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Kidnapped by Robots Walkthrough

Kidnapped by Robots

Kidnapped by Robots is another point and click type adventure game by Selfdefiant - Melting Mindz for Flonga. You have been kidnapped by Robots.Try to escape them by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Kidnapped By Robots Video Walkthrough
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hi! anybody here?

just came in

So far I found a door locked and no clue for the code... lol

how cutte...moving boxes onto the conveyor belt like those games where you win a stuffed animal lol

henrique...make the shape on the floor on the keypad

stuck. I need a key...

thanks!!! Muse!

aaaah only move the 2nd box from the left to save time

you're welcome...np

stuck with a magnet, no fuse, still no key...

Lots of rooms...one room has a stand of sorts where you put red wire and light bulb

lifted 2 boxes and found 2 buttons...don't know what are they for :P

red fuse was lying on the ground in one of the rooms

where did you find the light bulb?

@muse: a fuse or the red wire?

sorry...i have magnet now. I meant the red wire.

Lightbulb was on conveyor after you pick up the 2nd box from the left

help, i dont understand the floor shape/keypad problem? im just not seeing it can someone be more clear?

use shape as a pattern

Put magnet on cord at the room in the beginning and it said, this looks like a clue, I put it on the chalkboard for later. ???

Still no key card or fuse

hmmm...i moved the box but nothing happened

what cord? in the first room? can't find it...

Hi everyone...where exactly is light bulb?

Christina did you get anywhere? I have the magnet and am stuck :?(

same here..trying to find a cord for my magnet

found gear in room 7

after you move the box I think you need to press the button on the ground but I may be wrong, I can't remember.
The red wire was on the ground between some boxes on the right.

no, im being slow,9 buttons on the door keypad please which do i press

room 7 is the left door when in room 4.

press them in the same shape as found on the ground. they will form a cross

@muse: what cord did you put the magnet to?

what area are you in?(that's for everybody) i'm in number 3 area

thankyou christina

I'm upstairs and need a key and fuse

OMG...SO sorry...The electrical cord in the main room...the one we first plugged in
The boxes I refer to for the lightbulb are the ones in front of the conveyor. After you plug in the cord you found somewhere, cant recall where, you use the claw to move the boxes and the conveyor belt moves. The lightbulb is in the first thing that comes out

What´s the code for keypad on second floor?

@ Muse, I don't understand...put magnet on cord in first room. The rooms are numbered, what room number?

It didnt matter anyway about the cord and magnet sorry...it said something but amounted to nothing

Where was the keycard Henrique?

I can't even get the keypad to work...

thanks muse! now i'm upstairs...but i have no magnet

get the key inside exit sign above the door.

@muse: lol, I was running in circles to find that cord hahaha

well you will find some soft metal and a cog somewhere to make the magnet but I won't tell you how unless you need me to :?)

key car in right bottom drawer upstairs!

TY HENRIQQUE....SS Christine hhheehee

live one? or not? either way, lets try this. :)

what to do with magnet???

What after put the fuse in slot?
I turned the power on again but nothing happens!

thanks so much henrique !

Dont know where to use the key though lol. Not sure of the code yet either

oh i see use the key in the fuse room

I think the power just activated the keypad, don't know code of course

take fuse...it was in the fuse box hahhhaha

Fro code...hmmm computer says c7...posters say FDG2 and NU-Way robots...hmmm lol

ok put fuse from room 9 in room 13...now i have power upstairs and...i don't know what to do :P

does your keypad have a red and a green light too?

The magnet is the button for the keypad, but I can´t press it down!?

Oh and RJX 3 so maybe 723 or a variation of that?

I didn't have to press it. It just activated the thing.

I don't think the code is too complicated. the game was quite straight forward till now. still can't find the code though...how stupid

hmmm!!! What RJX3 have to do with 723 Muse?
I tried 5000 from magnet machine but didn´t work of course!!

first computer a 4 2nd is c7...if that means anything...I had forgotten A4

its so hard to play without a mouse. where do i get a metal to be converted to a magnet?

Well I'm still trying to figure out where to place the fuse upstairs. I can't find a room 13 and if you used a keycard I haven't found that yet :?( Still just have fuse and button (magnet)

The code is so easy...lol, I`m out!

room 13 is the one with the key card

Try 7234 or any variation...i dunno lol....

