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Riddle School 5

Riddle School 5 is latest episode of Riddle School point and click adventure game series created by JonBro. Help Phil escape from the high school using all of your point-and-click adventure game knowledge. Post your time when you finally beat it!" Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Prid]

Note: You have to patient while loading the game, because of its large size. And we didn't post Riddle School 4, because it is not a real game and created for April 1st Joke.

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Riddle School 5 Video Walkthrough

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First????? let's play!

This had better be the real one!

Well, at least this one is actually a game...

Stuck on the tiles. Have 0 and 7. Need 4 and 1.

now in secon room and trying to solve squares puzzle in machine

Got coin from under bed. Took screws from vent. Went out through vent. Got all numbers and tiles went gray. Got a flower from the flower room along with a tray. Picked up a key card from one of the subject rooms, can't remember which. Put three screws in alive/dead machine, need one more. Stuck

ah, found the hidden door in smiley's room to get the steak!

think i have a chance to catch up?

anyone find the fourth screw yet?? Seems we have to transfer the life from the plant to the meat for the monster.

I'm sure you do Trisana, as I am stuck at the moment, looking for fourth screw.

Check under the beds.

nevermind! found it under Zack's bed!

Okay, the plant is not giving life to the meat....hmmmm

hahaha, got it! Put dirt from the flower room into the empty tray and then put the meat in the tray.

I can't do 1 neither...

Okay, the note in one of the rooms says to put the live meat where smell can transfer or whatever. I put it back in my room at the vent. I quickly went out and used the machine for invisibility (don't know if it helped) but when I go for the door, the monster runs back. Maybe use the key card to lock him in? Gonna try that.

Yay, that worked. Now you have to use each subject number to get into their dreams. I'm still working on Zack.

Okay, for Zack, trade coins you find for a whistle from Phred.

I'm just stuck on the tile puzzle. Any tips, Tia?

       Anonymous  4/2/10, 7:57 PM  

how do you get the 4 on the tiles?

For Smiley: Take the ruler from the desk. Spin the globe and find the gum. Put them together and take the rubber band from the vent. Use the rubber band to knock the teachers glasses off. Then click on Smiley, she will go to the desk. Click her again and you kill her.

Not really, not on the puzzle. I just played with it until the numbers came up right. It was a pain in the .....

       Anonymous  4/2/10, 7:58 PM  

I can't get 4 on the puzzle tiles. HELP!

Phred is easy, just click on the left broken tile. Then you have to go to each of their rooms and send them to the escape pods.

Awwww, just when I thought I was done!! I warn you, there is another tile thing in the next part!

got the tile puzzle! Just keep clicking, everyone. And if you get an inverted pattern (blue where red should be and vice versa), just click each corner and then the middle.

Okay, after second tile puzzle, click on code machine. Enter the code it has above the buttons (duh, lol). Get the key. Click the left statue to go up to the key pad on the left. Use the circle pattern on the wall. it shoots out a mug. Click the button behind you to get back down. Pick up the mug, pick up toothpaste from next to sink. Use toothpaste on mug.

Unscrew faucet with coin.

ok IM gonna try this one. how difficult is it?

aha! use the faucet with the mug. get lava and use it on the board on upper right side (use right statue first)

I looked in the mirror where the meat is. There is a door down the throat of the fish thingy. Then you go to the room on the other side and click on the wall.

I'm stuck at the end when i have a mug of lava

use it on the board on the upper right side Brian! It burns through the wood

And OUT! Silly ending. Not really hard, except getting those tiles right!

Never mind, I beat the game

Done, thanks for all the help, Tia. And the second tile puzzle wasn't too bad, the rules were slightly different.

No problem, I just figured my posts would work as a walkthrough, lol

can someone help me with the tile device i have the 1 and the 0

Maan im still stuck on trying to get #1 on the first tile

got all the numbers except 7 any ideas of sequence?

sure dont. it was by accident :)
im stuck on 1 still

oh crap
what do you get as the dead thing ?


