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Jigsaw Killer Escape

Jigsaw Killer Escape is another new point and click type room escape game developed by Games2rule. Jigsaw killer detains you in his place to play a killer game with you and a stranger, who is already trapped over there. Escaping is the only way to save yourself from cruel Jigsaw killer. Save the stranger within 30 minutes and escape or let the stranger die and you just wait till 30 minutes to escape. Good Luck and have fun!

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yey let's try this one now :)

here we go.

don't understand what to do ??

ok i honestly don't know what to do. haha

I cant open the game...

so far i have piece of paper from the left water stream and another clue from turning out the lights. but i don't know which clue pertains to which dial

and the dials are kind of hard to read compared to the clues

i dont know what to do, i think i'll be back tomorrow. i need to watch shaun the sheep. lol a tout a l'heure!

oh..I turned the lights off...

oh, and another clue on the air conditioner
bye neil!

aha...I see my saver!! ;) zoz..you got a paper...

Keep rebooting, Alkmar.

I got a piece of paper...

also, time clock changes after switching off the lights

I changed the things on the floor...reading the paper..with the arrows..

@truus...goed je te zien!! is de salade op?

oh..the man got arrows too, with the lights off

i took all the clue, including the tv dial, and set the lighted dials and now stuck.
used (compared to a clock)
2 and 7 (green clue when lights are off)
2 and 7 (from guy's shirt)
3 (from tv)
3 and 12 (from piece of paper)

in the wall below the clock u can get an iron use it to braak the tv

and 2 green arrows on the window..right corner

hoi @alkmar! ik had liever jouw kookkunsten willen proberen

There's a clue on the prisoner himself. Where is the air conditioner?

@ Dania..Great!!

@tzechuk..up from the window

I used the paper at the left under water road

@Dania, i can't find the rod?

still dont know where to use glass

thanks Dania, got 2 thingy's from the tv now

there is a pipe under the time clock the rod from there

@ zoz..click on the pipe down from the clock

Break the tv with small piece of rod from right tube. Get cloth and piece of glass. Use cloth to block lower left water-tube. Use glass on the one in the middle right, to stop water from flowing, and get another hint.

       Anonymous  3/4/10, 6:50 AM  

used cloth on left water flow. where to use glass?

middle left, sorry

It is like we have to cut something with the blue glass?

ah, thx @alkmar, safi and elbiancojuden!

thanks safi

I've managed to turn off 4 of the pipes... got one left. Don't know what to do...

don't use the glass. after stopping up the water, I went to the small opening and got a key. Use key on main door and out. I believe. It was so quick that I am not sure where the key was.

now we need the right order for the arrows
oh the glass goes when you change the picture

i'm apparently not hitting the right pixels, cuz nothing is working for me. Maybe i'll have better luck in the next game!

@ rich..that was all...? you didnt use the arrow clues?

I am out... but I don't know how I did it. I think the green dial is the control, and you have to turn the yellow ones according to the clues...

       Anonymous  3/4/10, 6:56 AM  

can't figure out exactly where glass piece goes

@zoz..where are you stuck?

Maybe my half braincell can help you :D

I can't get it to work either @zoz.
I stopped one pipe with the cloth but can't seem to use the glass

       Anonymous  3/4/10, 6:58 AM  

Can't get the glass to do anything - and accidentally refreshed while mucking about ...doh! Starting again...

Just starting. Anyone still here?

@rich and tzechuk, did your time run out? cuz that just happened to me and i got the key from the small opening

@alkmar, i couldn't use the cloth or the glass anywhere

@ Truus, het is de bovenste pijp aan de linkerkant!( the up pipe at the left side)

Use glass on the upper tube on the left side, in the middle.

@zoz..the clothes at the small pipe, at the left side under. Click there and put the clothes at the beginning from where the water comes

Cloth goes on the left hole of the down most tube on the left.

