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Bread Girl 4 Walkthrough

Bread Girl 4

Bread Girl 4 is another very cute and funny point and click type adventure game created by Minoto. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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Bread Girl 4 Video Walkthrough
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Beautyful and easy as always =)
Thank you!

The girl's sentences were published? What did she say? I'm curious! =)

cute and entertaining as usual
unhealthy and healthy sun were kinda creepy in my opinion lol

The paper plane flew during the lesson. It made an emergency landing on the desk. The paper plane was opened. Girl's sentences were published.
you gotta love minoto ♥ :D


Take the sun(the one pulling the elephant).Go right.Put him on the exercise machine.Take the new muscular sun.Go left and use him to pull the elephant.Take him/her/it(the elephant)and go right twice and give him/her/it the apple.Take hula hoop from cat and go right and give the Man the hula hoop(a.k.a. halo).Take Him and go left twice and use Him to get rid of the demon.Take the demon's fork and go right and give the panda the fork.Take black spaghetti sauce(I wonder what that tastes like.)Wait a minute...IT'S SQUID INK!!!!!!!!AND MINOTO SAID IT WAS DELICIOUS!IS HE/SHE/IT REALLY SURE THAT IT'S DELICIOUS?!OH MY GOSH!I have never seen squid ink used as spaghetti sauce!ROFLOL!)and go right and put the spag. sauce(a.k.a. squid ink)between the octopus and shark.Go to the first area and click penguin.Take hammer and go right 2x and use it to take the nails.Go left and put nails on holes and hammer it and take mallet.Go left twice and use mallet on the house twice to destroy it(YIKES!GOOD THING WE DIDN'T GET PUNISHED!)and take wooden board.Go to the last area and use it on the window.Put nails on it and hammer it twice and click the girl.

The paper plane flew during the lesson.It made
an emergency landing on the desk.The paper
plane was opened.Girl's sentences were

paper plane end
only one method

Does anyone know where is my first Minoto WT?The first 5 people who got the correct answer will receive a
.LOL!Just click it and you know why I made it a LINK!I also noticed A LONG TIME AGO that I haven't seen Suicune and SneakSnake for a very long time here in EG24.I also noticed that Prid didn't make a Minoto Quiz for Cherry Blossoms or Halo Flower.Is something wrong Prid?And in the ending of this game,I also have some thoughts about the epilogue.

The paper plane flew during the lesson(YIKES!She might get detention!).It made
an emergency landing(What's the emergency?)on the desk.The paper
plane was opened.Girl's sentences were
published.(I wonder what she wrote.Did she wrote I♥U?)

(My thoughts are in PARENTHESESESESESESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!)

THE END!(at last)

BTW,you can also click on the link whether you found out my first WT in Minoto games or not!You'll understand why I made a LINK.

Minoto's not making it up: Spaghetti with squid ink is real. And here's the recipe to prove it. I'm not so sure about the hula-hooping cat inside a giant apple, though.

As an added bnonus, here's a squid ink pizza!

@hot_shot! Too adorable!!!!

This was a lovely game again..it was easy ( going to read hot_shot's comments now )

       Anonymous  4/24/10, 6:36 AM  
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       Anonymous  4/24/10, 6:36 AM  
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       Anonymous  4/24/10, 7:02 AM  

Can't wait for Zoz's SingThrough - which song will it be????
Also Prid's mini quiz???? Please???

Ah, Minoto...All's well in the world again.

After no blue screw driver from Sakura, I was worried.

       Anonymous  4/24/10, 7:21 AM  

@Zoe, lol.
Can´t wait for them neither.. :-)

if I am not too late hot_shot
Suicune is writing a mega-escape-game which should keep us busy for a long time
should come out in May

sneaksnake was around lately

Sing Along Minoto 5
sung to the tune of "It's A Small World (After All)" from Disneyland

It's a world of laughter, Minoto's world.
It's a world of hopes for all boys and girls.
There's so much that is there
That it's time we're aware, it's Minoto's world

It's Minoto's world, you know.
All the world loves Minoto.
Gamers flock to see the show,
In Minoto's world.
(Repeat Chorus between each Verse)

There's a skinny Sun and a Pirate, too
And a baby Elephant who is blue
There's a house burning down
Because Satan's in town
Oh, what shall we do?

There's a weight machine where the Sun can train
'Til he's big and strong and his muscles strain
Like someone we once knew
Schwarzenegger that's who!
Big Sun's back again.

