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[REPLAY] Hetherdale is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by RedHerringLabs for BubbleBox. In this game, Dr. Heather Montrose finds herself in the heart of Africa, looking for a mysterious hidden city, thought to have only existed in the demented mind of a 18th century poet. Explore the area and solve the mystery of Hetherdale! Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Hi all !

Hmm..waiting for the rain to put the tree fire out

aha...canopy by the shed

hey, want some company?

What' a chock? Looks like stairs to me lol

Oh goodie...Hi Trisana!

Use canopy on burning tree :)

Hi, Muse. Yeah, I agree about the stairs. Oh well, as long as we can figure out where to use it, does it matter what it's called?

ladder + chock on jagged rock.

Spoiler to get across rift......

Combine chock with ladder and tie to spike stake tree across the rift.

lol...does your girl move slow...I keep wanting to push her along.

just a bit, yeah

Welll....there is a lot going on now so we'll play for a while. GREAT game though so far huh?

absolutely! at least now i have a map!

wheres canopy?

well just got the axe from mr carrow. Gonna take a little break and do some paperwork I have to finish and this seems long but easy. See you in a bit :)!

I don't understand how to pass the burning tree. I have the ladder with the chock.

canopy is to the left of the shed...use hammer

next to the shed, you need the hammer to get it out.

HI PASCALE!!! No you use the canopy by itself on the tree cause it's wet

hah! found a grenade, time to blow up a dam!

thank you found canopy

Thanks a lot, Muse !

use chisels on wall to climb it

no problem...can't tear myself away lol

Trisana how did you choke the detonation?

where you at, Muse? did you blow up the dam yet?

Can't figure out how to get back to my luggage and that spear we left behind. Where is the path back?

Day 2! Woot!

No I haven't ...dont know what they mean by choke the grenade lol. I have a white flower that I tried to give the sick guy and tried to magnify it to but nothing. Can't get the clothesline and dont know what to shoot with the bow. Lots of other stuff too that I'm sure you also have. Not so easy after all I guess. I don't have the map either. He only gave me the axe

it's not there, your luggage will be brought to the camp after you get to the second day. You'll get another spear later.

give ashcroft the telegram. he'll give you a map. and try tossing the grenade into the river. (took me forever to get that)

aha...grenade in thet river

oh oops lol tym finally just got that...didnt see the river word for a bit

Am in the open grave :)

yeah, takes a bit. oh, the make up kit is actually useful (I'm surprised) for solving a puzzle . . . YAY!

cool. now you just need reeds and you can make arrows for your crossbow!

hmmm need watertight boots, any ideas?

I tried painting the fresco with the makeup lol. I didnt see the reeds, at least not yet so ty!

umm, reeds are to the right of the waterfall, i think. you need a shell, a red feather and that spear. oh, and a drumstick, too.

have blue and white flowers so far..wonder if we make a potion for the sick guy. Can't find the reeds, do I need my watertight boots?

omg lol...ok ill tryTY

where do you throw the grenade in the river

HMMM....Cant find waterfall. Realllllly need to get some ppwork so I will come back. TY so much for your help Trisana. I know you will be first out so I will read your comments later if I get stuck. See you later :)!!

To the left big...look for it to say river

you will make a potion, but need to catch a butterfly. try using the forked stick.

okay, Muse, i'll try to leave you good hints. Stockings combine with the forked stick. and the reeds are near the statue that you used makeup on.

after you get your luggage, you can wade in water. then travel up the stream from the broken dam. that's where everything is, Muse. sorry i missed that you didn't have the boots yet. :(

can't figure out what to do after the professor tells you to take the artifacts to the camp. where to put them?

you don't, hang on to them, Shane, you'll use them later. Examine the headdress under the microscope, it'll give you a clue (then you need to use your ax)

wheres the bird

done! I'm not sure that I like the ending, but I guess it fits with the story. . .

what bird? the red one? upstream from the dam.

I am stuck, i cannot throw the granate in this river, where is it exactly ?

just above the dam, Zazie, it's a picky hot spot.

Thx Trisana i have found it and now i cannot get the loose brick, what tool am i missing ?

Ok i put the chain on the tombstone, then over the stump and attached it at the brick, now what ?

