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Ponpon House 3: Komorebi Walkthrough

Ponpon House 3: Komorebi

[REPLAY] OrangeBiscuit - Ponpon House Escape 3: Komorebi is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Orange Biscuit. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Ponpon House Escape 3 Walkthrough

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taking a long time to load....

Quite hard navigation so far.
Looks like I killed the bird in the cage!? An egg with a flower under it that I can't take.
I clicked above the cross to open the cage.

Hi all.
Opened the birdcage and I can see a flower (clue?) on egg.

Went in to the right room, opened a locker and released a pig.

LMAO - little bird falls over in cage. I can't pick up anything!

Going upstairs clicked on some shelves on the left wall.
Piggy friend was there and ran away!!! Do you remember it?

LOL, I found the pig again, halfway up the stairs on a shelf. Made him sweat and run away!

So many things I want to pick up, but can't.

The pig was further up in the stairs as well, jumping on the couch. He turned the table around. Seems like that happened in the big room as well.
I couldn't go down the stairs again until i put the table in the "dolls house" away.

       Anonymous  3/10/10, 5:50 PM  

I am so excited! I always play these games, but I never catch them live!

The house is portrayed in scale on the doll house and things there happen for real inside the house... went upstairs but navigation and lack of info (and my laziness) make me regret going in :(

oh no, can't get back downstairs!

oh, now I can...the little cubbie with the table flips it and then flips it back...weird

I've been able to click on the balls around a little table upstairs, and to click on some around a cake in the middle of stairs, but no idea ho many, what order, what colors... anything at all!

@icemaiden, just fix the table in the "picture" halfway up the stairs and you can go downstairs again.

I'm exploring upstairs.
Found clues under the cat and in a book.

There is 156 ml in the milk bottle, used for a code upstairs with gumball machine(?)next to a strawberry house.

Ok I think the table downstairs shows the hint for the table upstairs.

To see the 156 ml, turn the strawberry around and zoom up.

@Edgar, I thought so to, but can't make it work yet.

I opened the drawer in upstairs table... LOTS of new clues there!

finally I did something.
Make all of the arms on the painted dolls upstairs point up, and the know turned.
Don't know what happened lol.

Thanks @Ellie
Was wondering how to make those dolls work.

How did you open the drawer @Edgar?

1 strawberry weighs 100. Shown in a scale in the window.

so I'm completely lost - did the vanity table puzzle and got all kinds of numbers for different things..no clue as to how to use them. Unlocked something using the doll arms up and down..lost

Ok, I opened the drawer as well.
Look on the table downstairs. Make the dots that are white downstairs as pink upstairs.

Not a lot to do outside, picket fence and find piggy again...that's all I've been able to do so far.

so I thought if we made the scale the number of the item, we might be able to pick it up - like put in 30 for the key in the closet downstairs...but NOOOOOOOO, there IS no 30 LMAO

I changed the scale to 156 and something happened.

Nevermind, I just opened the cage =__=;;

My game is freezing constantly making it very hard to play... heavy game maybe.

My game freezes a lot. But just wait... most of the time it just needs some time to work again.

After changing the scale to 156 the green leaf to the right of the strawberrie house started turning and there was a ball that went into the house. Something happened with the flowers downstairs.

You can move the picket fence to explore further around the house.

The scale thing made possible to use the flowers inside closet and play around with a bunny and a ball. I choose the first pot but no idea what I did.

@Ellie. Downstairs...put the ball in the flower that was in the birdcage clue.

You can then go outside.

Went to the flowers in the other room downstairs. The ball from upstairs were there and I put it in the first flower. Don't know if that was the right thing to do. Opened the door and went outside after this.

That's not the flower i chose, but it worked anyway.
Found the pig again by the pool outside. He was upset, so I let him in.

When inside the door downstairs (the one with the flower pots inside) turn right and open a closet; there are some things inside... and I think we're supposed to count every item in the house that was in the drawer upstairs.

So far I've seen:
4 lollipops
7 halves of orange (maybe only 6?)
3 cups
1 key
6 apples

Well! I'm outside! got through the picket fence, went up to the roof and dropped a couple of things off! lOL

Went inside a small house outside after crossing the fence. Went upstairs and up a ladder to the roof. Moved the yellow chicken and pulled the black egg on top of the roof down.

I'm not able to go outside yet. I might've chosen the wrong flower... going to try the dolls puzzle or the scale again.