OK i got finished with the tiled all by mistake. And what dead thing ?

Oh the dead thing is the meat hanging from the ceiling. Go thru the secret door in smileys room on the wall to get to it

in the transformation room you have to have a dead animal

where is the door in smilies room?

ahhh found it

can anyone please please help with the 7? I got the meat and the flower and one screw but that is all I need 3 more screws.

the rest of the screw should have been by the vent and the other one is under one of the beds

Gonna try to catch up. Glad to see someone here!

ok I got the screws and all that jazz but I still cant get the number 7 I am soo ticked this is beating my tail.

Tina, if you can get back to the 0, just click the bottom left corner.

ok let me try that thanks.

no problem! that's what I'm here for!

lol you wont believe this but i cant get back to the freaking zero.. rofl oh well..

actually, I would. Here, I'll go try to see if I can get you a bit of help.

lol thanks this game is a wee bit hard. I think im dumb.

no, that tile puzzle tripped everyone up.

can you get the four corners lit? then just click each of the sides. or, better yet, tell me what the easiest patter in for you to get.

ok hold on a sec.

of course

I got all three down the right side and the top left one.

k. I need the second now (probably condsiderably more than that)

ok in order from left to right 1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
I have 1 2 4 6 7 9

okay, just hold there for a bit, that one I can get to.

ok I didnt know if that was easier to get to it? lol

Good gravy that tile puzzle is hard! I got the 7 and 0, but only because I got the zero by fluke, and saw a clue to get a 7.

okay, that's easy now. click 2, then 8, then 1, 3, 9. there you go, you have a 7!

i'm trying to figure it out by step. there's a logic to it, I just wasn't patient enough before. Hopefully i'll get through it in time to help you with the next (and last) one.

what was it if you got 4 corners? bc i did that and it didnt work then i couldnt get back. Im about to give up on this

ok i think what is confusing is I think i have been saying the blue and not the red so let me see.

if you have the 7 as all blue, then just click 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 to flip

ok all of them are red NOW what?? Can I get to seven from that???

I have 12 46 79

okay, flip the color, then 2, 4, 6, 8, 1, 3, 9 should do it. so, or try 2, 4, 6, 8, 5, 7. (shortened version)

those are the ones that are red 1 2 4 6 7 9

Does anyone know why i might be stuck ... and its not letting me put my code on the wall

oh well gn maybe someone will post a full walk through. I cant stay up much longer.

Sakinah, where are you.

Tina, i can't get to that. . . can you get back to the two parallel lines? either blue or red?

Where do I put my steak with legs?

u put the steak in front of the vent then run out and go invisble

sakinah, be specific. where EXACTLY are you? What puzzle? I can't help you because I don't know where you are. Are you in the lava room? If so, what in there have you done?

thanks Trisana . I was in the Lava room ... i did the tiles and the code ... got the facet thing off .. so i started walking on the roof. and when i went to put that same code on the wall in the Light thing .. it didnt do anything

I go invisible, monster goes, but when I try to go back to door, monster floats back and blocks the door? Why? (Not a very good reward for mastering that crazy tile puzzle!)

nvm....I locked the door! whew. Thanks

sakinah, you need to flip the code - it needs to look the same from the ground, so you have to rotate it 180 degrees i think. It's flipped around, i remember that much. i just don't remember exactly how.

thnks! bad thing is ... i gave up on it :/
Oh well. maybe i'll try it another time ... or maybe not. Bc i hate those TILES

Well, I think i've got the first puzzle. I'm just going to double check it. then i'll work on the second one. :). Don't worry! I'll get the answers for you!



if a numbered grid:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

click (in order) - 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 (should all be blue now), 2, 4, 6, 8, 1, 3, 9, (should have the seven) 7 (gets you the zero), 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 2, 6, 5, 1, 9, 7, 5, 4, 6, (should be the 4) 3, 7 (the one, you're done)

Hope that helps!