POP found it :)

did you get the metal rod by the chasm? you need to use your hammer.

is this still live?

sorry, guys, i've got to go to class. i'll be back in an hour and a half or so, if you get too stuck.

I have red feather, white flower and blue butterfly, and now, what I must do? How I can reach dangling vine?. I'm totally stuck!!

JAJA Zazie, you repeat as me!!

whahaha, we are all writing on the same time, this forum doesn't like that....

@cece - how did you get the red feather ???

how do i get the grave open? i attached the winch rope and am stuck..lol

Do you found tem yet Zazie?

Red feather from red parrot. You must dead it with arrows

LOL cece, posting here really is a pain in the a..

Sweeti put the chain over the stump then attach it to the loose brick, put oil on the tumbstone and use again the stick on brick.

Ok, red feather goes at helmet statue

I cannot get the vine on the wall and where is parrot or waterfall ?

@bumjelly, you have to shoot the parrot with the bow and arrows you've made

anyone needds help?

Clauz YESS!!!

It was certainly a brief ending clauzenmaaxs, I would at least have liked a bit of a fanfare.

The game itself was a very poor man's Tomb Raider. Bring back Lara :0)

I'm stuck with bees,. I get handkerchief and rope

@cece, have you developed a stammer?

Bees don't like smoke ;)

Posting for the last little while has been very funky.
Still trying to get through this. Healed the guy, got dynamite and fuse, gone back to wall and now stuck...

What is stammer?

@cece, it's when you keep repeating yourself ;-)

Me too i am stuck with the bees, i think we need something to burn with lighter, but what ?

And i still cannot get the vine ! Help !!

Zazie, for bees, combine hankie and arrows, then use lighter on them and use on bee-hive iirc.

Also, for the vine, combine arrows with clothesline, and then use crossbow, I think.

help! have gotten to native village, and now what? How to get the bees? Blue flower WHERE? Argghhh

@ Rambler, thanks for the clothsline hint. Had to go all the way back to get it...
Yahoo !!! Made it to day three.

Thx Rambler now i have the bruning arrow but it does nothing on the bees, what am i missing ?

Rambler please!! I was thinking in game!! So stuck and I was looking for a stammer!! :)). I cant get a torch. She say me is a good idea but later.

Jules, have you used the microscope on the blue feather?

Sorry cece, I couldn't resist :o)

yep just said about the powder - but i didn;t get a blue flower i see mentioned.. not sure what to do next....can't seem to join arrows with hanky or clothesline -says later, what am i missing?

I cant combine anything. Always say me LATER; LATER...

what day are you on, Jules? Did you use the ax on the blue flowers by the professor and Ashcroft?

Hmm, I think I'll have to play again so I can help properly. Although I'm watching QI at the same time so I might lose concentration lol

Still cannot get rid of the bees.

Made the vine come down and she can climb up, but this does nothing, i need some dynamite.

right. you wrapped the hankerchief around an arrow, then lit it? use crossbow on bees then. it should work.

Rambler - I'm working on a walkthrough, i'll help if you have other things to do. :)

yep I am sure I axed down the blue flower bush a while ago now, but didnt get a flower from it. Can't combine teh arrows with anything, so I must be missing a step... Now no one wants to talk to me.... I feel all alone ;-(

Well, I must go up. I save game and tomorrow I´ll conrinue. RAMBLER, please, make a WT (the last part) TY in advance ;)

Well, I'll have a go, although I've never done one before, so I may be some time lol

Jules, you don't use the blue flowers for anything. where are you, exactly?

Thx Trisana, this worked, now i have honey in bowl and now what ?

I am also missing the blue flower, but u cut the blue bush already

have just made it to the village with the shaman, who tells me what i need to make potion. Can't get bees away, can't climb up vine, can't get into the explosives or grenade boxes, buddy still in coma, have in inventory : towel/arrows/hanky/crossbow/blue headress/hammer/rod/axe/white flower/lighter/polish/clothesline/butterfly. WHEW! any help appreciated.

I'm in the same place as Jules

Jules put crossbow in beehole than use burning arrow on it.

Okay. Zazie, you don't need a blue flower. Did you catch a butterfly yet? If not, combine the stockings with the forked twig and catch one. then check out that dense thicket, you should see a carnivorous plant. (if not, try talking to Carrow)

Jules - have you shown the hanky to Carrow yet?

