thanks for this word;))

How do you use the key on the toy car?

Use magnifying glass on snow globes to get numbers and letters. Scramble these to make a word and a date, use these on the blocks.

I used the train key on the jack in the box - strange

Hi there are letters in the reindeer snowglobe. use magnifying glass

The bell from the little box should fit on the sleigh but it doesn't stick there.

Got it, you use the santa key on the toy car.

oups sorry maybe the other key (santa's one) and not the train one ??
Used it back right of car

and numbers in the santa one

Oh, thanks for the car/key tip. Now that I've got the reindeer pulling the sleigh, the bell goes into its place.

ty for hint that car can be "keyed"

now just stuck with a magnifier and the codes from the globes.

where is magnifying glass

I got 25/12/09 and christ but don't know how to put it ??

Magnifying glass in top left drawer.

How do you use the train key on the Jack in the box?

Wow this one is difficult!

We can also change colors of the jack in the box's hat (first room)

SS its the jack in the box in the first room - key goes on right side

I'm with you Drisana, cant figure out how to use the code

5 numbers and 5 letters... but therse 6 each for the block codes?

Sneaksnake, it's the santa key and use it on the right back of the car.

251 209
on little boxes

What can I do with the train key?

So stuck! What little box and how to open. got numbers from jack in the box but they don't open clown train??Please help!

train key goes on the jack in the box (1st room)

Thanks for code ;)

Just click the letters and numbers to spell the word and date (going down). Let's see, I've still got the 3251 code from the first jack-in-the-box, and colour code (maybe?) from second one's hat. No clue yet for the arcade game or how to set up the tower of Hanoi.

testsite what numbers from jack in the box ??

Thnx SneakSnake!!!

Ah, the other jack in the box, thanks suicune.

got bell ty sneaksnake

i guess we were meant to fill in the last number/letter ourselves after seeing the other 5 of each

thanks for the hints SneakSnake

Well, i'm must be blind but can't see any numbers in jack in the box ?!

How did you get no's from jack in box? I've tried every colour combination on his hat!

wait, i don't understand where the numbers are on the jack in the box - he popped up with a blank yellow paper!

I've got numbers from little Jack in the box with colorcode from big jack in the box in other room (with the car)

No... Suicune, there are 6 numbers and 6 letters on each globe. They are difficult to find though.


you have to solve it 1st, the hint is in the 2nd rooms nutcrackers

think colors of the nutcracker toys might be the hint

You can change the colors on the little jack on his hat.

Thanks guys ;)

I've tried the colours from the other Jack and its not working for me :(

hey im also join

its not the colors from the other jack its the ones from half of the nutcrackers

stuck with the 3251 code though

let try the colors from right to left or right to left

wow, duh. took me long enough!

3251 stands for how many rings have to be on each of the sticks.. i don't think coluours matter.

i'm stuck with a button i find no use for

I think the colors from the big jack (second room) are for the horses. But now how to solve the drummers and the grab-the-toy box

tnx jortega. key goes on robot, now looking for a place for the button. Looks like we need a sd too.

SPOILER for jack in the box hat colors

y b r g p

y b r g

Well done Jortega, now another key !

       Anonymous  12/16/09, 6:42 AM  

The Jack-in-the-Box number goes for the number of rings you have to put on each pin in the other room; 3 on the first (leftmost, 2 on the second from the left, 5 on the third from the left and 1 on the rightmost pin.

oops, scratch the last line!

I GOT IT!!!!

3251 is for tower of hanoi!!!!

lol beaten again, so much for getting all excited to be the 1st to solve that

This comment has been removed by the author.

Got the 3251 code! It's for the hoops. 3-2-5-1 you get another key.

Excellent, jortega! (Honorable mention for Suicune, lol.) Key for robot, green ball should go on sleigh but not yet, I guess.

Button goes on nutcracker jacket to get sword

hey.. arrange the front row colors from left to right

new key is for robot, get green button

Sorry your right! Did that in the beginning and with all the colors and codes got confused.
Also have buttong (thnx for hint jortega)!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sword goes on thing near horses to move everything

and get SANTA!

gotta get back to work...please find out what to do with the green's driving me insane! :)

right order in drummer boys gives santa for sled. now to solve the train in second room and the grab the toy for a ball......

Put sword in "button" right of horses now it moves !

Got santa put it in sleigh

my sword wont go in?

i was kind of hoping the sword would cut off the annoying head on the cart on the floor

tried using the sword as a screwdriver in the grabber machine, lol... thanks for the tip Laura!

All we need now is the code for the grabber machine.

