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Motel Room Escape Walkthrough

Motel Room Escape

Motel Room Escape is another new point and click type room escape game developed by Games2rule. You got trapped in the motel room. Escape from the motel room by using the hint and objects found inside the motel room to escape.Good luck and have fun!

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Motel Room Escape Video Walkthrough
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1st? Let´s go!

Got 5 symbols and a key.

Got 7 shapes and 3 clues so far. moved pic found a dark room (not a darkroom ;o))

Can't load the game ?

6 symbols metal piece 2 keys (1 used)

steel pieces are the handles of cupboard

Key under left sofa. Torchlight under bed (left side), steel thing out of dark room.

oh sill live

Got box from cupboard. Symbols go in box with codes. Looks like you need 10 symbols.

Flash light under left side of bed.
Key behind bed lamp.
Green clover under bead spread.
Code by right pillow.
Key under left armchair.

Steel piece from behind painting, use flashlight.

2nd key behind lamp. goes in top left drawer. got 2nd steelpiece. opened cupboard with 1st key.

Another code on left side of the painting´s frame.

For another steel piece, use key on drawer, left side, second from top

Found shape 4 under mattress, I'm missing one.

My key doesnt work on the cupboard...

Got 5 codes and 9 symbols. Need one more symbol. The one that looks like a half circle with a line under it.

Clue on the doormat, and shape underneath the corner of the mat.

Shape 9 in wash basin

Got cuboard opened and code box out - was investigating the other doors in the cupboard and wondering where their keys were - and shut the cupboard, and now it won't open again waaaaaaaahhhh

Shape 5 under bed spread
Shape 4 under door mattress
Shape 9 in wash basin, lift plug

code in bottom left drawer

Four codes, six shapes so far. *clickclickclick*

did anyone figure out where t use the other key

Shape 2 under left pillow
Shape 6 behind right side of bed.

@hbear use 1 key in 2nd left drawer

@hbear: one key for the drawer (left side), one for the wardrobe.

Did you open the cupboard with 2nd key? How many keys do you have? I cant open my cupboard.

Shape 10 behind right lower side of cupboard.

i got the drawer some one i have one more

Place the steel pieces as handles to open cupboard.

Codes under mat, on the pillow right side, in the last drawer left ??

Shape 7 in right armchair.

same to you @hbear


Clues: In drawer, on towel, on doormat, leftside of picture

Pieces I remember by the right side of cupboard, doormat, under plug, table leg, on chair, near pillow, in drawer after using key, under bed sheet/throw.

P.s. I have no idea what the doors with 2 keyholes in the cupboard do. Didn't need them

Shape under table; by one of the legs.

just need shape of circle on top of rectangle - anybody find that yet?

Anyone know where the shape that goes with 7 is? Not the star but the other one?

Thats the one I need annaby.


Oc course... you need to put the settl pieces on the cupboard to open it...

the shape with half circle and rectangle is under matress of bed. right side, top

@Ross, are you out?

Shape 8 under table, by leg on right side.

Still missing a shape... like a sidewards P ...

thank you Edgar finally in

@suspiri - shape is in top left bed-corner. Lift mattress.

code 8 on towel and code 9 on picture frame left

TY iAneske

aargh - i shouldn have swallow that pills. shape ist in top RIGHT bed-corner

thanks got it!

Where is the triangle shape? pls

@iAneske - thank you! Finally nearly there!

Anyone remember where the bottom shape for 8 is - looks like a wrench?

and out - thanks all

In right armchair

I have codes 5,7,8,and 9, missing one

I can't remember where I found triangle, but it was an early one - in the first scene somewhere?

@Aneske, behind right top corner of bed

the wrench looking one is on the chair (the right hand chair) zoom in

Finally out, thanks all.

Thanks, Ellie! Got it!

TY Ellie

Thanks Alll.....

@Ellie, your missing code is in left bottom drawer.

You are welcome.
Is suck at finding these shapes... Missing one code and 2 shapes lol Missing the heart, and the "P"

@Edgar... i cant see any code there, is it the drawer by the bed?
Or the ones with keys? Then I'm missing a key.

POP... or i could just click on the drawer without a key LOL

@Ellie, code for 6 is in lower left hand dresser drawer.

I am probably being very dumb here.. but how do you know what order to put shapes on box? Have tried number order but nothing happens ...help....

Well, only the heart and the P then...

@Ellie, the one that looks like a P is under the mattress; right hand top. Lift the mattress up.

Thank you @Seawall!
And the heart was in another drawer... I didnt need the key there either rofl

And out!
@Mary.. it is the number order. Make sure the shapes are correctly placed.

Shape 1 under rug by door
Shape 2 under left pillow
Shape 3 in 3rd right drawer
Shape 4 under door mattress
Shape 5 under bed spread
Shape 6 behind right side of bed.
Shape 7 in right armchair.
Shape 8 under table.
Shape 9 in wash basin, lift plug
Shape 10 behind right lower side of cupboard.