C7 ...those were computers
FDG2...those were robot posters

keycard was in one of the drawers of the big cabinet I think
@henrique: I'm sooo sure it's supersimple once you know it. please help me !

where was that darned keycard...I never found it :?(

and the card is in room eleven,in one of the drawers

@Muse - 3 computers - 3 digits code!

the right bottom corner drawer

aaaaaaah gj Henrique....on the hunt still for the keycard lol

ok, I officially anounce myself dump ! that code should really have been solved even by me.
thanks for your help gamers!

can someone explain me where do i find some metal? i'm not really good in these games ^^

I must be crazy...I havent seen any drawers or I surely would have opened them arrrgh...to get this close


from the computers: A4 C7 and B1

code is 417

omg those drawers

LOL...I didnt open every one cause I thought they were all the same TY TY TY

@PS: sorry I can't remember where I foung the metal

yaaaaaaaaaay Out toooo....fun with you guys THANKS

muse: the keycard is in the first room you see when you go upstairs. there's a cabinet there, in the right bottom corner drawer is the keycard. hope that helps! (excuse me if i wrote something wrong)

where do i get metal for magnet maker please?

ooooh the metal. Where was it...let me think. Shoot I cannnnot remember I'm so sorry

posted late :P

TY PS, Henrique and Christina !! You guys were great!

np...gonna restart and try to find the metal for Neil

i think the metal is related to the broken parts of the robots,but i can't pick them

wow, thanks muse! :)

i love those new 1 x robots

Well I found out it doesnt matter which box you pick up with the claw, you have to pick up four of them.

NP Neil!

This is CRAZY Neil. I can't find it either this time around. I am already upstairs and I can't find it...hmmm


Does anyone remember where they found the power cord?

no ideas where to find the metal...

yeah, i know! i think i might be missing that metal alone. and i cant just click around endlessly or my touchpad would break haha :)

When you are on the ground floor in the room with the recycling bin (green) and the weights are on the left there is a door on the right...room 6...it's gray on the table

Lol...I have to go. I actually have the flu and it gets worse at night. I'm about dying right now. GOOOOOOD LUUUUCK :?) Glad I could help

okay, thanks a lot muse! get well soon! :)

thanks muse! but the problem is that i can touch nothing in the table

get well!bye!

bummer. i cant click on the gray thing on the table in room 6. :(

PS I think it's a bug. i restarted and went straight to room 6 after getting out of the 1st room. and voila! there's a metal plate on the table. :)

lol. that was easy. should have restarted earlier. thanks again to muse! :)

@muse, I've been there over and over but have not been able to pick up the metal either. :( bug maybe

Thanx muse!

I still can't find the power cord for the crane, where did everyone find it?

POP Of course I only found it after completely restarting.

cord on shelf when you enter first room its in the uppeer left

Where do I use the magnet?

For those that can't pick up the metal plate, look at the magnet machine and see if you have by chance already picked up and placed it on the machine before you got the gear. If there is a gray piece laying above the row of holes, then it's on the machine. Press the button in the upper right to punch the magnet. If you have possibly already done that, loo to see if there is a small piece just above the row of holes. That will be the magnet.

..AND OUT!!!

Raw use the magnet on the number lock next to the exit sign door, after that you will need another code..HINT: remember the numbers on the three computers

Thanks Rainbow. It just tells me it has no power... so apparently I need to find that key first.

@Raw: you will find a key by clicking the exit sign that you use in the room the shut the power off and get the fuse out. Turn the power on again and use the fuse in another room that requires you to place a fuse i think it is the room with computer B-7

Thanks... now just the code.

fun game, eze code, but wished i could have built a cute robot! :)

for code just check the computers...

This comment has been removed by the author.

I found a key, but I don't know where it must be used, and I miss a fuse...

OK, with the key, I cut the power downstairs and got the fuse.

Use the key next to the fuse box in room IX (i think)to be able to turn the power off and take the fuse.

Thank you, Ellie, that's what I did. I turned on the power upstairs, but I'm stuck. I like this game, anyway.

I liked the game as well!
After the power is on, have a look at the code panel next to the exit door. Put your magnet there and it should get a green and a red light. Time to input the code to escape. You are close!

Oh, I miss the magnet ! I saw the machine, but I have no piece of iron.

@Pascale you get the piece of iron in room VI.
And you need the gear from room VII.
The machine is in room VIII.

Solutions to codes are given at the end of the walkthrough

You start in room I. Move the middle crate to the right to see a clue under it. Nothing more to do here. Click on the door code panel. You need to turn some buttons blue. So you have one code and one clue. Use the clue to open the door.

Exit throught the door and you are in room IV.
Take the black cable from the top shelf in front of you (below the IV sign).