This comment has been removed by the author.



Using the same grid:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
push, starting with all yellow (in order): 5, 1, 3, 7, 9 (give you the zero), 3, 4, 6 (gives you the 1), 3, 6, 4, 5, 1, 3, 7, 9 (returns to all yellow), 2, 8, 1, 3, 9, 5 (Gives you the four), 5, 9, 3, 1, 8, 2 (returns to all yellow), 2, 6, 7 (gives you the seven)

DONE! I checked and double checked, so hopefully it helps and there's not any major typos. :)

what is the dream chair pasword?

That was very nice of you Trisana! I wanted to replay, but didn't want to spend the time trying to fluke the codes!

@ Harry - the chair codes are above the doorways that Smiley, Phred & Zack are in.

Yeah, well, it was bugging me that I didn't see the pattern before. Now I kinda do. It got easier, anyway. And I'm working on a walkthrough, too. But this game needs a SKIP button!

thanks that took like an hour

No problem, Harry! Glad you made it!

i put the gum on the ruler now what

never mind


1) Check under the bed – grab COIN. Use COIN to unscrew grate over air shaft. Take three SCREWS.

2) Go through the air shaft. Click on the panel with 9 tiles to start a tile puzzle. You have to get the four numbers. (see my post at 07:20 for solution) This activates a invisibility cloak generator (try it).

3) Go through the green door. Go in the first door you see (but note the subject number first). There is a hidden door on the right wall. Go through it, grab the MEAT, and leave.

4) Go left, then enter the Flower Room. Grab the TRAY and fill the TRAY with SOIL. Put the MEAT in the TRAY. Pick up POTTED DIRTFLOWER. Then leave.

5) Go left once more. Note the subject number, then enter the room. Pick up ID CARD, then leave the room. Return to the main room (with the tile puzzle).

6) Go right. See the GUARD BEAST. We’ll get him out of the way in a minute. For now, go through the lower door, see the escape pods, go back out, then enter the upper door. Ignore the “ACID ROOM,” and go two screens right. Note the subject number, then enter. Check under the bed for a fourth SCREW. Read the NOTES on the wall. Leave the room.

7) Go left one time. Enter the LIFE TRANSFER ROOM. Click on the POWER PANEL, and insert your four SCREWS. The power will turn on. Put the POTTED DIRTFLOWER on the left side and the MEAT in the TRAY on the right side. Click the big arrow. Take the uh, adorable LIVE STEAK IN TRAY. Leave the room, and return to the tile puzzle/invisibility cloak.

8) Use the ID CARD on the CARD KEY SCANNER. Go in the room, place the LIVE STEAK by the AIR SHAFT, then leave the room and use the invisibility cloak. When the GUARD BEAST enters the room, use the ID CARD to lock him in.

9) Go right twice. See that you need to kill your friends in their dreams, then click on the NUMBER PAD. Enter the subject numbers, (One at a time, but order doesn’t matter) (I’ll use 7272 first).

PHRED’S DREAM (7272): Go through the dialogue, feel a little guilty for lying to your friend so you can kill him, then click on the BROKEN TILE.

SMILEY’S DREAM (1831): Grab the RULER. Click the Globe twice, take CHEWING GUM. Put GUM on RULER. Use the RULER on the AIRVENT, get RUBBER BAND. Shoot the RUBBER BAND at Mr. Soggy, knocking off his glasses. Click on Smiley, then click on her again to push her onto the GLOBE. Sorry, Smiley!

ZACK’S DREAM (6553): Collect 4 QUARTERS (on music stand, in front of xylophone, on drum set, next to Phred). Give QUARTERS to Phred for WHISTLE. Click on WHISTLE to play it. Zack will freeze – push him over.

10) Go back to your friends’ rooms, talk to them, send them to the escape pods. Then use the last one yourself.


