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I Don't Even Game Walkthrough

I Don't Even Game

I Dont Even Game is sequel of I Don’t Even Know brain teaser puzzle type platform game from Lawlolawl Studios and with no instructions. "Embark on a magical journey through time in space in this sequel to I Don’t Even Know. Use your wits and persevere through screens of torture, happiness, and lemonade." Good luck and have fun!

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I Dont Even Game Video Walkthrough
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heehee nice game !

stuck at the baby ...

i'm a lover of this forum but i didn't subscribe yet...anyway you can drop the baby ^^ i'm stuck at the ghost...


for the ghost king, just press control.

I can't start this game. What does "plz go right" mean ? I tried a right click, then "next screen", but nothing happens.

press right arrow to start.

Stuck at gray screen

gray screen press 'a' and move on ?

thanks fully i was stuck on that one too

mine dont start, what right arrow theres nothing there I reloads 3 times.

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Stuck on level 33 it says no gold on to your 4 key!!!1!

nevermind got it

stuck with baby

for core reactor non remote access code note the code starting with nchs on the wipe screen and enter it on the reactor screen in the game itself

@ally press 'q

keldos, how?

still stuck on the reactor code one just dont get it ive tryed putting nchs in but it doesnt work

@ trixy press 41

when you are at the reactor open up www.lawlolawl.com/swf/core.swf in another browser window and play that minigame to the end
the code on the last screen is the one you need in @ the reactor

i dont see a mini game just the same game im playing

ive just refreshed the game by mistake trying to find that stupid code am no going through it all again

How do I act afraid ??

press 1

I have the code but I can't manage to put it in the reactor....I feel a little stupid..>.<

just type the code while you are in the reactor room there is no input box or something :)

ummm.... i'm walking infinitely under clouds....

well, I'm stuck at level 80 because Safari can't connect to the server lawlolawl.com. If anyone would like to give me the code to enter, i'd be much obliged. meanwhile, i'll start a walkthrough

reactorcode :

thank you tosca!!! don't know why i couldn't figure that one out, lol

for what it's worth, here's the walkthrough as far as i've gotten it

LAWL Through

0. plz go right. plz. press right arrow key
pressing right arrow key multiple times will make you go faster. pressing left arrow key will slow you and/or make you slide. pressing left arrow key multiple times will make you stop.
1 -4. the way i played, i just kept going until something made me stop. so i walked through levels 1-4
5. joo need A key not an key press "a" key, then right arrow key to proceed.

haha, game complete in "only" 3854 seconds. now back to WT

can someone tell me how to start this game there is no arrow please

I got it didnt see the comment above thank you

LAWL Through, con't

level 14. (no i didn't skip anything, i just walked through levels 5-13, stopping only to laugh at "omgwtfbbqpizza")
press q key
16. say teh alphabet backwards, okey? type the alphabet backwards
18. press right arrow key when between clouds. You can also just keep your finger on the right arrow key. eventually, you'll get through.
19. - 28. just keep going, for 10 rounds
30. grey screen press the a key (thx to @Fully)
33. hold on to ur 4 keys press the 4 key
36. awh! joo got a little baby! press the q key (again, thx to @Fully)
40. show me teh number 1 ninja rool press the 1 key. alternatively, do nothing and the ninjas will admire your patience (found this out by accident)
44. before getting to the octopus monster press the Esc key
45. lemme asks joo. ae joo actuallies an pirate? press the i key twice
show 2 me teh best pirate growl joo has. press the r key multiple times
what is the shape of an doughnut? press the o key
50. boo! act teh afraid! act afraid and joo shall pass! press the 1 key (@Fully again!)

to be continued...

LAWL Through, part III

51. the ghost has taken control of your keypad press the d key (i just kept pressing keys until i found one that worked)
55. tell meh.. wut is teh 30 Lives Code? i rly must know. press UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A B A (yet again, brought to you courtesy of Fully)
58. joo cannot control! hoo can not control!111!one!1! press the control key
63. aare joo allowed to enter dis facility press y key
oooh. are joo not allowed to enter dis facility? press n key
iii see. would joo kile 2 walk away from dis facility? press n key
oookey. joo want 2 get into dis facility a lot, rite? press y key
hhhm. even if i just stole all of ur cookies (hypothetical) press y key
wwwell. do joo not not not not want 2 go inside? press y key
aaah. joo do not hate dis facility, rite? press y key
oookay. joo wanna go in dis facility. (sarcasm!11!!) press n key
kkkay. do joo notnotnotnotnotnotnotnotnot wanna go inside? press n key
aaalright. wat does teh word "nobadobeedoe" start with? press n key
Phew! (editorial comment)
70. nao. ima sed joo back where you belong. all teh way all teh way back in timez not to worry, just press the right arrow key and you'll be back to level 72.
74. refer to code log directory at lawlolawl.com/swf/core.swf
I was unable to do this because my browser couldn't connect to lawlolawl.com. @tosca kindly provided the code, and @Fully (yes, @Fully again!) provided instructions, both of which i'll paste here.
@Fully: when you are at the reactor open up www.lawlolawl.com/swf/core.swf in another browser window and play that minigame to the end the code on the last screen is the one you need in @ the reactor
@tosca: reactorcode : nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv

78. at lemonade stand just press q for a tasty brew
i pressed the q key here and finished the game. However, I have a feeling there are more levels that i missed by pressing the q key. also, the first time i played, the reactor core was on level 80 whereas the second time through it was on level 71. Please feel free to add WT for levels i missed!

btw, really funny game :oD

awesome i won!!
1719.333333 and so on and so forth

HELP!!! i cant get past da monster

the code is nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv

I have no idea what I just did. A lot of key mashing got me through this game. I'll go read zoz's walkthrough to see if it helps me understand what I did. o.0


at lemonade stand press A key to go further

@zoz yes there are more levels you run behind the stand and press a. then you keep running and reach and elevator. you automatically go down the elevator. continue on to the next screen. then there is a guy who will talk to you and let you totally complete the game. That's the only way you can really win.

if you are able to get the the core.swf site here is what you do to get the code and i will give you the code further on first click the first pentagon.
2 more will pop up. click the one to the left.then top right. then click the the right one closest to the middle.from the middle go right 3 pentagons. then click the one parallel to the middle one on the right. then from the middle go up and left 3 pentagon and click on it.the last one is all the way to the top right. a bunch of gibberish will come up and almost all of it will be erased.copy the code on the right side to a note pad or something and then go back to the reactor core on the i dont even game. type the code. get the lemon-aid and you win :)if you are lazy and dont wanna do all that the code is nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv

@hannah10hannah did u ever get past the monster i cant get past him and im stuck can u help me

the code is nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv

how do i get past the pirate when he asks what he should do with a drunk sailor?

Ok, to get past the monster you have to go really slow past him, not sure how slow but not slide the next one

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