Now, what to do with the grabber arcade and the clown

you can input two numbers or two letters in each box of that anoying thing, so that is a lot to force.

wonder if second jack in the box means something for the grabthetoy

@Suicune, perhaps you have to change the colors of the horses according to the jack in the box in the second room.

Drisana, can't put sword, what colorcombination did you put for horses and drummers???

whats the proper order for the 4 nutcrackers?

Now I'm lost. Dont know what to do on game in 2nd room. It has to do with the animals colors inside machine

And my drummers are from left to right, from tall to small.

ok...still here... what's with the train? i don't see a hint anywhere!

Oh ant thnx soo much for figuring out that stupid button :)

I think hint for grabber is IN the grabber but ...

I think the jack in the train's hat gives one set of the colour codes needed for the grabber...

ty sneaksnake, finally caught up now

has anyone been able to open the bottom drawer?

Got it...put horses in colorcode from big jack , put sword and then drummers from big to small

tried entering the colors of grabber toys from left to right, top to bottom. didn't work!

zoz, i tried the same thing. i even tried the colors according to which direction they were looking!

the grabber code MUST be the color of the dolls inside the grabber... the 8 colors match perfectly

just gotta figure out the order

does anyone know the significance of the reindeer hoof prints? I've seen three

Seen them to, zoz, think it means that those hints belong together (drumsticks, drummers/colors from jack in the box)

got the little santa from the drummers!

also, my top right drawer is stuck open, and I can't open the two lower drawers... anyone else have this?

yeah zoz, mine's like that too. i think it's just a bug...

@Suicune, it may be that the colors we entered are correct, but we need something else (like that ball for the sleigh) to work the machine.

I think we really need the sd and I think that is in the annoying bobbing head train.

ok, i'm stuck like my drawers

Thanks everybody, it was fun while it lasted but I can't spend the rest of my day staring at that stupid clown head.

i'm playing the new SSSG - at least i'm making progress there!

Suicune, prepare coffee, we are here for another night ;)

lol my eyes are still burning from only getting 2 hours sleep

i dont think my brains working at its fastest either

anybody completad

Nope, still stuck !

No, still here! have tried counting everything yellow and purple for the number code but no luck!

Started a walkthrough while waiting for last hints!

1: make train puzzle on floor to get key
2: take sleigh on the left and put it right of door after zooming in on that point.
3: click on santa under horses to zoom and click again to turn him. Get key.
4: go to other room use key from santa on back of car (just click there with key) to get reindeer.
Notice the colors of the first row of nutcrackers. Remember them.
5: put reindeer with sleigh.
6: zoom in on jack in the box. Use key from train to open and change colors on his hat like the nutcrackers (yellow, blue, red, green, purple). You get numbers (3251)
7 go to other room and zoom in on sticks. Put the circles (don't matter what color) according to this number (3251). Get small key.
8: Use key on robot in other room (his back) to get button.
9: go to nutcrackers and see one nutcracker is missing a ball on his shoulder. Put button there. Get sword.

Did I finally get this stupid account thing to work, cool! Now I can post too!

Damn... refreshed the wrong page :(

oh no! can you be bothered to start again?

I restarted, and stuck for the second time :)

second part.

10: Look at big jack in same room. Notice the colors on his hat. go to other room and put the horses like these colors (black, purple, blue, red, yellow.
11: Use sword on button next to horses. Put drummers from big to small.
12: zoom out and zoom in on the 3 santa's. Get drum stick from right santa's pocket and put these on the little drummer. Get Santa and put him in the little sleigh.
13: Go to other room and get magnifier out the yellow drawer (left top one).
14: Go to snowglober (other room) and use magnifier on left globe and reindeer globe. Notice numbers and letters.
15: Go to other room and zoom in on bloks.
Put letters: chr ist and numbers: 251 209
Click box and get bell. Put it on the sleigh at the door.

And that's how far everybody got. STUCK!!!
The grabber machine needs a color code??? The clown on the ground needs 2x2 letters or numbers to solve.
And i noticed you can take the rings away from the sticks and maybe there is a second way to put the rings so an other compartment opens.
Hope somebody will be clever enough to solve this.

I thought of re starting to see if I would be able to open the drawers. Are they still stuck?

Maybe we can use magnifier somewhere else.

Yep they are !


i thought of using the number/letter combinations from the yellow and purple blocks for the bell in the yellow and purple train cars, but no luck.

Just turned the sound on to see if there are any noisy clues - Bad idea! my head hurts even more now!