@Ellie, it's in the drawers by the door, you don't need a key to open it, just zoom down there.

Thank you @Edgar!
And that's almost a walkthrough lol

@Ellie, you're welcome. This was the first live game I've actively participated in, and it was FUN!

Actually, I don't think the order matters. I plugged them in in the order I found them and it worked

lol, only missing hte location of keys and steel pieces, but I have to rush for work now. See you guys later... and thanks for helping me out.

I didn't even try to open the drawers without keys. And when I read Dubbeljuhs comment about the one under the bed corner I thought that it was the one I already got from under the cover.
Thank you all, i needed plenty of help :)

@Ellie - thank you - finally got it by taking them out and paying attention when putting them back again!

@annaby, interesting. I'd like to place those shapes in a different order next time.

ok i have all the shapes now what do i do where do i put them?

@Seawall, welcome! Hope to see you in another live game soon!
I don't have time for a walkthrough either right now. Might do one later tonight unless someone else does it before. I think there are a lot of information in the comments until there is a WT.

code for 5 is the first column on the box, 6 second column, etc... for 7, 8, 9. then write in the numbers 5-9 once the shapes are in their places.

Put the two metal pieces on the lock of the tall cupboard. Use a key to open. Get a box where you can put you shapes.

@ellie ty man was i stupid there!!!!

Thank you seawall and edgar i also could not find the heart lol who would of thought it was open i think i need more coffee

I don't know if there is a right order for numbers.
My first try was 8-5-6-9-7, and it worked, Got door key.

Any order will work as long as the symbols are correct.

hi everyone.. try to catch up? ;)

The torch has no light... :(

thanks, Seawall. I missed that you could lift the mattress.

This comment has been removed by the author.

the picture -- part 1
Click the ugly painting and see that it moves, but it is dark in there!
Click the left edge of the frame and see your first part of a code -- write it down!

The table and chairs
Zoom in on the table base by clicking the right back leg-- get the star shape
Click under the left chair -- get the round key
Click the seat of the right chair -- get the crescent shape

The bed area
Click the wall to the left of the bed
Click the lamp -- get the square key
Back up once, but stay where you can see the nightstand
Click the rug next to the bed to look under -- get the flashlight/torch
Back up 2 times

Click to the right of the headboard -- get the triangle shape
Click the left pillows on the bed -- get the circle shape
Click the right side of the right pillows and see the second part of a code
Click the right side of the orange blanket on the bed -- click it again to raise it
Get the flower shape

Back up
Click the upper right corner of the mattress
Click it again to lift it -- get the P shape

The picture -- part 2
Click the black hole behind the moved picture
Click the flashlight in your inventory to take it, and then click the center of the dark screen to see
Replace the flashlight in your inventory (the screen will stay lit)
Get the first steel piece

Turn right in the room

The dresser drawers
Zoom in on the purple drawers by clicking the second on from the top on the left
Use the square key in that drawer and get the second steel piece

Back up
Click the bottom left drawer for a different zoomed in view
Click that drawer to open it and see third part of a code

Back up
Click the drawer just over the seat of the black chair
Click the drawer again and get the heart shape

The blue cabinet and stuff -- part 1
Click right of the cabinet -- get the two diamonds shape

Zoom in on the blue cabinet door
See the diamond pattern on the door around the lock?
Use your 2 steel pieces there
Now use the round key to unlock it
Back up
Click the box below the 2 locked doors
Zoom in and see that it needs a 5 number code
You can place your shapes on the dark squares over and under the white boxes, but you don’t have all of the shapes/code order yet

The door -- part 1
Back up
Zoom in on the door mat
See fourth part of a code
While still zoomed in, click the upper right corner of the mat
Get the curved triangle shape

The sink area
Back up
Zoom in on the sink
Pull the plug and get the diamond/rectangle shape
Zoom in on the towel next to the sink
See fifth part of a code

The blue cabinet and stuff -- part 2
Zoom in on the box from the blue cabinet
Place the shapes and numbers according to the clues you found
You type the number into the white boxes after clicking on each
The box will open when you have it right
Get the last key
Solution is below the walkthrough

The door -- part 2
Zoom in on the door
Use the key to escape

HINTshapes must be with the right numbers so the top/middle/bottom order matters. But the left / right order doesn’t matterHINT


Solution (there are many possible solutions since the left right order doesn’t matter)
Top: Two diamonds, middle: 9, bottom: diamond/rectangle
Top:Sideways P, middle: 7, bottom: star
Top:Flower, middle: 5, bottom: heart
Top:Curved triangle, middle: 8, bottom: crescent
Top:Circle, middle: 6, bottom: triangle

Great Walkthrough like always!

i have the 5 simbols and key

I don't know the code. I found the hints, but don't know how the code goes. I need help.

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