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Panda’s Bigger Adventure

Panda’s Bigger Adventure is second part of Panda’s Big Adventure point and click adventure game created by RobotJam and sponsored by BubbleBox. "Help Panda break Elvis (the portaloo's rightful owner) out of future prison in this point and click adventure game. Talk to various characters in the game to discover what they need to to do in order to solve the puzzles. Use the mouse to walk panda around and store your items in the inventory at the bottom of the screen." Good luck and have fun!

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This looks interesting. I just used a toilet as a time machine. (That was after talking to imprisoned Elvis).

To get off the island use the bone on the lock.


stuck looking at the broken console. having fun poking the panda, tho

how do you make the panda go through the trap door?

the duck shooting game not for me

strange, closed trap door and clicked on the screen and went to a new scene. not my most favorite kind of game

@zoz, I didnt make him go down there. Close the trap door and enter the big screen instead (where Elvis is). On the other side you can get a circuit board using oil and a screwdriver. Ask Elvis about it.

Good morning, trying this one.
I'm at DaVinci's studio.

What trapdoor ?

I got a circuit board after removing screws...

hi Edgar! I'm in the old West it seems

@zazie, there is a lever to move by the computer before you enter to Elvis.
I fixed the board, put it on the machine, used the green arrows on the time machine to move to the saloon and shoot some ducks. Won a hat.

Good morning @Edgar!

I went to the next location and it seems like i need to find a white and fluffy cat now. (After using SD to get out of some chains).

I'm leaving DaVinci's with a scrap of paper, book, fork, string&hook and razor... and unable to catch a mechanical fish.

Ok thx Ellie, i have collected some more stuff, hand granate, bullets, and cat

Going to WWII

Haaa i painted the cat white, and the guy gave me a book

Oops i seem to have drunk a mixture of water, engine grease and some fermenting stuff. Ick!

He said that it smells horrible, that i shall try again lol

Leaving WWII with grenade, bullets and "enigmatendo"... unable to take bread. 4 critters found so far, 3 at DaVinci's and 1 here.

I am still stuck at the pipe puzzle, he never likes the liquids that i am mixing.

@Ellie, I think I drank the same mix! And after all the banana juice!

Went to DaVinci now after drinking the mixture made from the recipe in the book.

LOL @the Da Vinci cod!

Leaving Capone's time with green "moonshine formula" in a bottle. No critters found.

Ellie how do you mix ??

@Zazie, i'm stuck there, too. @Ellie, where did you find the recipe book?

Pipe puzzle, first click 3 times on the water button. Then 2 the grease (i think that was 2), then 3 on the other one. Only after that put the mix into the bottle.

lol @zoz! I'm happy that I had 7 glasses of banana juice before that mixture to dilute it :)

@zazie, use the recipe in the book (press the corks those amount of times).

At the studio, pull the blinds down to set the clock and enter the bathroom.

Follow the recipe. (2 portions of each tap)

@zoz, I got it from the man in the prison after gicing him the cat. Found the cat at WWII and painted it white.

The book you get from the man after giving him the white cat

It looks like the recipe differs for everyone.

I have 2 water
2 grease
1 alkohol (but is fermenting the alkohol ?)

I have no barrel with alkohol on it

i'm having trouble getting the panda to do anything other than complain that i'm prodding him. I think I'm going to skip this one in favor of lunch!

See you all later!

Oh i made it by chance....

See you @zoz! Enjoy your lunch!

@zazie, the ferment stuff is the alcohol.

A good lunch zoz :)

Leaving Old West with coin, loaded gun, rock and cigar.

@Edgar, didn't you shoot the ducks?

Yes @Ellie. Got the hat and that way I could beat the 2-names guy in a duel.

Edgar how did you get the box code work in de da vinci room?

In WWII gave cigar to the soldier and he let me take the bread, I think bread will be a good bait for mechanical fish.

NVM it was so obvious. lol

How did you beat him @Edgar!?
I just keep cheating or he shoots me at the same time as the signal goes off. I get no chance!
Is it about me not being fast enough or is there another way?

give him the green bottle. He got drunk and after that you can shoot him.

Enter to DaVinci's bathroom and take a scrap of paper. Code for box is in it.

Feminin21, how? I still don't see it.

I used razor blade on the soldat and he revealed a number code

Mexhanical fish has the code to be used on Elvis' scene.

Enigmatendo in the box by soldier

Thanks @yvon!