Prolly Nothing but...
I noticed the covering over the head of the bouncing clown is in 4 colours, and they match 4 of the 8 needed in the arcade game.

I have taken the sticks for the little drummer, but I can't pick up any of the 3 santas !
And I have no idea for the order of the drummers.

That train clown thingy is creepy

I didn't even read properly the walkthrough : now the soldiers are in order (from taller to smaller) and I have a Santa Claus.

lol still stuck? wow

i went to clear some of the other games that came out, i took a break from this one, but im back now....

The colors of the eight buttons on the bear machine are the same colors of the toy bears. Maybe they need to be put in some kind of order?


yes, we just dont know the order... its hard to tell because they arent really lined up in any way..

@Pascal, the order is from left to right, tallest to shortest.

I even tried by how many eyes are visible!

Thank you, Henrique, that's OK.
I tried to use the order of the colour squares (in front of the large jack-in-the-box) on the vending machine and on the Hanoi tower game, but no luck.

i think in order of right to left

Come on smart people, i'm couting on you :)

I guess we need to solve the clown on wheels to get screwdriver so we can get bear out or bear gives combination to put on clown and then we get a gift after opening compartment on the machine!! Wish the gamemaker would give a clue!!!


code for train is
number of deer
and number of hooves

use the reindeer and its footprints number is the clue for clown


i dont see a walkthrough there


ty! wish i had thought of that!

that just leaves the machine code...

finally out
after about 45 minutes

what the...

wow how did you solve the machine code?

Do tell B.R.

For the grabber machine, I knew the bears had to be matched by how they are paired, I just didn't know which way to start. (Had to look this one up)

start with brown and his "match"
end with purple/red on the bottom

the problem is blue white and pink.... there more of a triplet than a pair, how did you figure those 3 out?

Going to start on SSSG.
Wow long game and difficult to get the codes.
Nice game though!!

well done ! I knew you were smart ;)

Hi, we the developer. For You people, we released the video walkthrough of the game. click the walkthrough link in our game. Have Fun!

thanks! ive escaped finally, good game but that code was really hard!

well if blue was with pink and white, yellow would be with purple and red
so yellow and blue pair

Like I said, I looked this part up... it doesn't really make logical sense for me either, but it works.

5 on left 3 on right code

@ testsite
those colors dont work, what are the colors?


his colors worked for me...

left column:

brown pink blue purple

right column:

green white yellow red

thank you suicune!

I would never have guessed the code for the train with the clown or the code for the grabber machine.

NOTE: In order to get to the other side of the Room, simply click on the Door on Middle Right-Side of the Screen. To get back to the 1st Room, simply click on Left-Side Door!

Walkthrough - Part 1:

1. You see the 4 Holes on the Left-Side of the Wall in middle. Look at the Bottom Hole, and take Santa Sleigh/Chariot!

2. Look near the Right-Side of the Floor, and you'll see a Train Track. Click on it to zoom in, and put the pieces in correct order to get a Key. And zoom out!

HELP WITH TRAIN TRACK: You see the Black/Green Train on Top-Left side of the Track. Find the piece which is Straight on it's top half-side, and a litte bit bended to the right, on it's bottom half-side. Put that Piece on the Bottom of where the Train is. If correctly done, the piece will fit. And you can easily find the next correct piece!

3. Look at the 2 Middle Holes on Wall. Next to them, there is a Santa Claus Toy. Click on that Toy to zoom in [The Toy is on Bottom-Left corner once zoomed in]! Click on the Santa Claus Toy to turn it around. Take the Key at the Middle of the Toy's Belt, and zoom out!

4. Move Right [To Room 2]! Look above the Grabber Arcade Machine [Red color with Teddy Bear inside], and you'll see a Red/Orange car. Click to zoom in the Car, and use Key from Santa Claus Toy, on the Car's Back (Help below). Take Reindeer, and zoom out!

HELP WITH CAR KEY: Look at the back of the Car once zoomed in. Look at the Silver Part on bottom of car. The Silver part, to the right of the Wheel that is farthest from you. Then, look at the Window at the back of the car. Use the Key between the Silver Part and the Window!

5. Look at the Nutcracker Toys [Wooden Toy Soldiers], next to the Car Toy. Note the Colors of the Uniforms, of the Nutcracker Toys on 1st Line [Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Pink]! Move Left [To Room 1]. Look at the Sofa/Chair on Floor, and you'll see a Box over it (Jack in the Box). Click to zoom in, and use Key from Train Track, on the Right-Side of the Box (Instructions below). Change the Colors of the Dots on Hat, into these colors from Left to Right: YELLOW | BLUE | RED | GREEN | PINK

Once done, note the code you'll get: 3251 - and zoom out!