What, you didn’t think it was over, did you? Yeah, I did too. Guess we were wrong. Time for more puzzles. After this really long dialogue. (wake me when it’s over. Zzzzzzzzzzz) Oh, he’s done? Where was I . . . Oh, yeah, step 11.

11) Another tile puzzle. REALLY? Ugh. Well, it’s solved in my post at 07:53. Good luck.

12) After the tile puzzle, go to the CODE DESK. It’s an easy code, each digit matches the one directly above it. (the lights turn on). Take the KEY.

13) Use the anti-gravity statue on the left. Check the glowing dots – input that pattern into the LIGHT SCREEN, only turn it 180 degrees. (so ,if numbered left to right, top to bottom, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11 should be lit). Back out of the screen – a mug will shoot out.

14) walk to the red BUTTON, press it. Grab TOOTH-ULTRA-PASTE, then use it on BROKEN MUG. Solve the “jigsaw puzzle” to get MUG.

15) click on VANITY AREA. Use COIN on SCREWS to get FAUCET. Combine MUG and FAUCET, use in LAVA. Then click on the right anti-grav statue, use HOT LAVA JAVA on HARD WOODEN BOARD. Put KEY in OPEN ACCESS panel, then back out of the screen. Press BUTTON, then grab SHIP WHEEL.

Snooze through the last long cut scene (sorry, I ran this game multiple times to make sure that my clues were right, they’re LONG cut scenes). YAY! YOU WIN! YOU SAVED EARTH! :D Oh, and there’s a moral to the story, too. YAY! *eye roll*

Hope this helped!

Harry, want me to stick around for a bit? If not, it's really late and I need to crash.

dun thanks

Okay. I'm glad you made it!


OK THE LINK IS IN http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/532044

Oh and I promise if you escape Riddle University(RS4)ALIVE(if you know what I mean)then you are truly a natural escape artist!!!!!!!You're as good as Criss Angel if you finished RS4 ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!!!HEHEHE............

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANNA PLAY RS5 A.S.A.P. BUT IT'S STILL LOADING!!!!!!!!OH AND YOU MIGHT WANNA VISIT MY PROFILE ON NEWGROUNGDS IN www.scapeartist101.newgrounds.com and JonBro's(creator of Riddle School series)in www.jonbro.newgrounds.com

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!AND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!I DON'T WANNA WRITE A WALKTROUGH BUT THANKS TO TRISANA FOR POSTING A WALKTROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh and on the Main Menu,click quit and then look at Phil's face!!!!!!Oh and there's one thing missing,in every RS game,I see Play,Instructions,Disclaimer,Credits,Fun Facts,Options(RS1 and 2 don't have this I think,)and Quit!But in RS5 there's no fun facts!(let's disregard Options at this moment ok?)And in RS5,you see that when you put the mouse over somethin in the Main Menu,you'll see Phil's expressions change right?THOSE ARE PHIL'S EXPRESSIONS IN RS1!!!!!!!!!And while I was typing this,I just realized THE SPECIAL FEATURES ARE THE FUN FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg how do you get a 1 on the tile puzzle its so frickin annoying

M1ST, you just keep clicking. if you can get to one of the shapes in my post at 07:20, follow my hints. Or, if you get to the 4 (again. but that was my hardest one), try the top right and bottom left corners.

Trisana, thank you for an excellent walkthrough. I really enjoyed this game, and I'm one of the rare breed that actually loves those tile puzzles (very similar to lights out games). I figured I'd do the step-by-step for others, but you beat me to it. Excellent job!

And thanks to Tia for the hint to put meat in tray, you saved me.

Zilifool, if you'd gotten to it earlier, I would have loved to let you do it. But it was good for me to use some discipline. I'm glad the walkthrough was helpful.

I can't get the number 4 on the first tile puzzle!

hello Trisana You here?? anyone I got a question.

i'm around now.