@alkmar, it looks like your half-brain cell is going to have to help a lot of us, lol!

Maybe the glass went on the top left water-tube, try it. I thought I clicked the middle one, but seems like it zoomed into the top one when I tried it again.

@zoz..the glass...see @zazie comment

thx! starting over

aha!! got it, bedankt @alkmar

I think the time, when the lights are off, must be a clue too...

       Anonymous  3/4/10, 7:03 AM  

okay. finally figured out glass. moving on. oh, can you guys get the glass to stay? i keep placing it in the upper left pipe, but after i click out it goes back into inventory. is that normal?

YEAH!!! you both are here!! thanks zoz and truus! ( lol..I am stucked now...maybe I can use your brains..only for today :D)

@ bianca, I got the same problem..so it must be normal..I guess

ok, thanks to all of the great help, i've place the cloth and temporarily placed the glass to get the clue
before my time ran out earlier, the water in the lower path on the right (the one that goes behind the tv) was stopped but i don't know how.
i must have set one of the dials right

the poor man..it must be cold..all the time hanging in the water...:( I got to save him!!

       Anonymous  3/4/10, 7:09 AM  

I think my guy is doomed :o(

ok, went through it again. The green dial is the control. You just have to figure out which dials go where. The glass I used to get the placing of the top left dial which is at 10. Once all the dials are set and the water is off, a key will appear in the slot and you just exit through the main door. I am going to try once more and see where they all were set.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@alkmar, feel free to use my brain, but I'm not sure if it will do you any good, not on this game anyway. I really don't see the connection between the arrow clues and the lighted dials.

I'm afraid i'll be planning a funeral soon, looks like the poor guy is going to drown..

Put cloth in bottom left pipe.

       Anonymous  3/4/10, 7:12 AM  

okay...? you make that sound easy. what sequence did you use exactly? or better yet, how did you figure it out?

@truus..let's go together..I will pick you up! you know the family off this guy? I know his sister, she came today for a haircut..

I was about to put the glass somewhere and then I accidentally clicked an ad, grrr...starting again

@ rich..you are already helping!!

once the upper right dial is set to 3 it can't be moved, at least in my game

I have to leave, coming back later for looking at the dial sequence.
GL all !

same for the upper left dial at 10

i cant move the left one on the floor any more, it is on the 3

top left dial -10
top right dial -3
middle left- 1
lower left - 3
middle right - 5
bottom right - 1

Now you just have to figure out where the green dial is placed for each.

10, 3, 1, 2 8, 7, 3 are my dials from left to right. All water gone, but where's the key?

@Rich Thank you!

@alkmar, ok let's!
poor girl, tell her I'm really sorry.

@ bye zazie! and thanks

Somebody's gotta post the sequence!!!

@Safi is that the green one at 2?

       Anonymous  3/4/10, 7:21 AM  

okay. upper left at ten, upper right at three.

mkganda: Yes

I come back later..kids are here..and have to start for the dinner! Good luck..and..thanks for the Walkthrough..who is going to write it!
@truus, zoz,,see you!!

safi, the key will be in the slot if all the water is off. Make sure you plug the one with the paper.

Vibe. just place all the dials as I listed and then go and figure out which location the green should be in. I believe it is usually at either 12, 1, or 6

i, yi yi

Safi- ty

thanks alkmar, go give the boys hugs!

i'll go through one more time and try to do a quick walkthrough

My dude's gonna' die. Got the whole left side off, but the right side is still flowing.

K. Bye @Alkmar.
See you later (on the funeral??)

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  3/4/10, 7:29 AM  

All my dials except middle right are frozen - water off - but in different positions to Rich's - and I've been all around the dial with middle left with no result. My guy's a goner for sure...

       Anonymous  3/4/10, 7:29 AM  

That's middle right of course...