After dropping down the black egg from the roof I could open the locker in the ground below.
Move the three things inside around (only one way possible) and get colors.

Edgar-flower was the same color as the egg under the bird in the cage

found another puzzle outside - the one that we have to match the rug in the living room - but to see have to make the table flipped. Going back outside with a print-screen to see if I can solve...

@icemaiden, I can see I screwed it choosing the wrong flower. I just can't get outside nor doing anything else. About to quit here.

I think you might have choosen the flower for that cupboard?
I can't open mine.

YAY!! The bunny upstairs gave me a new ball to use in the flowers!

@Edgar...:-( Bummer! They have to have another way of redoing it!

So Solved the "rug" puzzle -again, don't know what it did!

This is frustrating...

Great @Edgar!

To open the cupboard, did you solve the cake upstairs with pink, yellow and white dots??
How, in that case?

I can't see the rug even when the table is flipped, only a small part of it. How do you do it?

OK - I filled the pool - doesn't help me worth a @#$%

       Anonymous  3/10/10, 6:43 PM  

I can't get the table in the bedroom to open for me. I tried making the white dots pink and I tried making the green dots pink...(on the table upstairs.)

ellie - when you are on the top of the stairs going down - a lady bug will appear on the hand railing to your left - click on that railing to see over

No Ellie, I havent solved the cake puzzle.
The things I saw inside a cupboard were in the one right side of the door.

any clue as to what to do with the donut in the trap door on the stairs?

Thanks @icemaiden!

Turn the table downstairs around.
The colors of the table from left to right should be:

I think... or the other way around.

Well, I'm done for the night...I'm not confident the game will save so I prolly won't finish it. Good luck all!

       Anonymous  3/10/10, 6:52 PM  

Thanks Ellie!!!

That's it for tonight.
I'll come back for this game later.

yw @purple :)

I am stuck now. Bah Got as far as filling the pool outside but now I am lost. I keep looking at all the zoomable spots but nothing is sticking out at me. I need serious help!

       Anonymous  3/10/10, 7:19 PM  

Taking note of the apple, candy, and orange bottles next to the door leading to the pool... we also see the apple, candy, and orange thingies in the vanity drawer. the numbers add up to 360, which could mean something? maybe something to do with the protracker in the cabinet with the doughnut?

Totally stuck...pool filled, donut puzzle not solved.

Late again, I'll try to catch up, but I think I'm too far behind for this one.

Hi Edgar, Ellie, and Rin

this game is very very complicated....

How did you fill the pool??

Never mind .. solved the "orange" puzzle from the carpet clue and filled the pool... oooooo nothing else happens?

And out~

For the doughnut puzzle, use the foods that are by the door: apple, lollipop, orange.

Compare the degree measures for each of these, which were found in the drawer on the roof: 240, 120, 000.

In the doughnut area, click the buttons that correspond to these degree measures; north would be 0 degrees, east is 90, south is 180, and west is 270.

This will open the clover door. The umbrella inside is automatically used once the pool is filled.

I filled the pool and solved the donut puzzle. I opened the locked door and can see the umbrella but I cannot click it nor can I pick it up? Hmmmm

Oh just leave the room and go back into living room and thats it. :-)

Ok, another lost game for me. I couldn't figure out anything hardly. I never saw a table upstairs that Edgar was talking about with all the things in it.

I never could figure out what ball Martin was talking about to put in the flower from the clue in the birdcage.

Anyway, I love the graphics in this game. Who ever made it has awesome skills. I will definitely come back and try to work on it some more, but for now, I've got to get in bed.

I hope everyone luck on this game, and I do hope someone will make a walkthrough or something so maybe I can get through this game. I worked on this game for almost an hour before I even looked for any comments and when I did, it was like I hadn't found several things that others did. Oh well, maybe it's because I'm in my sleep, lol. I hope that's all it is.

Goodnight everyone and have a great evening!


I never even saw the full rug downstairs, because every time I flipped over the mini-room table, I put it back up. My excessive need to tidy things, LOL!

I am stumped as to the colors for the rocks with faces outside. I've got them in the right order, and I've tried every pink-blue-green combo to no avail. Can anyone give me a hint to get both suns to light up?

Your objective is to prepare the pool for Ponpon who is sleeping upstairs.
You can't get items in this game, just solve puzzles. The donut puzzle is the last one.
When everything is done Ponpon will start playing in the pool:)

@R C
^_^ >_< ^_- (you can see faces on the sofa.)
yellow,cyan,red (under the black cat)

Thank you Xenon. The plus sign face on my screen looks green. I NEVER would've guessed it was yellow!

