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Flophone - Top Secret Walkthrough

Flophone - Top Secret

Flophone - Top Secret is another point and click type adventure game by Selfdefiant - Melting Mindz for Flonga. You have been assigned a new mission. You must recover top secret data! Good luck and have fun!

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Flophone - Top Secret Video Walkthrough
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hi apricotmomma.

Let's choose to accept the mission!

So far nothing is happening, I can't click anything.

this game reminds me of Rambler!!! lol

Hi Apricotmomma!

turn on the phone in the inventory to start :)

Hi kitkatfox.

lol I can play pong

Ooo yes, a live game

Thank you.

Hi everybody *sigh*

Changed wallpaper!

Access card, screwdriver and red ball

Blue and green book and i can see a green ball, but i need something to break the glass.

I can't seem to do anything cept play pong and listen to music.

Ahh i need one more book to get the green ball

Where are you playing pong ?
I went through a tunnel and there are many rooms behind

Nothing like stealing office supplies from bad guys lol

use rubberband for the switch

have gum, screwdriver, 3 balls, paperclip and 3 photos

pong is a game on the phone. I don't think it does anything, though.

@zazie -- don't break the glass. Use weight to lower the table next to it.

Yes kkf and where is rubberband and paperclip ?

ah! I found the place for the balls. On the back of the short cabinet in the copier room

@Zazie there are 3 floors. The elevator is on the opposite end of the hall when you go all the way down and turn around.

got a purple test tube and a screwdriver

hey finally, a life one

whoo finished

I checked. Paperclip was in the second floor end office. Under the papers

Gotta go, good luck to all.

if anyone needs a hand i'll stick around for a bit

So far nothing is happening, I can't click anything.

Thank you kkf, i did not see this view :)

Hello all, just got in from work and found a live game. Hope I catch up soon :D

Hi Rambler :)

kkf how did you open the lid where the balls go ?
And what to put into the machine to keep the lever up ?

@Dayhead: I'm stuck with a green test tube. What to do now???

Used rubber band on lever

@Zazie use 3 books to raise the glass for the green ball. Go to the copier room on the 3rd floor (I think) and click the left short cabinet. It will fall down and there are 3 holes for the balls. Get the green test tube

@Tess open the lab at the end of the 3rd floor

Use the screwdriver to open the panel

@Kitkatfox: I allready did that. I'm in the lab, took a picture of the door after scrubbing it with a brush, but now what to do?

Thx kkf i have got it just, i have a purple liquid now. And a wirebrush

How did you all got the purple test tube???

Hey Larue, I just saw your comment. Yeah, I remember my typo's lol

Zazie If you are stuck:

Spoileruse testtube to open doorSPOILER

And out with a medal of honor.

I got a medal of honor AND got to keep the SD. You know how handy those are!

lol Stryboh!

@Tess put the green testube under the pink running liquid

@Tess sorry! I missed your post.

Mix the green test tube with the purple liquid

Oh my... I feel so stupid. Everybody is out, exept me!! HELP Please!! It probably has got something to do with the pipes and the chemical stuff...

sorry, make that the pink liquid for the purple test tube.

THanks KKF: But where's the purple liquid???

@Tess don't feel stupid! It took me forever to realizet that I could close the door and use the brush. :p

Where's the pink liquid than! I'm loosing it over here!!

Now i am stuck with the CD lol

apologies for mixing the colors up.

Did you realize my mistake and use the pink liquid?

Pink liquid is in the 3rd floor behind the door in front of you (where you have to repare electricity) go right there

where do you find the gum?

@Tess in the same room as the door you used the brush on.

What to do with the CD ?

i 'm stuck with a screwdriver, green liquid and a paperclip. i have screwed the place for de paperclip, but it wont stick
what do i need to do?

sorry all. I had a phone call!

@Zazie have you taken all the photos? (you need 4). If so, look at the email in your phone

@kellytiger you need the gum. It was under a trashcan in the kitchen, I think

where is the brush than?

@kellytiger use gum and paperclip on the open doorpanel

Hi to you too Zazie. I thought this was quite a good one. Gonna try the Gazzy one now. Wish me luck :-)

I have taken lots of photos but no idea how to finish

Brush is on 3rd floor in the room in front in a green locker

ah, ooops, i forgot to enter this room, i did go in all the others and i thought that i was already been here
thanks for the tips

@Zazie if you took 4 photos, you will have a new email.

