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Red Carpet

Red Carpet is another very cute and funny point and click type adventure game created by Minoto, the creator of Cupid of the Mouse, Magic and Cat Escape, Escape Game of RPG, Sleeping Princess, The Moon Princess, Turtle Help, The Four Seasons games. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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Red Carpet Video Walkthrough

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Cant open this link yet.

Cute game but easy uselly

Let's go !

let's take a look.....

Can't play...

Still cant open, will come back later.

hmph.....i won't open!!!!!


i just get a white screen...

This comment has been removed by the author.

my screen is white too...maybe later...

I'll try to contact Megi...


I don't know why we can't play, sorry!

We must wait till they repair it :(

alkmar, thanks for an email ;)

OK, author said that game will be working tomorrow (23.01)

Rated 4.8 by 5 people who haven't even played the game? C'mon folks... That's what I'd call rushing ahead :-)

Your Welcome Megi :)) and thank you to !

This is torture -- like waiting for a cake to cool before you can eat it!

This comment has been removed by the author.


My screen is also white, and when I click on the Dick Bruna figure I come to something I don't want to buy lol

still white screen. bummer

This comment has been removed by the author.

@cece what other page? Can you post a link here please?

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

a white page too.
Cece, whith other page can we play please.
Sorry for my english, but i am french

Ahhh thank's for the link Cece, i'll try this one

I have got new year end (one method of two)

And thx cece for the link !!

@cece When I click the link to Red Carpet on that site, I seem to go to the Tiger New Year on instead. Did I click wrong?

me too, very strange, but it is not "red carpet" game
Never mind, I will try later

Ohhh!! I see it now kit. You are reason. Sorry people!!!

same here @kitkatfox
@cece, are you sure you played and finished "Red Carpet"?

I played and finished it.

Lol, it's ok @cece.
We'll have to wait to have this Minoto then.

OHH no !! It is called tiger new year *rofl* sorry for this.


As everyone were transported to the Minoto World ... Nothing happened, and there was nothing to see - for the first time in the Minoto History, a game had been removed (people start screaming)

What can I say - LOL?



I wanna play the new Minoto game.

As a follow-up to SneakSnake's excellent StoryThrough, I add the following quotes from the Wisdom of of Minoto to help us to understand this tragedy as we await the game:

What is not found.
The way things are going it will not be possible.
Let's return to professional life because it was possible to refresh it.

oops, sorry Prid, it was YOUR excellent StoryThrough! 100,000 apologies for my confusion

maybу it`s a new kind of quest - first try to bruteforce the right link before to start the game

hmmmm.....i got ascrewdriver so far,.....wait a minute!i don't have a screwdriver!oh yeah!BECAUSE THERE'S NOTHING IN THAT GAME!

AND OUT!(i'm not yet finished)AND OUT OF THIS GAME BEING FUN!(until i can play it)

"Grandmother's dream was achieved.
It is a party thing to attend.
It is very pleased. "


I like these ones.....they're easy but cute


Go to right and take compress and go right and take soup and go 2 left and give old lady compress and put soup on tray and take food and go right and give it to the doctor and take the book and go right and give book to scientist and take medicine.Give medicine to the old lady.....wait a minute.....COOL!WHEN I GAVE HER THE MEDICINE SHE BECAME A YOUNG LADY!and.....take the electric blanket and go right and give it to cat and take ticket.Go right and give the girl the ticket and take the sumo wrestler once the girl leaves(seriously,how the heck can you carry a sumo wrestler?)and go 2 left and use sumo wrestler to push car(he IS powerful)and take the eye medicine and go to the last area and give bear eye medicine and take red liquid and go 2 left and put red liquid on blanket and go 2 right and give girl red carpet

@steppenwolf,now i know what you mean by what the deuce you just said

LOL..You are all so funny :D Great storythroughs @Prid and @Zoz!!!

