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Gazzyboy Witch House Escape Walkthrough

Gazzyboy Witch House Escape

Gazzyboy Witch House Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Gazzyboy. In this game you got locked inside the Witch House. Your objective is to find out the objects from the Witch House, which will be useful for you to escape. Make use of the objects you found from the Witch House so that you can escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Gazzyboy Witch House Escape Video Walkthrough
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My magic stick opened a door

im in

Thanks Tosca!
I cut the leaves on the balcony and punt them on the arms of the couch. Don't know why yet! The backside of the deer probably has something inside.

and out! gotta go out :(

The two chairs on each other, I could move them to another room.

found key in lamp

Umbrella on rindeer ??

and out

Yes put umbrella on the back of the deer. I thought maybe for the women without the head (in one of the rooms), but not. Get the neckless of the lady and give it to the witch in the other room. It gives you something (don't know what yet). The subtitles say it's a Reindeer with umbrella, but I think that's not Wright.

@Barneyfive: Share your knowlegde please!

got sword cut leaves and put it on sofa. Now stuck

Sometimes I am loosing my sword and I get it back by going upstairs.

where to find umbrella?

Stuck with sofa with rindeer, leaves, rope and powder onit.
I have a beatrope and a sword left.

Use sword on magical bal for umbrella.

And out!

@Tosca: Just above the reindeer on the sofa there's a mark. If you click on that one, you're sitting on the reindeer. Use the beat rope and fly out of the house.

Thx I did not see the white spot.
To buzzy whit the beatrope on the woman.

i found a skull at the bottom of the crystal ball not an umbrella and the sword doesn't work at the crystal ball

Thank you for being very not helpful. Stuck with a deer head.

Hi all, i am sitting on the reindeer, but i can't get the beat rope, any help for me please!!

nvm found it, you have to move the stairs to left side

umbrella is in second room!
Use sword on cabinet to get 2. skull. Put skulls on witch picture and you get a key!

and out
anyone need still help???????

thnks Stu

OK Witch House Escape OK.Then Where is bunker Escape lol.

Got rope, 'palm tree leaf' (reindeer head with umbrella), palm tree leaf (real this time), 'chain' (another palm tree leaf), 'reindeer head with umbrella' (potion/bottle) and sword.. what next?

Oh, how logical. use them one the chair.. silly me.

Put the both palm tree leafs left and right side of chair, put reindeer head with umbrelle in the middle, fixed all with the rope.
Click in the middle above reindeer head and use the beat rope

Oh forgot:
After fixing all with rope use the bottle on it!!!

Peke palm leaf right and left of chair, than use the rope on it, do you have the beat rope?

@gabi apparently not. under what pixel is that?

No wait, I can see it, but how to get it.

Oh, I take those vanished chairs and use them when they finally show up. Out.

where is the umberalla

I'm in

Im in

And out..... thx ~~

Trying to make a walkthrough. (hangoverthrough)

First get the rope that is hanging on left wall then zoom on stairs and take a Magic Stick then take the reindeer head above the door.
Turn left (or right) to see two chairs and a door.
Click on left chair to drop the candle holder then click and drag the right chair on top of the left.
Now you can reach the chandelier an grab a key from it.
Zoom out and drag those two chairs to left and drop them. they should now be infront of right door.
Turn left and zoom on vanity mirror and use the key to get a Sword.
Zoom out and go to stairs.
You'll see some palm leaves and a stand with Magic Water. Zoom on water and dip your stick in it (pun intended).
Now zoom on palm tree leaves and cut then down with your sword.
Zoom out and pick leaves, turn around and zoom on crystal ball. Use sword on pedestal and get a skull.
Go back to downstairs turn left and and use your 'magic stick' on door.
Take those chirs you moved earlyer and move them inside the room.
Take the 'beat rope' from the chandelier.
Go in and zoom to right cabinet. Break the glass with sword and take another skull.
Go upstairs, turn right and zoom into picture. Place both skulls into frame and a key falls from the picture.
Zoom out and pick up the key.
Go downstairs and open the left door with the key.
Zoom to the chair and notice how the broom behind it vanishes (just kidding). Take umbrella.
Zoom on to busty headless woman and grab her jewelry (aroud the neck).
Leave the room and go to oppsite room. Zoom on heads and place necklace on middle head. Her hat drops off in amazement and reveals a potion.
Take it.
Now you should have a rope, reindeer head, beat rope, umbrella, two palm leaves, potion and a sword.
Logically you now go upstairs,
turn around to face the chair,
attach reindeer head with umbrella (click on head to turn it around first),
use the head with chair,
add palm three leaves to chair,
then rope and potion.
Now you need to board the contraption and use the 'beat rope'.

Hopefully not too many mistakes.

And where do I put the skulls on witch' picture??

That one is actually from a film-"return in the country of Oz" (if that's the english title). Dorothy returns in Oz, which is ruined, and there is that headless which who steals pretty women's heads and uses them as her own. She escapes her castle by making a flying reindeer couch. Weird movie, but a nice one.

it was hard but i finsh thankz peke

i really wanted to lasso the moon

- Zoom in the left wall and collect the rope in the wall. Zoom out
- Zoom in the reindeer face over the door and collect the reindeer head. Zoom out.
- Zoom in the steps and collect he magic stick.
- Click the steps and go upstairs.
- Zoom in the vessel in the left side. Zoom in the vessel in the left side.
- Waive the magic stick over the vessel and zoom out.
- Come to the right side and zoom in the door twice.
- Click the candle stand on the chair to fall down.
- Place one chair over the other and click the ceiling light to zoom in.
- Collect the key from the light and zoom out.
- Come to the left and waive the magic stick on the door.
- The door will open. Go to the right side and take the chairs.
- Come to the left and take the chair inside the room.
- Zoom in the ceiling light and collect the beat rope. Zoom out.
- Come back to the main view. Zoom in the dressing table.
- Open the draw with the key and collect the sword inside.
- Click the steps and go to upstairs and zoom in the palm tree leaves.
- Cut the palm tree leaves with the sword and collect it.
- Click on the right side twice. Zoom in the magic ball in the left side.
- Break it with the sword and collect the skull inside. Zoom out.
- Click in the centre twice and face the door.
- Go to the left side and enter into the room.
- Zoom in the cupboard and break the glass to collect the skull. Zoom out.
- Come out of the room and go upstairs. Come to the right side ones.
- Zoom in the photo frame and place the skull in the frame.
- A key will fall down. Zoom out and collect the key.
- Come to the right side ones, click in the center twice and come to the right side.
- Open the door with the key and enter into witch room.
- Zoom in the chair, collect the umbrella and zoom out.
- Zoom in the witch and collect the chain from the neck.
- Get out of the room and come to the opposite side room.
- Enter in. zoom in the centre witch face wig.
- Place the chain over the hat and collect the magic liquid on the head.
- Now go upstairs and face the red sofa.
- Take the reindeer head, click it to overturn and fix the umbrella with the head.
- Fix the reindeer head with the red sofa.
- Place the palm tree leaf on either side of the sofa.
- Tie the leave with the rope. Place the magic liquid on the sofa.
- Over the reindeer head you will get direction arrow.
- Click it to get seated on the reindeer. Waive the beat rope and you will escape.

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