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I Remain Walkthrough

I Remain

[REPLAY] AtomicCicada - I Remain Escape is a visually stunning and original point and click survival horror room escape game created by Atomic Cicada for Kongregate. One of the last survivors on earth must use his wits to escape the abandoned farmhouse. Explore the house, use the items and the clues to decipher a mystery, to escape, and to remain one of the living. i-remain. Use the mouse to click and explore the abandoned house. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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I Remain Escape Walkthrough
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Finally a new game lol
Thank you Yalcin !!!


hi all,hope its good

I have 5 items and cant get past the hallway

I have curtain rod, clamp, key, hammer and nails (used) curtain and magnet and stuck.


Hammer, Key, magnet and clamp here

hello e.b

I have six items, blanket not a curtain...gonna try for the curtain, maybe throw it over my brother? Need water for the pipe

aaah got curtain and combined with blanket for a rope

need more nails I think to get past the window.

where is blanket?

socket w/power by the fireplace

where did you get the blanket

take curtain rod too!

I cant remember where I got it...maybe in the guest room? so sorry

More nails are in the basement

There are more nails in the basement (key is in left drawer).

found more nails, look in the basement

Where is blanket and how do you go to the basement ?

Ok i am in basement now, forgot completely my key lol.

Pot and extension cord in the bathroom.

shoot cant find hook

Where is the magnet? I need it in the bathroom!

Hi! I'll try to catch up.

@Edgar, i found a magnet on the fridge in first room.

There is a fuse in the bathroom as well. Look behind the planks on the right.

have pot, rope, clamp, rod, magnet, extension cord,and hammer. Can't find water source, hook, or key to 2nd drawer. Found power by fireplace and know rod needs hook to open the attic. STUCK

@edgar, magnet on fridge, but I cant seem to use it in bathroom

got hammer , wire , magnet ,curtain pole, small clamp,bed sheet and blanket tied together and an empty pan now stuck need to get water somehow

Thanks @Ellie :D

kara,the blanket is in the bedroom on the bed

stuck in the same place as you muse

I'm stuck, where do we get water to get the shiny thing out of the basement?

I cant find the extra nails in the basement.

There is something shiny in the hole in bathroom....

Ellie they are on the shelf upper right

ellie top right....I think in the basement there is the water...see on the left

I'm going down for a back :)

Use fuse in the bottom slot of the fusebox, to kill the zombie in the basement and take it out to go there.

@zazie and muse, thank you but I still cant find them :( Maybe im not even in the basement yet? Is that where the fireplace and the old desk are? I dont see a shelf...

Extra fuse in guest room, not bathroom.

To kill the brother in the basement, go to the fuse box and use the fuse on the the bottom slot, then you hear the brother then switch it to the third slot!

picked up a fuse

Look for basement key in a drawer.

Take out the fuse again and you can fill your pot in the basement.

I have it, but I cant pass that monster.

Duh.. thanks, @Edgar. POP... I thought that was the exit

@Aries Black
How to remove the bottom fuse?

NICE ONE ARIES...I didnt even see teh bottom slot...TX!

inh the basement finally

can someone please tell me where the wire or the hook is for the attic

       Anonymous  1/23/10, 9:51 AM  

Where is the hoook!!!!

Hmm i picked up a tarp (whatever this is) but it is not in my inventory, a bug ?

finally IN ATTIC...i LOVE this game!!

I bet we run the extension cord after putting out the fire...up into the attic to get the bars off the window to the van :?)

Nice. Have water in my pot and the brother's room key!

@big tank Wire is in master bedroom. Get the key from dead zombie in basement after electrocuting him.

@Zazie, there are more things in your inventory if you scroll right.

Oh the tarp is here it looks exactly like the curtain.
I filles the hole with water, now i must find a way to release it.

Has anyone found the pipe yet?

       Anonymous  1/23/10, 9:53 AM  

Muse. wheres the hook?

Put fuse in middle slot to light up the attic

Hook for the attic is in the bedroom. Key for bedroom is in pocket of dead guy (kill him by using fuse in bottom slot) in the basement.