Put Enigmatendo on machine left from Elvis... can't figure out how DaVinci's cod works yet.

i'm still stuck on the code box in DaVinci's room.

Do you have the scrap of paper? Look for cardinal points in it (3 of them)

Where is a hook to catch the fish please ?

Is it Leonardo's to do list? I got NN SW and NW in it. Not a clue on which buttons i must press.

Found the hook

I think string and hook were inside code box.

My DaVinci-cod is not working... I think I need to find a way to get rid of the security camera first.

You mean NNE Yvon ?

@Yvon, use the box as a compass. Press the directions (south-west, north-west and so on). (Are you sure that one hint isnt NNE?).

After pressing the three buttons, press the one in the lower right corner.

Thanks Zazie!!!!! Totally missed the last E.

It is the button right of the north button
South west is in the middle between south and west and north west is in the middle between north and west.

Your first is wrong. Look at the paper again and press the correct buttons.

I entered the fishcode in the machine by elvis but nothing happens

@Edgar, my code works.
Press the numbers in the enigmatendo like the buttons show from left to right, top row first.

@zazie (and @Edgar)
The numbers on the fish paper only shows what numbers the tiles have. You need to press the tile order in the machine to make it work.

It seems like I'm out. Got rid of the pirate the easy way lol (lever).

Edgar which code are you talking about. The one for the machine to get Elvis out? After using the code from the fish it worked for me. Mine was 231221 i think.

Hahaha, I'm not out. Got to a new place.

I am stuck with the enigma code i don't understand it.
And above the fish are blue signs it seems to be numbers, but can't figure it out

@Yvon, my code was totally different: 253182.

I cannot press the tiles because the enigmatendo always pops up when i click on the tiles help !!!

did you get the note from the fish?
The blue signs have one number each. Press those numbers in the enigma.
Use the blue signs top row first from left to right, then the lower row.

@zazie, you should not press the tiles on the machine. Zoom on the enigmatendo and enter numbers.

Ellie what note?
I did not get any note i do see a code on the fish.

Got it now... thanks for help @Yvon and @Ellie :D

Thx Ellie i have got it now :)

NOW I'm out!
I pressed the red button several times to make the door of the time machine get shooten off. Hid behind it and used the machine. All lights green.

What do we do after Blaubart came out ?

sorry, I mean the code on the fish not a note.

Zazie, see the tiles on the machine. Use the note on the fish to decode them. Use that code on the engimatendo.

I'm finally out!!

@Zazie, is that the pirate?
See that he stands on the trap door? Make him fall down.

There must be some number below the blue signs on fish.

I am out too,
i let blaubart fall into trapdoor and was out.

Ohh no !! A new room lol

There is more after that trap door fall...

Ow thanx Ellie and Yvon!

I finally figured it out.
At the moment i feel really stupid :(

And I'm out for real this time!

Let the bad guy shoots at you and use the time machine door as a shield to press the button. Then make all of the lights go green in panel.

Yeah this time i am REALLY out.
All buttons are green :)

Thanks for all your help guys...

Only found 4 hidden critters and didn't use grenade, coin and rock... maybe for more critters around?

Now, about those critters... I forgot to look for them. Only found three lol.


How can you be out?
My game is not finished yet i have to deal now with a terminator pirate.

Let him fall into the trap door by pulling the lever.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Or do you mean the one in the glass tube ?

stupid light code!
Can i get some help please?


Yes, the one in the glass tube.

Hmm the light code i made by trial and error, i don´t have any system for doing these codes, sorry.

@Feminin, I'm sorry but the mouse pointer was so big that i couldn't see which buttons I clicked on.
I think that i clicked on those on the first row first and then the lower right corner and lastly the lower left corner, but that is just a wild guess. Keep trying.

@Feminin21, sorry. I just pressed the buttons randomly until I got luck.

@Ellie and Zazie

I could not see it either so i just clicked a several times and i squashed the terminator.
After that he threatened me wit i'll be back. lol
Thanx for all the help you guys!

Did anyone start writing a walkthrough?

is there still somebody here? i need help on compass code...i know that the code is NNE, SW and NW, but i clicked between N & E button, between S and W button (right in the middle button) and button between N and W (right in the middle) but it doesnt work..what i did wrong??

it seems like you did the first button wrong.
Its not between the north and the east button, it is north-north-east, so you need to press one button closer to north than to east.

@Ellie: ugh thank you very much...so clear now...

Any one find a use for the rock or fork?

Also the pirate said "I'll be back" yet they say this is really 'The End'.