HELP WITH WHERE TO PUT KEY ON BOX: You see the Picture of a Clown with White Shirt with Red Stripes, and Blue & Yellow Balls. Look to the right of the Picture, and you'll slightly see a Blue Circle. Use the Key on that Blue Circle!

Read Next Comment for Next Part


Walkthrough - Part 2:

6. Move Right [To Room 2]! Click on Tower Of Hanoi [Below Nutcracker Toys, the Toy with 4 Sticks and colorful rings], to zoom in. You remember the code, 3 2 5 1 - use it here by placing the Rings in the Sticks in this order from Left to Right (Help on Placing Rings inside stick, at the end of this step):

Remember that the Color of the Rings doesn't matter!

Put 3 Rings on Stick #1
Put 2 Rings on Stick #2
Put 5 Rings on Stick #3
Put 1 Rings on Stick #4

Once done, look below Stick #2, and take Key. Zoom out!

HELP WITH PUTTING RING INSIDE STICK: Drag any ring, and release on Top of the Stick you want the Ring to be inside

7. Move Left [To Room 1]! Click on Orange Robot near Top-Right side of the screen, to zoom in. Click on the Robot's Head/Chest to turn it around, and look near the Bottom-Right side of the Robot's Stomach/Belly, and you'll see a small Keyhole. Use Key from Tower Of Hanoi on Robot, and take Green Button from inside. And zoom out!

8. Move Right [To Room 2]! Click on the Nutcracker Toy Army [Near the Middle of Screen], to zoom in. Look at the Middle Nutcracker Toy on 1st Line [The one with Red Uniform]. If you look at the Nutcracker's Right-Side Shoulder [From our Point of View], you'll see that he/it is missing the shoulder. Put the Green Button on his/it's Right-Side shoulder, take Sword, and zoom out!

9. Look at the Yellow Cupboard on Right-Side. Click on the Red Box on the Cupboard, to zoom in! Click on the Red Box, and a Toy will come out of it. Note the Colors on the Toys hat [Green, Pink, Blue, Red/Orange, Yellow], and zoom out!

10. Move Left [To Room 1]! Click on the Rocking Horses on Top of Screen, to zoom in. Place them in this order by their colors, from Left to Right (Instructions on how to change Horses on the end of this step): GREEN | PINK | BLUE | RED/ORANGE | YELLOW

Read Next Comment for Next Part


Walkthrough - Part 3:

11. Look at the 2nd Hole on Wall [One below the Top Hole on Left-Side of Wall ahead], and click on the 3 Santa Claus Toys to zoom in! Look at the Right-Side Santa Claus Toy. Look on the Toy's Chest Pocket, and you'll see 2 small sticks. Click to take Drum Sticks, and zoom out!

12. Click on the Drummer Toys on Wall [Below the Robot], to zoom in. Look at the smallest Drummer (Purple Uniform), and you'll see that he is missing Drum Sticks. Give him the Drum Sticks from Santa Claus Toy, and change their order to the following, from Left to Right (Help changing at the end of step): TALLEST (GREEN) | TALL (RED) | SHORT (BLUE) | SHORTEST (PURPLE)

Once done, take Santa Claus Toy next to the Shortest Drummer, and zoom out!

HELP WITH CHANGING DRUMMERS: It's the same as changing the Horses. Look at the end of Step #10 - but picture the text with Drummers instead of Horses

13. Look below the Bottom Hole on Wall, and you'll see something that looks like a Table, but it's made of the same Material as the Wall. Click to zoom in, and put Sleigh/Chariot on Table. Put Reindeer in front of it, and then Santa Claus inside Sleigh/Chariot. Zoom out!

14. Move Right [To Room 2]! Click on Yellow Cupboard on Right-Side, to zoom in. Click on Top-Left drawer to open it, take Magnifier (Hand Lens). Zoom out!

15. Move Left [To Room 1]! Click on Water Globe on Top Hole, to zoom in. Click on Magnifier (Hand Lens) in your Inventory, and simply move it around the Water Globe without clicking. You'll find some Letters, from Left to Right: R C H S I T = C H R I S T

Read Next Comment for Next Part


Walkthrough - Part 4:

16. Move Right [To Room 2]! Click on the Play Blocks on Middle Top of Screen, to zoom in. Change the Numbers and Letters on the Blocks in this order:

2 C
5 H
1 R

2 I
0 S
9 T

Once done, click on Red Box in middle to open it (It will only open if done correctly). Take Bell, and zoom out!

