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Belial 1 Walkthrough

Belial 1

Belial Chapter 1 is another new point and click type adventure game from Bored.com. Belial, son of Lucifer attempts to take over hell from Satan. His power isn't enough though, so he was sent to Earth powerless. He must now find his horns, tail and wings to exact his revenge. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game is not suitable for children!

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Belial Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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hello everyone

stuck in the bar

got the tail!

Stuck with password for beelzebub casino ...

got it ...

anybody here? whats the password?

I beat the game by going back to "hell":-) I think there is another ending. The password is on the note in the subway!

I cant get to the subway:(

Aaand ... out.

nvm got it

Check out the plants by the casino door(the password scene) You'll find something that you'll need!

and out

still live??

I hope so coz I'm stuck! All I have is cheese and fake money and cannot seem to place either of them :-/

I feel dumb :D

I'm here, but stuck in bar

I'm there too Rachael!

got it, put cheese on scuff marks on bar floor hen take money and put fake money in it's place. then click on bartender lol.

Yay! Thank you Keesha!!

and killed bartender lol

flame horn on the first scene. Click on tail and he grabs it from the terrace

killed hobos, clicked on money then used flame horn. Are we supposed to be killing the people? It has a meter so I'm guessing we are

killed bouncer, need screw driver it looks like. Why do we always need a screw driver???

found screw driver, it's in an obvious place and I feel stupid lol

Yeah, killing them is part of a choice you get in the casino!

Now I'm stuck though...dunno how to stun the fella in the background?

and out, I chose to stay on earth, will go back for other ending

stab him with tail, then use electric horn then fire horn then wings all quickly in a row

Aaaah thanks :)

I too am off back in for the other ending. Thanks Keesha!

both endings have some cool graphics

I have 6 kills.. bartender, 3 homeless guys, guard and something I forgot. I'm not sure who the other 2 have to be. Can I kill the bouncer? Or is it the guys in the alley? I think Johnny might be dead already tho. So, how to get the bouncer and Johnny's old partner?

oh ok I got the bouncer already.

if you've got the wings, then you can the first two from the scene with the ladder would kill, then seven

man is still missing from the casino? No. 8

and know someone like code for lift?

       Anonymous  4/27/10, 4:52 AM  

Sylli, the code for the lift is the obvious number, the number of the devil/evil
What do you mean with man is still missing?

Thank you small-tool!

I am still the man to kill in the casino, now I have 8 Kills

       Anonymous  4/27/10, 5:08 AM  

Sylli, you can't kill that man. There are only 8 kills.

       Anonymous  4/27/10, 5:19 AM  

Cheese from dirt pile.
Money and pain killers from hobos.
Pain killer to man in first scene and ID in return.
ID to doorman.
In bar put cheese on floor, then click real money away and put fake money.
Take tail back. Kill barman. = 1 kill.
First scene use tail to get horn with fire back.
Hobos, put money in fire and use fire horn. = 3 kills (total 4).
Go to casino take key from plant and screwdriver from floor.
Use key in bar, then use fire horn and take electrical horn.
Kill doorman with electrical horn = 1 kill (total 5).
Open fusebox at subway with screwdriver.
Use electrical horn to open subway.
In subway take wings back and take note with password and kill method.
In first scene use wings to kill the two men = 2 kills (total 7).
Go in casino with password and kill bodyguard with the kill method from the paper = Tail (wait until tail is finished and then quickly electrical horn, fire horn, wings). = 1 kill (ttal 8).
Talk with man and choose your end.
1) Stay on earth, keep talking to man and that's the end.
2) Go to hell, go to the roof and use the lift.
The password is the number of the beast.
In the bible and in horror movies it's always that number for the devil or evil.
It's 3 identical numbers.

Hm, I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I really enjoyed this game and kept laughing at the killings :S
I found both ends on my own, a quite straight forward game.

Thanks for writing the walkthrough @small-tool!

The subject of our collectively funny (albeit warped) sense of humor has been the subject of many a comment.

why all my games are loading very slowly? is it like this for all of you?

I liked this game. Thanks keybol and MegiPoland!