Giving the fork to the left soldier in WWII gives a critter.

mixing the drink he keeps tasting it ? how do you get the 3 combos in without him doing that??

You need to follow the recipe.
Make sure that you use the right liquids and click on the corks the right amount of times. When you make a correct mixture you get to keep the bottle.

Thanks Ellie :-) you saved my drunk panda LOL

lol @Clee, you are welcome!

I have some time to write a wt now, so starting.

I got a critter throwing the grenade in no mans land on the ww2 scene ..

-Da Vinci room
1.click food
2.use the paintbrush on the Mona-Lisa
3.flush the toilet
-Time Machine
4.use the cat on the parrot.
5.throw the grenade to the noman's land
6.use the fork on Radar.
-Elvis room
7.give Elvis the rock
8.in the guy's hat after you won.
9.shoot 10 ducks with 10 bullets.

still live?

In this game there are 9 critters to collect. You don’t need them to escape, only for fun.

Take the bone (that looks almost like a key…) and drag it to the lock in the toilet/Time Machine.
Click on the machine to go inside.

Examine the things around you.
The time machine is broken and needs a new circuit board.
Click on the middle computer screen to enter into a new room/the prison.
Take the oil can and the screwdriver.
Drag them to empty spaces in the inventory.
Talk to the imprisoned Elvis to find out where to get a circuit board.
Use the oil on the screws in the panel in the back wall.
Use the screwdriver on the screws and click on the panel to get a circuit board.
Give the board to Elvis and he fixes it.

Use the time machine to get back to the computer.
Insert the circuit board in the machine to the right.
The time machine works again!
Click on the blue arrows on the sides of the middle screen to see four new locations to visit.
Go to the far left location.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop
Take the paintbrush from the right of Mona Lisa and use it on the picture.
Take the blue critter #1 that shows up above the painting.
Take the fork from top of the bookcase.
Click on the food on the floor to get critter #2.
Take the second book from the left in the lower shelf in the bookcase.
Open the book and read it.
Take a scrap of paper from top of the bookcase.
Open it to read it and get the code for the box on top of the bookcase.
Open the box and get a hook and a string. Combine them.
Solution below.
Pull the blinds down by clicking on the cord to the right of Mona Lisa.
Zoom on the clock on the left wall.
Move the clock hands to the places with light shadows (time: 3:25). This opens the door to the bathroom.
Enter the bathroom.
Flush the toilet to get critter #3.
Take the razor from the shelf above the sink.
Use the time machine to get back to the base.

World War II
Select the location second from the left and go there.
Take the black cat the grenade and some bullets.
Use the razor on the beard of the right soldier. Get a random number that he has as a tattoo.
Zoom on the chest to the right of the soldiers and use the tattoo as a code.
Get an enigmatendo.
Use the fork on the left soldier to get critter #4.
You need to give the soldier a cigar or he won’t give you the bread. You don’t have it yet so leave it for now.
Throw the grenade into no mans land far away to get critter #5.
Use the time machine to get back to the base.
Use the cat on the parrot to get critter #6.


Al Copop’s Moonshine Warehouse
Select the third location from the left and go there.
You will get captured.
Use the screwdriver to release yourself like Houdini.
Pull the lever and talk to the man.
Find out that he lost his white and fluffy cat.
The cat that you have is black so he won’t accept it.
Leave the room.

Take the spanner, the key, the bottle and the paint can.
Use the paint can on the cat to make it white.
Go and give the cat to the man and get a book with a recipe.

Go back to the main room.
Use the key on the lock to the left.
Zoom on the pipes in the cabinet and make connections from all three barrels to the three taps below. No need to use all of the pipe parts. Solution to the pipes
Zoom out and put the bottle under the tap to the right of the big barrel.
Use the descriptions in your recipe (different for everyone) to make a mixture. Press the corks below the pipes the correct amount of times (make sure you follow the pipes to press the right liquid). When done, use the spanner on the tap and then turn it to pour the mixture into the bottle.
Use the time machine to get back to the base.

The not so wild west
Go to the last of the new locations.
Pick up a rock, a coin, and a gun.
Pay the coin to the man by the duck shoot and click on the ducks to begin a mini game.
You need to shoot all of the yellow ducks, but not the others.
If you do this with no wasted shots you get critter #7.
When finished there is a new coin on the ground and you get another try to have the critter if you like. Actually, you’ll get an endless amount of coins and can play as much as you like.