The tarp is under the stairs in basement.

got water, put out fire, the rest is easy :?)

Hook, blanket and drill from Master Bedroom.

or so i thought lol

My hook won´t open the attic why ?

Can't put out fire.

@Zazie you need to put it on the curtain rod first

poured water into bathroom..need pipe to cabinet? how to open?

@Zazie combine hook with curtain rod.

Need to put the fire out some how... need the shiny thing in pipe, tried to fill it with water and flush from the basement but it didn't work.... and need pipe for sump in basement.

What pipe were you talking about?

Now i have 4 tied blankets

hint : pipe at ceiling of basement that goes to fireplace.

cant get the hook to go on to the attic help plz

Put clamp on pipe in basement.

Use the water in the bathroom. Then go back to basement to drain it.

its purely find and combine :O . I'm escaped with a bit of walkthrough.

Im in the van...

I'm on the van now. Spooooky :D

@Edgar How did you drain the water?
@Muse How did you remove the pipe?

Pop, click the small red handle in basement, on back wall, to release water.

Use drill to remove bars on attic then put 4 tied blankets there, before you must put out fire in fireplace by puttinf the fuse in the middle.

No I'm getting somewhere. Thanks MUSE.

And out, good game
What walkthrough @RoseDragon? There isn't one yet!?

I am inside the van and found fishing equippment

Put water in bathroom then drained in basement but nothing happened. Where's the pipe for the sump pump?

I'm not able to drain the basement yet. Thought I could by pouring the water in the bathroom pipe and then using the red handle in basement. No use.

im in the some stuff...gonna go now :?)

The navigation game makes me sink

Out!!! this was a awesome one!

I cant put the fire out.
And I cant get the shiny thing from the barthroom.

do i need gloves for the basement sump pump?

Got rubber boots and tube...almost out yaaaaay

@Ellie, in the basement you have to put the clamp on the gas pipe to put the fire out.

Same here @Ellie
Wish someone start saying WHERE instead of I DID IT.

Thanks @Sneak!!

Thanks, it gas the gas one. lol

anyone find a pair of gloves?

Shooot...almost had it...need someing for my bare hands...need combo off sign but only have pen and paper...any suggestions?

"cant operate sump pump switch with my bare hands"

@Ellie get fishing bob from van and attach it to the magnet to get key from toilet.

Put the power cord in the attic, then go down to the fire place to plug it in, go back up to use the drill.

@Stacy thanks.
To get to the van, combine all the blankets.

nvm, gloves in glove box of car

Gloves are in the van, use key to open compartment.
For key:
Combine fishing thing and magnet and put this in the hole in bathroom. Then fetch water again from basement and put in hole in bathroom, so you get the key for the van.

MAY...Look again at the bathroom, with water pot full

still cant get into the attic

youcef, combine hook and curtain rod.

Connect sump pump in basement with the little box near hole at the left wall.

still don't have sump pump pipe...

shoot forgot to write down the safe code with penicl and paper lol

and OUT! what a great game!

zazie I tried that.. I have a 4 curtain rod, cant combine it to the hook

Nevermind, found the pipe in the van.

ooooooooouuuuuuuuut....MY FAVORITE GAME EVER!

lol rod yes!! I confused it with ROPE am sorry ;P

To see safe combo, look outside the window of the van after turning the headlights on

I'm looking for the combination for the safe. Haven't found the cabinet door yet. And I don't have a pipe.

Just drag it over the curtain rod in inventory .

I am stuck, i took the rubber boots but they have disappeared.

What to do next ?

wow very nice game! out almost without help, only needed to peek at the vid walkthrough to see how to put out the fire with the clamp, rest was easy!

Pipe is in van

Oh, I do have a pipe!! Got it from the van earlier..

That game is WAY too long for a walkthrough. It was challenging but with enough thought I'm sure anyone can get it anyway. VERY VERY cool.



pipe is in the van


the boots automatically go on you making it possible to walk in the basement with the power on.

I tried a lot to plug in the drill anywhere in the basement, turns out that you just use it by clicking the cupboard with it.