@zoz I agree. Total guessing game as far as which dial goes where. I'm totally stressing on my buddy in there. Good thing he never had kids.

for some reason, whenever i get the "conflicting edits" page and then hit the reload button and then the right green button (only once!) i get a double post.
just another EG24/google mystery i guess

@MaryD where's your lower right?

@mkganda, poor fellow, at the mercy of all of us!

I'm stuck on lower and middle right

dumb game made no sense... couldnt even see the key i just clicked in the whole and apparently it was there... who knows how long it had been there... maybe we didn't need to do anything with the dials at all.

still have water running in the lower right pipe

       Anonymous  3/4/10, 7:33 AM  

Lower right at 7!


Zoom in on spot abouve tv by pipe and take the metal clamp. Zoom out

Zoom in on tv and break it with the metal clamp to get paper and glass. Notice tv dial is on 3

Take paper and clog up bottom left water supply

Take glass and place in middle of top left water supply to see arrow pointing at 10 am

turn top left dial to 10 am and green dial at 3. Top left is now frozen.

zoom in on second pipe from bottom left to get card. It shows 3 am and 12 am

zoom in on window to see man and get clue showing 1 and 7.

turn to other room and turn off middle switch. go to lower right of the window, zoom in and see green arrows pointing at 1 and 7. turn lights back on.

Zoom in on middle left dial. Place at 1 then place green dial at 7. Middle left is frozen now.

Zoom in on lower left dial and place at 3. Turn green dial to 12. Lower left is now frozen.


@zoz I know. Why can't i just use my piece of glass to cut thru and get him out? Also: where the heck is my screwdriver? Who ever escaped w/o one? That's how I know my dude's gonna' drown.

WTG @MaryD !!


don't bother with any of the clues, they won't help you!

take the metal clamp from the pipe below the clock and break the tv

use the cloth on the left middle pipe

randomly set all the yellow dials so that, in combination with the correct setting of the middle dial, they all get stuck

Not clear about that?

Join the club!

take the key from the small opening and get the heck out of there!

       Anonymous  3/4/10, 7:35 AM  

okay, i got three pipes off. my top left is at ten. top right at three and second one down on right is at 5. the three pipes complimentary to them are off. all the other ones are still flowing. @MaryD where are your dials set?

on second thought, follow Rich's walkthrough :oD

       Anonymous  3/4/10, 7:37 AM  

:o( too late to save my poor guy. Have turned off all the lights - can't bear to see him drown.


Zoom in on top right dial place at 3. The green stays at 12

Zoom in on middle right and place at 5 and place green on 6

Zoom on bottom right and place at 1 and place green at 12

All dials frozen. Go to slot in wall by window and take key. Use key on main door and out.

@zoz. HA HA HA. Good stuff

@zoz My dude has perished. Your walkthrough was just seconds too late for him, I'm afraid. I do appreciate how thorough it was tho. lolz

@mkganda....too bad you didn't follow my walkthrough. LOL

@rich, my wt may be funny, but yours is actually useful!

got bottom right on 1 and green on 12, still water though..

Out with a lot of help thanks @Rich! Would be nice if anyone could figure out how the codes work..

@Truus: bottom right on 1 and green also on 1 workes for me

       Anonymous  3/4/10, 7:43 AM  


       Anonymous  3/4/10, 7:44 AM  

Nice walkthrough, Rich. May go out and smoke a sullen cigarette, then come back and try again LOL. Thanks!

@Truus, same here, i gave up this game, i think it does not work because the guy already is dead....and i don´t wanna start over.

aahhh, the water stopped with just 30 sec. to go. where is key?????

@Rich I did try. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to my sweet friend, but alas his number was up. I had all the dials right, but the bottom right and he just couldn't hang on any longer. I am not experienced in CPR or I would keep trying.

All joking aside, I'm starting over using your walkthrough right now. :D

@zazie, for me it stopped with the dial at 7

Normally in the hole right of the window....