Take the hat from the duck stand, and put it on.
Load the gun with your ammunition.
Give the bottle with green mixture to the man by the saloon to get him drunk.
Pick up your gun and use it on the man to start a duel .
After you win, you can pick up a cigar from the side of the man.
Take the hat off the man to find critter #8.
Use the time machine to get back to the base.

World War II
Give the cigar to the left soldier and take the bread.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop
Put the bread on the string with the hook and use it in the aquarium to catch the mechanical fish.
Click on the fish to see a code.

Prison with Elvis
Give the rock to Elvis to give him some inspiration and get critter #9.
Place the enigmatendo in the machine to the left of Elvis.
Click on it to enter a number code (use the mechanical fish for this).
Solution below.

You released Cap’n Blackbeard!
To get rid of him, just use the lever next to him to open the trap door.
No, the game is not over yet!!

Click on the red buttom several times to make the pirat shoot and the door of the time machine fall off.
Click on the door to hide behind.
Move to the red button.
Make all of the buttons green by clicking on the red buttons.
Nope, no solution below… trial and error works.

The true END!!

Box in Da Vinci location
In the scrap of paper you see some upper case letters.
These are compass directions and show which buttons to press.
NNE = north-north east
SW = south west
NW =north west
If you number the buttons with the arrow at number 1 (north) and go clockwise, the buttons to press are: 2, 11 and 15.
Press the red button in the lower right corner to open the box.

Your mechanical fish shows 6 blue symbols and a number for every symbol (below).
Have a look at the machine where you put the enigmatendo and see a sequence with the same kind of blue symbols. Translate them to numbers starting with the top row from left to right and then the bottom row. Enter the 6 numbers that you get into the enigmatendo. Different code for everyone.

Nice walkthrough, Ellie. I needed it with the enigmatendo... Been a bit lazy with the code after it didn't work with the numbers on the fish.

I still can't get game to load, the page loads with an error in it (probably some banner ad that is being blocked) and then there is about 1/5 of the loading line with no other activity happening - no matter how long I leave it for. How did you guys manage to get in the game?

OK if anyone's having the same problems with me, I managed to get into the game via the Kongregate website.

geico lizard

omg finally done took me 7 tries and i laughed till i peed my pants when i juiced the pirate

well, I thought that I had beat the game on my own. Then I read the waltkthrough and see that it went on after the pirate fell through the trapdoor. Oops! I had already closed the window. All well, I don't think I will bother replaying for the real end.

That will teach me to be impatient lol

@Edgar what is the way to open the box in Leonardo's room??

@Conner, hope it's not too late for a reply. I played the game long ago and it's hard to remember exactly enough to give some instructions. Nevertheless, i'm copying-pasting ane extract of Ellie's WT regarding that box in DaVinci studio in case you've missed it... hope it's useful for you.

Box in Da Vinci location
In the scrap of paper you see some upper case letters.
These are compass directions and show which buttons to press.
NNE = north-north east
SW = south west
NW =north west
If you number the buttons with the arrow at number 1 (north) and go clockwise, the buttons to press are: 2, 11 and 15.
Press the red button in the lower right corner to open the box.

@Edgar i was looking at the one and trying to open it with 1 2 11 15... use 2 11 15

can anyone help me i have the code-cod and the enigmatendo and i typed in the code and nothing happened

@Conner, haven't been around lately. Sorry for that. It's hard to remember how things were being this such an old game, but what I do remember is that cod changed in every game, so maybe you could tell yours? That is in case the WT's instructions are not good enough for you to solve it?
I'll be checking constantly from now on.

Or feel free to e-mail me, anytime.

the numbers on the code-cod correspondent with the sign above it. Check the screen on the machine and type in the numbers that match the signs on the screen from top left to bottom right.

How do we do the directions on the compass to get it to let us through????

I was wondering how to enter the code of the enigmatendo in panda's bigger adventure?? ohh goooddd!! I can't enter it no matter what I do!!!

Can PLEASE someone tell me what is the ENGIMATENDO and where do I enter it ?

// K .

How do I enter the code ? Just type the numbers in there ? It's not possible , it won't work !

YAY , I got the ENGIMATENDO or whatever . I don't need anymore help thanks , :)

anybody know how what to do with the fish

I'd wish someone would make a "ALL WALK THROUGH GAME HOUSE" but like the people HAVE to make the walkthroughs.

@dj the fish has a code on it. But! Use it as a CODE BREAKER there are aqua symbols on the machine, look and type it into the engimatendo

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