It will tell you to look at your GPS to leave (go to airport)

The photos you need are the back of the door (using the brush), the scribbles inside the cabinet, the label on the box on the first floor, and the paper from the spilled trash

Still stuck with my Cd :(

I only have red and green balls... help!

I have no green locker - on any floor.

sorry guys! I have to go and can't finish the walkthrough.

Here is what I have so far..

Use the X to close the inventory view. Click an empty inventory box to drop an item.

Click the phone (above the squares in your inventory)
Turn it on (button on the bottom)
Read the email
Click the door
Fly to Canada

Click the Back Stone Research button to go there
Knock over the trashcan
Get the keycard
Use the keycard in the door panel to enter

Click the label on the top box
Click the phone and then the camera icon
Take a picture of the hidden label (picture 1)
Click the red tool chest -- get the screwdriver

Turn right
Click your phone and read the email to get the map of the facility
Use the screwdriver on the vent
Go in

Come out in the first floor office
Use your screwdriver on the hole in the side of the bookcase (top corner)
Get the red ball
Click the door

Enter the hall
Go into the second office from you on the left
Note the green ball and the shelf next to it
Turn around
Open the left cabinet door and get the blue book
Turn around and place the book on the shelf
But you need more books
Turn around and leave

In the hall, go into the last office on the right
Get the left paper from the trash
Take a photo of it (photo 2)
Turn around and leave

In the hall, go into the last office at the end of the hall
Get the green book
Turn around

You are looking at the hall from the opposite end
Go to the room at the other end
It is the elevator
Go to the second floor

Go forward into the hall
Go into the first office on the left
Get the brown book
Turn around and leave

In the hall, go into the closest right office
Turn around
Click the right door of the cabinet and take the picture of the drawings (photo 3)

Go into the middle left opening -- you are in the bathroom
Enter the closest stall
Play with the toilet paper until you get the blue ball

In the hall, enter the last office (across from you)
Move the papers and get the paperclip

Turn around and enter the elevator
Go back to the bottom floor
Enter the middle office on the right
Place the books on the shelf and get the green ball
Turn around and leave

Turn around in the hall and enter the elevator
Go to the third floor
Enter the closest room on the left
Click the short cabinet
Place the balls and get the green test tube

Someone can feel free to finish it, or I will when I get back

Thx kkf i am out, i was missing one photo duuhhh

hi, anyone still here?? I can't find the pink liquid, in the room in the third floor, i have an orange liquid........i feel stupid and stuck with green test tube an SD, please help

i cant go in the front room at the third floor. it still say i have no power . i still have a rubber band and a green liquid

you a paperclip and gum to open that door, sorry i can't remember where these things are, but you will find it in the older posts

@gabi - you're not alone, I'm stuck in the same place with the orange liquid !

Hi Twin2, i read all the other comments, but nothing, something is wrong with us

I'm also stuck on the pink liquid. Grrrrr!

Hi, gonna finish kitkatfox walkthrough:

Just start copying last step from above:
Turn around in the hall and enter the elevator
Go to the third floor
Enter the closest room on the right
Click the short cabinet
Place the balls and get the green test tube

3rd Enter second room on left
click the trash can
take gum
turn around and take rubber band of chair

Now go to 2nd room on right side
click plate in back of machine
You can now see levers - all but one are up.
Use rubber band to keep all up

Click on door panel
use screw driver to open it
use gum (left of broken cables)
use paper clip
now click button on panel so that the green light appears

Enter door in back
turn right
click paper below sink to get colour code
open green drawers and take brush

Go left
Use brush on door (bottom part)
Take photo

Go back
Go to 1st ledt on 3rd floor
you have to create pink water from sink:
you have to combine red and white: I thought it should be gear 1 and 2 but got it working with another combination. Not too many combinations so just try yourself...

Go into back room
Turn right
water in sink should be pink
use green tube with sink

go left
use violet tube with door
take CD

Open phone
You have a new mail
Use GPS - airport

Well done.

gabi, on the 3rd floor, room with the 3 wheels, try turning the bottom one and then going back to where the orange stuff is

Got it. You have to go back to the room with the giant cans and turn the first knob.

Hi Gabi - if only that orange liquid would turn pink !!!

Ok, tested again. It worked for me with knob3 + knob1.

At last I've got pink liquid !! Thanks volker and matthew.

Valves 1 & 3 gives you the pink liquid.