17. Click on the Grabber Arcade Machine (Red Color with Teddy Bears inside), to zoom in! There are 8 Squares you can click on and change their colors. Change the Colors by looking at the Teddy Bears from Right to Left, and High to Low, or follow me:

- Left-Side Column -

- Right-Side Column -

The Red one is behind the Purple, and not Above it!

Once done, pull the Blue Lever, take Red Santa Bag [You have to click on Top of it, to take it], and zoom out!

18. Move Left [To Room 1]! Click on the 3 Santa Toys on Hole #2, to zoom in. Look on the wall beind the Toys, and you'll see a Reindeer Footprint. Zoom out, and look on Floor, next to the Sofa/Chair, and you'll find another Reindeer Footprint! Count all the Reindeers on Shelf (Below the Drummers). You've got 2 Footprints & 5 Reindeers!

19. Move Right [To Room 2]! Click on the Yellow Cupboard on Right-Side, to zoom in. You'll find the last Footprint on top of Cupboard, Left-Side. Zoom out! Click on the Clown with Wheels on Middle of Floor, to zoom in (Purple/Yellow). You see the 2 Black Squares on each of the Boxes (Boxes: Purple & Yellow). Click on Purple Box's Black Square, and type 5 (There were 5 Reindeers on Shelf in total). Click on Yellow Box's Black Square, and type 3 (There were 3 Reindeer Footprints in total). Take the Red Ball from inside Yellow Box, and zoom out!

20. Move Left [To Room 1]! Click on the Table where the Put the Sleigh/Chariot, Reindeer & Santa Toy, to zoom in [Below bottom Hole]. You see the 2 Marks on the Santa Sleigh/Chariot, the Bell / Ball. From your Inventory, place the Bell & Ball on the Santa Sleigh/Chariot. Give Santa Bag to Santa Claus Toy, and you've Escaped!

I really hope this Walkthrough is helpful, as I spent so much time and put alot of effort in it. Please do enjoy playing the game, and reading this walkthrough and tell me your thoughts :D

Type: Extremely Detailed Walkthrough | Help Notes | 20-Steps
Time Used: 2 Hours
Written By: Prid

Again a really good and thorough walkthrough Prid. My compliments.

link doesn't work anymore........... :-(

@SneakSnake: Thanks alot, as always :*)

About the Forum, I am kinda done with it. Is there someone who would like to help me with the Categories and other stuff like that on the Text Walkthrough Website?

And there are several reasons why I am not posting so many Text Walkthroughs lately:

1. I currently making a Puzzle Game for Christmas with 24 Mini puzzle games!

2. I am jus too tired to write long, detailed walkthroughs. So, I am taking a break at the moment!

3. School is really annoying, but Christmas Holidays are next week, so I want to relax

Everyday, I try to find games I can make Video Walkthroughs for or games I can write text walkthroughs for, before everyone else. Because of that, I've lost my enjoyment in playing fun games. I really need to take a break, and play games for fun. May someone else write walkthroughs and make video walkthroughs. Someone who doesn't go to school, nor have a job. Someone who's on Computer 24/7


@sue: Are you sure you changed the Drummers order from Left to Right: Tallest, tall, short, shortest?

If not, then do it. And you also have to change the Horses correct order, and also use the Sword on the Button between Horses & Robot. If all that is done, including giving the shortest drummer his Drum sticks from Santa Claus Toy (Hole 3 on Wall with 3 Santas, Drum stick on Right-Side Santa's Chest Pocket), a Santa Toy should be visible , right to the Shortest drummer!


please, where to use the sword???
not with the sequence of colors pink blue red orange and yellow on the horses! Help!

FOLLOWING THE COLOR OF HORSES: THE SAME HAT THE CLOWN OF THE SECOND ROOM: black, pink, blue, red and yellow, put the sword to the right.

detonated !!! thanks kisses

this game started off so wonderfully and logically, and then fell totally apart. The reindeer and hoofprints being the code? What??! What was the hint for that? And the teddy bearc colors were very hard to get right. :/

numbers for train are 5 and 3 (# of reindeer and # of hoof prints)

i just tried playign this game. i played it twice actually. i had to refresh it because the green ball would not go on the red soldiers shoulder either time. so i would say the game has quit and is no longer working properly.

       Anonymous  3/28/11, 5:22 AM  

how about the jack in the box 1st room color code i am done the 1st time but i forgot because i search it on youtube so just search it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

       Anonymous  3/28/11, 5:23 AM  

i am new

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