See trisana post @ 21:45 for getting the honey and beeswax. Worked for me.
You don't need blue flowers, just the white one.
Be sure and get the bowl by the shaman...

Cool Trisana, i have the dynamite now :)

Honey in bowl, butterfly to the carnivore plant (take a piece of the plant then), plant in bowl and white flower, then heal mr burke.

Good for you, Zazie! Now comes the hard part. :P

What do you do on Day 3? Fell down a hole or something and now all I can see is a candle stand

       Anonymous  4/2/10, 1:10 PM  

is anybody on day 3?!

OH Trisana! Thanks, now onto to try make a potion...... hmmmmm

       Anonymous  4/2/10, 1:12 PM  

you need light...

random, what makes a candle? wax and a wick (or fuse), right?

Used fuse on beeswax to make candle, got embalming oil and salt. Stuck again

Hmm i put some dynamite sticks into two holes in that wall, used some fuses (4 ends laying on the bottom now) but i cannot light them, neither the candle.
How to make the detonation ?

Hetherdale Walkthrough Part 1

Be patient, the load takes a little time.

Skip intro if you want to, it has no bearing on the outcome.

Day 1

Take hairpin, make-up and towel from luggage. You can go forward and left if you wish, but it takes you nowhere. So, go right and use hairpin on shed lock.
This will give you a flare and a hammer. Use hammer on canopy directly left of shed. You now have nails, rope-ladder and chock, also, pick up canopy.
Head right and check out the tyre tracks on the path, head further right, but you way is blocked by a fallen tree. So locate the dark jungle path, equip yourself with the flare and head off down the creepy dark jungle path.
You’ll come to a flaming tree, use the canopy as a fire blanket on the tree and walk across. (Ignore the statue with a spear for now).
Head up the staircase to the ‘jumble of roots’. Combine the rope ladder and chock and attach to the spike shaped rock on the other side of the gap. Walk over your newly made rope bridge and head up the staircase.
You’ll see some pervy looking guy peering out of a tent, but unfortunately you’ll have to talk to him. However, you have your back to him while he does so. Once he's finished talking, head for the tent. (God knows what happens next, but that's the end of day 1)

Where is oil and salt ?

Random, what causes a candleflame to bend like that? A draft maybe? A draft that leads to a way out (oh, and you missed a chain)

@Zazie have you tried connecting the 4 fuse ends together?

Got the chain. Tried putting it on right tombstone, says not going to pull it open without reason

Arrg Random you are a genius THX !

You doing the walkthrough, then, rambler? 'cause mine's just about done.

use your lighter by the tombstone first, Random.

And stuck again behind the broken wall....

Zazie, click on the old pavement.

Out of embalming room now. Found small clay bottle, quill, book, old paper.

Now what?

Okay, here's my walkthrough - I'll post by day (including the first night)

First night:
Use HAIRPIN on shed. Door opens. Take FLARE and HAMMER
Use HAMMER on CANOPY (next to shed), get ROPE LADDER, CHOCK and NAILS.
Pick up CANOPY.
Use FLARE on dark jungle path.
Use CANOPY on burning tree trunk. Go up the stairs.
Use ROPE LADDER on spike shaped rock.
Go up stairs, arrive at CAMP. Go in the tent.

Talk to CARROW for story.
Get STRING from guitar
Get rather large DRUMSTICK from pot
Pick up TELEGRAM from table.
Get GRENADE from under leaf by the GRENADE box. (big plant)
Go north, note the mosaic, it’s a clue for later.
Pick up SMALLER PLANK, align with PLANK. Nail together.
Put extended long PLANK over ditch. Cross, pick up the SHELL just under the plant at the left edge of the bridge. Go north.
Talk to the professor, then the man.
Give Ashcroft the TELEGRAM, get map (helpful, but not necessary)
Pick up OIL and WINCH CHAIN.
Go back to CAMP, get AX from CARROW.
Go back to the river, pick up CHISELS from fire pit.
Talk to the professor, pick up CROSSBOW.
Combine guitar STRING and CROSSBOW.
Read inscription
Give AX to Ashcroft – he doesn’t want it. His loss, your gain.
Go back to screen with deep ditch, use CHISELS on the wall.
Climb wall. Pick WHITE FLOWERs, then use GRENADE on the RIVER (just below the two branches hanging down from the tree)
Attach CHAIN to tombstone, then put it over the STUMP on the tree. Try to pull – you can’t.
OIL middle tombstone. Then pull CHAIN again, attach to brick. Use STEEL ROD
Go back to furnaces area, talk to the professor.
Go to CAMP, look at HEADDRESS under microscope. It gives you a clue about some blue flowers.
Go up to the furnace CAMP (by the professor and Ashcroft), use AX on blue flowers.
Go up the stairs.