Hey @Mysterious One, it's no fun to look at a video walkthrough when a game is live.
Solving it together without help is the real deal, the real fun.

UaU!!! Finished!!!

OK. It seems I need to take the cabinet off the barricade to see the safe combo. But I can't. Hint please?

Where are pen and paper?

I have been looking for that safe combination forever. I have the binoculars that I got from the cupboard in the basement (using drill on it), but I don't know where to use it.

mabye so, but there was no comments about how to advance after getting into the attic, (at least at that point when i read them) and i was stuck and figured i might as well try to get some help whatever way possible. once i saw what i was missing (using the clamp on the pipe) i stopped watching the vid walkthrough anyways, unless i needed it again (but turns out i didnt). i know im not the only one who looked at that vid walkthrough either...

i agree that its no fun to watch a whole walkthrough and spoil everything, only use when stuck.

Thx Mysterious i am out finally, good game but the navigation sucks.

Edgar, try to see it from the outside. You need light and something to help your eyes bridge the distance.

turn on car lights, take binoculars from the cellar.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Friwi. Don't I need sockets to turn on car light? I haven't got that. Where to find?


use the binoculars on the boarded up window that is in front of the van

POP, just click on the lever, right side of steering wheel. Thanks @Friwi!

I have the binoculars already and tried to use them to see that note. Will try to have some light there. Thanks.

Thanks @mysterious as well!

guess am the last to say it : OUT

Ellie use binoculars when you are in the van. First turn on the lights in van right side of volant, then click the front window with binokulars, you see the code on the window in front of you. Click on your pen and paper to save the code, than go back to master bedroom and use paper on safe.

@yousef, not at all...out! LOL

The car lights work without sparking things, jzs move the lever beside the wheel. I am out. The paper was in the drawer in the living room. Good game!

Out finally.
Thanks to all the helpful people here.

Thank you again @Zazie and everybody else that helped!!

Lol i even did not see that there is a WT :)

@Ellie: after this game I realized my urgent need of English course

I have got only 3 blankets !

30 minuts to get the meaning of rode!!

Pascale: one on window, one in guest room & two in basement

That was some game! Thanks to:

- SneakSnake for explaining how to kill zombie.
- Muse for telling about the curtain rod.
- Zazie for explaining how to get car key.

Pascale, there is also one in the basement under stairs.

Do I need gloves to operate the sump pump? If so where are they, please?

@cyndee, get the gloves from inside the van.

Gloves are in the box in van need a key to open it. Use gloves on the outlet in basement right in the corner where table and cupboard are. I don´t remember if you need gloves for the sump pump also.

Man that was the best Room Escape game I've played in a long while!

Awwww...just came back in...TY TRUUS. XO

where are boots please?

boots in the van.

thanks, do i need 4th blanket to get to van, if so where is it?

Thank you Zazie and Ellie! I am out! Great game!

@jamos, did you find one under the stairs in the basement? Click down in basement view.

Thanks to you, Youcef and Zazie ! I think that I miss the blanket from the basement : is it in the locked closet that I can't open ?

I found it...

I'm amazed those zombies outside haven't gotten me as much as Ive been going in and out of the van and why haven't they crawled in?


In this game you have to search the arrow (not on the usual place) to go left, right, up, zoom out, etc. I start with telling where they are but later on you'll have to know.
If you use something and you wanna unuse it, click the hand.
You can read all the notes all around, but you don't have to.

Basement Door View
- Take the Hammer and take the First Set of Nails. Combine them and use them on the flapping door.

GO LEFT Fridge View
- Take the Magnet from the fridge.

GO UP (arrow on the floor), Couch View
- Zoom in on the window. Take the flapping Curtain #1, take the Clamp and take the Rod. Zoom out (arrow right).

GO RIGHT (arrow on the floor, not the one right), Fireplace View
- Zoom in on the broken desk and open the left drawer and take the Basement Key. Zoom out (arrow bottom left).

GO BACK to the Basement Door View (3x right)
- Open the door with your key and take the Second set of nails. Zoom out (arrow top left).