Enter through the left door, to room VII.
Look in the box to the right, move all screws and nuts to get a gear from bottom of the box.
Exit through the door, back into room IV.

Move right to room III.
Click on the left side of the big grey machine closest to you. See a place for a cable. Since you have a black cable, try it there – it fits!

Click on top of this machine, where the blue button is. Use the arrows to the left of the blue buttons to move the machine ”arm”. Press the blue button to open and close the machine ”hand”. You need to move four of the crates to show blue buttons below them (crate number 1,2,4,5 from the left). Just stack the crates on top of each other somewhere else in the room. After that you see all four buttons something will come out from the machine in the back. Take a light bulb from the right thing that comes out.

Enter through the right door to see room VIII. Here is a magnet maker but you can’t use it yet. Go back to room III

Click on down arrow to get to room II.
Enter through the left door to see room IX. There is a fuse box with a fuse, but you need to turn the power off to take it and you cant do that yet. Go back to room II.
Turn right to the right part of room II.
Take the red wire from the floor among the helmets.

The door in front of you takes you back to room I but you don’t need to go there anymore.

Use the door to the right to enter room VI.
Take a piece of soft metal from the desk to the left.

Go back to room II, and go left to the left part of room II.
Below the stairs is a machine. Click on it and see that it is missing a light bulb. You have one extra, so put it there. The lamps are still not turned on. Click on the machine again to zoom. Click on the panel in the lower part of the machine to zoom on it and once more to open it. Something missing here as well. Try to put your red wire here. It fits! Zoom on top of the machine once more and press start button to turn it on.

Now it’s possible to go upstairs, so do that.


Enter the door in front of you when upstairs (next to the RJX-3 robot) to get to room XI.
Open all of the drawers to look inside. Or if you are lazy, just open the bottom right drawer to get an access card. Since you have some extra time, read the labels on the computers: A4 and C7. Exit through the door and strangely enough you are not at the same place as you came from.

Move on by clicking down arrow, and then move left.
See a vending machine. You can’t get anything from it, so try to enter the door in front of you. It needs an access card, which you have. Click on the card reader and use the card.

Enter through the door to room XIII.
A fuse is missing. The computer label says B-1.

You need to find a key to turn off the power in order to take that fuse you saw in room IX earlier.

Exit room XIII and see the EXIT door
Click on the code panel by the door. It’s not working at all. Since you are curious about everything you click on the EXIT-sign and, oh! There is that key you were looking for. Take it and move left.

Go down stairs (room III). Click down arrow (room II left). Use the left door (room XI).
Zoom on the fuse box and use the key to the left of it. Pull down the red handle and you can take the fuse from inside the box. Exit through the door to room II(left part).

Before you go back to room XIII to use the fuse you remember that magnet maker machine in room VIII.

Press down arrow and enter through the right door to enter room VIII.
Zoom on the magnet maker. Put the gear on top part of it, and the soft metal piece in the middle of the machine (above the metal part with holes). Press the top right green button. You made a magnet! Take it and exit through the door to room III.
Time to get back upstairs.

Move down, click up, move left and enter through the door to room XIII.
Insert the fuse in the fuse box. Exit through the door and zoom on the code panel. You see two red lights. Put your magnet on the lower part of the panel. Now you have one green light and one red light. To get both lights green you need to input the code. Hint: 3 numbers.

After you put the code in and the two lights are green, click on the door and you have escaped!!


Room I, Door Code
There is a cross under the crate. Press the blue tiles to make a cross.

Exit Door Code
Use the labels on the computers. You found A4, C7 and B1.
Put them in alfapethical order and only use the numbers:
Code: 417

Thanks a lot for the walkthrough, Ellie ! I already have the gear and I put it in the machine. I'm going to find the missing piece of iron !

... searching the desk in room VI... I can see pieces of iron but I can't take any !

This is strange : in room VI, the comments is "the signs says room IX" ?!

I read in the comments above that some other players had problems getting that piece of metal from the desk as well. They had to restart. But first make sure that you don't already have it on the magnet maker machine. Try to press the green button and see what happens.

I restarted the game and got the piece of iron without problem. This is strange...

You are right, the comment says room IX for me as well, but the sign at the door is VI lol!

The metal is the flat grey piece between the blue/yellow helmets. Looks like a paper.

Oh, good, you got it!

:D and out on my own again :D

I saw at least 2 room number signs that were wrong lol

I gave this game a one star rating because of the metal bug and because the directional arrows are non intuitive and extremely annoying. Normally Flonga makes a good game, but this one was just terrible.

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