DAY 2:
Talk to Ashcroft then pick up FORKED TWIG.
Go back to CAMP. Get stockings, BOOT POLISH and LIGHTER from LUGGAGE. Now (thanks to the BOOT POLISH), you can go wading.
Go to the broken dam. Now you can follow the stream north. Do so.
Use AX on reeds to the right of the pond. Combine the reeds with the OBSIDIAN NECKLACE and the HEADDRESS. Now you have ARROWS.
Combine stockings with FORKED TWIG. Use to catch a BUTTERFLY.
Used CROSSBOW on red bird. Get RED FEATHER.
Take a look at the statue by the pond. Use SPEAR on his hand, MAKE UP KIT on his face, SHELL on his belt and RED FEATHER on his helmet.
Use your DRUMSTICK to play the drum.
Talk to native, then follow him.
Talk to shaman, then take the BOWL.
Go back to CAMP. Grab the hanky and the CLOTHESLINE.
Show the Hanky to CARROW. Listen to him.
Look at the thick shrubbery. You’ll see a CARNIVOROUS PLANT. Feed it the BUTTERFLY, then grab it.
Go back to the village. Combine the hanky with an ARROW. Light it on fire, then use CROSSBOW on the beehive. Get HONEY COMB.
Go back to the CAMP, give potion to Burke (coma guy)
Get EXPLOSIVES from under table.
Go to big wall, attach CLOTHESLINE to ARROW. Use CROSSBOW on the dangling vine. Pull on CLOTHESLINE.
Put dynamite in the cracks in the wall. Attach the FUSES. Connect FUSES to the FUSE extensions.
Talk to Ashcroft.
Go back a screen, then talk to the professor. He gives the okay, so light the FUSES.
Go through the wall. Click on the Old Pavement.

Use BEESWAX with FUSE. Put in candle holder. Light it.
There’s an EMBALMING JAR and BOWL of EMBALMING SALT. Grab them (in front of the mummy).
Grab the CHAIN on the floor, and take note of the pond – there’s an underground stream . . .
Note how the candle flame is blowing – that means an exit! Use the LIGHTER in front of the rightmost door.
Attach the CHAIN to the right ring. Pull.
Use LIGHTER on tomb, exit.
Look at the remains of CAMP(outside temple) – get QUILL and piece of PAPER (read it).
Search under rubble (foot of pillar). Get JOURNAL and small CLAY BOTTLE.
Read JOURNAL. Acid, huh . . .
Look at the door – there’s a crack. It needs to be widened. Your AX does the trick, but then it breaks.
Hmmm, you need to get rid of the wood . . . maybe acid would help?
Go back to the embalming room. The FIREWOOD goes in the dragon recess, then coat it in OIL. Light it on fire.
Fill your now-empty pitcher with water. That goes in the fish recess. Dump the EMBALMING SALT in the worm recess, then put the empty BOWL in the bottom recess. Push the big symbol.
Combine the brown liquid with the CLAY BOTTLE. Get ACID.
Go back to the temple entrance. Use the ACID on the hole. Go inside.
Talk to the professor. Dip the QUILL in the blood drain and grab the TORCH.
Use your TOWEL on the native art (above the doors) until you find the skull drawing.
Go to crypt. Talk to Guardian. Get necronomicon (read it) and use the STEEL ROD on the TORN PAGE. It will float off down the stream. Now, where have we seen water recently?
Go back to the embalming room, and get the PAGE. (by the edge of the pond.)
Go back to the crypt. That was your last detour, we have everything we need from outside the temple.
Use your STEEL ROD on the tomb. (top of screen). Take SHROUD.
Use QUILL on SHROUD, then TORCH on the blurred symbol. Put the SHROUD on the pentagram.
Use TORN PAGE on guardian.
Talk to Ashcroft. Walk towards him. He’ll tell you to stop. Through something in the deep chasm (I threw the BOOT POLISH), then walk to the pile of rocks.
Pick up a ROCK, toss it in the chasm. Then (while Ashcroft looks away), use your TOWEL on the TORCH (you have to be kind of quick).