- Combine hammer and nails and use it on the wooden planks.
- Enter the bathroom (last door in the hallway)

Bathroom View
- Take the Electrical Cord and the Pot. Go out (use the door).

Enter the last door on the right, Guest Room View
- Take the Bedsheet and click on the small door on the right and take Fuse #1. Go out the room (arrow bottom left). And go back to the...

Basement Door View
- Zoom in on the fusebox next to the door and open it. (You could read the pink note, it explains the next step). Put your fuse first in the bottom slot to kill the zombie in the basement. Take it out again and put it in the other empty slot. Zoom out (bottom right) and go into the basement.

Basement View
- Zoom in on the dead guy and take the Bedroom Key (it's in the black spot). Zoom out (top left).
- Zoom in on the red pipes and put your clamp on them (you put out the fire in the fireplace). Zoom out (bottom right).
- Zoom in under the stairs (arrow on the bottom a bit to the left). Take the Tarp (what ever that is, anyway another piece of cloth). Zoom out (arrow top left).

Leave the basement and go to the Hallway View
- Open the first door on the right with your bedroom key and go in.

Bedroom View
- Take the Bedsheet, the Drill and the Hook (on the safe). Go out (arrow bottom left) and go out.

Hallway View
- In your inventory; combine the hook and the rod and use it on the attick door (the rope on the ceiling). Go up to the attic.


Attick View
- Use your hammer on the brick with scribblings on it. Put your cord in the hole you made. Go back to the...

Fireplace View
- Zoom in on the fireplace (without fire now because you turned the gas of in the basement) and put the cord in the socket/outlet). Zoom out (arrow top middle).
- Go back to the ...

Attick View
- Zoom in on the window and use your drill on it (somehow it's now magically attached to the electircal cord) to open it.
- In your inventory; combine the 4 cloth pieces you gathered and now you have some kind of a rope. Use it to go out the window and go in the van/car.

Inside the Car View
- Take the Rubber Boots and take the Pipes.
- Zoom in on the front window and take the Fishing Float and take the Drawer Key. Zoom out (arrow bottom left), go up (2x) and you're back in the attic. Go back to the ...

Fireplace View
- Zoom in on the desk and open the right drawer with your new key and take the Pen and Paper. Zoom out and go back to the...

Basement View
- Fill your pot with water and go back to the...

Bathroom View
- Zoom in on the black round hole. In your inventory; combine the magnet and the fishing float and use it in the hole. Now poor the water in it and take the Car Key. Zoom out (top left) and go out (door) and go back to the ...

Inside the Car View
- Zoom in on the front window and open the compartment on the right with your car key. Take the Gloves and go back to the ...

Basement Door View
- Zoom in on the fusebox and take out your fuse and put it back in the bottom slot (you're wearing rubber boots so you're save now). Go to the ...

Basement View
- Zoom in on the little black box on the right and put your pipes on it and use your gloves to operate the box. Zoom out (top left).
- Zoom in on the white box/cabinet in the back and use your drill on the box/cabinet (magically the drill is still attached to the power cord from the fireplace?). Take the Fuse #2 and take the Binoculars. Zoom out (arrow on the right) and back to the fusebox and put the second fuse in its place (you need light on the attic) and go back to the ...

Inside of the Car View
- Zoom in on the front window and use your car key on the lever to the right of the steering wheel to turn the lights on. Use your binoculars on the paper (top midlle of your screen) and use your pen and paper on that paper because you're not smart enough to remember that code. Zoom out (bottom right) and go back to the ...

Bedroom View
- Use your paper and pen (now with code) on the safe, open it and take the Money, Bandages and the Spark Plugs. Zoom out (top left) and go back to the ...

Inside the Car View
- Zoom in on the front of the window and put the spark plugs into their slots (to the bottom right of the steering wheel) and use your car key on the steering wheel and you're out.