Sorry i mean LEFT of the window

@Truus key is in the opening in wall, left of the airconditioning

The guy seems like a criminal anyway. Probably a torture method that went bad.

got out!! with less than 10 seconds left.
That was in the nick of time!!!

a very big THANKS to everyone for all the help!

I'm writing his eulogy.

Congrats @Truus!

Thanks @mkganda.

That guy sure could hold his breath...

Is there any logic in this game or is it (the dials especially)just guessing?

Is this game buggy. I am trying to put the cloth in the pipe to stop the water but can't find a place to put it.. can anyone help?

@ Enjoy : As i said before :
Cloth goes on the left hole of the down most tube on the left.

out with LOTS of help. Sheesh. A few hints in the game on how to use the codes would have been nice.

@Zazie.. thanks I was not in the correct view, took a ton of clicks then finally found it!

I tried again....thanks thanks...for the WT!!!! pfff....I saved the mans life :D.
@Truus...no funeral..but I still come to pick you up..and celebrate the escape!

@alkmar, I'm looking forward to it.
Let me know when you're coming.
Maybe the guy and his sister would like to come too!

I can't start the game !

Stupid game, some kind of bug stopping the bottom right dial from freezing; also green dial will not freeze - tried all combinations. Gave up eventually.

@truus....toooeeettt...toooeettt...we are here! i braught the guy to...oh..he asked if you got dry clothes :))

oh..Tania...I dont like that for you...keep on trying...:)

lol @alkmar, not sure if they will suit him though.
Well, who cares, let's party!!

@truus...lol...we are speaking at parts..hmmm...is that english? hope to see you soon! again..it really was years agoo...:D

I'm sorry, but this isnot a very well made game. It looks nice though

To whoever asked - no my time didn't run out... I stopped all the water and was given a key....

THis is a weird game.

this game would freeze on me while i was changing the dials. i would change a dial and try to back out and i couldn't i had to wait for it to unfreeze. the clues also don't really have a clue as to what positon which dial is suppose to be placed. the game needs some work. i was able to get out though.



The last dial(bottom right) froze for me at 7 with the green at 1

       Anonymous  3/6/10, 7:32 PM  

Follow RICH'S METHOD EXCEPT at the END, the BOTTOM RIGHT YELLOW DIAL GOES ON 7 WITH GREEN control DIAL ON 1! This stops all water in your room. The KEY WILL LATER BE IN SLOT (small opening) to the left of the window, light, and airconditioner. I'M STILL NOT SURE ABOUT OTHER PRISONER...Maybe you have to pause the game a lot, so that the water never fills the room?-I'm not sure if even that will work though. Pretty cool game; you also gotta love fragger. [: xD
From: Naomi (AIM: xDGoMuSiCxD) (Google email: naomibg95@gmail.com)

where should i use the cloth?

get cloth from TV - as per above instructions and block bottom left pipe

from top left:


move green to 12 - the water on the left will stop


green to 6 - the water on right should stop

collect key from opening - unlock door

im just wondering why i got the key without turning off all the pipes at first time. so i played it again and truned all pipes off. but the level of water is still increasing. is it just the end when we got the key? or we should wake up the guy in the room or sth?

got the water to stop but it still is going up without water going through the pipe and still dont got the key

found out my problem the top left pipe where u put the glass is still going but the is not how do i get it to stop

what a stupid bug, when you turn of all waterpipes, the water still flows, so the guy's still doomed when i leave...

but for the lower right one, it's 7 and green on 1.

worked for me at least :)

So there was no key in my small opening.

its difficult ! :(

actually u don't skip the the TV he said in 30 min is up get the key so ya just thought i tell u all and i beat it thanks to rich i beat the first one how do u beat the number 2


None of the clues are needed, it's a waste of time to make your time run out! DO NOT BE FOOLED! THE KEY IS IN THE VENT THE WHOLE TIME!

Just click around in the vent and the key will appear in your inventory x.x

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