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Exit Not Found Escape Walkthrough

Exit Not Found Escape

[REPLAY] Exit Not Found Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by CogitoErgoSum. In this game, your objective is to escape from the room by finding and using items and hints for solving all puzzles in this room. There are 5 different endings. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Uh oh, I really hope I'm not alone... I'll never do it by myself!

i'll be here for about half an hour

Eeek, found several codes and hints. Got a remote with batteries, a stick, spray paint, and a scroll with a hint on it.

Am in just finished playing the other 1

Hi @all
Congratulations today @Daisyjane... and all the wmen in the site!
I'm joining now.

Hey Trisana! I'm a little stuck.

Used the stick in the hole in the desk under the lamps and panel moved to reveal switches. They correspond to the clue on the TV but I can'r work it out!

Hello Edgar, so glad you're here!

Why congrats?

Wow Justywusty! Well done, now I feel stupid, haha!!

the words "ingroup" draw a number 7
"ices group" draw a number 4
"group" only draw a number 1
Therefore code for blue box is:

       Anonymous  3/8/10, 7:26 AM  

got end 3 of 5, not sure what else i could've done

I'm guessing that the shadows make roman numerals? But my brain wont see them :(

In Kubrick cube there are 4 red, 9 blue, 7 green
Code for red box is:

Hi! I see you already out. Try this my self...

the tv- it's a four digit code. what do the shadows show when rotated 180 degrees?

       Anonymous  3/8/10, 7:33 AM  

nevermind, just played again and got 1 of 5 doing the same things, it's just a different picture at the end

This comment has been removed by the author.

out, end one of five . . .

Trisana, I get V I VI IV 5164 but this code does not work in the drawer!

Oh, you have to turn the shadows 180º indeed!

Code for safe is:

daisyjane - imagine writing the code on a slip of paper, then rotating the paper 180 degrees.

       Anonymous  3/8/10, 7:37 AM  

write it down and then flip the whole thing (SPOILER6415SPOILER)

Now I have a door to build :)

Saw the lumber first.

THANK YOU!!! @ Trisana and cjn4jc :)

have fun building that door, Edgar (you too, Daisyjane). I need to go take a Japanese test, but all y'all should be alright now.

Don't forget to screw the knob in the door.

My door is built and painted now... should I go out now?

ok so i have my door handle on what to do now

Can't figure out shadow clue. got 5164 but doesn't work.

Need your help so I will watch your notes. I need an IKEA description for the door. ; )

Left by looking at the desk and got ending 4 out of 5!

Wonder if getting out in some other views give the alternate endings. Will try later...

Today we celebrate the International Women's Day. At least in my country... see you!

Built the door and sprayed it a lovely shade of pink! Left with a feeling that there may have been more to solve that I didn't find... perhaps not though.

@Madde lol me too. waiting for the smarties. :)

i think im missing a bit of wood for the top of the door frame

@mkganda Yes I´ll do the same.

nevermind got it

okay, how's everyone building the door. Have hinges, screws, screwdriver, knob, and...stuck.

And out got ending 1 out of 5 by looking at tv

@ Edgar Oh I didn't know that, I am in the UK, not sure if we celebrate that here? Well thank you!

@mkganda there is more wood to collect some from the shelf you knocked down and another bit from the box under the tv

Wow. I was missing a lot of comments. I promise I'll read better before asking from now on.

use hammer on block under telly. that gives you top and bottom of door-frame. start with bottom,add sides then top .

phew out. thanks all!

Finally I´m out too..

got ending 3

wtg @Madde.

I played again and got END 2 OF 5 looking at the bookcase.

got ending 5 out of 5 ~with snowy mountain view

nice game

Out with 2 of 5 ending. Walkthrough for this game should be called 'Assembly instructions'. Good, logical game. I liked.

This comment has been removed by the author.

CogitoErgoSum Exit Not Found - Walkthrough (or DIY-Through)

- Open the upper drawer and take the TV Remote.
- Move the chair to grab the Assembling Instructions; go right.

- Zoom in the pot to grab Battery 1; zoom out.
- Take the stick from the couch; go right.

- Look at the owl drawing in the upper shelf and the spot to click repeatedly in it to get Battery 2.
- Take the Spray Paint from above the left bookcase.
- Look at the picture in the middle shelf to know the colors order in both red and blue boxes
- Count the squares in the Kubrick Cube for the code in red box. Get the Knob.
- Look at the book in the middle shelf and find the words in the letters grid; the numbers drawn give you the code for blue box. Get the Screwdriver. Go right.

Zoom in the metal plate in the wall and use the screwdriver on it; get the hinges; zoom out and take 14 screws from the floor.
- Double click on the TV Remote to have a big view of it and click on it again to turn it around; place both batteries in it.
- Zoom on the TV and use the Remote on it; see the clue for the 4-digits code in the desk; zoom out and go right.

- Zoom on the desk by the lamps and place the stick in the hole; press the light switches according to the TV clue, knowing that L=left; M=middle and R=right; get the drawer code; zoom out.
- Open the bottom drawer with the code and take the Hammer; go left.

- Use the hammer to get lumber 1 (base) and lumber 2 (upper part); go left.

- Use the hammer again to destroy the bookcase on the right; grab more lumber 2, the saw and lumber 3 (door); go anywhere

- Double-click in the uppermost lumber in your inventory and use the saw in it to have 2 lumbers (sides)
- Follow the instructions in the Paper to assemble (and paint) your own exit door; click on it when done and you're out.

There are 5 different endings for this game with different scenery, depending on the view you open the door to get out. Have fun exploring (I won't ;))


When placing the knob on the door, don't forget to use the screws!

I don't find any battery in the owl !

out! needed help w codes, end 4/5.

@ Pascale: look at pic on shelf below owl. took a few clicks!

did anyone else notice that when you click on the metal plate on the wall, the caption is "Screwed"? That about sums it up, I guess.

@zoz. I noticed that but my innocent mind didn't let me see the pun in it, lol.
BTW, where have you been? You've been missed, you know? Sign in when you can, would you?

ok, @Edgar,
I've just been a little busy and spending more time outside since it's starting to feel like spring

I liked the idea of building the exit door myself :)
Got out on my own with ending 2, and that's enough for me.
Thanks for the wt @Edgar!

@zoz I found the note that we were screwed to be funny, too

Out with 3 of the ends on my own. Woohoo! I got all the codes by myself :)

and Cogitoergosum, this better not mean the end of Wan and Nyan!!! :(

       Anonymous  5/26/18, 1:55 PM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, CES ☺
& thx Edgar for the WT
(these were the days of EGDAWT, esp. the premium quality creations)

Ha, I was sure I built a pink cupboard for myself. Found all 5 of 5 different ends, yay!

EG24, thanks for giving us this game for replaying, best game I've played lately. 2010 was perhaps still the golden age of escape games, I think I started to play them a couple of years later.

Got ends 1, 2, 4 &5, cannot for the life of me find end 3.

Great little game though.

Hahh, looks like somehow I forgot to check one of the most obvious sports for end 3...
Got all of them now.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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