Melissa, if you want to tell me a shape you can get to, I can try to walk you through getting to the 4 . . .

really? ummm . . . did you hit the switch? Sorry, it was really late last time I ran that, I dont' remember it well. . .

I am on the light puzzle. I am on the ceiling and have lit the lights up like you said but nothing is happening. Any ideas??

which switch?

ahhh I see now. I feel soo stupid.

okay, if we have that numbered grid, it's 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11 lit?

1, 2, 3
4, 5, 6
7, 8, 9
10 11 12

okay, glad you got it, Tina. Sorry, I should have mentioned the switch in the walkthrough. But it was 1:30 in the morning, I was tired.

i had it right i just didnt press the button sorry.

lol its okay.

no problem, Tina. If you didn't get that you had to press a button, even with the walkthrough, then I obviously wasn't detailed enough in my instructions. I'll work on that, next time.

lol I think its b/c I have had two 4 year olds running all over the house all day long lol. I am plumb batty..

that would do it, i suppose. Are they twins?

@Trisana thanks. I didn't think to combine the meat with dirt tray, and I was much too lazy to do the second lights puzzle. I was thrilled with myself that I got the first one.

To the gamemaker -- this was my favorite one in this series. Thank you!

@kitkatfox - no problem! I'm not a fan of those light puzzles, so I figured that there wasn't a reason to make others suffer if they didn't want to. And I can't claim credit for the meat in the tray, someone else figured that out before me.

@Trisana well, thanks for the waltkhrough then. You saved me from going through all the comments.

whata great game

how do u get the invisible machine?

yey!! i save the earth!! i think i never would have it also without the help of trisana..thnx trisana...ur a big help 2 me...and also 2 the other people der...thnx!

I can't kill Phred. I kept on clicking the broken tiles and still, nothing is happening! :(

saved the earth.....
nice game. actually loved it...

Trisana, How do you make all the tiles red? I have hard time getting the 7. -.-

that was very easy peasy i cant believe u all cant do it

@ Gianina : I keep having the same problem! Can anybody help?!

I cant find the trap door to get the meet i know its in smileys room but were at though..!!! help

@SelenaFan96, in case you come back and didn't find that trap door... start from the place outside your room (with red radar on the wall).
Go through the green door to the left of the radar.
Enter the door you see with "Subject..." on.
(I guess this is where you're looking).

Move your mouse cursor over the right wall. You should see the text "hidden door". Click there.

       Anonymous  8/13/10, 9:33 AM  

where exactly do you put the steak

       Anonymous  8/25/10, 5:10 AM  

@yvonne & gianina I had the same problem but if you ask phred to wear your shirt then click the thermostat and ask him again he'll wear it and then the class begins and you can push anything and phred will die :) yay i guess

where can i put the Live steak in the vent shaft

I cant Figure out how to beat Phred's Dream...ugh...

How do i get the meat down from the cieling? x

I still can't get the first tile one to get an invisibility cloak. Can someone help me???

How do I kill Phred??

       Anonymous  3/29/11, 1:31 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

Argh!! In Phred's dream, I've pressed the left broken tile about 5 times, and nothing's happening.. Why???

For phreds dream you have to turn down the thermostat and lend him your sweater the teacher and the rest of the class will come in then click on the tile

For Phred's dream, you need to click the note behind the desk on the right

hey trisana.?

The fourth screw is under the bed of one of his friends.

How do you kill smiley?

       Anonymous  2/18/12, 12:14 AM  

someone tell me where the number pad is cause i can't find it

       Anonymous  2/18/12, 9:18 AM  

i cant get the no 1 on the second tile puzzle

anyone on here

is anybody on here........HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't kill Phred? How do i do it?

omg stuk on 1 and 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg camt get past phils dream

Thank you all for your help, I finished In a whopping, record-setting time. 64:21.3000000000002!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay...

what is the light screen stuck

how do you put dirt in tray


I'm stuck on phil .

Im stuck after they escape.

I put in the pattern and then it disappears.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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