@SneakSnake, my compliments to an excellent walkthrough once again!! This one must have taken you quite some time to write. Thank you for the effort :D

I now know why nobody wrote a walkthrough. It's a long and boring job for this one and of course there was allready a video walkthrough (I hate it when they're allready there when the game is just posted; takes away a lot of fun, because people can't resist to use it). But it was a good (not great) game although moving around ( a lot) was a bit annoying.

O, thanks @Ellie, you're responding quick (hotline to the recent comments?).
Get a life girl, it's not all about escape games.
Sorry, had to make a joke after this and I'm as bad as you are. do you mean??...what else is there in life than escapegames?? Yes, you are just as bad as I am...LOL.

I agree with your previous comment, I don't like it when the games come out together with a walkthrough either. At least I wish that the people that can't resist the walkthrough don't give any hints or help, unless everybody have been stuck for a loooong time. The fun part is to try to solve this toghether without that kind of help, as you said earlier.

Sneak this is an excellent WT !!
I would have been escaped much quicker with the help of your WT lol.
But it is true, i think it is quite boring to put a video WT when a new game juste comes out...Looking at it is no fun, but it really is fun playing with you guys !

Tell them like it is girl, you're right.
But it's one o'clock here so it must be there (high up north) as well. Time to go to bed.
Bye the way we could make a northern Europian pact (you Prid and me) although the Netherlands are not that far north and also not knowing what the pack should be about, but NEP sounds good in Dutch. Nep is fake in Dutch.

Do you mean an anti-nep group ? :)
And yes, time to go to bed *sigh*

Thanks @Zazie and fun playing with you too. And congrats on Asha 2 for the final code and finishing first there. Didn't compliment you for that. I'm bad at those things; when a game is done, it's gone and so I do forget a lot of times to thank people or to thank people who said thanks to me, but who ever reads this; thank you all.
By the way, it's almost a chatbox now and we better go there before there are complaints.

Rofl!! One a clock it is, so this part of the NEP-pact must go to bed as well... I hope that we will figure out the purpose of this pact, it sounds interesting...LOL!, I think that with that walkthrough you are allowed to chat a little. I should be quiet however. Im doing my best not to annoy people, but I just can't get to like that chat-box.

@Sneak No need to compliment me :) It is just very rare that i can escape first, must be because i am a visual person, seing things in drawings or so but very bad in math ;)
And when it is a chatbox right now so let it be a chatbox lol.
@Ellie it is 1:16 right now *rofl*
Cu you all later i hope !

Well I think video walkthrus are not very helpful, unless you are really stuck....with a written walkthru you can go direct to the section you are having trouble....thank you SneakSnake for the walkthru. I wouldnt have found the safe combo without you!

Video walkthroughs are as good as any other but, what's the point of watching them when the game is still live? Isn't part of the fun being stuck together? and help each other to un-stuck one to the other? I'm not against using them when you get stuck, but not while the game is live AND NOT when you're in the comments page "sharing" that help or showing off your being ahead from the rest or getting out the first. C'mon "escapers"!!

Like many other people here, I've used them when there's nothing apparently possible to do... specially when the game is not live anymore and you're playing it by yourself!

Playing a live game gives you a totally different sort of enjoyment. Being helped by others in real time is as satisfying as being helpful to others. But from someone watching a Video W/T, that's definitively not the help I'd like to have.


Great game, great walkthrough (without that and all the hints it I couldn't have done it) and being born and raised in the Netherlands I would like to join the NEP ;-)

Out! No walkthrough or hints!

is this a live one??

It was a great game !

Excellent game. Thanks to all who helped and hinted.

Out without help (and that is rarely)
Like this type of game. They are so logical.

out with help. Thanks for the walkthrough sneak. I needed help turing on the darn van lights!

yay i did it all without help :D

btw this was a great game, we need more like this one that make us think, and less of those 5-minute-games.

and also, it wasnt scary at all, ive played far scarier games lol, so dont know why its tagged "horror".

Really enjoyed that. Just challenging enough, and the couple of times I got stuck, the comments above pushed me through.
Great game!

awesome game, my favourite so far! I love that its not all encrypted and you just have to be logical, close to what it would really be like if you had to escape from somewhere

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