Congrats! You’re done!

I cant wait tomorrow!!
Why I'm not able combine arrows with rope or hankie??? Am I miss something?? Wich is order??

hope that helps, guys! I'll be around for a bit if you have any questions, but hopefully I did an okay job on that walkthrough.

Cece, did you show the Hanky to Carrow? you need to do that first. and are the arrows fletched? (I assume so, if you're worried about the hanky).

GOD; GOD; GOD!! I dont see hankie to Carrow!!!! That's the problem!!

TY Trisana, I'm feel stupid!!

no problem, Cece, stuff happens! I've had moments where I couldn't figure it out - and then your comments bail me out! ~ Tris

somebody still playing? I can't move the brick

Evelyn, do you have the steel rod?

Took me nearly two hours to figure that out. In the end it was thanks to Trisana's walkthrough.

Thank's Trisana

Day 2

Speak to Carrow the perve then pluck his e-string ;-)
Then take the chicken leg (rather large drumstick) from the cauldron.
Check out the other tent with the sick guy (Burke), hmmm, only two tents. Where DID you sleep last night then?
Exhaust the conversation with Carrow.
Head as far right as you can and take the hand grenade from leaves and the telegram from the table. Listen to chat from Carrow.
Head down path to the jungle and check out the fresco, take note of the details, it has bearing later. While you’re there use the hammer to collect a steel rod.
Go to gap and pick up the short plank and drop it on longer plank, select nails and use them on the combined planks, they automatically become joined. Pick it up and use as a bridge across the deep ditch. Walk across.
Collect a shell on the immediate other side the head for gap in tree on upper left and see two dudes kneeling down.
Collect oil can and winch chain on the ground to the left of the car.
Talk to the Professor then talk to Ashcroft. Afterwards, give him the telegram. Follow his instructions and go and get an axe from Carrow.
(You can also check out the inscription on the left, but it has no bearing as yet and you can speed navigation up by clicking on the map on the left side of your screen.)
Get the axe and head back to the dig, chat with both men and collect the chisels and the broken crossbow, while also retaining the axe.
Head to Deep Ditch and cross over to the left. Use the chisels on the wall to enable you to climb it.
Once over, collect white flower on the left then walk onto top of dam.
Lob hand grenade into river (cool).
Look right and see 3 tombstones uncovered, use the winch chain on the middle one then pick up loose end and attach it to the ‘stump’ on the tree. There’ll be a loose end on the chain which you can wrap around the brick on the river bank underneath it. Go back to tomb and squirt it with the engine oil, then go back to brick and use the steel rod. The tomb should be open now.
TBC shortly.

No problem, Random. And please, guys, just use Tris. It's pulled from a book, and it feels weird when you use the full name. No one calls her that.

Oh, well done Trisana, you're a lot quicker than me lol.

I started it a while ago, Rambler. I was half way done when I had to stop to go to class. So I had the drop on you. (helps that I finished first, I suppose)

Okay, well done Tris :o)

thanks! yours is good too! I hope I'll get to do another game with you in the future, you're pretty good at this.

I made it. thanks anyway trisana

glad to be able to help, Evelyn!

Thanks, I quite enjoyed it :-). The walkthrough that is. The game itself was reasonably easy, and as I posted earlier I think it was a bit of a Lara wannabe but hey, it gave me, you and others a little pleasure time.
See you on the next one maybe.

i'm lost again. what I have to do with he blue plume?

WOW Trisana what a great WT !!!
I never would have managed this alone :)
Thanks i am almost out, only stuck at the last scene, my torch isn´t lit (i think it should) and towel won´t stick on the torch; what to do ?

Evelyn, the blue plume is used under the microscope first (the first day), then on the unfletched arrows (on the second day)

Zazie, the torch doesn't get lit, you need the coal. Sorry, I wasn't clear, the towel goes on the lit torch behind you, not on your torch.