There's a Panda eyeing a plate of food
A giant Apple and seven large nails, too
In the very next scene
Is a Shark being mean
To a Squid, boo hoo!

God is jumping up and down on the shore
And a Puppy sits placidly, what's more
The cliff is full of holes
Maybe put there by moles?
We must go explore.

Back on the first shore the new IronMan Sun
Pulls the child Elephant who weighs a ton
To dry land where he can
Go and visit the Pan-
da and have some fun.

When the Elephant lifts the apple's lid
There's a Cat who previously was hid
He is gyrating so well
That anyone could tell
He's a Hula kid

We can take the Hula hoop and give it
To God who is grateful because it fits
And His power is regained
And he zaps Satan's brain
In an awesome blitz

Now we have a fork that is black and we
Hand it to Panda eating spaghetti
He leaves ink sauce behind
So we take it and find
Ink makes big Shark flee

Now the pink Squid serves as a bridge for the
Pirate Penguin who hops delicately
To the orange treasure box
Which he deftly unlocks
Setting hammer free

Now bear with me please, 'cuz we're almost done
The nails and the hammer enable one
Little Puppy to get
A powerful mallet
Now we're having fun!

Make a board and transport it to the school
Where the Bread Girl sits, she's nobody's fool
We repair the window
So no breezes can blow
Away Bread Girl's tool

Her tool is a paper airplane, you see
And she throws it so an emergency
Landing takes place next door
And the Boy she adores
Reads the note with glee

It's Minoto's world, you know.
All the world loves Minoto.
Gamers flock to see the show,
In Minoto's world.

       Anonymous  4/24/10, 8:55 AM  

Wow Zoz, just beautiful!!!! Very Nice... ;-)

@zoz, you've just stolen another piece of me :)

       Anonymous  4/24/10, 9:31 AM  

Ahhhh my day is now officially perfect - a Minoto, a splendid walkthrough and zoz's singthrough as well :o)). Now if only Prid comes along with a quiz, my LIFE will be perfect!

Awesome as always. Wish I had even half the talent.
Kudos again :)

@ZOZ...I had always disliked that song since my first visit to Disneyworld...I just echoes in your head for ever!!!
I am delighted to tell you I Love, Love, Love this song now...with Your Lyrics!!!Super fun!!!

@debra,tnx and I also kinda dislike that song until zoz came up with another songthrough
@SwissMiss,now I'm no longer worried!But I also didn't know SneakSnake was still around!I log in everyday to EG24 just to see if Inkagames published their new game called "Obama Pigsaw Revenge".The Inkapeople said that the game will be published in April.BUT IT'S ALREADY APRIL 25,2010!!!!!
@zoz,another GREAT songthrough!!!!!!
@Prid,I hope you can still make a Minoto Quiz here on BG4!

now i'm conditioned to anticipate zoz's singalond as much as expect minoto games...

I loved the part where the skinny sun worked out and went all muscular, thought it was very funny !! :-))

@Truus,I thought it was very funny too.

@hot_shot, wonderful YIF Through!
let's hope Prid is just busy having so much fun he hasn't had time for Minoto. I'm sure we'll hear from him before too long.
I also have always found "It's a Small World" to be extremely annoying and the kind of song that always gets stuck in your head. But I knew it was one everyone would know the tune for.
Great and funny Minoto story as always!

@TB Tabby, nice bit of research for the recipes. I've have squid ink risotto, and it was quite good, believe it or not!

@TB Tabby thanks, but I think I will skip the recipes. Milking (inking?) squids must be quite a job.

@Zoz while I LOVE LOVE LOVE your lyrics, I don't know if I can forgive you for the tune you used! I had to ride that darn ride this past winter with my niece. She loved it, but my ears were bleeding by the time it was over. At least I could put my foot down and not ride it again the way she wanted. :o Thankfully, there were lots of rides at Disney World to distract her with!

hmmm......there are several comments about my walkthrough but what about my LINK!?Has anyone went to my link yet!And yes!It is safe to go to my link without harming your computer/laptop and ANYONE OR ANYTHING CAN GO THAT LINK!!!!!!!!!BTW,did anyone know where's my first Minoto WT?And click my link and you know why I made it a LINK!(hint:If you're a little good at Nintendo characters,then you might know the reason why I made it a link)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@hot_shot I had clicked your link before, but I didn't get the joke until now. I think I must have been sleepy or something. lol

Not only do I love the Zelda games, I used to watch the cartoon when I was young.

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