Sorry @volker, didn't see you've got the right combo posted.

Thank you all I HAVE PURPLE LIQUID!!!!!!!!

No prob Edgar! You know why to use these 2? Got it by the incredible scientific and intellectual method of brute force but would be nice to know the correct way...

Finally out, great game.
Thanks to all for playing and a good night

You need to be highly experimented in the sciences of quicklingology (that's to click quickly) and sheerofluckology (that's to roll on the floor laughing after a stroke of luck)

I have master degrees on both!

Thanks Edgar! Finally I got the right advice to improve on my escape skills. Not to sure about my multi-taksing skills though. I´ll try rolling on the floor for good 20 minutes now. Afterwards I´ll hope to manage to bring in a bit of laughter as often as possible as well!!

Ok, maybe someone finds out later how the knobs really work. Cu at another escape...

I can't play this game :( It's all buggy for me.
I left the office and flew away, knocked the trash can over but can't continue after that. When I click on the card it says "empty your hand first" and I can't. There is a red marking around my phone, but when i click on it it doesn't "unhighlight", it just opens.
Did anyone else have the same problem and solved it?

Hi Ellie
That the phone opens when you click is normal. Not sure what is in your hand. Try to leave this in your inventory? Then you should be able to pick up ID card and open door...hope you´ll manage.

Hi @Volker!
I don't have anything else than the phone (just started), and I did open it to play pong and read the email, but I don't seem to be able to put it away. I did click the cross and it closed, but it seems to be still highlighted in a way. When I click on the empty squares in the inventory (that btw is flashing in a strange way, showing cards and balls) i see the names of the items that should go there. Seems buggy to me, thanks anyway.

Tried again but couldn´t get ythe same status as you. The phone is highlighted red when there is a new email. Have you read it? But on my try the phone only got red after I opened the backdoor. Is it possible you already opened it? If not guess your stuck...sorry.

@volker thanks for finishing the walkthrough. Darn work is interferring with my gaming lol

@Ellie, It sounds like your game is buggy.


regarding the wheels to get the pink. I got it by accident before and didn't realize that I had to do anything for the pink lol

But I went back and replayed. I click the wheels according to the numbers on the signs -- 2 (top) 4 (middle) 2 (bottom). Then I clicked each one once more. So 3 5 3 in total. That probably isn't the right/only way to get it, but it worked for me lol

No, that's it then. I didn't open any backdoor, and I did read the email (btw I can't close the "Alert, New E-Mail" note on the phone either, but maybe that's normal). Stuck, and leaving.

@kitkatfox: A few of us managed to turn it pink by only using the 1st and last (3rd) one. But no clue why it worked? I thought to use the colours on the tank and mix red and white...but what knob is for what tank?

nice game

@Ellie...no one told you how to close the phone. In case you come back and try playing again, you have to push the button at the bottom of the phone to close it.

Im confused i got orange liquid but whats up with the pink thing with the sink? Am I suppose to go to the second floor where the bathrooms are?

nvm was reading wrong part. Put purple thing on door then got cd then won:) thanx kkf and volker helped a bunches!

*grumble grumble*...lol!!!! I got to the very end and was turning wheels like crazy, but no pink fluid...thank you kitkat, volker and edgar!!!
@edgar...i am still laughing ;) love your terminology...your colorful terms have been added to my private collection...a cross between urban slang and Merriam-Webster gone horribly wrong....rofl!!!!!! i needed a good chuckle...thank you ;)

@kitkat...thinking I was so clever that I couldn't possibly miss clues telling how to create pink liquid, I also turned knobs according to the numbers...lol!!!!! not sure how much time i wasted turning knobs in various combos....even using red and white *doh* ... lol!!!!! ... but thank you to Matthew for the simple suggestion of "just turn the bottom knob"...ROFL!!!!!! @Matthew...after I did that I was out in no time...haha!!! Thank you :)

Thank you Ellie, Edgar, Volker, Matthew & Kitkat :D Escaping wouldn't be so much fun without you here!!!!1

Mine turned pink by clicking bottom wheel 2 x and middle wheel 4x -- so essentially i reversed the quantities written on the canisters and used 2 red and 4 white to get pink liquid.

anybody help me i am stuck with the 3 wheels

Hey thnx kitkatfox... u really helped me get through....and the combination for pink chemical in 1st and 2nd gear...ha ha ha

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