I've been told I need a newer computer, but what works for me is I move the scroll bar down till there are no more ads and it runs a lot faster.


Please follow the Official Walkthrough first, and then choose between Option 1 and Option 2

Official Walkthrough:

NOTE: Once you get parts of your body (Tail, Horns, Wings), you can use them by clicking on the bubbles on Top-Right of screen!

1. Move Right 2 Times! Click on the Briefcase with alot of white paper in it [Near Bottom-Right side of game screen], to get FAKE MONEY. Look at the two windows on the Building you're standing right next to. Take the PAIN KILLER on Bottom-Left corner of the Right-side window!

2. Move Left 2 Times! Take YELLOW CHEESE on the Garbage Pile [Left-side of Belial/Devil]. The cheese is near the Bottom-Left side of the pile. Give Pain Killer to man who has lost his hand. Once the dialogue ends, talk with the same guy again and he'll give you an ID card. Click to take ID CARD from his hand!

3. Move Right! Give ID Card to the guard, and enter Bar. Look at the Bottom-part of the Guy sitting next to the Bartender. Near his feet, on the floor, you'll see some dark-grey lines (the rest of the floor is plain-colored). Place the Cheese there, and watch the guy get scared of the mouse! While he is scared, click on the Money next to him, to remove them, and place the Fake Money there. The Bartender will stop, so click on him to watch the fun! Take DEVIL TAIL on the Bar Table!

4. Move Back, and then Move Left! Use your Tail to get your RIGHT HORN. Move Right 2 Times! Click on the Briefcase with Fake Money/Paper in it [Bottom-Right of game screen]. Click on your Fire Horn, to burn 'em all! Move Back, and then Move Right. You can now Move Forward, so Move Forward. Take KEY from Right-side Plant Vase, and SCREWDRIVER from Bottom-Right of Left-side Plant Vase!

5. Move Back 2 Times, and enter Bar! Use Key on the Refridgerator, and then use your Fire Horn to melt the ice. Take your LEFT HORN from inside refridgerator! Move Back, and then Move Right. Look near the Top-Left of the game screen. You can see a SUBWAY entrance. Use Screwdriver on the Panel/Fusebox on Bottom-Right part of the SUBWAY entrance. Use your LIGHTNING HORN, and enter SUBWAY!

6. Take your WINGS from the Railway. Look at the Side of the Stairway. Take the NOTE, and Move upstairs! Move Forward, and click on the Note in your inventory. It tells you that the password is: PROMAN - click on the Casino Door and enter: PROMAN

Talk with the Man CHOOSE what you want. Follow the Walkthrough with the OPTION you chose!

Option 1 - Walkthrough:
Stay on Earth and discover my true form, Baal

You've already killed 3/8 People, those three near the SUBWAY station - the ones you burned

1. Move Outside
2. Move Back 2 Times
3. Use Lightning Horn to kill guard
- Total Killed: 4/8
4. Enter Bar
5. Use Tail to kill 'em all
- Total Killed: 5/8
6. Move Outside
7. Move Left
8. Use Wings to kill the 2 Hobos
- Total Killed: 7/8
9. Move Right 2 Times, Move Forward, enter Casino
10. According to the Note, you must kill the guy near the entrance in this order:
- use TAIL on him
- use LIGHTNING HORN on him
- use FIRE HORN on him
- use WINGS on him

Just talk to Man in the Casino!

Option 2 - Walkthrough:
Back to Hell and raise my Army of 50 Legions

1. Move Outside the Building
2. Move Upwards
3. Type 666 in the Elevator (From the Wall in the beginning)
4. Press OK
5. Click on Down Arrow

Please tell me if this Walkthrough was helpful or not, used approximately 1 Hours on it :)

What's not to like about any of your W/T's @Prid.
They're always perfect.

@Prid I am already out of this game, so I didn't need the walkthrough. But it looks awesome! Great job :D

Glad to see you around. I hope school is going well and that you have had time to play on your trampoline. (hopefully I am correct in remembering you have one lol)

Thanks for playing our game!

You seem to be lucky. I've been trying for days to play this game and it won't load. I get a blank page. Went to Bored.com and same problem. Maybe their website is down... pity!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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