This is my first live game and first walkthrough.
Sorry about the order of things; some hints are not used until MUCH later in the game if you follow this walkthrough. Still, I feel too lazy to change that.

Walkthrough Part 1:

- Turn right, go forward, and then turn left.
- Click on the birdcage . Open it.
- Click on the bird so that it falls over.
- Notice the egg beneath the bird.
- Note the color of the flower printed on the egg.
- This changes from game to game.

- Go back three times.
- Turn right and go halfway up the stairs (four clicks).
- Click the indent in the wall.
- Click on the pig in the bottom left to scare it away.

- Go back and travel one more step up the stairs.
- Click this indent in the wall to scare the pig away again.
- Leave the scene and travel up another step on the stairs.

- Click the area to the right to look down the side of the stairs to the living room floor.
- Notice the location of the orange and the pattern on the rug.
- Note the location of the dots in the asterisks on the rug.

- Go back and travel all the way up the stairs.
- Click to the right of the figure on the couch.
- Zoom in on the flower and black cat.
- Pick up the black cat and examine the pieces underneath it.
- Note the faces on the pieces and the color of the pieces.

- Go back.
- Turn left and zoom in on the book and lamp.
- Open the book .
- Click the photograph underneath the figures.
- Note that the figures all need their arms to be raised .
- Turn to the end of the book.
- Notice how to fill the pool with water using the rug’s design .

- Go back and turn right twice.
- Zoom in on the figures.
- Click on them until all of their arms are raised.
- One possible combination is FDEBDC.

- Zoom out, turn right, and click the bottom of the screen to turn around.
- Click the figure on the couch.
- Zoom in to the left of the figure.
- Click on the table.
- Click on the bottle of milk and turn it around until a line is visible.
- Zoom in on the line.
- Note the numerical amount of milk in the bottle.
- Each small line represents 4 units, so it should equal 156.

- Zoom out twice, and turn right four times.
- Click on the glass flower and strawberry near the stairs.
- Zoom in on the glass flower twice.
- Click the left arrow below the strawberry.
- This should equal the number from the milk.

- Zoom out to the strawberry.
- Click the green switch to the right of it.
- Note that something happened near a group of potted flowers.

Walkthrough Part 2:

- Go down the stairs until the indents in the wall are visible (four clicks).
- Zoom in on the first indent, the one with the replica of the living room.
- Click to fix the flower table that the pig had knocked over.

- Go down the rest of the stairs.
- Turn right and zoom in on the flower table.
- Note the pattern of green dots and white dots.

- Zoom out from the table.
- Click on the couch.
- Note the expressions on the cushions from first to last.
- Since they are upside-down, the right cushion is first and the left one is last.
- This should be ^_^, >_<, ^_-.

- Zoom away from the couch and turn left.
- Click the shelf by the blue door.
- Note the order of the jarred foods .
- They are apples, lollipops, and oranges.

- Go all the way back up onto the roof.
- Turn right three times.
- Zoom all the way in on the desk near the stairs.
- Move the chair away from the desk.
- Note that the dots on the desk can be clicked.
- Click the dots so that they are lit up in the same order as those from the living room table.
- Start from the right of the living room table’s pattern and from the left of the new desk.
- Make the white dots from the living room become pink on the desk.
- The order is WWWPPPWPWPPW.

- Open the drawer .
- Notice the foods and remember the clue by the door.
- Click on the apple, lollipop, and orange.
- Note the numbers on the backs of the foods.
- They are 240, 120, and 000, respectively.

- Go all the way back downstairs and turn left.
- Open the door and enter the next room.
- Click on the potted flowers .
- The egg from the roof drops down for the rabbit.
- Remember the note from the bird cage.
- Click to put the egg in the flower pot whose flower resembles the previous bird egg clue.

- Zoom out, turn left, and click on the tall closet door.
- Note the doughnut and protractor .
- Close the door.

- Zoom out and go back to the living room.
- Travel all the way up the first flight of stairs.
- Go forward until a hatch is visible on the ground.
- Zoom in on and open the hatch.

- Remember the numbers found on the backs of the foods.
- The doughnut indicates that these numbers were degree measures .
- Click the buttons that correspond to these degree measures.
- The values were 240, 120, and 000.
- North is 0 degrees, east is 90 degrees, south is 180 degrees, and west is 270 degrees.
- Each dot is 10 degrees.

