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Milk Room Escape Walkthrough

Milk Room Escape

Milk Room Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game from Sakura. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Spoiler:   Use This:


yay 1st :)

Hello! :)

Let's try this one.

nippers get green ball

blue key behind clock cabinet, crobwbar goes on to get blue ball

So far I found;

- Nippers under the couch.
- Red key on very left part of the couch.
- Used nippers on little safe in the wall and got green ball.
- Hammer from red keyhole door.
- Blue key left behind cabinet next to colored keyholes cabinet.
- Crowbar from blue keyhole door.

maybe this means a Minoto is in our future?

yellow key gets scissors and that gets yellow ball. still need red key

Yeah... Especially there is no doubtful point :D

- Yellow key from puzzle box (of course).

yay! one of the first ones here.

red key on sofa somewhere left

red key on the left of couch.

where do we use the hammer?

- Scissors from yellow keyhole door.
- Used scissors to get yellow ball.
- Tweezers left behind big black cupboard.
- Used crowbar on little cabinet next to the couch and got blue ball.

umm where do i use the hammer? i have found everything else including the code hint (use paper on clock)

nevermind, use the hammer where the little guy on the shelf is pointing :)

And out

- Use tweezers to get paper from middle of couch.

use it above the yellow key codebox

i can never figure out these codes, can anyone help me?

Just missing the red ball ....

cece where did you find the order for the balls, im trying to bruteforce it

And dont know what to smash with my hammer too ...

theres no clue for the order of balls anywhere!

Suicune : on the clock, where you put the hint.

Smash the back wall of cupboard where the little guy is pointing.

@Suicune, it was on the clock after putting the paper in (RYBG)

Maybe i smashed it and that's why the colors appeared ...

Use paper from sofa in clock. Color order is there.
Where is red ball??

totally got ball code on first random lucky guess :) anyone want to know it?

red yellow blue green random trying

thats odd, i put my paper in and dont see any colors. mabye it was only temporary (which would suck)

ty for the color code

Thanks Zazie :)

@ edgar use hammer above little devil box

suicune order for balls is on clock

Finally, found the code.

And out !

Colour code is r y b g

oops forgot to refresh...

paper on clock has only numbers for me... hmm now the code ...lol

@Suicune, my clock didnt show any colors either

on clock?? i have 4 white buttons there? did i miss something??

For the clock, colors appeared just one time. Maybe a bug.

the code looks HARD! dont know how people are figuring it out so fast... this is 1 im gonna have to spend 10 mins calculating if i wanna solve it without help...

You can only see the color order when you put in the paper, later it's gone.

You have to click on the bottom right of the paper I think

The colours on clock come up after a while, in any case for me...

@Suicune, the middle 9 boxes don't matter, concentrate on the ones on the outside.

code looks like letters lol... HTPS but doesnt work :D

Suicune : dont think too much, its extremely simple.

has anyone found the red ball?

have no color code on my clock, too
can't smash cupboard??

Also stuck at the number code, what the book hint wants to tell us ?
Always feeling stupid at the same place at Sakura lol.

@ SneakSnake... great hint...got it ty and out

and out, thanks to @SneakSnake!

Doris... colours show on clock after a while if not i can give the order?

me to Zazie! always at the code box for me tho lol


Red ball is gotten after smashing with hammer in the middle of the cupboard.

Got to go, good luck everybody !

You can get the color code again. just fiddle around.. I pressed the squares and ovals without hammer selected, than with it. eventually they came up again. What the door code ( Im awful in getting those,lol..)

That's too easy @cece, to just give it away.

not seeing 7842, explain? :)

waited more than 5 min! yes,please the code! But it's annoying, isn't it?

Thank you cece!!!

Why 7842 ????
Oh my

@Brandie, do you have the paper from the sofa and then used in clock?

ty sneaksnake, once you said middle doesnt matter it became extremely simple to find. but if one doesnt know that middle doesnt matter then theyll end up in the same overthinking predicament i did lol

at least sakura games are getting to be more challenging, i havent been able to solve 1 without any help for 2 whole weeks now, and sakura games used to rank in my "top 5 easiest" authors along with minoto, tower games, and stoneagegames. i used to always get out of these in 5-10 mins, but theyre starting to change thier pattern so i cant figure them out just by applying past knowledge anymore.