A great saying "When the stomach becomes empty, it eats."...lol

Grandmother, she was old and gray. Her back did hurt but still she had some dreams.
To help her we did go RIGHT and took the Compress, a compress to which circulation of the blood improves.
Curious as we are we took a peek a bit more to the RIGHT and there wasSource of Soup, it is original of instant soup.
LEFT, LEFT back to heal grandmothers back with the compress and put her back to work. Make us soup we said and so she did. We took the Food it was late at night so when the stomach becomes empty, it eats.
RIGHT back to that highly gifted student he needs that food to write down all his brilliant thoughts. We took the Medicine Book, a book to which epoch-making study results are written.
RIGHT, let's give that book to the scientist and see if he does understand. And he does and makes a Rejuvenating Drug. The effect is preeminent though externals are usual and that's enough reason for us to take it.
LEFT, LEFT back to grandmother and see what happened. We made her work and now she's really sick, but we got drugs to heal her and more than that; We make her young again to live her dream. Just see her go. Now we take the Electronic Carpet. It is a mat that becomes warm when conducting electricity, so let's find a socket to plug it in.
RIGHT, there it is, let's plug it in and the cat it likes the heat. Hey, the cat was sitting on a Ticket. It's a ticket for one way, but that's all we need.
RIGHT, there's grandmother young and pretty she will ride the train one way and leaves us with a Sumo Wrestler. Although he is powerful we can carry him around and so we do.
LEFT, LEFT because we are powerful enough to carry him but not that strong to move that car, so he will. And finally we can take that Eye Medicine we need.
RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT the bear is in need, he can't see the dream of grandmother young and pretty. Cure his eyes and take the blood and let's call it Red Liquid, dyed by the colors of bear's reddening eyes, because it is still a dream and not a nightmare.
Let's go LEFT and LEFT and now the cat is warm enough we can make the carpet red. So now we have the Magnificent Carpet and we can make grandmothers dream come alive.
RIGHT, RIGHT and put down that red carpet and let her walk the walk of fame. Now grandmother's dream was achieved. It is a party thing to attend. It is very pleased. It's the only one method at the end.

Sorry @nathan_kibanoff, I couldn't resist to write one too. But congrats on yours.

       Anonymous  1/23/10, 3:12 AM  

Yay .. at last .. sweetly illogical as always. I could use the brain compress and rejuvenating potion myself!
And two excellent walkthroughs to choose from...LOL Sneaksnake!

it's ok sneaksnake and besides,im waiting for riddle school 4 but JonBro(the creator of the RS Series)won't make it.So my friends and I are gonna make RS4 and RC(Riddle Company)ourselves[if we ever get to our other friend's uncle to use Macromedia Flash 8(JonBro used Flash 3 to make RS Series but we're gonna use Flash 8)and in the three of us,my friend with Flash 8 is the farthest from me and my other friend's house]

and the reason why everytime i make a post is that i have no profile picture because it takes lots of time to upload!but those my picture has to be small?because the picture i wanna uload is big!

P.S.those anyone live here in the Philippines besides me?AKO LANG YATA ANG PILIPINO NA NAGSUSULAT DITO SA WWW.ESCAPEGAMES24.COM!HEHEHE!LOL!

P.S.P.S.if you truly live in the Philippies,translate the sentence in w/c where i said:"AKO LANG YATA ANG PILIPINO NA NAGSUSULAT DITO SA WWW.ESCAPEGAMES24.COM!"OR you could at least write the WHOLE Philippine national anthem!

OR the pledge in the flag(Panunumpa sa Watawat ng Pilipinas)OR the uhhh.....national pledge?(Panatang Makabayan)WHOLE!

       Anonymous  1/23/10, 4:07 AM  

It is a Sneaksnake walkthrough that is of epoch-making explain of Minoto carpet of red.

       Anonymous  1/23/10, 4:31 AM  

Great as always

ROFLMAO SneakSnake! "Rejuvenating Drug: the effect is preeminent though externals are usual and that's enough reason for us to take it".
Your StoryThroughs just keep getting better!

and nathan_kibanoff, I love the way you wrote your walkthrough!

I liked this game very much (like all Minoto games) so I made a,

Comic Strip Through


That was AWSOME!!!!! ROFL!
Just when you think you've seen it all... BANG!
Thanks so much for that.

HAHAHA...Superb Comic Strip Through @SneakSnake!!! Excellent "writing"! Thank you for spreading the joy :D

Please do more SneakSnake....that was brilliant!

@SneakSnake, I'm in AWE!!!

Wow, Great Comic Strip Through SneakSnake!!!

Reading the great walkthroughs, comicthroughs, storythroughs and more are even better than playing the Minoto games that I love!

Thanks for everyone's fantastic imagination!

@SneakSnake,I finally understand the story about Red Carpet

umm, red eye "liquid" to the dye of carpet?
@ Sneaksnake: lol comic!

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