- Click the dot that lit up and let the clover spin.
- Go back down the stairs and through the white door that led to the potted flowers.
- Turn right and zoom in on the clover door .
- Note the umbrella .

- Zoom out, turn left, and click the door to the right of the flowers.
- Go outside .
- Click downwards to turn around.
- Continue straight until a duck step stool is visible.
- Click the stool twice.
- See the pig and click on him to let him inside

Walkthrough Part 3:

- Turn around and go back to the door that led to outside.
- Continue straight until finding a picket fence.
- Click and move two parts of the fence until a pathway is cleared.
- Go forward, turn left, and enter the door .
- Continue up the stairs and then up the ladder .

- Click the right fence at the top of the ladder.
- Open the gate by clicking on the bird.
- Continue straight until seeing a golden ring on the bricks to the left.
- Click it to look upwards.
- Click the metal egg-shaped object near the top of the screen.
- Continue forward until finding a green beach ball .
- Click it to knock it off the roof.
- Continue forward until finding a lever .
- Click it, exit through the gate, and go back down the ladder and stairs.

- Exit through the door and turn right twice.
- Click the rusty hatch on the ground to the right of the door.
- Open it by clicking the left and right handles on it.
- Click the left button to remove the shapes.
- Remember the expressions on the cushions .
- Drag the faces into the insets in that order.
- It should be ^_^, >_<, ^_-.

- Note the colors that appear.
- Remember the colors of the faces beneath the black cat on the roof.
- Make each face its corresponding color.
- It should be yellow, cyan, dark pink.

- Click the right hand button.
- If the colors were correct, the faces will all turn green.
- The two buttons will now be two suns .

- Close the hatch and turn right twice.
- Continue all the way straight until reaching a brick wall.
- Click on the brick hatch on the wall.

- Notice the valves and the word orange in the bottom right hand corner.
- These patterns are the same as the ones from the living room rug .
- Turn the valves until they match the pattern.
- From left to right, top to bottom, it should be SE, N, SW, NE, SW, and then S.
- The dot in the center will turn blue if the combination is correct.
- Click the blue dot to light up the area and fill up the pool .

- Leave the hatch.
- Turn around and pass through the picket fence .
- Re-enter the house.
- Enter the living room .

- The figure that was sleeping on the roof should come down the stairs.
- He will set the umbrella up by the pool.
- Click the figure and watch him stretch.
- Click on the green beach ball to watch the scene.
- Click on the inner tube.

- Enjoy the pool!

ooooh, thank you CarnivalofRust! I was working on a walkthrough because this excellent game truly deserved one, and you saved me the trouble. Now I can play more games. Yay!

For your first live game, congrats! It's more fun this way, isn't it? And your first wakthrough is something to be proud of. Good job.

I came back to finish the game, and it turned out that I only had the doughnut puzzle left to solve. A beautiful game! Sometimes very slow and it takes forever to change view, but it is worth playing anyway!

Thank you very much @InTheCarnivalOfRust for the help with the doughnut puzzle, and for writing an excellent walkthrough! Welcome to your first live game!


YAYNESS! Out on my own! lol

i love this series! got a bit tripped up with the donut and the degress's so i needed to peak at the hints just a little :)

this turned out to be an excellent game, and it was much more logical than it first seemed. Thanks for the walkthrough and comments since I was too impatient today to give the game its due.

Plus, it allows you to play the fun game of pig stalking!

       Anonymous  3/13/10, 7:28 AM  

I know I'm late, but just want to let the author know that this game was EXCELLENT!! Thanks for the fun!
And thanks Inthecarnivalofrust (long name!) for your fantastic WT. I could never have got through this without your efforts. I hope Mukyu does many, many more of these...

I Love these "PON PON" games!!!! I wish they would come out with a lot more!!!

Hey, I found something cool:

Let the pig inside and then re-enter the house BEFORE you fill the pool with water.

Now you can go to the gray door in the living room (next to the jarred foods) and open it.

Click twice to go outside to the pool, and then turn around.

Now you can take a leisurely walk around the pool area and enjoy the view of the ocean (just click on the left or right of your screen)!!

Than you CarnivalOfRust!!

@annimaj, thank you for posting those tips. I loved this game the first time around, and wanted to revisit it. Now, I'll have more to explore.

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