@Evelyn, go back to the first camp and use it with the microscope under the open sided tent.

Lol ok, i did not understand this, but finally i am out !

Thx everybody for the help and Rambler and Trisana for the cool WTs !

no problem, Zazie, nothing that hasn't helped me countless times before. Just returning the favor.

I have connected the fuses and the fuses extensions, and I see in the walkthrough that I'm supposed to speak to Ashcroft. The problem is that Ashcroft is not here.

@Pascale, If I recall, you speak to Ashcroft first, then talk to the professor after you've made the connections. I may be hopelessly wrong of course lol

yeah. The prof. isn't around if you haven't talked to Ashcroft, but then he is. I don't know if Ashcroft disappears, I tried to avoid him.

Thank you Rambler, but my problem is that I can't speak to the professor or to Carrow, and I don't know where is Ashcroft !

where are the drumstick?

ashcroft should be to the right of your screen, near where you got the forked twig.

Hang on then, I'll have another quick go and see what happens.

And the car was never fixed, isn´t it ?

evelyn, in the pot at the main camp.

Zazie - nope! Well, probably after the end.

Zazie, it's a wooden car, so it wooden go! (groan)

LOL Rambler :) I guessed this :)

@Pascale, I'll be with you soon, but I've had a couple of glasses of wine now, so it might take me a little longer ;o)

Tee hee Zazie, the old ones are the good ones:-)

thank you guys. now i can't give the carnivorous plant the butterfly! I think I miss one step

@Evelyn, do you have the honeycomb? If so, combine it with the bowl, then use that combo with the carniverous plant, then pop the white flower in. That should do the trick.

Oh, hang on, just feed the carniverous plant with the butterfly to 'plump' it up a little. Then you take it and combine it with the honey bowl.

yes i know, but i can't see the carniverous plant

click on the thick vines or shrubbery or whatever it's called.

I click in everywhere but keep saying "let's no hide that in the bushes"

you heard about the plants from Carrow, yeah? Try talking to him?

It's in the bushes oppsite the deep ditch.
I've got quite a pointy head now <:)

yes I talked with him. i don't know what was happening but is done! thank you!

no problem, Evelyn!

Time for bed for me I think. Sorry Pascale, I stalled.
Goodnight all.

i'll try it in a min, Pascale, if you're still stuck?

wish I'd noticed sooner, but clicking a location on your map warps you there. Man, would have been great to know a while ago.

Pascale, if you're still here (and stuck), try going to the camp. The professor may be there. . .

       Anonymous  4/2/10, 5:14 PM  

I can't find the thick shrubbery...please help!!!

       Anonymous  4/2/10, 5:28 PM  

wow...pop really works...found it :)

Out on my own, but it took some time. Plenty of dialogues to follow. A nice game with a bad ending. And I wish that I had known to use the map. Found out just before the end lol.

Thanks for the walkthroughs @Tris and @Rambler!

       Anonymous  4/2/10, 6:24 PM  

Wow..just finished. Intriguing game..full of twists and turns. Took a long time, but well worth it. Hope more of these come our way!!

what a great game, I love this kind of adventure games ... the creator express my thanks and appreciation.

Also my thanks to all who post their comments and write such great walkthrough !

I killed the parrot before talkin to him

       Anonymous  4/6/10, 2:42 PM  

that was a good game!

can not find pillar to get acid and journal..have looked everywhere..help!!

a full and complete text + images walkthrough can be found here yo!


omg, the game is sooo easy, i beat the whole thing! I CAN"T WAIT UNTIL THE SECOND w00T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"feher" plant, "hoosheveo" plant, since when do natives speak Hungarian in Africa?
Great game - good things come with Hungarian connection, as always.

       Anonymous  9/27/10, 10:36 AM  

help i put everything on the statue i saw a native but i did not follow when i went back he was not there what do i do?

       Anonymous  8/15/18, 11:09 AM  

caught this one from a suggestion of one of our EG24 players (thx noel) - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, RHL ☺
& thx Trisana & Rambler for the WTs

Use the TAB key to find very many pixel hunts. And be aware that items suddenly appear in places you've already looked when certain story points are reached. Great story, but I had to use walkthrough extensively as I found item use less than logical. Long, set aside an hour or two (there is a save in the menu). Good luck!

Thanks Alpha

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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