POP :D.....
Well obviously the hammer didn't have anything to do with the color code, sorry... But still, it will come up again, playing around!


oh! no, hmm...i guess i will to go back and get it. Thanks @Edgar

Sneak's hint did it for me! now drinking milk to counteract last week's whiskey

Once you have the paper with numbers from the clock you'll only take the outside numbers from it, according to the hint in the notebook.

btw WHY oh WHY does it take so long to post now!

hmmm...strange i see the corner of the paper, but cannot click on it.

Take it with the tweezers

thx tamalyn!!!would have never got the order!

played 2. time...colors didnt show up again:-(

well Sneak Snakes explanation of code is quite understandable: Ignore the 9 grey middle boxes from the book...
for example red: the only red little box outside is in 4. box of top row... then look on paper in clock: you see Number 7

@Brandie, you need a tool to get the paper...

anyone doing a w.t.?

Milk this Friday hehe I guess were on the wagon this weekend ....good game I had to play with that code awhile to get it .....thanks Sakura :-)

OMG i totally forgot about the numbers on the clock paper lol.

in and out without help for the first time!

and out! Always so easy when you explain it! Would have never thought of only taking the outer numbers.

yeah and out

This was way cool...

@Edgar Thanks! If i had found that in the first place, the number code would have been so much easier. :)

yay! out!


Door View
GO RIGHT, Couch View
- Zoom in under the right side of the couch and take the nippers. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the very left part of the couch and take the red key. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the little safe in the wall and use your nippers on it. Click the yellow handle to open it and take the green ball. Zoom out.

GO RIGHT, Colored Keyholes Cabinet View
- Take milk #1 (on top of cabinet).
- Use your red key on the red keyhole and take milk #2 and the hammer. Zoom out.
- Click left of the left cabinet to look behind it and take the blue key. Zoom out.
- Use the blue key on the blue keyhole and take milk #3 and the crowbar. Zoom out.

GO RIGHT, Big Black Cupboard View
- Solve the puzzlebox and get the yellow key. Zoom out.
- Take milk #4, below the yellow ball.

GO LEFT, Colored Keyholes Cabinet View
- Use yellow key on the yellow keyhole and take milk #5 and the scissors. Zoom out.

GO RIGHT, Big Black Cupboard View
- Use your scissors to take the yellow ball.
- Click left of the cabinet to look behind it and take the tweezers. Zoom out.
- Look where the little man is pointing and use the hammer there (above puzzle box). Take the red ball.

GO RIGHT (2x), Couch View
- Zoom in on the little grey cabinet and use your crowbar on it. Click the black hole to get the blue ball. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the middle part of the couch and use your tweezers to get the paper. Zoom out.

GO RIGHT, Colored Keyholes Cabinet View
- Zoom in on the clock and put your paper in it. Make a note of the numbers and the color order (order will be gone later). Zoom out.

GO RIGHT (2x), Door View
- Look in the book on the floor and see the middle nine boxes are grey. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the screen in the wall and put your balls in (remember the clock; Red-Yellow-Blue-Green).
- Now remember the nine grey boxes in the middle. Those ones are not important. Just look at which colored boxes are on the outside. For every color it's just one box. Combine that with the numbers on the paper and you get code 7842. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the door panel and put in that code, click the red button and zoom out and go out and you're out.

Escaped this one and I was really surprised to solve the code on my own! That happens very seldom in these games :D

thanks for the wt sneaksnake!

Just wanted to point out if not said already:

The color order DOES appear on the clock, you just have to wait 10 seconds til they appear. It's a clock remember? You need to wait lol.

well cant say im a fan of that kind of soloution then, because im already trying to escape as fast as possible, who would purposely WAIT? i think we all try to be quick in our escape and only could find that kind of a trigger by accident.

hope sakura doesnt make that a habit in thier games, i like them the way they were without that waiting annoyance.

out with sneak's hint for the code. The hotspot for the hammer was a bit hard to find. I had clicked all over that dumb cabinet back, but couldn't find the spot until I read it was the right place.

I know this game is way past being played by everyone, but I must say that these sakura games are one of my least liked games. They are so illogical. This one in particular, for instance, the place where you put the colored balls didn't have anything to do with the code you put in the door. It was the paper that you put in the clock. It just never makes any sense.

       Anonymous  6/26/10, 12:38 PM  

This game is essentially the same as milk room and many others. Very unoriginal

@matt baker: This game is even called Milk Room Escape ...

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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